Trump Just Exposed the ENTIRE US Government With Tweet that Obama DOES NOT Want You to See…


How stupid can our politicians get? Seriously, they think they are totally untouchable. They screw our country over time-and-time-again only to walk away with fat wallets and a smile on their faces…NOT ANYMORE WITH DONALD TRUMP AROUND!

I’m sure by this point you have heard that Donald Trump accepted a congratulatory phone call from the President of Taiwan, the first time they have spoken to a US president since Jimmy Carter declared them part of China. (H/T – Financial Times)

Of course the establishment elite got very pissy about this since they get all their lobbying paychecks from China. They immediately went after Trump claiming he was ruining our relationship with China with his call. That’s when Trump shut them down with THIS epic Tweet:


YOWZERS! That is a harsh dose of reality for America right there. We have been loading the Taiwanese up with weapons for decades while pretending we hate them. At least Trump has the honesty to admit it and is willing to open the door to all comers.

Hell, I never saw Obama willing to admit to us selling weapons to people we supposedly “oppose” even when he was caught red-handed tons of times. (Saudi Arabia, Mexican Cartels, Turkey, Yemen)

The funniest part is that the Liberals of all people are now defending China’s rule over Taiwan just to oppose Trump. What the hell do they even stand for?

This is called leverage folks. We needed leverage to negotiate with China and now Donald Trump has given it to us. Thank God that someone in the White House is gonna actually be smart for once.

I’m proud of Trump and all of America should be too. If you are proud, show him by sharing this out with the message THANK YOU DONALD TRUMP!!



  1. Now Obama s going to try and accuse Russia of leaking all the E-mails that crooked Hilary had on her server. Another excuse to rob Trump of his win.

  2. I Am So Proud Of President Trump; And Thank God He Has Brought Out All That’s Been Going On Through The Years Under Our Politicians & Presidents; Now We All Know Why They Didn’t Want Him To Win; They Have Sold Out Country Out Just To Make Sure They Become Millionaires; Now We Can Take Our Country Back …………GOD BLESS THE USA !

  3. Thank you mr president donald trump I’m glad your our pilot you are showing Washington and the world that there is a real concern and lovev of our country ! Your showing Washington what honesty and hard work is I am proud to say your my president!!!!

  4. The country is polarized, that would be OK except the democrat losers are being buttheads and being paid by George.They already have caused a lot of damage to their local businesses and these rioters need t be seriously controlled with excessive amounts of tear gas ,lots of arrests and heavy fines for anyone causing property damage. For those of you that have not been exposed to tear gas, let me tell you it burns the eyes painfully rendering you helpless. I strongly urge the police in these cities to have a large supply of tear gas and for the business owners to make sure their riot insurance is up to date.I guess this could go on for as long as George is willing to pay the hooligans. Hope he was the main contributor to candidate Stein because I understand the fine print allows her to keep the excess.

    • Maybe she had better read that fine print, if she can read; Soros doesn't just give his money without expecting something in return… and in this case , he got nothing!

  5. Thank you Trump! We’ll stand behind you and hoping you can get all this government straightened out, they are leaving a terrible mess for Trump and his cabinet to get done! Please work for us Instead of falling in with all the Washington bureaucrats!

  6. The American people have been getting screwed for a long time we helped a lot of countries and we been getting it shoved up our ass we are going to loose everything you know what happens when you don't fight you lose everything that's what happens to sissies

  7. This Staunch Supporter of Donald Trump remains faithful, and greatful that he chose to Care for, and Work for an even Greater America. God Bless and Watch Over Him!


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