BREAKING: Donald Trump Just Hired the One Man Who Can DESTROY Obama’s Legacy…

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Donald Trump has made a lot of BIIIIG hires to his White House since getting elected, but not a one of them can begin to compare to the LEGEND he just brought on to take down Obama’s terrible legacy.

Today, Trump’s transition team announced that he has brought on none other than Carl Icahn, the Legendary investor himself, to be his “Special Advisor on Regulation.”

Icahn himself, known for his business savvy, released a glowing statement outlining his ambitions for America’s future:

“I am proud to serve President-elect Trump as a special advisor on regulatory reform. Under President Obama, America’s business owners have been crippled by over $1 trillion in new regulations and over 750 billion hours dealing with paperwork. It’s time to break free of excessive regulation and let our entrepreneurs do what they do best: create jobs and support communities. President-elect Trump is serious about helping American families, and regulatory reform will be a critical component of making America work again.”

As an America business owner myself, all I can say is THANK GOD! Things are finally starting to look up again for Entrepreneurs and workers as the playing field will finally begin to level out.

Under Obama’s iron-fisted┬árule, small businesses have been stifled while the top-dogs of big corporations with connections to the White House have flourished. This would have continued under Clinton except way worse, but now we have President Trump.

So welcome to the new America, a place we can be proud to work in and call how, as we rebuild our nation on the framework created by our founders and restore our country to greatness!!

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  1. I’m a Canadian and I’m so jealous that America voted for someone like President-elect Donald J Trump. Up here we are stuck with a useless, brainless, UN-George Soros puppet.
    I invite every news organization even the fake news channels (CNN, abc, MSNBC) to expose the corruption that exists between the liberal party of Canada and George Soros.

    • Obama has been working for George Soros for the last 8 years. So we here in the states know exactly what you are talking about. I only hope that Canada votes that President out of office. President Trump is in for a difficult time undoing what Obama has done to ruin our country. Getting the muslims out of here will be his main problem. I believe Canada has the same problem. George Soros wants NWO but he has been stopped for now. A big set back for him.

    • I wonder if he can be tried for breaking international laws? As I understand it, he is a naturalized American citizen, although he was not born or brought up here. We had a hard fight to stave off Hillary Clinton, who is backed by Soros and his big pockets. He would have totally destroyed this country if Hillary had won. But now he will have Trump to deal with and Trump will not put up with his underhanded crap. Hopefully, we will get back to fair elections and get big business out of the election process so the incoming president will not owe them anything.

  2. I am very proud of all the people he has brought together and I pray for a bright new year to come. I hope each year will be better then the previous year and that you will make this country of ours the best country ever. God Bless the USA. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

  3. Obama’s Legacy:
    Barack Obama is not the first Black President! Barack Hussein Obama, Jr.’s father, Barack Hussein Obama, Sr., was three-quarters Arab. He was just one-quarter African. Obama’s mother was white. This makes Obama:
    * 50% white
    * 37.5% Arab
    * 12.5% African
    So, how is he the “first black president”? He’s not!! He’s a Fraud!

    • good job Dennis…his birth certificate was fraudulent, his claims of how good of a job he has done as President are fraudulent, his demands that we owe him something are fraudulent, his statements that we are safer now are fraudulent, his ridiculous comments that the world believes he has been a great leader who has brought us all together (as well as here in the U.S.) are fraudulent, etc., etc…Dennis, you couldn't be more correct = Obama is a complete & absolute fraud.

    • I’m in total agreement w Robert Shoemaker. Osama Obama was planted in the democratic race by the higher up as a token and controlled his terms from the very beginning. How else could a completell unknown under achiever rise to the top office in the freeworld virtually overnight. Now that the democratic party has been exposed and defeated it’s up to us Patriots to keep up the pressure and support our elected leader. This is a revolution aagainst the top financial power that actually control world politics in all countries. Beware of the UNITED NATIONS and the 1 world govt. Agenda that is creeping up on us now. Let’s band together now and defeat this movement be for our nation and liberties are outlawed by the U.N.

    • guys i sincerely hope Trump will charge obama with treason and send him to prison for a long long time! Not forgetting hillary and loretta L too!

  4. I don’t care what his color is. He took his “progressive” socialist views ond put them on paper with executive orders. He completely avoided checks and balances of government this way. He never intended to work with congress; not even his own party. So much damage. Then Hillary wants to step in as his clone. Democrats will never get it.

  5. People keep saying how he has hired all these wealthy people for these major positions, I say,”Well,why not,they at least don’t have to steal from the American people and fleece America,they are in that ship with Trump”,I’m just so exhilarated !!! Thank you Trump,a real president!!

  6. I agree with you Dennis Wall 100%. Barry is more white and Arab than black. Any time the libs see a race card play they zoom in. That’s exactly why Clinton took a beat down in November.

  7. This man destroyed my company TWA!! He is a corporate raider! He bought my first airline Ozark which had NO debt and pocketed 43 million of our pension fund. Our planes were PAID OFF and he sold them(Ozark planes) for 250 million then leased them back to TWA. DESTROYED our Kansas City, St. Louis bases. Planes were left in disrepair, digusting. We took a 22% cut in our wages and were FORCED to work ungodly hours per month for nothing. We stayed at crappy Days Inns because his family member owned them. People were laid off and he CLOSED our maintenance base and privatized it. I remember sitting on planes with passengers passing out from the heat (in August) because he cut using the APU (air-conditioning) attached to the plane on the ground. Work conditions were horrible. He was promised by our stupid president 450 million in FREE TICKETS. The only way to get rid of him was to PAY the 450 million off. Then Flight 800 which was SHOT DOWN!! When American bought was the union FORCED us to the bottom of seniority laid of 25000 employees…99% of us.
    HE IS A WRECKER AND A RAIDER…even his wife left him.

  8. I agree but you need to know that Arab is not a race, so whatever is in his father's lineage would need to be considered. There are statistics showing that Obama could be as little as 6.25% African. There are also a few presidents in the past with more African (Negroid) in their background than Obama.

  9. Obama's father was Frank Marshall a member of CPUSA. He was born in the USA. The birth certificate was forged to hide that.
    What makes Obama ineligible was his adoption by his stepfather Mr. Sotero. That adoption is what makes the man ineligible. He also became a Muslim on adoption because Indonesian law calls for it. The Kenyan is not his father and the man is 100% Negro. Not a drop of Arab blood. You all have been chasing the wrong paperwork and that is what they intended.

  10. Thank God for the Trumps. He at least is trying to uphold laws that protect our sovereignty. He can start by putting these three back to work.

    Restore 10th amendment.

    McCarran act of 1952

    Communist act of 1954


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