BREAKING: Mike Pence SLAMS Hamilton Cast in Latest Response! Watch The Liberals get SCHOOLED!

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Pence Reacts to Boos and Cheers at ‘Hamilton’: ‘That’s What Freedom Sounds Like’

WATCH His Response!

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  1. Trump Foundation Admits Breaking the Law
    President-elect Donald Trump’s charitable foundation has admitted to the IRS that it violated a legal prohibition against “self-dealing,” which bars nonprofit leaders from using their charity’s money to help themselves, their businesses or their families.

  2. I cannot understand why so manny people voted for Shillary. If only one percent of the Alt news videos are true then she should have been run out of the country. Not one detective that I ever heard about believes in coincidence and there are far to many suicides around the Clinton’s for them to be coincidental.

  3. Larry you are stupid. Do you know every detective? Hilary is not charged with any crimes. And it isn’t because she wasn’t investigated.

  4. Hey Randi, I do not have to be smart, I have four Doctors and one PA in the family to take care of me. In addition there's a super cook a maid and a gardener. I suppose the old cliche, it is better to be lucky then smart, may apply in my case. Now to bolster my ego, I took the immigrants exam and passed with a 96, I retook it and got a 100. That does not make me smart but it does Indicate I am a good citizen.
    Let me explain a little to you about politics, it is not war and most people treat others with respect, except in this election. If I am not mistaken Hillary doubled down on her statement that Republicans were deplorable and irredeemable and that is partially true for both parties, however, l have been encouraging my fellow Republicans to treat the Democtats with respect because they are equal citizens as well. I believe DJT will be successful as our President and he will bring a lot of Democrats over to the Republican side and that doesn't bode well for the Democrats. Anyway you have to admire DJT and the Republicans for their success when Hillary was assured of a win.

  5. A few months back a local Priest asked me about the election and I responded, most elections result in mud slinging but in this case it will be balls of feces laced with shards glass then it will degenerate into a knife fight in a phone booth.
    You may slander my narcissistic hero DJT all you want but for his next trick, he will walk on water.
    To get the nomination he beat down 16 other candidates, then he had to contend with rancorous big name RINOs, then the MSM ganged up on him and he still won. No wonder he likes Rocky.


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