BREAKING: Texas Just Gave Trump The Best News Ever And Hillary The Worst News Ever

This story by Paris Swade.

You know what they say about Texas: “Everyone is Smarter in Texas.” Recent poll results carried about by Public Policy Polling that were released on Tuesday says that 3 outta 5 Texans supports Donald Trump.


Seriously. 3 outta 5 Texans has a brain. That’s more than the rest of the country. Those other 2 outta 5 Texans don’t count either. They are probably someone that the Democrats dug up from the graveyard.


*** Get this!!

Data from another left-leaning polling firm shows that Trump has Hillary beat by a margin of 50 percent to 44 percent in Texas.

From the same poll, 1 out of 4 Texans supports seceding from America. If Hillary becomes President, the majority of Texans say they would like to leave the country.

Watch this Texas news anchor make fun of Hillary.

**** Trump is gonna sweep Texas, y’all. Let’s give em’ a big ‘THANK YOU’ and a Yeeeeh Hah in the comments.

Share this with every Texan you know. Let’s get them all on the Trump Train. Let’s get 5 out of 5 Texans voting for Trump. The landslide is coming, y’all. (h/t Chron)

Can we get a “Thank You Texas!” in the comments. Thanks, patriots!


Paris is the best writer on the Internet and helped get Donald Trump elected President in 2016.


  1. hey Hillary, in real life, we fall down and get back up to try again!! and Trump is not bought like you!! Trump sure is going to make a wonderful president!! Maybe you should go live in the countries where all those gave you money!! Maybe you can buy your way into politics with the money you got from them there!! we do not want can’t trust lying Hillary for President!! We don’t want a “what difference does it make when 4 Americans die” president! Go Trump!!

    • You are right Diane. Trump must become president if we want our country to remain free from socialism, communism and sharia law. Hillary hates Christians and police and wants to take away guns from law abiding citizens. She wants to raise taxes and bring in 550% more Syrian refugees. They will get $1250.00 per person when they arrive. and will be given housing, welfare, healthcare, & food stamps. Guess who will be paying for this? The working Americans that’s who .What about our veterans that are being ignored and denied care? They are the ones that give us the freedoms we enjoy everyday and they are being ignored and forgotten. I bet the refugees will get the best of everything. This is so wrong. I am originally from Texas and now live in California, but if Texas secedes, I’m going back there.

  2. Let the country know. God bless Texas!

    Hillary Clinton knew exactly what she was doing.

    Listen to this video where she flat out mentions the use of emails.

    She acted like she was ignorant and didn’t understand how email works. When she made the comment about wiping her server with a cloth. Hillary Clinton lied to congress and lied to we the people. And this video was years ago.

    The clintons are habitual liars.

    Clintons for sale:

    Trish Regan interview: worth reviewing

    Trish Regan interview

  3. Yeeeeeh Haaaaah! Texas Trump Train! All aboard! I don’t even know anyone in Texas that’s voting for Hillary! We don’t listen to polls, don’t like cheaters and liars! Hit the road Hillary. Your [email protected]# does stink here…

  4. Thank you Texas, lets make this 5 out of 5, talk to your friends and neighbors, give them a ride to the polls, what ever it takes. Love Texas

  5. The only ones that are not for Trump are those who aren’t real Texans. I don’t care what other states say about Texas, we are fed up with the crap and we want our country back. There is no “if” Hillary wins. She is not going to walk foot in our White House unless it is to be arrested. True Texans can see through the BS that Hillary is spewing. Oh, and I love KWTX… That is the only station I watch for local news….

  6. Proud to be a ‘born and reared Texan’ and I’m voting for TRUMP!!!. At first I was pulling for Cruz, but he showed his true colors and now it’s Trump all the way. Not to happy with the other Texas guy either! GO TEXAS-GO TRUMP!!!!!

  7. I’ve stayed at Trump Plaza it employed hundreds of people. 6 hotel casinos went under within a year on the Atlantic city boardwalk not just the Plaza. Trump was only a 10% owner after 2005. Hillary could’ve stood anywhere along that boardwalk and showed a city in decline. What did Obama do to support the declining economy? NOTHING Trump still owns multiple properties and employs thousands of people. What has the Clinton foundation with their 2.3 billion in funds done for anyone? All the foundation is is a front for the Clinton money laundering. That’s why the FBI is still investigating them for money laundering and racketeering

  8. Yeaaaaa Texas!! Let’s hope every state gets smart and does the same. We cannot have Crooked Hillary in the White House to ruin America. VOTE TRUMP-PENCE 2016!!!!!!!


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