BREAKING: Hillary Clinton Will Be in Jail by TOMORROW if Rand Paul Is Right!

Source: Flickr/Gage Skidmore

Written By: Danny Gold

Well shoot, folks. Rand Paul may have seemed like he was dead in the water after getting a royal beatdown from Trump this year, but it looks like he is still ready to fight and Hillary Clinton is the new target of his Death Punch.

You see, something leaked in those most recent Assange emails that the media has been scrambling like crazy people to cover up.

According to Assange, Hillary Clinton actually personally pushed weapons into the hands of ISIS!


“Weapons flows, going over to Syria, being pushed by Hillary Clinton, into jihadists within Syria, including ISIS, that’s there in those emails,” Julian Assange.

However, the reason she will be jailed is not the weapons alone, but ,instead, for a 2013 interview she gave on Benghazi.

Source: The Trumpenning

Senator Paul asked Hillary Clinton if the huge weapons depot that we kept in Benghazi had been shipping weapons to Libya as well as other countries in the region.

Of course, Secretary Clinton was ready with lie-after-lie about not understanding the question and saying only the CIA knows for sure.

But wait! Hillary Clinton actually discusses shipping the weapons from Benghazi to ISIS in her emails.

So what was her crime exactly?

Lying under oath!

This comes with a 5-year prison sentence, something that someone in Clinton’s condition will not be able to survive.

So now is our time to Stand by Rand for real and help him out the Clinton monster once and for all.

Will you help spread the good word so the government knows how serious we are and are FORCED to actually make her follow the law?

If so, then share this story to at least 1 friend and keep the Trump Train going strong!

Thanks for reading and God Bless.




  1. Thank You Rand Paul this needs to be out there every day till she goes down for her crimes. She not only did this but she murdered our Veterans in Benghazi and she should pay for her crimes for that is treason

    • Some have said she was not under oath and agreed to sit with Congress implying that ! But still lying to Congress is wrong, they represent the American people and seek answers for us !

  2. Rand Paul is my HERO! I have always admired his honestly, his willingness to tell it exactly how it is…. Rand you are the Best of the Best!!!

  3. Yes, she should be in jail for her lies for lying after all she did the illegal foundation,email server,and Heath issues that she does did unethics behavior . It should be include Obama & Bill Clinton should be in Jail also. Hoping that it will speed up. Hoping its true that the FBI are investigation on Democratic party and Clintons and Obama begin serious. Good for Rand Paul has ball!

  4. She should go to prison FOR THE REST OF HER USELESS, LYING, IMMORAL, LIFE.. for the truth of what the real issue is….. TREASON….TREASON…TREASON….TREASON…TREASON…which has resulted in MURDER…MURDER…MURDER…MURDER…MURDER….The sooner she is found out, and the true wheels of JUSTICE start to turn…the sooner she will have her FONKY, STINKING TAIL….IN PRISON….Not trying to hide in the White House… as an elephant posing as a flea……..GO GET HER….I am so sick and tried of her arrogant attitude…She looks down at her nose at everyone…Her friends, only think she is their friend, she will turn on them in a split second of an atom..She does not care who she has to step on, who loses everything…while she laughs and seems to lose NOTHING…I wish she would go to Prison NOW. If there is anyway the public can help get her behind bars, just let us know…I know there will be quite a lot of actions to achieve this goal…..

  5. all the media are relatives of the clintons.. hell yes she needs to be put in prison regardless of her health, right along side with obama.. all those deaths caused from those goat eating child moslesters are hers and obama’s fault.. both should be charged with mass murder. all the media including cnn are bought and paid for and they need to be re evaluated and fired.. i remember on applications they would ask if you are related to anyone associated to the company, if you were, you didnt get the job,.. the media should be held accountable for rigging the elections and tampering with official documents. The nerve of our media to report only half truths and lies. somebody needs to fire all the current reports and spokes persons on every channel that reports the news. we as americans have a right to the information in whole not just parts and should face jail time for slander and false reporting. all of this corruption within the media and all the terrorism should all be looking at prison sentences for crimes against america.. obama is OBVIOUSLY trying to hurt america and all americans he needs to be impeached NOW

  6. Way to go Senator Rand Paul. We all knew she was a liar, and the truth just keeps unfolding before our eyes.
    The truth always comes out in the end, my friends. She fools some of the people all the time, all of the people some of the time, but she can never fool all the people all the time. The Bible says, “Be sure your sin will find you out.” It’s pay day, some day, and that day is about to dawn upon Hillary. I’m sorry she is ill, but that doesn’t excuse the fact that she is an out and out LIAR. She needs to be held accountable for all the dirty deeds she has done to the American people. If you love Mr. Trump, go to youtube and listen to my song–
    Let’s Make America Great Again–Glenda Hortop. I’m working to get Mr. Trump elected. Help me help him by listening to my song and if you like it, please share it with others. I trust it will inspire you all the more to get out and help Mr. Trump WIN.

  7. When they do finally nail her sorry ass she is plea she is to sick to go to jail and can’t get the proper treatment a prison!!

  8. Someone really needs to expose her corruption and everything that she has done she should be jailed if it was a regular citizen they would already been in jail I think it’s just not right that she can get away with everything that she’s gotten away with and if she was an ordinary person the feds would already put them in jail

  9. Just who is going to indite her? Not the DOJ…we saw what happened with the email scandal! Even Fox is owned by globalists! This won’t get but a drop in the bucket of coverage if it goes like every other criminal act she had committed.

    • See one mention of the DOJ we need to shout out, put the heat on that corrupt over reaching dept. Dept of Justice. What a joke. Justice for who, people who can’t follow basic instructions like Stop, Don’t move, drop the gun. Or those depts. who steal land, water, cattle, kill ranchers, phony terrorist, arson charges, fees. Abuse of American Citizens in Nevada, Oregon jails. The information is out there. BLMs doesn’t mean black lives matter to me it means Bureau of Land Management. This corrupt beyond corrupt agency reaches clear to the top.

  10. This won’t happen….she has lied under oath several times and NOTHING has happened. I, an “unprivileged” citizen of the US, subject to the consequences of breaking laws, would have been slapped in jail very quickly.

  11. Nothing would please me more than to have that evil women put far away. As hard as I try to convince a good democrat about this…they don’t believe it or don’t care! She’s a democrat and that is all that matters to these people. They have been brain washed for so many years… They believe the Republicans are making this up and think just what the main stream media is telling them! I pray that some how they can fix the voting machines or the chips that are corrupted to rig the election. I pray that God is taking care of Trump and keep him safe! I don’t trust any of them!

  12. It’s about time…Thank you for being honest and please follow through with this…you are one decent guy to help America show some we can be respected and a great place to be..following

  13. Hillary is nothing but a blob of mangled cell tissues and could not walk a straight line if her lifeless body depended on it. She is devoid of any human traits. We need to be looking at who is keeping this walking dead person alive. They are the ones who have been busy controlling her.

  14. The American Judicial and the White House protect their own and being as how Wall Street controls the government, it will be almost impossible to get her in jail, prosecuted perhaps but jail, don’t think so. Now if it were Julian or Edward, who have really committed no crime at all, they would be in a hole so deep, Lucifer would be their neighbor.

  15. Please don’t get caught up in Rand Paul bull cap. He is my senator and was to be Kentucky golden boy,it turns out that he’s not a Republican but a libertarian just like his daddy. Smoking pot and giving away our national security secrets is his main concerns

  16. Please don’t get caught up in Rand Paul bull cap. He is my senator and was to be Kentucky golden boy,it turns out that he’s not a Republican but a libertarian just like his daddy. Smoking pot and giving away our national security secrets is his main concerns.

  17. That is exactly why no one came to rescue the 4 Americans killed at Benghazi…….the guns HAD to be transferred that night. Hillary and Obama handled the whole thing…..they are both killers n

  18. Not gonna happen people. Give it a break and move on to more grown up issues. Oh ya, and take off those tin foil hats and stay away from the coolaid! Smh..

    • We are not the ones drinking the koolaid, Laurie. These are important issues that need to come out to expose all those lying hypocrits that are taking up the oxygen in our country. We want them out, we want to make a clean sweep and get all the cheating, lying, corrupt and vile out of our government. These are grown-up issues that require some brain cells to look into them and make a qualified discernment. Who is the best qualified, a successful businessman who cares about this country and its people, or a lying, cheating, criminal who only cares about herself? I know–It’s Donald J. Trump. You don’t have to like it, but you are going to have to accept it when it comes to pass. Mr. Trump has millions of followers and good people praying for that to happen. I doubt you can say that about Hillary. Trump voters, just ignore the above post and keep working hard to get Mr. Trump elected.

  19. Really? Why do you think Trey Gowdy asked the questions he did per the FBI Director? It was so they could come back and get her for perjury for lying when the Director’s testimony proved as such. There is nothing here as far as lie as much as treason of this was true. My God, you are either spinning or the author is rather inept how the Constitution or rule of law works. Nothing here for the moment, move in…

    • It’s only way to put to her to on the oath,that’s best and congress will make the decision. But no one do that.Remmy, they putted Bill Clinton on the Oath and impeached him then second times they decided to keep him. Hillary Clinton will probably do the same things. It really Demcoratics party and Republicans party are too drama just that,them don’t do the proper of the U.S. COnstitution law! It Falling part becauses of that. It’s embarrassed and fail! It’s waste time! It’s not worth thing to discuss this ! It’s sad! If Hillary Clinton win and they will decide to impeachment her!

  20. I wish her accomplice in the White House would allow the truth to prevail,that is why Obama felt reluctant to blacklist Boko Haram in Nigeria, that is why he refused to sale Weapons to Nigeria Government to fight Boko Haram in Nigeria in other to pave way for Buhari the prime suspect of sponsor of the dreaded sect to Win a election in Nigeria,so that the ongoing Islamisation of the largest black Nation can work out as is happening,are you aware that the Nigeria Government under their stooge called Buhari had donated to Hilary Clinton campaign Organisation the sum $10,000,just to demonstrate their hate and plan to bring terrorist Hilary Clinton into White House, God forbid!

  21. Considering Hillary posted in her unsecured email Ambassador Steven’s schedule two days prior to his death, Hillary should be charged with pre-meditated murder.

  22. As a powerful organized crime member, along with her sidekick (Bill Clinton), she will not go to jail. Too many powerful forces behind her, including Satan (the god of this world). Mobsters protect one another unless they become a threat or squeal like a pig (then they Hoffa-rize them. She will be the next president, because the mob bosses and Washington organized crime party in DC has already determined it to be so.

    • No! God don’t allow it I pray. Because if she does we won’t have an America! It will be socialist. Everybody on welfare. If you are on welfare you are easier to control. Lord thank you she will go to prison not our president.

  23. I hope Rand Paul is correct, keeps fighting and remains safe. However, if your faith is in Trump I really suggest you look a little deeper. Every time she has either a scandal or dip in the polls, instead of drawing attention to her real issues like many in the GOP notice that he goes off on a wild remark that takes away the focus. The DNC collusion from the leaks, Russia is brought up as a distraction and Trump doubles down on it. He sprinkles some truth but mostly distracts look at the past and watch going forward. He has his reason for a loss sort of correct voter fraud. But then makes claims like one person voting multiple times. The actual voter fraud is inside, more sophisticated. The machines. He stays away from that truth. His final push to enter the race was from Bill. His history in many ways shows a different person. He drives away key voting populations on purpose. He has given tons o to the Clinton. Trump is a plant to throw the election to her. The only chance to try and foil their plot is Gary Johnson. Don’t take my word for any of this, research every claim I’ve made and pay attention. Please!!!

  24. I just post it in the Washington Post: August 15, 2016:
    ” Nowadays doesn’t like the Vietnam War’s era, the high-communication technology kills the bias, lie and scam poll. In the Vietnam War, CNN and the others hid the massacre at Hue in the Tet offense 1986, Vietcong killed 7,200 people but the media just emphasized the My Lai (the most villagers are Vietcong members). The media hid the massacre of Ho Chi Minh, he killed 1,700, 000 people (the Polska news of Poland released on May 3, 2013).
    Everyone body knew Hillary and Bill Clinton being faced many scandals as Benghazi, Clinton Foundation (play to pay each other with USD 18 million). Despite the court and FBI have not indicted yet, but the people believe Hillary and Bill are guilty, it is the people judge that will cost the end of Hillary dream.
    The election season is making profit era, Hillary could hire the business media to create the scam poll, it is the service for the customer, moreover the business media turns kidding as Simpson, it could apply in the primary school, not the election campaign. Today the media has the good payment, but late they will receive the boycott and distrust them, it is the long-term damage.
    Hoa Minh Truong.
    (Author of 5 books, 6 years POW, Vietnam veteran)

  25. Get serious, this will go no where. The press will make it an attack on Clinton because she is the first female to run for President, she thrives on the victim card circuit. Obama will joke about it while his Justice Dept refuses to press charges (remember the “charges” that never happened to Holder). This is just a taste of the future. Like Obama who used racism to hide his crimes. she will use her (supposed) sex.

  26. Way to go Rand Paul! Now if the government does their job and locks her up that would be great!

    I am happy that she will hopefully pay for a crime but wish she would pay for them all.

    Lying under oath =5 years
    Providing weapons to terrorists,
    Treason =? years

  27. This is for the fools on here who made the comments;

    Yeah, cause Trump can’t keep his mouth shut.

    Trump just wants her to be locked up cause he knows he will lose in a landslide.

    And any other comments blaming Trump,

    First off Trump wasn’t the only one pushing the email issue, many people were. Even some democrats were pushing it because some of them DO have morals, integrity and want to know the truth.

    Second– Trump isn’t the one who released the emails.

    Third– Trump didn’t make Killery use a private unsecured server to send classified emails, damaging emails self incriminating emails knowing there were risks.

    Fourth– Trump didn’t hand weapons over to terrorists.

    Fifth– Trump isn’t the one who lied under oath more than once.

    Killery is the GUILTY one!
    Killery is the one who BROKE the law!

    Don’t be pissed at Trump or the many other people who think she should be held accountable for her crimes.

    If anyone else committed perjury, aided the enemy or sent classified information unsecured they would be in PRISON!! As a matter of fact there is an official doing time right now and his charge wasn’t as serious.

    Killery chose to be a lying, cheating, corrupt, evil, greedy traitor!
    She needs to pay the price, she doesn’t and shouldn’t get a free pass because she used to be first lady or sec of state or because she is running for President.

    Those are reasons she should be in prison!

    Some of you dems might like the idea of having a lying, cheating, corrupt, traitorous criminal as your President but the majority of us DON’T!!

    Killery for PRISON

    • Martians are landing in New Jersey!!! Don’t slip in the spittle LOL
      You people’s buttons are so easy to push. I can hear the hammering as you throw your tantrums. Your Senator Paul is a poster child for Hair Club for Men and don’t tell me he isn’t angling for a cabinet slot in that bedlam of Trump’s. You deserve that fool…

  28. The gun running scheme was brought up briefly just after the attack. This is the reason Chris Stevens was left to die in Benghazi. He found out about the gun running Clinton was doing and was going to blow the whistle on her. She couldn’t let that happen so he had to die. Anybody trying to bring her down ends up dead. It doesn’t matter in she pulled the trigger or not, she’s still the one who had him killed. So now the truth comes out.

  29. while it should happen in a just world it will never happen. America’s political system is too corrupt to care. vigilante justice was they way to justice when justice was not available or too corrupt to do it’s job. maybe a come back is needed to regain control.

  30. She laid under oath and to American people and to the Congress. She should go to jail just for building a server in her house where any classified documents are able to be hacked by anyone and threaten security of american by her lack in security and probably got someone kill. She even said it was a mistake which she should have been arrested on the spot right there. I want all true American people, Military people, FBI, and CIA to push the justice system to arrest Hillary Chilton for laying under oath. She should not be above the American people and America. Here is example if I laid under oath I would go to jail. It should be that simple. She should apologize to America for laying. The creator of bleach bit should be able to recover all the deleted file so the American people can actually see what was on the server.

  31. Never happen she isn’t going anywhere. She is gonna gonna end up in the White House and we are all gonna be screwed. This corruption has gone on too long and no one has put a stop to it. It is beyond a point of return.

  32. GOD IS GREAT and maybe she will be behind bars. It’s just not right that rich people get away with breaking the law. The law is suppose to be for the rich and the poor not just who they chose not to allow it to apply. The thing is it doesn’t matter is she’s President of the United States or Joe Blow on the street. So let’s get her arrested and lock those doors forever. She violated the law so arrest her.

  33. Elections are rigged and over. Trump won. Hillary nd Obama in jail. Let’s take it to the streets and celebrate it. Don’t wait till November or January. They are too dengerous.

  34. We need to overthrow our President for crimes of treason against the United States and take all that have colluded with him….Hitlary Clinton…Bill Clinton…and all others who are campaigning for them and spreading lies to get them elected….which includes the corrupt media!! We are with you Rand Paul…tell us what we need to do…but do it quick!!!!!

  35. The Bible says Be sure your sins will find you out. She is not getting away with it in the long run. Just like we are not either if we sin. Her deeds have her name on them and they will find her. We have to keep pressing the issues and never, never let them die down. This woman is unstable and dangerous for America! She must and I’m praying will be stopped and put in prison water she belongs!

  36. She deserve to be in jail for supporting terrorising in the country and other parts of the world .also for not allowing Biafra to come .she is a chronic bloody liar


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