Trump Stepped Out of Trump Tower Today, What Happened Next Made America Cheer!

Uhhh, really liberals? You actually think that video is gonna hurt Donald Trump in the election? FAT CHANCE!

The reason is that Trump supporters know that what matters here are policies and political history, 2 things Hillary Clinton fails miserably on.

Still don’t believe me that Trump is still as strong as ever? Just take a look at this video and see for yourself…



See what I mean? Donald Trump is not just doing well, he is ON FIRE!

In fact, I would say the only thing that video actually did was expose all the fake-Republicans who were ready to jump ship the second it came out.

But hey, if you really are disturbed by Donald Trump’s comments, I get it. They were not nice. But I have news for you, BILL CLINTON RAPED WOMEN!  Not just that, Hillary Covered up for him by threatening his victims! (H/T – Daily Mail)

At least Trump had the common decency to apologize.

So where is your apology, Hillary Clinton? Where is your apology to the soldiers you led to a bad war? Where is your apology to the families of the Benghazi 4? Where is your apology for messing up America?

Frankly, no amount of apologies would be enough to undo what Hillary has done. That’s why it’s up to us to share this out and let her know Trump is stronger than ever before!



  1. My son is a former Federal Agent…he notes that Hillary and Obama did not just abandon four patriotic Americans in Benghazi, there were 13 more that would have been murdered as well if other patriots did not ignore politically motivated orders to stand down, and rescue the additional 13 who lived to tell the story.

  2. Here is a short list of the Politicians that have pulled support for Trump since that remark was aired. If they are from your state let them know that you support Trump and will not support them. They are just looking for any way they can to get Trump out of the race and the Deplorables know why!!

    Sen. Mike Crapo
    Sen. Kelly Ayotte
    House Rep. Martha Roby Alabama
    Sen. Susan Collins Maine
    Gov. Robert Bently Alabama
    Rep. Congress. Jason Chaffetz
    Rep. Gov. Gary Herbert Utah
    Sen. Lisa Murkowski Alaska
    Sen. Deb Fischer Nebraska
    Sen. Cory Gardner Colorado
    Jen Bush was never voting for him anyway.
    John Kasich the same
    Sen. Ben Sasse Nebraska
    Arnold Schwarzenneggar – he screwed up California

  3. This is good to see. I can’t believe people would turn against Trump for saying something at least 90% of men have said sometime in their lives. Grow up! Compared to the Clintons, this is ridiculous!!

  4. DJT HAS OUR BACKS AND WE HAVE HIS! What he said 11 years ago in a locker room setting doesn’t upset me. Men when alone talk like that. Women talk like that too. Anybody in this country who watched two and a half men or watch SNL have seen and heard worse. And laugh at it. Chaffets and Ryan must have been Eagle Scouts or raised in a catholic orphanage. Let him who is without sin cast the first stone. These RINOs are afraid of their gravy train coming to a halt.

  5. Trump is my pick for a president. Everyone has flaws but I truly believe Trump when he says that this campaign has changed him. How powerful is it that he apologized!! I can’t praise him enough!!!

  6. I wish what people would think . That when this happened Trump had let it be known he might run for President. A cousin of the Bushes .Yes those Bushes and or a comrade of theirs set him up. Notice the Bush cousin is not heard speaking on the tape just Trump. They planned to use the tape that year except Trump did not run then. They kept it in the vault in case he did. This is when they brought it out just before the debate.

  7. We are all still behind you. We have Faith that you are still the Man we believe in and can turn this Country around. A 12 year old remark has no bearing on your desire to become the Man we believe you are . You are standing up for the principles that will lead us to a new Beginning. WE are not perfect but we hope to learn by our Mistakes too. Stay in there and fight for this Country to be returned to Sanity and like you always say, “Make America Great Again.” We believe in you and will stand with you. God Bless you and God Bless America TRUMP PENCE 2016

  8. Im tired ,

    I believe the country / world is tired of dirty politics and politicians … this is truly a movement or may I say an awakening as written in the Bible .. the time has come to take back our freedoms .. if is elected their will be a Great War in America their will be war tribunals for all the traitors of this great nation .. so I hope the greed was worth what you’ll get in the end .. let’s not forget Jesus wins in the End !!!!!


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