TRUMP WAS RIGHT! Look What Sick Thing Hillary Was Caught Doing To YOUR Ballots!


This story by Paris Swade.

The Democrats have become the oppressors.

An Ohio man who described himself as a postal worker is now bragging online this weekend about the fact that he was ripping up absentee ballots. This was posted on Twitter by an unidentified user named RandyDub on Sunday.



This Trump hater openly bragged about it!


Republicans were outraged to see that a leftist oppressor had even tweeted about such activity. This is how the Democrats will cheat the election. Call me old fashioned but i like to think that my vote counts. This is the oppose it – of that.

This is the only way that the Democrats can win this. If you need to see more proof, then watch this video below. Here are reporters uncovering that the Democratic party openly looks the other way when ballots are ripped up. This is sick!

Will the authorities report on this!? They won’t. That’s why it is up to us to share this all over the internet.

*** Share, share, share!!

Don’t let the fascist Democrats take over this country. (h/t Inquisitr)


Paris began writing in 2015 after he was visited by Ben Franklin in a dream. He's the best writer on the internet and all you other so-called writers is just imitators.


  1. Contact your local Postmaster and Local police. It is a Federal Crime, but we have to be proactive, as well as get video or a photograph of it being done, or in the trash, or it will not be noticed.


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