WAR ON MEDIA BEGINS: Trump Needs Every American To Do 1 Thing For Him Right Now

This story by Paris Swade.

Donald Trump hasn’t even entered the Oval Office and he has already declared a war on the media. Now, he is going after the New York Times for describing his campaign as stumbling.

“If the disgusting and corrupt media covered me honestly … I would be beating Hillary by 20%,” Trump said on Twitter.

Look what the New York Times said about him. The Times said that Trump is often “sullen and erratic” and often “veers from barking at members of his staff to grumbling about how he was better off following his own instincts during the primaries.”


Trump is fine. Look at his rallies. People began passing out because of the high temperatures in one of the venue’s because there was too many people in there.

Yet, the leftist media is trying to paint Trump in a corner. They think that if they tell enough people that Trump is not going to make it through the election then people will not vote for him.

*** They did not count on us, though!

Let’s start right now, patriots! Let’s black out the New York Times. Let’s take their paper back to the stone age.

Comment “NO MORE NEW YORK TIMES” in the comments below!

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Sunday, August 14 will be the day that New York Times was no more. God bless America. Let’s bring honest journalism back.

Let’s take them down! Go Trump, y’all. (h/t NY Daily News)

Thanks for reading.


Paris is the best writer on the Internet and helped get Donald Trump elected President in 2016.


  1. No more new york times. All news sites and journalists have a responsibility to factually report the news..in this age of mass deception, truth and journalism have long been divorced..no more propaganda..no more disinformation…no more deception…no more liars and no more enemies of America being celebrated while bashing honest Americans and Trump for standing up for us this nation and our rights freedom prosperity and future generations. New York Times is guilty of blatantly attempting to sway the minds of Americans to believe in lies and to promote their globalist and liberal policies and views and only the far left even get their “news?ppfffttt” from such an impoverished immoral fraud of a shill site..Americans arent all sheep…most are not despite the picture painted by the propaganda wizards….

    • Here here! Mc Carthyism was nothing compared to what we are seeing now.

      From Wikipedia:
      McCarthyism is the practice of making accusations of subversion or treason without proper regard for evidence.[1] It also means “the practice of making unfair allegations or using unfair investigative techniques, especially in order to restrict dissent or political criticism.”[2] The term has its origins in the period in the United States known as the Second Red Scare, lasting roughly from 1950 to 1956 and characterized by heightened political repression against supposed communists, as well as a campaign spreading fear of their influence on American institutions and of espionage by Soviet agents. Originally coined to criticize the anti-communist pursuits of Republican U.S. Senator Joseph McCarthy of Wisconsin, “McCarthyism” soon took on a broader meaning, describing the excesses of similar efforts. The term is also now used more generally to describe reckless, unsubstantiated accusations, as well as demagogic attacks on the character or patriotism of political adversaries.

      During the McCarthy era, thousands of Americans were accused of being communists or communist sympathizers and became the subject of aggressive investigations and questioning before government or private-industry panels, committees and agencies. The primary targets of such suspicions were government employees, those in the entertainment industry, educators and union activists. Suspicions were often given credence despite inconclusive or questionable evidence, and the level of threat posed by a person’s real or supposed leftist associations or beliefs was often greatly exaggerated. Many people suffered loss of employment and/or destruction of their careers; some even suffered imprisonment. Most of these punishments came about through trial verdicts later overturned,[3] laws that were later declared unconstitutional,[4] dismissals for reasons later declared illegal[5] or actionable,[6] or extra-legal procedures that would come into general disrepute.

      The most notable examples of McCarthyism include the speeches, investigations, and hearings of Senator McCarthy himself; the Hollywood blacklist, associated with hearings conducted by the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC); and the various anti-communist activities of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) under Director J. Edgar Hoover. McCarthyism was a widespread social and cultural phenomenon that affected all levels of society and was the source of a great deal of debate and conflict in the United States.

    • Brian Pursifull well written comment and I so agree with you. May I also add this truth to all the comments from what I have heard over SW radio which puts out more truth and beats MSN media bias, propagandist, liars way in advance. It was said many true Christians were praying for this Nation and that God put Mr. Trump to run for office for such a time as this that He is going to answer His peoples prayers and give us a reprieve of His destruction to get America back on track again and to give Him praise and glory for it. It was said Trump would win and all those whom go against Trump will be destroyed or exposed for their crimes or something bad would occur. This has happened. Macy’s went after Trump and now their hurting financially and 100 of stores closing . Meg Ryan of Fox in first debate went after him and it was told that night she was sicker then a dog after she went home. He beat out 16 running in the RNP and two supported him right away, Dr. Carson and Huckabee and their both doing great now. Kasich and Cruz are down big time cause they went against Trump and would not support Trump. Don Lemon went after Trump on CNN and see what happened to him. You do not mess with God’s man. God puts in and He takes out leaders of Nations to fit the people of that Nation. I know America is sinful, but His people are repenting and asking for His help. Pray for Trump’s protection and pray USA asks God to come back into our Nation and help us clean out the traitors. Thank you.

    • No more New York Times. I would Donald Trump. You’re worthless newspaper a worthless organization you have no ethics integrity what a joke

  2. NO MORE New York Times and while we’re at it let’s give Fair Warning to ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC that they WILL go down crashing like CNN if they keep bashing Trump and to stop reporting innuendos about Trump. Clinton has plenty of FODDER to feed the crowd with her scandals so concentrate on her for a change.

  3. Trump: all the Medias or TV News , show everything bad of Trump. Nothing bad of Clinton . I know they’re trying to destroy you. But I got from your Facebook – bad thing of Clinton, I Alway forward / share it to my friends. Most of the Anti trump were brain washed by media or news or Clinton/ Obama/ George Soros paying them. I’d keep on forward / share to them. I’ll never change my vote for Trump for president 2016. I’m alway praying for you. Make sure you’ve somebody on the November election poll, Clinton will steal your vote & absentee ballot/ mail ballot. There are so many silent voters will vote for Trump. Just keep on PRAYING to this Living & Almighty God.
    God bless America.
    God bless Trump for president 2016. To clean up all the corruption.

  4. No more NY Times!!! All of the liberal media needs to boycotted!! That will include a lot of the so called news on Fox.. We must stand with Trum, he is our only hope. Trump is the closest thing to Reagan we will see in our life time. Please people open your eyes to the corrupt Clintons and the body count pilling up, then you will vote for Trump!!!

  5. They and all mainstream media , not about journalism, its about selling a paper
    Could only pray for someone Wth integrity to step up !

  6. No more New York Times. Gave them up years ago for the lying liberals that they are. Good for a crossword puzzle and book reviews only.

  7. Just for the record the real poles are in the cell phones all millions and millions of them posted on Facebook and Twitter! Not corrupt journalist stations like CNN! Go to Trump Rally!

  8. No more New York Times, no more ABC NBC CNN MSNBC boycott them, along with anybody that advertises on your news network.

  9. obama is talking about possibly releasing the records from the three hour interview hillay had with the FBIi ….but …. How can the FBI release the three hour interview with Hillary when “they(Comey ) said”no recordings or records were taken during interview?????? Guess they’ll be making a new fake video that will try to make hillary look good. That will take a lot of work. Corrupt!

    No more new york times!!!!!

    We want to “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN ” If you don’t get it then you don’t need our bussiness! You can’t misconstrue the word BOYCOTT!!!!

  11. I stopped subscribing to newspapers many years ago because of their deceptive reporting. The journalists now were trained at liberal universities by liberal professors that failed to teach reporting ethics, that also includes all news anchors on many of the news reporting venues.

  12. he is so correct the media is playing dirty and are as corrupt and untrust worthy as hellary is they are in the bed with her and they are helping her cheat because as crooks they know the only way for her to win is their goal is to run every thing trump says into the ground and give her a pass for all her crimes and pretend that none of her crimes. or her lies don’t exist well New York times every body. isn’t as stupid as the people that would vote for a criminal who will stab them in the back just like obummer did to his race and the people that were stupid enough to vote for him. and you see what that got every body!!!!!!! now if hellary gets in she will lead every body to hell for sure she will finish destroying our country that obummer started !!!!!!!! screw the new york times and any other media that is unfair and one sided and can not be trusted to tell the thruth any more the star and globe are better than these so called reporters .who are all bribe takers even the gossip rags have better reprters, than a lot of the news papers that’s why they are diyeng out the news paper is only good for linning the bottom of our bird cage .

  13. NO MORE NEW YORK TIMES OR OTHER LIBERAL NEWS OUTLETS. I am sick of these people telling me lies and false hoods. It would be to their advantage to ask for their money back from the journalism school that they attended. It’s for sure that if this garbage is what they were taught, they got cheated.

  14. If the NY Times,CNN,NBC would do their f#cking job right, Assange,WikiLaeaks and Judicial Watch wouldn’t have to do it for them. Report News-Not Propaganda… DO YOUR JOB,Media.

  15. I’m sick of seeing these attacks on Donald Trump. Trump says a lot of things that he don’t mean to a point. You brush them off. Its wrong to attack Trump when he wants better pay for our Military & Veterans. You try living on a low rank pay in our Military and our veterans. Its a lot lower than min wage. Its wrong they deserve better pay. Clinton hasn’t said One word about our Military and Veterans. As you get in your 40’s and 50 you must get a job due to spouse cheating on you, you had no job in years. You take a low income job it only pays $ 8.25 an hour its income and pay check for you. Clinton was in office when we lost a our Military members & Embassitor at Benghazi. She wasn’t doing her job to keep the people safe. All she had to do is read the Emails. She failed in my book. Trump deserves to be our Next Presdient. Clinton only wants the money. She has said some means things to Military wife get over the lose of your husband who was killed at Bengahzi. Clinton don’t deserve to our Next President. I will vote for Trump.

  16. No more NY Times, or LA Times, or CNN, Or MSNBC, OR…..Fox! They went to the “dark side”!!! My whole family is voting for Trump, my whole church family, and my friends!

  17. No more NYT……..Trump is a good man….and he’ll be a excellent President…..I want the bias Anarchy lovin media to all be gone….report the news and facts…or don’t report at all…..not every one in this nation are retards…..and I’m insulted for being treated like one……these Lefties are out of control….mean bullies….lies…treachery….you name it…they will stoop at a all time low….and we the people are fed up……

  18. I have been on Facebook all day going back and forth with someone because he didn’t like my comment about the New York Times not sure if I won but I got a few likes and the last word it’s sad that you can’t believe a word that they write or some news like cnn you can’t trust them what happened to honest journalist I guess he got mad because I said that’s why I watch fox ain’t least they can do real news

  19. I can see the history books in 50 years time which will read: Former President of the United States Mr Donald J. Trump who was lambasted, falsely criticised, had lies told about him through the media, tried to have the rules changed against him by his cohorts who turned on him with false accusations, however through sheer diligence, this great American stood tall for his people and rid the cancer that had overtaken our homeland by a President with extreme questionable ethics and who later was banished back to his birthplace of Kenya to live out his final days. Most experts likened this great American, Donald Trump to be among the great American Presidents ever, by ridding and saving our great country and making it safe again against all of the odds that were stacked against him. All real Americans owe this great man their lives and stability through President Donald J. Trumps’ courage by wiping out Islamic terrorism of which not only threatened America, but the future of mankind. America will never forget your great service to our wonderful country Mr Trump. In God We Trust.

    • Sounds real good, are you a writer?
      I know the polls are lying to try to make Trump supporters give up and not vote, but I hope EVERYONE votes anyway! Someone said we should all wear red shirts, can’t deny a sea of red across the country.

  20. No more NEW YORK TIMES…….

    Joseph Campman ABC News executive producer Ian Cameron is married to Susan Rice, Obama’s National Security Adviser.2) CBS President David Rhodes is the brother of Ben Rhodes, Obama’s Deputy National Security Adviser for Strategic Communications.3) ABC News correspondent Claire Shipman is married to former Obama Whitehouse Press Secretary Jay Carney.4) ABC News and Univision reporter Matthew Jaffe is married to Katie Hogan, Obama’s Deputy Press Secretary.5) ABC President Ben Sherwood is the brother of Obama’s Special Adviser Elizabeth Sherwood.6) CNN President Virginia Moseley is married to former Hillary Clinton’s Deputy Secretary Tom Nides.Etc… etc… Get the picture?

  21. No more New York Times. It’s about time everyone seen the true light of their so-called journalism. Back in the day you could trust them for being honest, fair and impartial on all events. Especially politics. So good riddance to a sellout trash paper.

  22. Paris,you piece of shit,within the fist line you are associating Trump as a racists with that low energy comment about it being a race war.

  23. If trump doesn’t start focusing on Hillary’s corrupt campaigns, emails and being owned by Middle East, he is not going to win. No one cares about what Bill Clinton did! Who cares about the media! They are distracting him. Keep talking about our rights, our economy, our safety!! Make FBI release the info on her emails?

  24. I’ll never buy New York Times or any other news paper, nor watch CNN, CNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS or any other left wing nut case media and anyone who speaks a bad word about Donald J Trump is going to be immediately cut off.

  25. No more New York Times! No more Leftest Media putting out False statements!!! Donald Trump 45th President of the United States of America! Coming in November 2016!

  26. No More NY Times…Never have been a follower of that rag..and every so called journalist out there wants to be the next Woodward and Bernstein, except when it comes to reporting the truth about Obama, the Clintons, and the corruption that surrounds the Democratic party.

  27. No more New York Times!!
    Wake up America! We don’t want our kids and grandkids living in socialist America under sharia law and Islam religion.

    Trump has my vote…and my prayers.

  28. No more NY Times. No more Huffington Post. No more CNN. No more ABC. No more NBC. No more CBS. No more one sided Propaganda.

  29. No more New York Times ! Take them down Mr. Trump, ALL of them! I only watch Fox news, they are not bashing him like the rest are. I will be so glad when he wins this thing and they all go down. I hate the corrupt media and government. I want Mr. Trump to go up there and give Washington the biggest enema they have ever had. GO TRUMP!

  30. No more New York Times! We no longer have news media per se on television any longer. Instead what we have is six companies that tell us what they want us to know. Used to be that journalists were a brave lot that dug deep, sometimes knowingly putting their lives at risk, to tell us the story behind the real news! Now we have a bunch of wimpy, with very few exceptions, announcers. They’re not news reporters or journalists any longer. Just like we now have weather people that read the weather off of a teleprompter. They used to be meteorologists, trained and educated in all things that pertain to weather. They knew what they were doing.

  31. The mainstream media is more crooked and corrupt than Hillary! Not only do they work to conceal by not reporting, the things that should have already disqualified her from this presidential election, they concentrate their efforts on unreliable if not fabricated information about Mr. Trump. Thank goodness for Wikileaks’ efforts to supply us with the facts about her corruption and mainstream media’s anemic coverage of her.

  32. I don’t read the New York Times. I just thought you should know that the media is fudging the poll numbers. You are beating her by more then 20%. A study was done by college students that have you at 67% they interviewed 50,000 people.

  33. I don’t read or listen to NYT, CBS, ABC, NBC, MSNBC or any other news station. My hearing is fine. My reading ability is fine. I hear Clinton and her lies. I can read her lying lips. I can hear Trump just fine and I can read his lips. I’m for Trump all the way but Mr. Trump get someone who can write for you better. Don’t play into the hands of the media. You are not being focused on the fight to be president because you are allowing the media to jerk your chains. Why don’t you have some real logical people on your staff to guide you away from those IDIOTS. I may not be the smartest cookie around but I can tell when someone is being played.

  34. NO MORE New York Times & no more Liberal News, No more main stream Media Period
    We are sick & tired of all the lies, Lies Lies from the Media & from Hillary!!!!!!!!!!

  35. This is such an understatement. The entire Western MEDIA is owned by ONLY SIX TRAITOROUS RAT-BASTARD CORPORATIONS who spout Globalist drivel endlessly. They have no respect for life, truth, people or human society. SIX COMPANIES ONLY TELL US THE PEOPLE what their Jesuit, Masonic, Zionist and UN overlords permit us the People to know–never mind, what is true, holy, sacred, real or active.


    Heres why Donald J.Trump is screwed over by the media!!
    all In cahoots!!

    NBC Senior Deputy Political Editor Mark Murray is married to Obama appointee Sasha Johnson (who also worked for CNN), who is chief of staff at the FAA.
    ABC News executive producer Ian Cameron is married to Susan Rice, National Security Adviser.
    CBS President David Rhodes is the brother of Ben Rhodes, Obama’s Deputy National Security Adviser for Strategic Communications and is an Advisor on the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action with Iran.
    ABC News correspondent Claire Shipman is married to former White House Press Secretary Jay Carney
    ABC News and Univision reporter Matthew Jaffe is married to Katie Hogan, Obama’s Deputy Press Secretary
    ABC President Ben Sherwood is the brother of Obama’s Special Adviser Elizabeth Sherwood
    CNN President Virginia Moseley is married to former Hillary Clinton’s Deputy Secretary Tom Nides.

    Associated but not related:

    ABC News Anchor George Stephanopoulos, Clinton’s White House Communications Director and press secretary
    PBS Chief of Staff Julie Anbender, Clinton’s Deputy Director of OPA and DOJ
    Comcast-ABC Senior VP, Government Affairs Meredith Baker, Bush’s and Obama’s Commissioner, FCC
    CNN News correspondent, Yul Kwon, Obama’s Deputy Chief CGAB, FCC
    PBS Host, Yul Kwon, Obama’s Deputy Chief CGAB, FCC
    CNN Department Assignment Manager, Joe Lockhart, Clinton’s Press Secretary
    CBS VP, Corporate Communications, Lisa Caputo, Clinton’s Press Secretary, First Lady’s Office.

    • You left one very important fact out that I want to add to your excellent observation, Fox. It seems that almost everyone has forgotten that 0bama threatened to put them out of business. You know what we heard. Imagine what they were told behind closed doors. 0bama is an American version of the African dictator, Idi Amin. Would you put ANYTHING past him? I, would not. There is all of that, and I haven’t even mentioned the people that end-up dead around Killery and the other POS, Billy Boy.

    • Wow great information, can I copy your comment and post it on FB and twitter and also in German channels. The German people are brainwashed with the same lying media here, just like with your mainstream media.

  37. No more NYT or any of the so called unbiased fair mecia coverage. Watching the news from Canada, the coverage is so biased it’s ridiculous. Trump’s words are exacerbated and twisted for ratings. Shrilary meanwhile, lies from back to her Whitewater days, former employees suicides, the email scandals, Benghazzi and so on, but nary a peep. GO TRUMP.

  38. No more New York Times. There is no difference today between American major media outlets and the 1960’S Soviet News Agency Tass. The NY Times is no different than Provda.

  39. No more new York Times. You and all the other media that make it up as you go.this is so wrong. Talk about important crimes against Americans like what Clinton is doing. She is putting all Americans in danger.comet on she already had a CIA operative killed due to her reckless disregard to being responsible and not taking care of her e mails. And others have gotten killed just by knowing her. These are the true news. Blatant disregard. You media people should stop all your lying NOW!!!

  40. No more ny times. Hillary should be in. The spot light.after when she was secretary of state. She made more than 25 million dollars her self selling arms to saudia arabia and isis.do some homework ,the clinton family foundation is the new world order.

  41. I don’t even read the papers anymore..and the only person I listen to is Sean Hannity…and every time I hear someone say something about the polls I don’t believe them..and anyone that is a Trump supporter doesn’t believe them either…you are already President…

  42. No more New York Times!!! Get a life stupid media!!! Be honest and fair……corrupt, corrupt, corruot corrupt! Just like Hillary Clinton…… evil, dishonest and corrupt!

  43. I was just talking to a friend about the things the media says that aren’t true. Sometimes even Fox behaves like that at times. Trump has so much knowledge and experience. The competition may have experience but is corrupt. It is sad if you are in favor of that category. Our country is in bad shape and to save it we need strong men like Mr. Trump and Mr. Pence plus Dr. Ben Carson and all the other honest, knowledgable people working to get our country back and safe again. It can be done.

  44. Media treats Trump UnFair!
    No More
    I gave them both a fair try but the media actually swayed me toward him as I always loved an underdog as he will fight harder and better!
    Plus the lies started back with Bil and continue with her.
    But as I said you the media treat him unfairly my wifes family of mixed races, religions etc. all now vote Trump!

  45. No more New York Times! And may this be only the beginning of media sources to bite the dust! I they are corrupt lock them up!

  46. Media owners and share holders I hope you like loses your corporate shares and funds.
    Being Bias will lose loads of viewers as just today I took small ore of some friends and family and wow all but two stopped watching many networks.
    Oh, my small group was 396 people.
    The two are not old enough to vote yet lol.
    Go back to being great journalist and leave the voting to the individuals.
    I voted Fir Billhe lied and tried covers up
    I considered Hilary she lies and comes with corruption.
    So a person lol a lot like my dad no filter are harmless but when it comes to protecting me he’s a lion!
    So Trump gets my vote!

  47. We are fighting for our lives and Trump is the only candidate who can and will lead us to victory over the Muslim Invasion and imminent takeover of the United States of America. The New York Times is no longer a newspaper!!

  48. Trump for american people,no more New York times,we watch Dennis Michael Lynch.in a new station ….for real news…..

  49. Don’t worry Trump we the people are not stupid to their games. We are just waiting to cast our vote for you in Nov. As far as the media goes they can kiss our ass as far as the election goes because no matter what they say you have our vote Sir. Good Luck!

  50. No more New York Times! N CNN N others that don’t report the truth! I’m tired of misleading report n one side, I watch bbc news for the real fact! About America n world issues

  51. No more New York Times! But then again I have been aware of their game for a long time and they hsve been on my permanent boycot list just as long.
    Trump is 1000% right about the press! Anyone with a shred of real world intelligence knows for sure that they are pimps and whores, and that even offends pimps and whores!

  52. Problem is by typing ” no more…” With the papers name,it actually will cause them to trend on the internet with search engine spiders keywording as well as social media keywording. Seems the opposite of what they are trying to accomplish unless it is the NY…paper tricking people.

  53. New York Times = softies keeping their jobs. Never worked in construction or was a soldier. Bunch of softie gimps keeping their jobs. Sellouts for softiness. I’ve driving over 3 million nails in my life,who cares,but at least I’m not a softie sellout. NO MORE NEW YORK TIMES. Propaganda machines ,all of them. Sellouts. Sissy’s. Trump is a champion

  54. we all know Arab liberal Democrats nazis.own the news mediaincluding newspapers let’sboycott them all get our news from our website

    I suggest Mr. Trump find the Smallest News Business or Worthy company catapult them up in business, showing immediate correlation of “Trump request to Numbers”, waking up other dishonest Newsmen, mesmerizing all of the significance of this election regarding Mr. Trump.

  56. Finally! I have been telling the RNC chair for 2 years to TELL EVERYONE TO STOP BUYING AND/OR ADVERTISING IN THE PAPER! This income is being used to destroy what we believe in. Don’t hire libs, don’t patronize their business and don’t buy their movies and music. If you don’t cut their supply lines, we will lose everything held dear. Rant over!

  57. I’m with Trump. No more New York Times. No more Lamestream media.
    Lamestream news is pure lies and Lamestream media is brainwashing all of us.