George Soros RIGGED Voting Machines In These 16 States! Is YOUR State On The List?

George Soros 'The European Union: Disintegration or Revival?' discussion in the Committee Room, House of Commons, London, Britain - 12 Mar 2014 (Rex Features via AP Images)

This story by Paris Swade.

GET THIS! Shout it from the rooftops! George Soros has been tied to the US firm called Smartmatic. If you don’t know who Smartmatic is, here is what you need to know.

Smartmatic was bought by George Soros.


The last election that Smartmatic was in charge of was providing Internet voting in Venezuela. They now provide a majority of the voting power in states. In Utah, 80% of voting is done on the Internet.

George Soros has already stated that Hillary will win the election no matter what.

Smartmatic currently offers services in the Electoral Commissions of 307 counties in the following 16 states:

District of Columbia
New Jersey

This is how the globalists will rig the election. This is how Hillary plans to rig the election. It’s sick!

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  1. Trump would win hands Down by the Voters but if this System is Rigged and is openly being admitted than it is not a Honest and above Election and should be discounted and redone. The Voting System needs a Radical Change and a ID must be shown plus it must have the Persons finger Print displayed on it. We will not Allow this good for nothing Killary to become our President using Dirty and Dishonest Means. We are not Puppets or Sheep to be led to the Slaughter. We will fight for our Freedom if need be. Killary will lead us into a War as she has already shown she is incapable of performing any Duties that require using good Sense. its always,” I do not Recall, or I do not remember,” if she is that brain dead we are in real Danger. She is reckless and Dishonest and has caused the Deaths of Many. She is a Physical Mess and has violent out bursts if she does not get her Way. She is a Drunk and a Cocaine User and needs to be drug Tested. WE must wake up to the Truth she is Killary Rotten Clinton.

    • That is absolutely the Truth…but, We need to get all the names and addresses and phone no.’s of the Electoral College representatives of each State and Put them on facebook…because the will be Held accountable….Plus, what are the Governor’s of Each of these States Doing to protect us from all this voting fraud…??? Send in the National Guard and All the Police Agencies of Each State….and Monitor all voting assigned districts….EVERYONE MUST PARTICIPATE….

        • Under the U.S. Constitution, each state’s National Guard unit is controlled by the governor in time of peace but can be called up for federal duty by the president. The Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 forbids U.S. troops from being deployed on American soil for law enforcement.Jan 12, 2007
          Governors lose in power struggle over National Guard – Tenth …

          • Yeah, but Governor Kasich wouldn’t be willing to do this in Ohio, because he’s a big cry baby who feels that Mr. Trump stole away his chance to be POTUS! Isn’t it sad that we have all this corruption & all of these children in political power in our country? We need to fight like hell to take our country back! I for one will be voting for Donald Trump!

    • All that is right and makes sense but what can be done in a time left can the machines be taken out of voting? the bastard owns the machines and is confident he will rig the votes.

    • Was going to offer the choice of a paper ballot. Less chance of fraud. Voting precincts don’t like you to do that, because it is a longer process. But they have to accommodate you.

  2. there is a way to beat fixed “rigged machines. dont use them. there are three ways the software can rig the machines vote tallies 1] the machine flips trump votes to hilliary votes, no votes for trump on the machine none to flip. 2] the machine has a preset percentage tally say 54% hilliary 27% trump 19 percent others no trump votes on the machine and it actually gives trump votes he never got. 3] it adds extra votes for hilliary this is very risky for them to do as you could call the machine into question with more votes then voters so probably would not be used. in the event it was and the machines were caled into question paper ballots would stand as they are verifiable. if your voting trump ask for a paper ballot they have to give you one if you request it, its the law. this is the best bet to keep rigged machines from altering the election.

    • But how do we know our paper ballot will even get counted? I do not put anything past the Democrats!!! I am having major surgery on November 3rd and will still be in the hospital on November 8th and I will not be able to go to the polls. I have already gotten my early voting paperwork but how do I know that my vote will count because I WILL be voting for Trump.

    • Larry, I had a problem in the primary in Florida. I took notice of the LED number on the front of my machine, when I inserted my ballot the number did not change. It did not count my Trump vote, I reported it and their response to me was ” are you sure”. I am sure nothing was done. You are saying I can ask for a ballot that does not have to be inserted in these machines? Thanks.

    • Don’t you remember the complaints from the 2012 election of people saying they voted for Romney but it kept showing up as Obama??? It’s the same problem. It’s a shame that our elections are no better than the ones from the 3rd world countries that were always controlled by their “dictators.” Hillary takes money from Saudi Arabia and other countries that are not democratic (which we’re supposed to be), and all the emails are proving that she is not above stealing the election. As a matter of fact, she, Obama, and her team are from the gutters…

    • There is a movement.
      “Wear RED on ELECTION DAY”
      If you are voting for TRUMP, Wear RED. It is a VISUAL ✔ VOTE for DJT and makes it easier for Poll watchers to guage Trump votes in a precinct…if the numbers don’t add up when the precinct is tallied, it can be challenged! It is also an encouragement to your fellow Trump voter. A HAT, A SHIRT, A VEST, A SKIRT, A DRESS…ANYTHING! I hope there will be sea of RED pouring out of the voting places. I have a RED sweater just for the occasion!

  3. If the election is rigged in those states and we know then why aren’t the machines being fixed so that they are not rigged in Hillary’s favor???????

  4. How do we fight this? We are so wrongfully being taken to the cleaners I know that Trump is far ahead of Hillary in the polls. They are just down right Loring to us. What can be done?

  5. They are already rigging the system with the biased media. Can we insist that they test all the voting machines instead of just a few? Can we get more coverage for independent canidates? We can take our power back & make America Great again!!! Stop the greedy politicians paper shuffling & make America Great again.

  6. What difference does it make. It is the Electoral votes that count and they have been bought and paid for in Killary’s favor The popular vote will not get Trump elected if the electors do not do what the people want and vote the way the people want but vote the way they want. Money speaks. They will sell their country for a dime.

  7. He is not a Godly man he is evil. He thinks he is God but I have news for him HE IS NOT GOD. There is only one and it is not him.

  8. Y can’t we destroy the Smartmatic machines. Now that we know they’re already Rigged and owned by Soros.
    How can we, as a Country, allow F’n Scum like Doris to even be involved in anything to do with an American Election.

  9. Well when I place a vote in Missouri. … I mark a ballot that looks like paper to me not a machine… they can be recounted and I believe all states should follow in the same manner

  10. If a government cannot prove beyond a reasonable doubt the accuracy, honesty and fairness of the elections by which they claim authority over the people, then, We the People are neither legally, or morally, obligated to obey that government, to pay its bills, nor sacrifice the lives of our children in its wars of conquest.

    • So what do we do . . . Rise up? Revolt? Leaving thoughts on social media isn’t going to put her in jail (where she belongs). Instead, she makes the rules and buys the powers that keep her in the position she’s in. “Out of touch” as she put it, with the average American.

  11. If we vote our votes will not count. This is unfair. We must fight this some how. That every vote will count. Stop Voting fraud.

    • What good would recounts do if the machines are rigged? It’s rigged for the same result. Once scrambled who knows? Only way is each voter put a red mark on a board by the exit for trump, other blue for witch. A designated member of each party there from start until the votes go in. Cut out the early voting. Come on voting day with photo ID proving citezenship and residence. Period.

  12. Trump is our only way out people! We need to help Mr Trump by voting!! Soros is a very evil person just like Clinton!! Somehow people in these states need to stay an keep an eye out if you see voter fraud then report it to the RNC an GOP!! Or TRUMP

  13. My state Louisiana is on this list & shouldn’t be.. We have voter registration logs & if a person’s name is not on it they will not get to vote.. Soros would have to have people rigging the machines & I don’t see that happening either..

  14. Instead of electoral votes they should go by the people’s vote George Soros already said hillary is going to win no matter what so mains by smartmatic should not be used

  15. If we had a census and everyone in the household of voting age were counted and registered, then assigned polling stations and had give tehir name before votingit would cut out the dead people and double voters

  16. I vote a paper ballot on election day. We show voter I.d. In Arizona. I hope all goes well. I don’t know if it’s anything we can look for to see if there is cheating. Take a picture of your ballot? I don’t know if that would do any good.

  17. This is BS- I don’t care How Flipping Much Money You Have, This is Still a Free Country and You George Soros Have Absolutely NO RIGHT to take that Away From Us. If We Can’t Beat You, Just Remember Karma!! God Bless America!!

  18. Also all the millions of people who support Trump vote. If we vote legally and it is a landslide for president it is harder to cheat!

  19. can we not allow the poles to close until a represetative of the Trump campangn can come and ask for a recount of votes right after voting stops, how about the everyone wearing red for trump on election day, I will be happy to stand outside and count red shirts and do exit polling to back up the vote the best we can!!!!

  20. I live in Louisiana absolutely this state is rigged. NO WAY did Jon Bell Edwards win fair and square. Cruz actually beat Trump here also.

  21. reuse to count the tainted votes from those precincts. Tainted votes are fraud. Clean the machines or void the votes.

  22. I think everyone should sign a ballot and they should have a space for your social security There should also be a double check machine… manufactured by someone different. Ballots are re ran through the 2nd machines. Then each state department throw out the ones without signatures. Or duplicate social security numbers.

  23. Can someone create a petition to get rid of the machine? We will use paper ballot only, and each one of us take a photo of our vote. We create a website that display and count our votes by state. We all upload our picture of ballot in the website.

  24. In FL you can request a paper ballot be mailed to your home. You may return it in person or mail it. In my case, I had to mail mine. It has to be in a secure envelope before it is placed in the actual mailing envelope. Your signature, which has to match the one on file with the Supervisor of Elections, is required over a sealed portion of the envelope. It would be obvious if tampered with. The most secure way would be to take it in in person. If you can do that, though, you might as well vote there…unless you are only offered a machine. Now is the time to be checking with your county Supervisor of Elections. There are certain deadlines. PLEASE don’t let this be one of those things you meant to do and didn’t. Every vote counts!

  25. If all else fails join the convention of states team article v. Do your due diligence on this it may be the only way to get these libtards out of office.

  26. Need to put Soros in prison also. He is a very corrupt individual and he is 85 years old. How sad, well all I can say is KARMA will come back to him ten fold ! what is wrong with this country =?Too many dishonest people that are all for themselves and they want to destroy America ! Wake up Democrates !!!!

  27. Yes, in Washington state it is paper ballots by mail BUT every election King County finds boxes and boxes of ballots for the Dems that suddenly appear if the Rep are winning. It has been happening for years and years

  28. Trump needs to have all his supporters vote on paper absentee ballots. Then request for all votes to be hand counted with witnesses present.

  29. Correct me if I’m wrong but paper ballots get fed into a machine to be read, the same rigged machines. I watched a documentary on it where they voted on paper ballots then fed them into the machine and it flipped the votes. The code was on the memory card. Even putting that memory card into the computer will not show the malicious code. Would have to hand count every one of them with police guards and members of each party witnessing

  30. Another way of not voting on the machines is request a “Absentee Ballot” from your local Board of Elections headquarters.Absentee Ballots are paper ballots and are mailed back to your election board and are counted last after all the electronic votes are counted Absentee ballots MUST be POSTMARKED NLT 11/08/16 Close of Business of YOUR LOCAL POST OFFICE.

  31. Since we know the systems are rigged, then we ought to be able to do something about it. Or are we just soiled toilet paper in the bottom of the bowl waiting to be flushed?

  32. As you can all see. Iowa is not on the list and it is because we all do paper ballots. Never do it on the computer. They can hack it.

    • But paper ballots can be shredded or discarded. There’s no way anyone can know for sure if their vote is being counted and going to their chosen candidate. It’s a horrible situation we’re all in and something must be done about it.

  33. Here in Tennessee they have a log of all people who are registered to vote then we have to go to specific polling places where we show an ID then sign the voters registration book before we are allowed to vote !!!

  34. I know as a fact that Nevada voting has issues, guessing intentionally based of the data files I got from Clark County Election Department. Whomever altered the votes left obvious bread crumbs.

  35. That’s how B.Sanders lost same system,charges must be made,we all call see how many people show up in the events for D.Trump and not much for Hillary.

  36. We all know there are MANY types of voter Fraud. Some are easier to control like voter ID. However we NEED someone to figure out how to STOP “rigged” machines! The only way seems to me have EVERY machine tried & tested by members of each party, then LOCKED to prevent tampering until the polls open.

  37. why is Soros shown in front of Israeli flag. He had never supported Israel. People of Israel despise him. Is Paris working for Hillary?

  38. where all red when voting for Trump,let it be seen especially in these states that may have rigged machines,be vigilant when using them,make sure when you are finished that your vote says Trump

  39. vote on paper ballots only,wear red and even if these paper ballots are fed into a machine to read make all polling stations or districts keep all ballots so if needed can be called into question.count all ballots by hand and numbers can be compared .

  40. This article states that “In Utah, 80% of voting is done on the Internet.” I have lived in Utah for more than 25 years and have voted in every election. I am not aware of any voting on the Internet!

  41. I’m voting for HILLARY!!! I can’t wait for the election when all your meaningless votes for TRAMP end up being for HILLARY!!! Didn’t TRAMP say make America great again?? Well that’s what America is doing by not letting y’all fools vote for him.

  42. Listen up, people! It’s the final tabulation of Soros’ machines (Smartmatic) which will be loaded or are already loaded with illegal votes & stolen votes from Republican registries. Trump should get a court order for all the counties in those 16 states and have them inspected the day before the election, and they will find the voter fraud. (Remember Joseph Stalin? “He who CASTS the votes decides nothing. He who COUNTS the votes decides everything!”)

  43. Let’s summarize:
    1. Voting machines are changing votes from the intended candidate to the opposing candidate.
    2. The machines are sold by a George Soros-owned company.
    3. George Soros is an extremely evil liberal who has given millions to the Hillary campaign.
    4. All of the switched votes have gone FROM Republicans TO Democrats, from Donald Trump to Hillary.

    Does anyone else see a problem here? I think due to the lateness of the time, we need to scrap the tallying machines, hire retirees and anyone else available for a month, and double blind hand-count ALL votes…

  44. A friend in LA voted for Trump, but before she selected the “done” button to register her vote, she noticed that the light by Trump’s name had “switched” to Clinton’s name, so she changed it back to Trump. She reported it, but I don’t know what was done to fix/remove the machine. So, please recheck your vote before you push the “done” button and report any suspected fraud.

  45. Contact your Registrar of Voters.

    “I want a traceable paper ballot when I cast my vote on this 2016 general election. I will want an additional post-election audit as well.”

    No corruptible voting machines or corruptible counting software.


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