BREAKING: Michelle Obama Holds Feminist Rally At HER SLAVE HOUSE!


Michelle Obama freaking HATES everything American. She is a socialist. She is a fascist. Hell, she even hates her own personal palace, the White House. 

Remember when she said the thing about it being a slave-built house?

Well, apparently the House Built by Slaves is not so bad that she thought even twice of it over the last 7 years she lived there, but whatever. Now she is planning on having a “celebration of women’s achievements” at the White House, only something is clearly missing from her ad:


Not a single conservative woman in there, and frankly there are plenty. This is just liberals once again branding all women as feminists and claiming they are anti-woman if they disagree with liberal ideologies.

But Congratulations, Michelle Obama, on all of your amazing achievements. You did some great strategic marrying of the president. And maybe Ariana Huffington can contribute some tips on how to be a tax avoiding, America hater who is brainwashing college kids on a mass scale.

Please, let’s expose their stupid summit before they invite Hillary over to declare herself Fürher of all women by SHARING BELLOW.


H/T – Weasel Zippers



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