WHOA! Last Night The FBI Released A Secret That Will Put Bill Clinton In Jail Today… 

This story by Paris Swade.

The FBI is acting mysterious. Something is happening over there and it is good for the American people. Then need our help. The media is now accusing FBI Director Comey of trying to throw the election.

*** Remember, they earlier applauded him for helping Hillary Clinton.


President Obama said on Tuesday that the FBI did not consult the White House about the information that was released.


President Bill Clinton pardoned Marc Rich, the husband of a wealthy Democratic donor.

On Jan. 20, 2001, Bill Clinton issued a pardon for the fugitive Marc Rich. This happened on his last day in office.

Marc Rich traded with America’s enemies. He traded with Ayatollah Khomeini’s Iran when the Ayatollah held 53 Americans hostage in 1979. He made $2 billion selling oil to South Africa during the UN embargo of the country. He did deals with Khadafy’s Libya,Milosevic’s Yugoslavia, Kim Il Sung’s North Korea, Communist dictatorships in Cuba and the Soviet Union itself.

*** He was on the FBI’s ten most wanted list.

Now, we know that Bill Clinton pardoned Marc Ritch because his wife gave $100,000 to Hillary Clinton’s senatorial campaign.

There is literally evidence that Bill Clinton pardoned a known criminal because that criminal gave money to the Clinton Foundation.


Share this everywhere! We need to take down the Clinton’s this week. This is the final stand. The second American revolution has started. It is peaceful and it relies on the people of the United States waking up to the crimes of the Clintons.

Share this 1 million times, patriots!

Thank you. (h/t Independent Sentinel)


Paris is the best writer on the Internet and helped get Donald Trump elected President in 2016.


  1. They have been corrupt for 30+ years I know-It is time to get the people involved and lock them all up. No matter what their name is.

  2. Oh yes, the democrat media are dishonest and two faced!! Hillary Clinton is a crooked dishonest liar and that is the honest truth as everyone knows and I don’t know how anyone could vote for her. As for as Obama, I think he is mixed up in all of it and that’s why he is working so hard to get her elected. I don’t trust him anymore than I do Hillary and I do believe all this will be proven soon with all the information is out about all of this.i could never vote for her after what happened to those men in Benghazi because of her as Secretary of State.She was responsible for this, and what did she say when being questioned?(what difference does it matter now). Well it makes a lot of difference to their loved ones Hillary R. Clinton. I hope and pray that you lose and Donald Trump is President Of The Unites States.

  3. You Republicans keep trying to put the Clintons in jail…ha ha ha you will never succeed. Your jealous of the Clintons success and when she wins bye bye Republicans

    • He wasn’t called Slick Willie because he had integrity. He wasn’t almost impeached because he had integrity. They didn’t go from being poor before office to suddenly today hugely rich for no reason. Herp derp. You wont care. The country is a joke to you. You’re not a real American.

  4. David Koresh, his family, his friends, they where innocent.
    The Serbs where innocent.
    Many folk on the Clinton Body Count where also innocent.
    Lives where destroyed through rape, not through oral sex.

    • Don’t bring formal charges against her until AFTER Obama has left the office of the presidency behind and the presidential pardon powers. You can’t give someone immunity from any and all prosecution and can only pardon them if there’s something to pardon.

      If there’s no charges, then there’s no pardon. Once Trump moves into the White House, then he let Rudy G, his new Attorney General, loose on Hilary and the Clinton Crime family. He’ll take them down just like he did with the crime families in NYC.

  5. What a load of lies this is. He was a great president who presided over a large expansion in the US economy. Most Americans believe this. You are the minor fringe….

  6. They need to quit talking about it or threatening to do it & start the prosecuting & Indicting already!!! Start showing us American people, that the Clintons are finally going to get what they deserve…JAIL!!!

  7. Paris Swade doesn’t write very well. There are many grammatical errors. Very unprofessional. What has age 26 got to do with it?

  8. come on america how can anyone vote this satanist bit*h into office, look at what she has done so far on america, you have to be insane voting for this woman, hey i like the vagine vote, but geez people get someone who is honest at least

  9. Bill looks ill.he was constantly chewing his tongue and had his mouth open…he was an embarrassment to hillary.he was no help at all to her seeking the presidency…totally not helpful. .


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