BREAKING: Look What Happened In Iran! Obama Will Go Down In History a Failure Now….

Image Source: Steve Jurvetson via Flickr

This story by Paris Swade.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said on Tuesday that this country will start building nuclear-powered ships. They are saying that they will break the Iran agreement based on the fact that Trump is president now, according to the Daily Caller.

Remember what Trump said about the Iran Deal:


*** Obama has officially lost everything that he fought for!

Rouhani sent letters to be read out loud on state television saying that the U.S. will BREAK the nuclear agreement. He then said that he will be responding by building nuclear-propelled ships.


This is not a direct breaking of the Iran deal, but it is a threat that they are willing to start enriching uranium again. This means that Obama even failed the Iran deal.

*** This dude can’t do nothing but fail!

“This announcement itself does not constitute a violation,” State Department spokesman John Kirby told reporters. “I think there’s a lot we just don’t know. I mean, this announcement just got made. There’s a lot we don’t know about it and what it means. And so I think we’d have to reserve some judgment here about the degree to which this could present any kind of problem.”

The Obama administration is trying to set up the Iran deal so that it can backfire on Trump. It is going to collapse.

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You will not see this in the media. (h/t Free Beacon, Daily Caller) (Flickr)


Paris is the best writer on the Internet and helped get Donald Trump elected President in November 2016. He is now censored on Facebook for it.


  1. Do NOT think of this as an “Obama failure”. This was actually designed and orchestrated by Obama and the entire Islamic hoard. Do not be fooled into thinking that this was an Obama error, it was not. It was their agenda from the start. We, AGAIN, are fooled into believing that “Mr., UNDESERVED, Nobel Peace Prize”, is some foolish idiot, who is clueless and uninformed. Just by thinking this, we are right where they want us-deceived. This was Obama’s and the Islamic machinery’s plan from the beginning. Islam hates America and so does Barack Obama. He has proved this over and over during these past eight years. He has done everything he could, even gone as far as breaking laws and defying the Constitution of the United States, to weaken our nation and attempt a Muslim coup da’ tah. It is beyond obvious. What American president, would weaken our military, all but destroy our economy, give terrorist countries, like Iran, billions of our tax dollars, weapons and fighter aircraft to terrorist organizations, like Isis and Alquaeda, attempt to bring into our country hundreds of thousands of jihadi soldiers, posing as refugees, while attempting to disarm American citizens. Even during this recent election, his disdain for the American electoral process was clear, which now he is showing his hate for the American political processes even more, because he refuses to recognize that Americans chose Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton, who would have finished our country off, by continuing the Obama destruction. The obvious is the obvious. This, so called, president, is a plant-a mole. He is a domestic enemy combatant, posing as an American president. Barack Hussein Obama is the enemy of the United States of America. He has committed treason in the highest form. He has “aided and given comfort to enemies of the United States”. This man, not only should be arrested, but ought to pay a very serious price for his crimes. He is a traitor, but even more serious, is the fact that he is an enemy, cloaked in American presidential diguise. We MUST not allow this enemy-this traitor, to get away scott-free. We MUST hold him accountable for all of the damage he has perpetrated against our beloved United States of America.


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