URGENT: Facebook Just Sold Out to George Soros! Look What They Just Gave Him…

Source: FLICKR Mark Zuckerberg: Andrew Feinberg - https://www.flickr.com/photos/andrewfeinberg/ George Soros - Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung: https://www.flickr.com/photos/boellstiftung/

This is really bad, guys. Remember how just the other day Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook would be sending Fake News checks to The International Fact Checking Network? Well, guess who their biggest funder is…


Source: Niccolò Caranti – https://www.flickr.com/photos/ncaranti/

That’s right. That same Soros who gave Hillary Clinton $25 million for this election. However, the news gets worse. The other big funder of the group is Pierre Omidyar, the

However, the news gets worse. The other big funder of the group is Pierre Omidyar, the Ebay founder who “donated” $30 Million to the Clinton campaign and Foundation.

So basically, the people who will be deciding what news is real and what is not are a few liberal elites who also LOVE the Clintons.


Oh, and you are REALLY gonna love this. Can you believe that the people they have tasked with determining “Fake News” are none other than ABC News, Politico, Snopes and The Washington Post (The Same Washington Post that LIED about their competitors being Russian Plants).


Thank God that the conservatives are already fighting back, however, even that may not be enough. That’s why I’m calling on ALL Americans who believe in the 1st Amendment to call your Congressmen immediately and tell them to STOP FACEBOOK!

Also, remember to share this with all your friends and family so the world can see that George Soros is behind Facebook now…Mark Zuckerberg, stop this before it’s too late!!

(H/T – Daily Mail)



  1. Mr. Zuckerberg, really!! You actually have SOROS’S money and are dealing with him?
    Say goodbye to your facebook!!
    Is there anything the leftists have not got their Grimmy evil hands on??

  2. Hillary sold her soul for 25 million and 30 million. She lost and not because of cyber technology but because honorable and trustworthy citizens saw what she truly was by the people with whom she associates. We put our trust in the ONE who saves – we prayed and received deliverance from despotism and HIS will alone shall prevail. In humbleness and prayer we will continue to turn to our Creator for guidance and protection and we shall repent and our nation – our land – shall be healed. WARNING – DO NOT BE FOOLED – nor become complacent or lazy. Cyberspace can be used as a tool for good but it also can be a weapon of destruction. Read and study all the information and knowledge you can get ahold of and have the time for. do not rely on some one or thing else for your security and well being. This webcite cannot be your final voice; be aware, check them out thoroughly before giving them any information – know who and what you are dealing with. Both now and in the future you alone are responsible for yourself.


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