BREAKING: Election Recount IS A SCAM! Jill Stein Was Just Caught Red Handed…

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Awe, sorry Liberals. It looks like you should have just saved your money instead of giving it all to Jill Stein. In case you are wondering, it is EXACTLY as bad as it sounds…

Despite having raised over $6 million of the $2 million she requested initially, Jill Stein’s campaign just announced they will NOT appeal the decision in Wisconsin to skip the recount!

But WAIT! Didn’t Jill Stein say that the reason she needed all that extra cash was to cover an appeal? Hmmmmmm….Very strange if you ask me…


I bet you guys are wondering what’s gonna happen to all those millions of dollars now that she is backing out. I cannot say for sure other than the fact that it will NOT be going back to the donors.

Now, what she did was not a crime. Her petition stated very clearly that she would get to keep any unused money to use as she sees fit. This right here is EXACTLY why I hate crowd sourcing.

Crowd Source funding has its merits, but it is also frequently used to scam morons out of tons of money with next to nothing in return. Honestly, you might as well spend your money on scratch off lottery tickets that have some kind of pay-off.

Now that Jill Stein has shown her true colors and Hillary Clinton’s final attempt at stealing the presidency have been crushed it will be very interesting to see how the Democrats react.

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  1. And now the green party has disassociated themselves from her. Couldn’t be funnier. With her claiming to raise exactly 160,000 every hour of every day, sounds a little fishy.

    • Personally, I don't see how whether it's in Sydney or Melbourne makes any difference. There were chefs from Sydney, there were chefs from Melbourne… If the production's based in Sydney, then that's where it's going to be shot. And logically it will have a Sydney focus. I never watch anything thinking about where people come from. I live in Melbourne but I couldn't care less whether contestants or chefs or judges are from Melbourne or Sydney or Broken Hill. I don't understand how the city they're from makes any difference to anything. (But then, I've never understood Melbourne's parochial defensive, especially in regard to Sydney.)

  2. She will not appeal the judge’s ruling, so the recount can be done by machines and not be required to be hand-counted. You facts are skewed. Please research and avoid sensationalism. Thank yo

    • That is correct. The recount continues. I read WI raised the amount of the recount as well so she’s going to have to cough up more money. She’s not walking away rich by any means. The Clintons and Soros are behind this and they mean business. They’re out to steal the election.

  3. Oh yeah, getting rid of the electoral college voting system means that the big cities’ votes will decide every election. No presidential candidate will ever go to the states without major cities. So all our candidates will be decided by NYC, Boston, LA, Chicago, etc. The heck with Iowa, Nebraska, North & South Dakota, etc. Our forefathers were smart enough to devise a voting method that would make each state’s votes matter. Now these idiots think they know better. They don’t. It will disenfranchise a great many states with small towns full of people whose votes count too!!

  4. As a foreign born US citizen, I ask these questios:

    1) How come Ms. Stein never mentions that a recount, a non bias one, might bring more votes for Trump when the “establishment” rulling the politival.machines was Hillary?

    2) If the goal is to ensure that the vote of US citizens are truly protected, why along this recount Ms. Stein doesn’t also call for revising and eliminating non citizen’s votes from the actual count?

    3) Why do people like Ms. Stein call for the popular vote switch only when liberals loose, knowing all along that if our current system is scratched, a couple of cities (NY, LA) would impose their will over 80% of independent yet federated States who express a different view?

  5. Trump won get over it. You and Hilary lost American wants Trump he is not a their or lier on unlike you on Hilary. We can’t wait till Trump is in office

  6. This woman is nauseating and She is so delusional. The Error is that America was dupped for so long ,but Now they have WOKEN UP , Americans Aren’t drinking the koolaide any more… We DON”T WANT DEMONCRATS or green or anyother…. We and and Got DONALD J. TRUMP. WAKE UP LADY!!!!!

  7. I don’t understand if the Green Party or any other party for that matter wants more time on the stage then start raising more money. There is a reason why you are not at the debates you can not get 10 to 15 percent of the vote. The fact is you guys never will because you can not raise enough money to get air time. Hilary out spent Trump on advertising and lost. You guys need a better message you get that your charitable contributions will come up and people will pay attention until then Doc you are just being a crybaby and trying to crap on Trumps presidency. I voted for Trump for one reason and it wasn’t because the other choice was Hilary. We needed someone strong and someone who knows the game he does and I think he will do well by us if not guess what we will vote him out.

    • Yes I voted for Trump. He is a true American. He is not a politician. I love him. He tells the truth. He hasn’t been bought out by those who turned their backs on us when they got to Washington. They were bought by corrupt money. The love of money is the root of evil. This has brought out and proven in this elections. The Clintons, the Clinton Foundation and George Soros. George’s goal is ultimately rule the world.

  8. Stein was paid to ask for recounts in order to distract everyone away from the PIZZAGATE scandal…. and it is working too…. now mainstream media is calling Pizzagate FAKE NEWS when it isn’t, they are just trying to cover up Hillary, Obama, and other Government Politicians wrongdoing. WE ARE LIVING IN A SICK WORLD FOLKS….. this recount will go nowhere and TRUMP will still be the President when all is said and done….. but they have changed the narrative and guided us away from PIZZAGATE which was their intent to begin with.


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