POUR OUT YOUR PEPSI: Look At The SICK Thing They Said About Trump Today!


This story by Paris Swade.

Indri Nooyi is the CEO of PepsiCo. In 2008, PEPSI backed Obama with their Oba-logo and their Hopey-Change website.

Indri, the CEO, is a top Hillary Clinton supporter. Indri told reporters that her employees were “all” scared and crying on the floor after Trump’s victory.

*** She wasn’t scared when Trump supporters were getting cold-cocked and sucker punched after rallies!


Now, she feels scared. Is Mrs. Indri serious?

PepsiCo President and CEO Indra Nooyi addresses her first ever press conference in India, in New Delhi, Monday, Dec. 18, 2006. Nooyi said that PepsiCo and the Coca-Cola company were in the process of validating a breakthrough, science-based method to reliably and consistently measure low levels of pesticide residues in finished soft drinks. (AP Photo/Manish Swarup)
(AP Photo/Manish Swarup)

I bet they weren’t as scared as Trump voters getting beat by Hillary’s paid protestors. Let’s take a look at that, Indri. That’s what your people endorsed.

That’s real violence. That’s real racism, Indri. Here is what she said about Trump winning:

“I had to answer a lot of questions from my daughters, from our employees. They were all in mourning,” said Indri on Thursday.

“Our employees were all crying,” she said. “And the question that they’re asking, especially those who are not white, ‘Are we safe?’ Women are asking, ‘Are we safe?’ LGBT people are asking, ‘Are we safe?’ I never thought I would have to answer those questions.”

*** Is she real?!?

I say we not accept her bigotry. I say we will not accept her brown sugar water anymore. I’m a Coke drinker, anyway. Bye, bye Pepsi! It’s time for you to go bye, bye.

These companies need to learn what happens when you insult half the nation. We are not racist. We are not xenophobes. We just want jobs.


Here’s how we show them.

Comment ‘NO MORE PEPSI’ below this article on Facebook.

Then spread this article everywhere! Share this with your friends and your friend’s friends. Thanks for reading, patriots! (h/t The Gateway Pundit)


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  1. Hey fellow Patriots it’s time for boycotting PepsiCo for the stance they took against DONALD TRUMP AMEN DONALD TRUMP our next President of the United States of America AMEN deal with it crybabies

    • From another Carol, no more Pepsi! As a kid any cola would suffice, including Shasta and the defunct Howard Johnson’s HoJo cola. But as an adult I want the REAL THING!

    • Do the research Regina… PEPSI is among many other processed foods using
      dead aborted babies whereby used as an extract for sweetners.
      Pls Google it.

  2. Coke at my house. We drank Pepsi since I was little and still was til this so I have drank Pepsi for 60 yrs but no more now it’s coke from here out

  3. No more Pepsi! Its a shame because I love Diet Mt.Dew but if you are going to be like a bunch of hillary cry babies than good by!

  4. Maybe she needs to return to her own country and stop pushing hate into others around her just because she didn’t get her own way.

  5. Really first nothing was said about gays , second the dem have never done anything for blacks so feel free the truth hurts, and I hope a lot of people drink Coke because your another idiot

  6. I started boycotting Pepsi about 8 years ago. Dont even go to restaurants that only offer Pepsi products. Dont remember why I started, but it must’ve been something that made me mad. So glad I haven’t been buying their products and now I know I for sure never will again.

    • Stop crying like babies,grow up your suppose to be adults.Support the next President ,everyone deserves a chance,give him the respect that deserves let’s see what happens in the next 4 yrs. You might be surprised act your age.

  7. That’s real funny ! Every Pepsi employee that I know Voted for Trump ! And after hauling pepsi products for years, I do know quite a lot of them……

  8. I drink Pepsi on a daily basis and that will stop after I read this you are a disgrace to America and I will never drink your soda again I have been drinking it for 48 years it ends now I hope others will follow

  9. I’m sick of all you cry babies Clinton made a big deal about accepting the results and all you people said how disrespectful it was when he answered I’ll let you know at the right time. Now everyone is in tears but when asked at the riots people say well I didn’t vote but I’m still mad. I say to bad you should have voted just maybe they couldn’t vote for other reasons best to investigate before you stand up for them. I for one won’t be buying you products anymore like a lot of other people.

  10. They have a right to their opinions, and we have the right not to buy their products. Politicians, businesses, and all who depend on people need to pay attention to what the people want, or they will feel what those people can do, both positive or negative. Liberals seem to think that they are smarter than everyone, and only their opinions are the only ones that matter. Maybe Pepsi’s stockholders will register their opinions on her actions.

  11. I will never buy Pepsi again that is the most asinine thing I have ever heard. I hope every body drops pepsi products and show them how dam stupid this women is.

  12. No Pepsi ever! I have never been able to stsnd the taste of Pepsi. With a choice of only Pepsi products I order tea or water. Some restaurants I know that only off we Pepsi, I take a bottled coke in with me.

  13. That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. Freakin Indian should have kept her mouth shut and not lied. Now I am mad and would like to slam her head on concrete. But I don’t hit women. I don’t hurt anyone. But I can’t say I haven’t wanted to. When they lie like that. Maybe their stockholders will fire her for lying when they don’t sell product. I hope so. Too bad all the low people have to pay for her actions.
    Are people actually that stupid to ask a question like that of a woman? Are we safe? If they are, we’re in deep crap with a bunch of pansies.

    • It’s a reasonable question to ask. And the answer is no, we’re probably not safe, because you’re putting an idiot in charge of the whole country.

  14. I have been a Pepsi drinker my whole life. This dumbass is exaggerating here. She would have just said get back to work. These are her feelings, not that of the employees. Guess what??? Pepsi just went down the drain. She just made my life a little healthier. Goodbye Pepsi, you just lost the majority of the United States Americans. Don’t these morons listen and see? We made Macy’s close stores. We made CNN and bias medias get low ratings. We made NY times lose money. We the people have the power to make things happen. You just dug pepsi’s grave.

  15. Need more Pepsi Dr.mountain dew chips or anything else..u people need to get a back bone quit acting like babies u spoiled ungrateful punks

  16. No Pepsi coming into this house any more! Sad to say good bye to Dr. pepper but. Love Mr Trump more!!
    We buy a lot of Dr. pepper and caffeine free for my mom but not any more

  17. No more PepsiCo products not just Pepsi !!!!!!!!the other companies they own , if it’s a fast food place and THIER fountain drink if Pepsi , a good chance they own it !!!!

  18. I Will Never Buy Pepsi Again; Those People Should Be Ashamed Of Their Selves ! Look I Voted For Mr Trump ! We Didn’t Want 4 More years Of Obama And That’s What Everyone Would Have Gotten With Hillary; And Some One That Has Sold The USA To Evil Mean People In Other Countries ;Just To Fill Her Bank Account With Millions Of Dollars; We Have Someone Now That 100% For America For All Of Us ; And He Is Willing To Work For Free …So What Does That Tell You? He Don’t Plan On Taking Vacations Spending All The Tax Payer’s Hard Earn Money; When Have You Ever Had A President Like That???? God Bless The USA And God Bless Mr Trump And His Family And Team; Make America Great Again;

  19. It is sad for this lady who thinks she is a representative of Pepsi to peddle her power in this fashion. This is a good way to find Pepsi boycotted. The people are taking back their power and already they have boycotted the NFL. They have quit listening to the bias media. I would say if she costs Pepsi enough she will be unemployed.

  20. No more Pepsi. We will tell our children about your racism and bigotry and buy Coke products. Sorry that you thought it was right to cause and pay for riots at Trump rallies and now protests and riots after the election. You should be supporting and praying for Trump. God loves all but He doesn’t like deceitful sinful unloving unkind lying behavior. So praying for you. Sorry that you can’t be kind and loving yourself.

  21. I will not buy another Pepsi product as long as that woman is in charge of Pepsi I used to drink it I won’t anymore trump isn’t your enemy you are so you think you would have been safe after Hillary let in the very ones that want us dead Islam and giving our secrets to the very ones that want to kill us ole. Your eyes people trump only wants to protect the country he loves if you feel scared leave go somewhere u will feel safe

  22. After being a Pepsi drinker as far back as I can remember, I guess it is time to kiss it good-by, not good for me anyway!! Any one that has to ask, Are we safe? Surely must not be obeying the law, fortunately here in America is probably as safe or safer than any other country but we must obey the law. So cry babies grow up and start acting like adults!!!!

  23. Keep your Pepsi , lady. And suck it up cupcake. We suffered threw 8years of the president that brought Muslim terrorists here. Your company should fire you,for bringing politics into your sales market. . What kind of B/S are you feeding your workers ? How many illegals do you employ ? Those are the only people that would fear being sent home .

  24. I love my Diet Pepsi but I won’t support this kind of bigotry. Yes, it’s bigotry when you talk & act like this! People crying on the floor afraid because they’re not white, straight or men … afraid of Donald Trump? You must not be aware that a woman ran his campaign or anything else about him other than the garbage put out by the media. Instead of being scared of Presdident Trump, you should be very afraid of your sheep mentality and your lack of tolerence. Yes, I said it! You who are so very concerned with the lack of tolerance by everybody else show NONE yourselves. The man hasn’t even taken office. Good grief! (eyes rolling at the totally ridiculous reactions of people & shuddering at the absolutely out of control violence)

  25. No body in their right mind is asking such an idiotic question unless your employees are $2 an hour criminal illegals. Your business should be raided. With this remark I’m almost certain you are trying to fly under the radar with criminal misconduct. Read the emails… look into the Clinton Foundation. Anyone who supports a person who is into drug dealing, child sex trafficking, a member of the Illuminati & is for New World Order should be made to leave America. God is back honey & He is here to stay!

  26. Why were they crying and scared? Does she hire illegals? Of course she does. And if President Trump has them deported she will have to hire Americans who need the jobs she’s giving them. And I think the LGBT will be ok too. Unless they are illegal also.

  27. Everyone on here is ignorant and that’s why America is acting divided. She didn’t say anything wrong, if that’s how people are feeling then maybe they should put their selves in someone else’s shoes. That’s how her staff is feeling and she is sadden by it. No one should feel like there freedom is being taken away and no one should tell another person to leave the USA. This country is founded on immigrates.

  28. No more Pepsi. It’s folks like Indri whose respect for American laws is based on whether someone is “politicslly correct” or not. People who are from other countries (Indri is from India) seem to have an
    inherent disregard for our system of law and order and our electoral process, for they have no problem with instilling verbal hate–and sometimes actual rioting–if things–like Trump’s election–don’t meet their “politically correct” standards. A trip to North Korea would be a great reality check for these ungrateful folks.

  29. Oh man…….I love pepsi, but I won’t drink another one until this wench apologizes and stands on her head in a bucket of crap and Barks at the Moon.

  30. I don’t drink Pepsi, and I started to boycott Starbucks coffee and their potato chips and other products! Sayonara all Pepsi products!

  31. As of 2015, 22 PepsiCo brands met that mark, including: Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Lay’s, Gatorade, Tropicana, 7 Up, Doritos, Lipton Teas, Quaker Foods, Cheetos, Mirinda, Ruffles, Aquafina, Pepsi Max, Tostitos, Mist Twist, Fritos, and Walkers.

  32. No More Pepsi!!!! We the People have had enough!!! The Swamp must be filled with Pepsi!!! Hey Pepsi guess what Our new president is going to do??? DRAIN THE SWAMP!!! That’s what.

  33. I haven’t had a Pepsi in YEARS, switched to Diet Coke a LONG time ago. And now that I am in the Philippines, it’s either C2 or iced tea. Wouldn’t hurt my feelings if Pepsi closed.

  34. NO MORE PEPSI!!!
    I stand with Trump and will support him as President of the United States!
    People should be ashamed of their behavior!

  35. No more pepsi, its my favorite soda ever but im a veteran and my loyalty to saving my country is more important than drinking from the palm of a company full of liberal sissys.

  36. I WAS a die hard Pepsi drinker. Well, NOT ANYMORE !!! COKE HAS A NEW FAITHFUL CUSTOMER !! How dare the CEO of pepsi endorse this childish behavior.. To cry like babies, riot over things that HAVEN’T HAPPENED, MAY NEVER HAPPEN !!! You’re an idiot if you think Cobgress, or fellow Amerucans would tolerare complete discrimination against any specifuc griuo of people. That is NOT what the US is about. WTF ??

  37. I’m a Diet Coke drinker, so I never liked Pepsi, anyway. Now, when I drink at a restaurant, I’ll make double down sure no’s to drink any Pepsi products. Here’s the list:
    Mountain Dew
    Sierra Mist
    Mug Root Beer
    AMP Energy Drink
    Naked Juice
    Ocean Spray
    No Fear
    Lipton bottled drinks
    Aquafina bottled drinks

  38. Here is the interview that is being discussed. Watch it. At 1:27 she says, “I never thought I’d have to answer those questions, so I think the first thing we all have to do is to assure everybody in the United States that they’re safe”.

    I voted Trump. I also subscribe to a full disposition of stories that are to be released by the media. I’m tired of half-truths coming out from one side or the other.

  39. I have always hated Pepsi…..never have bought it, never will! So sick and tired of the crybullies…we put up with Obarfa for EIGHT long years! It’s our turn now… give Trump a chance!

  40. All of you are saying no more Pepsi. What about lays chips, Gatorade, Fritos and many more products owned by Pepsi. Check out their site and see the different products that Pepsi owns then start some serious boycotting.

    • Never liked Pepsi product’s anyway!! Always a coke Gal!!
      Funny how people got their panties in s bunch when Trump said some things that he clearly could have used a bit more tact, but in the heat of the moment he ran his mouth straight from the love of this country!! But Now all the evil haters who are not happy they can’t suck the heart out if Americans.. are throwing fits and can say whatever???? Makes no sense… One Question for thought…. Pepsi employees were distraught? Scared? Falling on the floor crying??

  41. We the People have been waiting for hopey changey for the last 8 years. Now we have it. No more pepsi!! Only The Real Thing for me!

  42. Well, looks like it’s time go on STRIKE against PEPSI…
    And here I had just gotten used to the idea of PEPSI Products, since my abusive ex-husband works for COCA COLA.
    I say let’s go ahead and bring out all companies that were against TRUMP, so we’ll know who all to not support anymore. LoL!

  43. Pepsi has been my choice for a cola FOREVER! I use to have “taste tests” with my kids…my in-laws…my friends” to see if they could choose the “alternative” over Pepsi! So many times they couldn’t BUT now I am making a choice! Pepsi is no more! I am dumping every Pepsi in my house and will NEVER buy another one…as long as they take stands like this!

  44. Pepsi is awesome. A single person makes a comment and voices her concerns and you get into an uproar, begin the bantering of name calling back and forth, calling her every name in the book and think you’re in the right? Truth be told that soda and those people that are employed with that company do not change anything in your day to day routine. If it has altered your life in any way it’s you who should step back and assess your own personal situation. This buisiness of petty child’s play should be left for the children. Let her have her opinion just as you have yours. We are “One nation under God.” Not… “one nation under the roof of your home”. #onenationundergod #withlibertyandjusticeforall

  45. Pepsi sucks for you anyway. These companies coming out like this are NOT true Americans and are using false narratives to perpetuate dissension. Talk about deplorable. They do not believe in freedom or a free republic, and are using their product and influence to attempt to disenfranchise 100s of millions of people. Thanks for helping us save money and make better choices for our health.

  46. I can’t believe a Woman in business, head of a company would even state what she feels. Pepsi should fire her, she has no class nor ability to lead.

  47. I used to work for them years ago. I love Mt dew but I will not support companies that feel they can say or do what ever they want. We control who stays in business and who doesn’t.

  48. Absolutely stupid. If you would have listened to the things HE said instead of what other people who weren’t listening to him said he said would have no need to be fearful. Hillary lost because she is a horrible person who doesn’t know right from wrong. Stop accusing of things he didn’t do or say.

  49. No more Pepsi from someone who thinks it is perfectly fine for Trump supporters to be beaten by mob
    protesters, yet consoles the idiots in her office when they whine because Trump won. Is she for real? She is going to go about insulting the majority of the American voting public and to Lirriane. get a life and read the article before you post. Get a life! This woman is disgusting and she is holding a position over other employees who look up to her for guidance? Give me a break. She is what is wrong with most of our misguided society. NO MORE PEPSI until you get rid of people like this one you have who thinks it is fine to have mobs hurting people for their political beliefs.

  50. You’re asking are we safe??? The answer is NO!! Why?? Because our current president is a radical Muslims sympathizer .( most likely more than that)…He Does not support our law enforcement or our military… America is in abaolute chaos and your worried about Trump being Womanizer?? I think he’s raised 2 wonderful woman who are strong and confident..a womanizer would not have done such a great job!!!! Really people wake up and look at what’s going on in our America ..Trump is going to make us safe again.. We are a third world country as of right now… It’s all going to come back to the America so many of our children have fought and died for.

  51. How can we label people like this?? Question just because a bunch of idiots get out of line with thier protest and then rioting do we hold all supporters responsible and this is on either side? Isn’t that called stero typing ? It’s not fair in my eyes and it’s childish. I understand your concern, but it’s like when trump said Mexicans are drug dealers or rapist or American Americans are thugs. No not all Mexican or African Americans are either of those things right because that’s racist and stero typing right? Then why are all supporters of either side crazy and this or that? Contradiction at its finest.

  52. A mature and intellegant CEO would tell her employees to not worry, give him a chance, maybe everything that was said was hype anyway so let’s just see. Just do your job and the election is over…get on with your life and let’s do our part…..but then again she’s obviously a liberal and doesn’t know how to be mature when they didn’t get their way…..good grief.

  53. I always liked mountain dew, but I guess I won’t be buying those any more. Shame on you Pepsi don’t you know half the country is Trump supporters? You have just insulted half the country.

  54. For sixty years I’ve have had more Pepsi in my veins than blood and now I will not any longer indulge in your beverage or any of your products. My love affair with Pepsi is over. I will walk away and drink wine or beer then shall sue you because your action caused me to become dependent on alcohol.

  55. Don’t forget to FORGET these other “poopsi” drink products.

    Diet Pepsi
    Mountain Dew
    Diet Mountain Dew
    Orange Crush
    Grape Crush
    Dr Pepper
    Diet Dr Pepper
    Sierra Mist
    Mug Root Beer
    Aquafina (bottled water)

  56. I don’t drink Pepsi anyway , but now I won’t allow it in my house, all of this crying and scared because of the election is nothing but put on crap. I can just hear what the progressive left would have called us if we had done the same thing when Obama was elected. It doesn’t fail to get me when people wanted to elect a foul mouth candidate, a lier, a leader in our country that let a embassitor and his security detail get killed without lifting a finger, who tells people there jobs will be gone and who believes in killing unborn babies.

  57. Just get a new CEO for Pepsi! Get an American that does not make people uneasy. And American people should know that if everyone works together that we can get through this rough spot and Mr Trump has already picked different people to be on his team. Take so deep breaths.

  58. Pepsi doesn’t make a good mixed drinks anyway, I like captain and coke, Captain and Pepsi is horrible, hate Pepsi will never use it, Coke is the way to go, businesses that sell it, I stay away from.

  59. The USA did not miraculously turn into Mexico on defeat of Hillary Clinton. (Hillary Clinton wanted Adult Fun Camps for political opponents)

  60. This country has readhed the point that a generation and a half have lost true integrity and moral compass. They instead see celebrity as there tole models and have been raised that the mindset of the pocket of liberal media and celebrity are representing the entire nation. And, as has been proved, this is not the case. These people are not intellectuals, nor diespite there going on tv to tell every one how to think and vote, are they qulified to judge or evalulte the lives of Americans. When your income is in the 8-9 diget range, and you get paid to pretend for a living, your are not longer in the same mind set as most of Americans. MOST Americans are not bigots, but are fiar minded. You and I should be treated alike, race cread color or sex life, but heck no if you think that just because of your color or sexual agenda you are above the law…nah,,,that will not fly. and that is NOT being a bigot or a racist. But…I am pretty sure that screaming “white lash” is racist. Pepsi can sit on the shelf as far as I am concerned.

  61. Better say no more Coke too, they gave heavily to the Clinton foundation! Makes me wonder what kind of health risk their products cause that are being covered up???

  62. Will people also stop watching the channels of mainstream media? Will they boycott Cher, Barbra Streisand, Beyonce, Miley, Oprah, and the rest of the celebs who mocked Trump?? Boycott any business they know that supported Hillary. Boycott the Newspapers who endorsed Hillary, and mocked Trump. Have police arrest and prosecute the rioters who destroyed the property of others and blocked hiways.

  63. No more Pepsi!!! Or no more any other company who add to the division of our American people or that shows racism toward the while community or any other community.

  64. People like this CEO are the ones who instigate riots and problems. She’s having to answer questions? really? I want to have much of the Pepsi money went to Crooked Hillary’s campaign. It’s time for the corruption in the ugliness and our government to be gone and if the CEO of Pepsi cannot see why then shame on her for being ignorant

  65. No more pepsi!!! Trump has already stated the supreme court ruled on same sex marriage and it’s done. Only may deport illegals, not legally allowed immigration. Maybe not even that. They just won’t get welfare. Settle down. It’s not wrong to want laws.

  66. No more Pepsi! Support Obama!
    If they’re crying, you’re employing illegals to save on paying an American. So definitely NO MORE PEPSI.

  67. It’s a shame that she said all Pepsi employees since that is not true. Are we hurting the company or the employees if we boycott Pepsi? I would hate to see more innocent people hurt. I would rather we protest for her resignation.

  68. Lies of Donald Trump again. Trump wants to blame others for his own actions. Nobody isnt crying because hes the one that causes disgraces. And the only one tgat can make America great is God!

  69. No more pepsi in my house. She really is not that smart to let her opinion on politics actually go out to the public.
    Politics, religion, are not to be brought up while working. You just don’t know who may disagree with you. Wow, and she is a ceo, and that shows you proof of the old saying about intelligence and common sense, that most of the real intelligent people have zero common sense. She is the poster child for that saying. Nice job lady, your really screwed up this time.

  70. No more Pepsi !! My ex wife’s mom used use Pepsi to pour over ham an bake all night and specifically used Pepsi saying it had so much more sugar per 20 oz than any other drink !! Figure that now into if your kids need drink Pepsi??

  71. I support Trump but Pepsi is my all time favorite drink I can drink my Pepsi and still support Trump! As a matter of fact I was drinking Pepsi when I voted for Trump…Im old school I don’t need a safe place because “words hurt” lol

  72. OK, come on. The whole PepsiCo? Really? I don’t support her or her stance, but, I happen to know a CEO of an Illinois based PepsiCo Distribution Center and have several friends that work there. It’s not the entire company folks. Boycotting all of it would cost my friends their jobs. American citizens who, I happen to know for a fact, do not support Killary or anything or anyone that stands for her. Up to and including this racial bull right here. This CEO that I know is a decorated Marine, a high school friend and a good man. Not everyone shares her opinion. We need to oppose her by standing together, not pulling apart by doing what these other crybabies are…hurting Americans and American business. Stand as ONE or fall individually.

  73. Never did drink it, but thanks to everyone that is giving it up. Maybe if it hits her in the pocketbook she will think before she speaks. Thanks everyone

  74. No more Pepsi products and no more buying any products from any company affiliated with Pepsi!

  75. I will buy no more Pepsi products, or any products that are affiliated with Pepsi!

    • PepsiCo spun off KFC, Pizza Hut, and Taco Bell back when Bill Clinton was in the White House. (It’s been independent for a while: since 1997.) The restaurants were first Tricon Global Restaurants, now they are “YUM! Brands.” (Stock ticker symbol is “YUM”.) Although it should be noted that most YUM locations pour Pepsi products. A lot of them also have Dr Pepper and Diet Dr Pepper (without the period on the “Dr” – that was removed in the 1950s but most people never noticed).

  76. I quit drinking soda a couple of years ago, but what nobody has mentioned here is that PepsiCo also owns many other companies that need to also help “feel the pain”. Pepsi merged with Frito Lays in 1965, they purchased Tropicana in 1998 and Quaker Oats in 2001, which included Gatorade. They own Chewy Granola bars and Aunt Jemima.

  77. i drink at least 3 a day now no more pepsi just bought 8 cases for thanksgiving after they r gone no more pepsi products 4 this family

  78. Sure, geek out based on half a story. That’s what these wheezing bag of dick tips do so well. Tell half a story. They didn’t post the entire quote. So go ahead, quit Pepsi products. Just means more for me.

  79. Don’t judge the people that work at Pepsi for what their CEO says if you boycott you will only hurt them. You won’t affect her or her job

  80. No more pepsi hate! After years with your product I changed and my new product suits me well, you want to buy into hate! Screw pepsi!!!!

  81. I remember visiting the factory in Queens NY when I was in third grade..1960 ….This is the last I’ll ever see of Pepsi…even in a restaurant I’ll make sure they don’t serve it & if they do …I’ll ask for bottled Water…

  82. Pepsi has always been good but now with their allien owners that are bigots and racist we Do Not need you, you are a bullying company trying to hurt and kill people. We have Coke and RC and Chek. So you wont be missed.

  83. no more pepsi
    love her employees
    are safe?
    not when you let terrorists come threw the back door or even invite them in unvetted
    that’s the real terror
    that’s is what they should be afraid of

  84. I don’t know who can drink that garbage, but if I did, I would never drink another drop. And as far as I am concerned, they can all take a flying leap. I don’t know where Pepsi is made, but probably not here in the US, anyway, so just shut up.

  85. PEPSICO IS PROPAGANDA! What we see has nothing to do with Donald Trump’s victory, and everything to do with a Socialist-Communist movement that seeks to destroy The Constitution and its protections that safeguard our lives. Pepsi employees crying on the floor asking if they’re safe with a President Trump? Oh, the melodrama. Do I laugh now or later? Give me a friggin’ break! Is Pepsi employing a bunch of illegals worried about having broken the laws of this country? If not, what’s the problem? Oh, a Republican won the election? PepsiCo supported Clinton…big deal. We have a two-party system and you got your chance! Since when is a Republican a two-headed monster? The Sheeple buying into the fear mongering sounds more like a B-movie about a brain eating blob! Don’t give your brains over to propaganda and start thinking for yourself. The reality is, not one American is being targeted for harm or persecution under a Trump administration. He has said time and again that he is PRO AMERICA! You’re an American, right? Start liking it for a change instead of looking for reasons to apologize for it. The hatred being spread is a well organized campaign by powerful forces to break down society and create distrust between our neighbors. The more fractured our society becomes, the easier it is to infiltrate and take over our lives. REALITY CHECK: that was the Clinton agenda – and remains the ultimate goal of the “Shadow Government’s” global quest for a One World Order. There are powers at work much higher than the presidency, and that is something ALL Americans should be very afraid of!

  86. No more pepsi and that’s sad for me because it’s my favorite. But not anymore! I will switch to coke after the way you have insulted our country’s leader. I respect Donald J TRUMP and I will no longer support your product pepsi!

  87. That’s the only pop I would drink since I was small… yea keep your pepsi… I’ll go with RC from now on…I dont buy fritos so you can keep them as well… same with your fattening granola bars…. you miss bra to tight take offense to everything… go crawl under your rug and cry… who cares… yall stepped over the line

  88. I never Drank this SWILL anyhow and will BOYCOTT any of their PRODUCTS from now on….I’m SICK of these Moslem Types telling us what we Can and Cannot do ….

  89. She heads a company that produces a product that hurts people! Give me a break… Dear Inari, I’ve consumed a lot of your product. “Do I have to worry?” Lmao

  90. I have drunk Pepsi for years guess I have to find another drink with cherry in it now. My Boycott starts right now!! I will not drink Pepsi again!! I Support our New President Elect 100% . What everyone doesn’t know is that this nation is going to be in the best shape it has ever been witb this man as our Leader. He’s not a politician. He doesn’t need the support of these Morons but they will change their tune when this nation is once again great again.

  91. Pepsi Co. are the racist,I do believe. Poor losers. An apology for this.They do not deserve my business,unless she the CEO is fired.

  92. No More pepsi ! Always liked Coca-Cola products better anyway. Thought pepsi was an “American” company, but I guess not now. … If anyone is in Atlanta, GA, go see the Coca-Cola Museum. It’s a really cool place to see! … What a bunch of whining crybabies those liberals are at pepsiCo. Sounds like a daycare instead of a worldwide company. Gah.

  93. NO MORE PEPSI. Back to good old fashion sweet tea and lemonade. Much better anyway. God bless you President and First Lady Trump.

  94. When making up lies at least get the names correct! Her name is Indra… Not Indri. Idiot. I mean how many other bogus stories are listed below?? Too many!

  95. I picked Mr Trump because of honesty Hillary lies cheats over 100 people who were working for or with her an crossed her have died mysteriously witch is really scary! Another reason receiving millions of dollars from foreign country’s that hate us going to the Clinton Foundation. The money was to be used to help Haiti after there earthquake an the Hurricane so far they have built a small building on the side of the island that was not damaged an they have recived $6000! But when there daughter married her wedding cost 1 million dollars! These are just very brief reasons I voted for Trump!

  96. Oh yes, Good for her….
    Time to stock up. As we are boycotting Trump’s entities & companies that supported this narcissistic sociopath fraud.

  97. Boycott Pepsi, because the CEO is as dumb as a box of bent nails and she is a phony. Boycott Pepsi. If the CEO wants to bad mouth and misrepresent our President Elect and 60,000,000 + people that voted for him. This is a very dumb thing fr a CEO to do. Pepsi and their products are horrible for your health and the quality stinks.

  98. Suggestion box= fire CEO and staff. File a lawsuit for Aspartame poisoning and obesity and cancer and diabetes caused by Pepsi products. Boycott all Pepsi products. Finally- all the liberals like DeBlasio, the mayor of NYC, despise sugary drinks, so TAX the HECK out of ALL Pepsi products.

  99. Just returned 3 12 packs of Pepsi , exchanged for Coke products. Not that I buy that much. But I will boycott all Pepsi products until she is no longer employed there.

  100. Pepsi products are bad anyways a friend of mine works for Pepsi bottling company and said it’s nasty, building is full of roaches and rats! Donald Baker I used to drink diet Mountain Dew years ago but once I tried Mellow Yellow Zero.. no comparison I was sold!

  101. This is not true. There were no “professional” protesters except in the heavily edited James O’Keeffe video for which Trump paid O’Keeffe ‘s company $10,000 out of the Trump foundation.

  102. I am a pepsi guy…or was! Just like I was and NFL fan, and I still haven’t watched a game. You don’t need deplorables? Trust me, we dont NEED your products.

  103. I work at Frito- Lay, owned by Pepsico and I did not see anything like that after the election, just a few women expressing frustrations. Most people were thankful about the election results. Frito-Lay’s national headquarters is in Texas, where Trump won. I do not feel a boycott is necessary.

  104. I will still drink Pepsi as our plant here is local, and largely republicans…I am sure they did a happy dance for Trump. I’m over pepsi, over hate. I choose not to participate in it. Let the Clinton followers be on their own in stupidity. And keep what jobs we can going!

  105. I liked it better when Joan Crawford was CEO! Even she was better than you, Indri!! Is Dr Pepper owned by Pepsico? Hmmn I’ll have to find out because I drink Dr Pepper, but if I find out that they’re a part of Pepsi, they’ll be history just like Pepsi! THAT’S how strongly I feel about this, Indri! And I’m not just one person, I’m just one of MILLIONS! You, and your IQ challenged employees, need to grow up!!

  106. Screw Pepsi!! This broad needs to get s life, because all the things she’s scared of had been happening in spades for the past 8 years!!

  107. OK, so first of all, Taco Bell and KFC are no longer part of PepsiCo, I have worked for Pepsi/Pepsico for the past 28 years, If you think that by boycotting PepsiCo products you are hurting the CEO or any other senior Management member, you are so sadly wrong. There’s a thing called fact checker, please check the facts/perhaps read her whole statement, then make your judgement. Remember this, its the little guy, the hourly worker who ends up paying the price when the numbers are down. Last I heard, theres this thing called freedom of speech, She has a right to her opinion, as do all the above

  108. No problem about boycotting them.. Sounds like they have a bunch of pussies working there, if the CEO is telling the truth..which I don’t think she is..No more Pepsi..

  109. Am on my last 3 bottles of Pepsi..
    Going to coke I guess.
    Also have several cases of Aquafina.
    Will find another water to to drink.
    Funny thing, my Doctor told me to
    Quit drinking Pepsi.

  110. I’m taking the Dem’s list of companies to boycott and going on a shopping spree. A reverse boycott. Christmas presents, shoes, etc.

  111. I think I’m going to buy stock in Pepsi!!!!! This is the most refreshing news I’ve seen since the outcome of the election! I’ve been a Coke drinker al my life but I’m switching to Pepsi today!!!!!

  112. NO MORE PEPSI! I’m boycotting ALL liberal companies that feel they have the right to push their liberal agenda on the rest of us, call us names, & say they don’t want to serve Trump supporters.

  113. Many of my friends and family have said “No more Pepsi” because of this crap. I said it long ago because under this female, this stuff has left a bad taste in my mouth that is more than the overly sweet syrup they use in it.


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