BREAKING: Top FBI Agent Just Outted Hillary For the WORST CRIME EVER!


Let me just start by saying that this is the single worst crime a person running for President in the US has EVER been convicted of.

Hillary Clinton was just proven beyond any doubt to have been directly involved with the bribing and promoting of a top FBI agent during her own email trial.

Let me break this down for you:

Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, one of Bill and Hillary Clinton’s most consistent backers, donated nearly $500,000 to the Virginia state Senate campaign of a candidate (Dr. Jill McCabe) who is married to the FBI’s deputy director. –Daily Mail



McCabe’s husband, Andrew McCabe, was the associate deputy of the FBI’s Washington field office, which was tasked with investigating Hillary’s emails.

This is where it gets really interesting. Sometime between the donation being made and the beginning of Clinton’s email investigation, McCabe was promoted to the Deputy Director of that office, giving him full control of the Clinton investigation.

McCabe then declared that Hillary Clinton had done nothing wrong and Bill Clinton didn’t commit a crime by meeting with Loretta Lynch because Bill was not officially under investigation.


Sounds a bit suspicious, doesn’t it? Luckily McCabe was too stupid to cover his own tracks, and accidentally helped out Hillary’s crimes!

Look, there is no excuse to not get this kind of information out to every single person you know. The world needs to know about all of Hillary’s crimes so they can see how dangerous it would be to let her lead.

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  1. So when is or is anything ever going to happen to Hillary for all of her crimes or are we just reading about it and nothing will ever be done? I really want to know, is there st
    ill a good chance she will go to prison? And why is she still allowed to run for president? I feel like all this news is redundant ans a waste of time because nothing is being done. Vote Trump is our only hope along with Trey Gowdy.

    • Trey Gowdy said that the Supreme Court would make a decision whether or not to indict her on Nov. 8th.. ELECTION DAY… Go figure that. If she is successful at stealing the election and she is president. If they indict her before her inauguration then we are stuck with Obama for another 4 years…

    • If Hilliary were to be charged before Trump became POTUS Obummer would have pardoned her. This way she can still be charged along with all the others. Lorretta Lynch, possibly Comey, Koskinen the IRS guy, and the rest of the second Clinton foundation. They all thought they would get away with it because they thought HilLIARy would win the POTUS.

      • Crazy Canuck:
        This is what the smart people say. That way people will be given false hope and set aside their outrage until the whole thing has been supplanted by other news, and then forgotten.
        Any news from Sessions office since he was confirmed? Didn’t think so. Today is what, the 19th of Feb? The evidence is all there from her own testimony. Why would he need to wait 6 months or more to file papers and have her arrested?
        Do I trust this? Obviously not.

    • Gowdy and his whole committee have lips but apparently no teeth.
      When was the last time one of those people had their budgets actually cut?
      At this point I am very suspicious. If the process has in fact pulled their teeth, why don’t they call a press conference and lay it out for the public? Why?

    • All these issues are just that, they are issues and we live in a country that says innocent till proven guilty. Hilary has ever been convicted of anything. All this rhetoric is just that, rhetoric. Until she gets convicted of something all the accusations are just that, accusations. So I until she gets convicted of something, she is an American running for the highest office in this United States. So my advice to you is to let them keep talking because that’s all they’ve got and cast your vote for Hillary Clinton. Over and out.

      • Wrong. Comey admitted there’s lots of evidence of criminal intent, though statute doesn’t even require it. Destroying evidence under subpoena= obstruction. Lying to FBI, congress= felony perjury. No prosecution because corruption in State Dept, exec, DOJ, FBI etc- No Govt accountability, no laws upheld (though others are in prison for less) like dictatorship. We the People must be the jury Nov 8. Learn our Constitution to be a proper informed citizen & voter! Declaration of Independence says we have the right & duty to overthrow Govt abusing its power! Trey Gowdy for Atty Gen!

    • Times have changed…specially for Democrats….they use to hide their stealing now they say fark you what ya gonna do about it….nothing like i figured…shut ya farking mouth and sit down…..and the Democrat shut up and keep voting for these thieving mammy farkers…Republicans the same way… they called the establishment…

  2. When is she going to be arrested? I keep reading this, but it never happens. I’m beginning not to believe anything on facebook either.

    • If the very people put in charge of investigating her have themselves taken part in obstruction of justice and ignored her crimes due to political bribery snd is why she has not been held to answer. Bottom line is that this is a clear cut case of obstruction of justice and tyranny. The very thing that our forefathers sought to protect agsinst… 2nd Ammendment. It is our duty as citizens to rise up against such criminal actions. May God bless our country.

  3. Hillary has proven to be guilty of many serious crimes within our government and against the American people , what exactly is being done about it ???

  4. With proof of all the serious crimes that have been committed against our government and the American people by hillary Clinton , what exactly is being done about it ????

    • How do figure that we would be stuck with Obama for another 4 years? His 8 will be over and Trump being the only candidate left should be the next President.

  5. I want to know why she transferred 1.8 billion dollars in Qatar. I suspect that she knows she’s not going to won the election and she is setting herself up to move on with her life at the expense OF this American people. Yes we’ve paid and paid and paid.

  6. Ok now, as much as I hate Hillary and her corruption and the corruption of the MSM, this little article isn’t even an article, you post a headline like there’s been a real development when it’s just a quick foot note. Then there’s this little matter of her trial, what Fricken Trial? This is what we come to expect from Hillary media, you guys have to be better than that if you want to be taken seriously!!!!! Step up your game, or throw in the towel!!!

  7. Let’s get this show on the road here, and array of laws have been broken, yet, no one really seems to be doing anything about it. They just keep discovering more and more evidence that Hillary’s a criminal and then it just dosapears. No official charges are being brought. Arrest her already, enough is enough! Doesn’t anyone enforce the law anymore?

  8. I and my team are building an entertainment company that will develop feature motion pictures with top named talent ! We have 48 screen plays written by award winning writers and directors and producers and stars and agents and managers who have shown interest in projects !

    • Being a screenwriter myself I have seen such stuff before. I don’t believe anything I see like this because if it was true you would be making movies not talking about it. I expect that like most folks in this business you don’t really have the money to make the films about which you are speaking.

      All that being said, what the hell does this blurb have to do with the issue at hand? This post is about dishonesty in government not making movies. It is not even about making movies about dishonesty in government. You may as well have shouted some random word. I mean I’m all for making movies but why your announcement here?

  9. I think were done getting enough…who is gonna arrest her? You k ow it is perfectly legal for any citizen to make a citizens arrest.

  10. Instead of posting about Hillary’s many crimes and people involved to help her..let’s ear about the prosecution of all involved! This is unbelievable thst they are above the law! Corruption needs to be stopped and all involved be put behind bars!

  11. Put her in jail, what are you waiting on, they are all guilty, you all put Martha Stewart in jail, you are so crooked, God’s gonna get u for that like Mr trump said lying crooked,Hillary Clinton, will do anything, say anything to get elected. Your chickens are gonna come Home to roost, thyeeere’s An all seeing eye watching you.

    • I am sick of reading this mess. If she guilty which I truly believe she is then do something about it. ANYONE can run their mouth. Well put that hand to use and issue that arrest warrant!!!! Or shut up!!!

  12. She has not been convicted. Wrong word, Danny. That’s a legal term. Under its legal definition, convicted means found guilty in a court of law. She has not been. However, there is plenty of clear evidence to do so, just no one ballsy enough to move against the wife of a former president. And never will, probably, no matter if she’s found with a smoking pistol over a dead body.

  13. There is enough evidence to put Hillary in prison, not the WH. She has bribed and paid off about everyone in Washington. No dirty slimy act is above her. She doesn’t know what honesty or respect means. Even stolen money from children. She’s a sick woman. She has never taken care of a husband, never raised a child, never helped a soul. She has been waited on her whole life. She can’t walk without help, has coughing spells, no stamina, has dementia, has anger fits, has seizures, has a doctor follow her around everywhere. And there are stupid people who want her to run our country? She don’t even know what country she’s in. Do some resesrch on her life.

    • what a perfect screen name. and the rest of you either ill-informed about the law should adopt it. seriously. name the laws by their on-the-books names and explain WITHOUT a conspiracy theory why they apply; if it’s so obvious, there should be plenty for you to work with.

  14. What are they waiting for? Arrest these people and put them behind bars. If it were me or any other American we would be behind bars for a long time.

    • That is the bottom line. Can’t add to that. If she wins the world will be waiting for G-d to answer our great shock. 911 was the first truth that came out. People stood in line to vote for the Bushes – seems they committed a fantastic crime against their own people and then could start a war in the middle east. Michael and his host will follow Christ and for the first time now I think this is not far.

    • Elaine not only sell their soul to the devil but, also sell the Unite States to the devil. Killary is bought and sold not by just Wall Street and big banks, but by other countries that are also corrupted. These countries also treat women worse than dogs, what does that say about her.

  15. It’s not about getting us to understand. We get it. We know what criminals the clintons, Obama, and James comedy are, among others. What we don’t get is, why doesn’t the FBI do something about it?

  16. America cannot survive a CLINTON as Commander and Chief, she will sell our country out and destroy our military plus increase Immigration from countries that the US cannot possibly vet these people bc there is no govt to tell us who they are and what they believe. The ISIS jihadist have told us they will infiltrate those immigrants and establish their caliphate on American soil just like they are now doing in Germany and other European countries. We have no choice if we want to protect our citizens but to vote for TRUMP!

  17. Wake up America! It is time to take America back! We have for too long buried our head in the sand! We need leaders that do not have an alternative motives. Let’s save America! That does not mean with people that have lied, cheated, stolen, robbed from all of us. Enough of the Clinton’s! Let’s send them to prison where they belong.

  18. Do these people think we are really that stupid? Bill wasn’t under investigation- true- but his wife was so there was a direct conflict of interest here – the meeting on the tarmac was no coincidental meeting – and this McAbe should have recused himself or withdrawn his donation ! Hillary was indeed guilty and still is – she needs to be indicted – prosecuted and sentenced ! Others have been sent to prison for far less than what she’s gotten away with and we owe these citizens apologies ! One who comes to mind is Martha Stewart !

  19. For the president of our nation to be allowing this conduct to go unpunished is sad it also leaks him and his family to the crimes along with many others in their circle, this is beyond understandable it’s time for those who have a brain and a spinal cord and the authority to take action to prosecute her and before Nov. 8 to show her she isn’t above the law.

  20. It’s time we wake up America. We have the 2nd Amendment from our United States Constitution to protect us from tyrantacle rule. I’d say it’s just about time for a 1776 throw back. A clinton presidency would be 10 times as bad as England’s rule in the 18th century and 5 times worse than Obama’s lies and deceit. This woman is a criminal, plain and simple and if our government won’t listen to us, we need to make them. It may sound a bit over the top, but I’m sure it sounded the same way when Sam Adam’s spoke in front of the continental Congress in 1776. If we don’t change it, you can say goodbye to the country that so many fought and died to create. I won’t stand by and let my country be humiliated or destroyed by a criminal that has stacked the system against us. No freakin way….

  21. We have such corrupt government that’s why no one is doing
    Anything. There waiting after election on purpose so Hillary can win. The FBI wants Hillary be president that’s why they are waiting otherwise she would be indicted by now she did too many crimes. Our only is get rid of our corrupt government and only way to do it is vote for trump so he can start firing everyone and start over again. I knowiwill not trust government for long time . If we vote in Hillary the corruption will continue and our country is lost to corrupt government. Please everyone vote for trump to get rid of corrupt government this is our chance we the people will be heard. No one cares if Hillary will ever go to jail we have to get rid of this corrupt government and trump can do it, vote trump!!!!!


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