URGENT: Donald Trump Just Sacrificed Something UNBELIEVABLE For Our Country!

Source: FOX News Sunday

Now this right here is exactly the kinda stuff the Mainstream Media loves to ignore. Donald Trump revealed today that since winning the office of President he has sacrificed BILLIONS of dollars for his country!!

Trump told Chris Wallace that in the last week alone he gave up over one billion dollars in business deals from power players trying to buy in before he takes office.

“If I were really going to do new deals right now –I am turning down billions of dollars of deals,’ Trump told host Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday when pressed about his array of business interests and potential conflicts. I turned down seven deals with one big player, great player, last week, because I thought it could be perceived as a conflict of interest.”


Now that right there is pretty admirable. Donald Trump, America’s celebrity billionaire, cares so much about this country that he said to Hell with the money to keep us safe.

When asked how he felt about the amount he personally spent on the election ($60 million), he told Chris Wallace that the money he spent and the money he won’t be making are well worth the chance to save America. (H/T – Daily Mail)

This guy is great. He really does love our country. Let’s return that love and post this message all over Facebook for the world to see!!



  1. OMG we have an honest man going into the Presidency. Hope he has a good nutritionist working for him so he that he does not burn out fast. Lots of vitamin C certainly helps. A big advantage he has is the intelligent men and women he is appointing, they can take a lot of the burden off his shoulders. Obuma got old worrying about the things he could not get done. Now DJT has to fix the crap that Obuma passed when he had a Democrap majority and his BS executive orders. I hope he goes back to Indonesia where he can study the Koran. Please take Jeramiah Wright with you. I respect the people of color except Obuma. Jdamit, Popeye is my hero soon to be replaced by Presdent Trump.

  2. What were all the names Shillary put on us, I think deplorable, irredeemable were a couple. Well let me say I have friends and relatives that are Democrat and I have hope for them. We treat each other with respect and pray that the misguided come to their senses. I can’t understand why they. Voted for a criminal. DJT please helps these poor misguided souls see the truth and the American way.

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