After Lee Greenwood Finished Singing God Bless the USA, Trump Did The UNTHINKABLE!


God bless the USA!! At Thursday’s pre-inauguration festivities, Lee Greenwood killed it with his rendition of God Bless the U.S.A. Donald Trump is so patriotic. You can tell.

Lee Greenwood performed his biggest hit at the Make America Great Again! Welcome Celebration. God bless Trump, y’all! This was such a magical moment.

This video will give you chills. Whew!

This is why we love Trump. He really, really loves America. Despite what the media says, we all know that Trump is on our side.

OMG! Trump just put Obama to shame. He loves America. The liberal media is not going to be able to hold him back.

You can watch the full video below.

That was a super magical moment. Please help us share it with every single Trump voter. This is why we voted Trump, patriots! This moment right here. The chance to see our President actually caring about America.

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Thanks for reading, patriots! Have a great night and stay safe. 2017 is going to be a great year. (h/t The Boot)



  1. Could not be more proud of being an American than I am right now! Thank you Lee Greenwood and thank you Mr. President Trump…..I feel God's smile on this land

  2. I thank God daily that Donald Trump was elected by WE THE PEOPLE!! (even despite the rigging against Him..dead voters, paid voters, illegals voting, soros rigged machines, paper ballots being shredded ) If hill would have won, before long we would be doomed, under sharia law. Just look at the awful things, debt, crime, illegals, rapes, on n on…the past years. SO THANKFUL TO HAVE A REAL MAN WHO LOVES AMERICA N SPEAKS CLEARLY N HONESTLY. Almighty God had mercy on us and heard our prayers against all the evil in washingtom. DRAIN THE SWAMP…BUILD THE WALL. LETS MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN AND SAFE AGAIN…

    • Amen, God bless America, how could any American watch this, and Trump's proud reaction to Lee's song, and not see this man loves America. Everyone there felt that same pride. What away to start the New Year

    • Sorry he was not elected by we the people. He was elected by the electoral college. Remember he lost the popular vote by over 3 million so he was not elected by we the people.

    • LOL . . . some great koolaid, huh? After all the scandals Trump has created and been involved in over his corrupt career, you actually believe what you are saying?

    • Well lets see if the rapes stop. Who are we in dept with? A person or company?? Ill wait on that answer. And we have been at war since we have " discoverd" america, so what particular part was america at its best??? Ill wait.


    • So how many years would Obama have had to be president to prove to you stupid, ignorant people that he was no Muslim? We, the majority of the people, did NOT VOTE FOR trump. There is absolutely NO PROOF of any rigging in the election YET – we haven't seen all the results of PUTIN's meddling – talking on a daily basis to trump's campaign. THAT IS A PROVEN FACT. THEY HAVE ADMITTED IT. And THAT doesn't bother you? Leslie, your head must be far up you butt to say trump is honest. Proven to have redlined with his dad. Proven to have stiffed workers – MANY TIMES – and to have brought in foreigners to keep from paying AMERICANS. Just last month he applied to bring in foreigners to work in his businesses for low wages rather than to hire Americans. He bribed the Fla. Atty Gen. to get a case dropped – the same case he just SETTLED for 25 million dollars. He stiffed a little girls' dance troupe after they danced before one of his rallies. He said he felt wages are too high in the US – then changed his mind when he found out that wasn't popular. He said McCain was no hero – well at least McCain had the guts to go fight, unlike trump who ducked the issue several times! He said we'd see his tax returns once the election was over. He said we'd see Melania's – the first porn lady – immigration papers in a couple of weeks. He said he had proof Obama wasn't born in Hawaii, and even when he finally – after 7 years – admitted that Obama WAS born in Hawaii, he wasn't MAN ENOUGH to say he was sorry for all the trouble he caused and lies he told. I could go on and on and on. He is a serial liar and I could overlook the fact that you like him, but he is not an honest person. He is not a moral man. He is a braggart and unworthy of the office. He is trying to get his cabinet picks in without properly vetting them. It is so bad that we found out that Perry did not even understand what the position is that he accepted!!! The woman trying to be the head of the dept. of education has no experience in education whatsoever!!!! He is trying to pay back everyone that he owes his election to. If it were legal, I'm sure he'd have Putin himself in some office!! May I remind you that it wasn't under Obama that 9/11 happened. GB was very similar to trump – he didn't like to read and had the attention span of a gnat. Had GB read the intelligence brief that talked about suspicious men taking flying lessons but not wanting LANDING lessons, perhaps 9/11 would have been stopped. But now we have another non-reader, that wants his briefings few and far between. Swell, I feel safe. Do a little investigation into the Carrier deal that trump bragged about. 700 jobs stayed. Over 1,000 still went to Mexico. Indiana – Pence's state – agreed to pay Carrier 7 million to keep those jobs in the us, and Carrier has announced that they intend to use the money to pay for automating their plants, which will give robots some of the jobs "saved". trump got outfoxed. If that is the caliber of his negotiating skills, we are in trouble!!

    • Amen. You said my sentiments exactly. So proud to be an American and so proud of our new President. GOD BLESSED THE USA with Trump as President.

    • Excuse me, he and Putin rigged the election. Excuse me, he is not a real man, he is a disgusting predator, excuse me the only swamp is the one he is creating right now. Clinton never believed in Sharia Law. You believe all the crap you were fed by Trump's fake news and lies. You'll find out soon when the destruction of our country beings. You will be affected and you will be in shock. Live in your alternate reality for the time being. It's all you have.

  3. Paris Swade, GOD bless you son…and GOD bless America and its long awaited, long anticipated, and badly needed "TRUE" American President and Leader (Alas!!!) "President Donald J. Trump". Unlike the empty-suit, ass-hat that America has finally gotten rid of…WE NOW HAVE A "R-E-A-L" PRESIDENT….Praise GOD from whom all blessings flow!!!

  4. OK. BEAUTIFUL VIDEO. Why in the heck at the end did two video windows pop up OVER the top of the video running, one of them showing a topless woman protestor? SERIOUSLY????!!!!!

  5. Don't let the orange menace fool you. He loves money, power & himself. This country is screwed with him in the White House! Barack Obama is the best president we've had in decades. Only the racist assholes will say otherwise.
    I'd like to know what he promised Putin in exchange for putting him in the White House. My guess would be Alaska.

    • You're high! Look at things objectively. Obama has doubled our national debt in 8 years. Unemployment, if you figure it the traditional way, and count everyone who lost their job, and don't leave off everyone whose unemployment has run out. You don't spend billions on unusable insurance coverage (like maternity coverage for men, etc..) Obama has also endangered our nation repeatedly! Every time has had their head chapped off by a terrorist yelling Allah's Akbar, Americans get lectured not to judge Muslims! He is not on our side! Trump has got to be better.

      • Garlin, progressives only use truth if it fits their ideas. With progressivism, ideas matter, not people. It's why the democrats have turned against their own base: the working people.

        No use to try talking sense to them, they'll just ignore it and throw more garbage at you.

      • According to libtards none of that matters. If someone disagrees with anything about Obama it's because of racism. You don't like that he pardoned an unrepentant terrorist and a traitor? You must be a racist. You don't like that his policies added more money to the deficit than the previous 43 presidents combined? You must be a racist. I could go on and on pointing out undeniable facts but the left wing but jobs will still deny those facts and call you a racist.

    • You are racist. Why are you so racist? Obama has caused tremendous damage. It's clear for all to see. Yet you insist on being racist???

    • there is one in every thread, you should be asking what did Obama and Hillary get from giving Putin access to natural uranium and then they allowed him to sell Iran 130 TONS of that same natural uranium. Then gave Iran approx 4 billion so they can continue their nuclear program. Get your mind right and stop watching CNN-Clinton NOTNEWS Network

    • Obama can drop dead for all we care!, he is the past & he is history that poor excuse of nightmare is finely getting out!, and it feels like Christmas & Birthdays & all of the Holidays put together!

    • GOOD LORD!, put the crack pipe down! You are embarrassingly naive, mislead, uninformed. History will remember Obama as the worst President in our nation's history. He was hand fed an amazing opportunity and completely screwed it up. The last 8 years have been nothing but a major clusterf**k.

    • Um he was voted in just like Obama so not sure how Putin put him in. Did the muslims put obama hussien in power? See how dumb it sounds.Do you seriously think before typing? This kind of stuff really makes you look ignorant. Russia has no power here….

    • Thanks CNN for that same bias reporting! You and any other Liberal, is what is wrong with this Great Country. We the real Americans don't care and moving on with your anti-American nonsense. Now, go back and hind under your rock and let this new Great President show you and that last traitorous person who ran this country into the ground show you how it's supposed to be done.

    • No WAY. Our Kenyan president was worst ever. He has put us in danger and hates police and all military showing his disgrace with them in all his actions. We finally will have an America loving president again. He has caused all divisive country in his 8 years.

    • Susan, I am a 60 year old white woman and I too, love money , power, and I most definitely love myself. I really don't care if Obama was purple and green striped, he was one useless man. As far as HIS family, he was married to one huge racist B. I had to put up with both of them and their massive entourage that the taxpayers paid for, but no longer. No longer, PRAISE THE LORD!!

    • The NRC now confirms that Uranium One is indeed exporting uranium And that’s not the only concern. Senator Barrasso was also assured that Uranium One would remain a public company, guaranteeing some measure of transparency. But it has since been taken private, with Putin’s company ARMZ now owning 100 percent of the stock.
      Hillary Clinton’s role in the Uranium One affair concerns not only gross negligence (at best) in a serious matter of national security, but also gives every appearance of blatant bribery. As we have reported previously — and as authors Peter Schweizer and Jerome Corsi have detailed, respectively, in their books, Clinton Cash and Partners in Crime — Hillary Clinton’s State Department was signing off on the Russian takeover of Uranium One while the Clinton Foundation was taking in tens of millions of dollars from Uranium One exec Frank Giustra, and while Bill Clinton and Frank Giustra were zooming about the globe on Guistra’s private jet consummating mega-mining deals.
      There is much more to this story that deserves to be made public — before the November elections. The big question is: Can the controlled establishment media be shamed into giving it even a fraction of the airing it should receive?

      Hey, you just keep believing that Trump is the only one that's "buddies" with Putin. Ignorance is BLISS!

    • Susan, when I read what you wrote here, I cannot fathom your total ignorance of what was happening in the last 8 years under an Obama administration. To say he was the best president when the country is being taken over by radical Islamists who are infiltrating our government, when illegal aliens are being allowed to come and ravage our welfare system, when race relations are at a point where blacks advocate killing whites for no other reason than their whiteness, you just don't get it. People on the left who are fighting tooth and nail against our new president are using such vile and destructive tactics that it borders on treason. My hope is that Obama and his family, along with the Clintons, disappear from the news entirely. They don't need anymore chances to agitate the already unhinged.

    • I voted for Trump. Until you can come and walk in my shoes and see how I conduct my life, I take offense to such comments. I am not a racist. I believe in freedom of speech. But comments like the one you just wrote is typical of many Americans who need to think before they post.

    • You couldn't be any more wrong on this. It is clear that you are a far left ideologue. This does not make you pro America. Your opinions are therefore invalid. Keep drinking that kool aid though, Jim jones and his cohorts are waiting.

    • Susan, just stop with your accusations of racism. That old song and dance doesn't work any more hunny (misspelling intentional). The last POTUS and his staff hated American and it showed. Take his race out of it and LOOK at his actions! He gave Iran millions of dollars, which has since been used against us. He initiated the Arab Spring, which has resulted in a record number of terror attacks on US soil. His Legacy is ISIS, war and the highest number of Christians killed since the Arabs invaded Constantinople.

    • Omg…you are absolutely crazy. You have listened to way too many of the brainwashing things that the Dems were dishing out. They did everything they could to try to win the election and could not. Now they're trying to convince everyone that he didn't won on his own. You know who didn't win on his own? Obama, that's who. There were so many dead people voting for him, smh!!! By the way, you and everyone else that likes Obama can continue to say the only thing that you know how to say, "you must be racist". What a joke, that excuse is so worn out! I have a million reasons for not likr liking him while he was president and his race has nothing to do with it! How much money did he come into Office with? How many multimillion dollar homes does he now own? What other president hasOfficee ever gotten rich holding Office?! Trump is not even taking a paycheck! Do you seriously think that a man with already so much wealth and power really needed to becomr president?! Think about it. Don't listen to me or anyone. Just use your own sensibility and think about it.

    • Obama will be remembered as the idiot who destroyed America and Trump will be the man to restore us to our former greatness. God bless Donald Trump!!!!
      Obdummer is the most racist president in history!!

    • Susan, Why did you not give your last name? We needed someone in the Whitehouse that's on God's side to clean up whats been done in the last 8 years! God bless Donald Trump, family and all that's in office with him!

    • I am not a racist and no you can't be the best President in decades when you fail to figure out how to work with Congress and instead rule by Executive fiat. Obama never learned the art of compromise and Reid and Pelosi didn't help either and set him up for failure. President Obama could have been a great president. We will now see if President Trump has learned from these mistakes.

    • If you would deal with facts instead of In Motion you would realize that Obama is the worst president that we have ever had. He put the country further in debt than all of the presidents combined.

    • Your an uneducated idiot living in a bubble….wake up, the people have spoken…time to take our country back!!! He had way more money before this responsibility, he is the only one with balls enough to call a spade a spade…..

    • I am a Christian and I even voted for Obama twice and I am PLUM ASHAMED OF IT, I AM NOT A RACIST , but I tell you that Obama turned his back on Israel and THIS COUNTRY, he aided in raising the nation's debt, and went against some of the Constitution, HE WAS THE ABSOLUTE WORST PRESIDENT THAT THIS COUNTRY HAS ""EVER"" elected, God will not Bless any person that goes against Israel and obumma did just that, and he was part of the blame for dividing this country, THESE ARE FACTS !!!!

    • Susan have been dropped on your head, brain damage or what? Obummer has tripled the national debt in 8 yrs, our military is weaker than it ever been, insurance is out of control for the WORKING PEOPLE, he has released dozens of terrorist back to attack us again. The only ones obummer has helped is terrorist, insurance companies, and lazy people on welfare which one are you?

    • What a miserable pathetic person you are…That was a beautiful tribute to this country at a moment in time when BUTTHURT FOOLS like yourself are making this country appear weak and very broken with your side's CONSTANT ATTACKS on fellow Americans and (wether you like it or not)OUR NEW PRESIDENT !!!!! As to your DELUSIONAL Russia rant, how can obama and his administration be so efficient and have ANY GRASP on THE SAFETY TO AMERICA if Russia could so easily "SOLELY" CONTROL WHO BECOMES THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES?!!? WTF is so wrong with you people that you CAN'T THINK FOR YOURSELVES ?!!?

    • we lost for the last 8 yrs…your party lost a socialist and a criminal and a leader who spent most of his time apologizing to every other country..and putting his own people last in EVERYTHING…then they lost the ethics, patriotism and integrity of those choosing not to attend who are elected officials who should be honoring the office and process of our republic and not throwing their own temper tantrums. I've said it before…now we are finding out who raised this generation of snowflakes/crybabies who need to cancel a college class for heavens sakes because they need a "safe place to sit and hug their stuffed animals/crayons&coloring books or "therapy" animals. If my kid had reacted that way…I would have jerked them home so quickly it would make their heads swim!!! BECAUSE….I must not have finished preparing them for the life out there of winning some and loosing some..!!! Now we know who their role models/parents/grandparents are….we have #? deciding to stay home in their "safe places"..with their stuffed animals! And only a racist would immediately pop out with that as an arguement….Has nothing to do with the color of a person's skin. Has everything to do with his qualifications and performance,.,.

    • Susan if you seriously believe what you said I can only hope that somehow, someone or some way reality will get to you and your thinking. Barrack Obama was a great speaker. That is why he seems like a great man, President. I believe he is a good husband and father and I believe he has some very good character traits but those things do not make the sum of a good President. They just make you think that. Just like movie actors who play a part that is honorable, suddenly everyone thinks they are honorable. It's a trick of your own mind. If Trump wants money why is he not taking a salary? Obama didn't care about the money, right? He sure as heck took it and more. Clintons tried to steal things from the White House and got caught! Trump cannot give a good speech but that does not mean he won't do a better job of getting this country on track financially. He is certainly more capable than Obama.

    • The fact that Trump loves "money, power, and himself"is why he will be a good president.Think about it was has he to gain by being President? Answer: a boost to his ego! And he can only get that by doing good. He can not boost his ego if he goes down like Nixon, Clinton, or even being mediocre like Carter, he must do well to boost his ego and go down as a great President.

    • Shut up. The only racists I have seen are liberals and their fascist agenda. Only liberals seem to be squelching the rights of Americans. It is the liberal agenda that is trying to force citizens to conform, not conservatives. It is the liberals who are rioting in the streets and promoting violence against those who do not agree with them.

    • You are entitled to your opinion, however it is wrong. Perhaps you need to stop calling people you don't know racist a-holes. Or are you a hate loving bigot?

    • We have suffered under Obama's 8 years of hating America. We should be proud of who our president is and not want to run and hide. Today is the day we can stand WITH our president and not be ashamed. You go Trump! Let's make America great again!!!

    • God Bless the USA!!! I saw Jimmy Carter at the inauguration and he had a big smile on his face. Now Carter will no longer be the worst president ever!!!

    • MANY of us take great offense to such highly judgmental and very RACIST comments and attitudes. It is those who keep crying "racism" that are the true racists! You are judging and condemning the man before he has even had a chance to take office. Whether Obama was a good president or not is not the issue. He has served his time and is no longer eligible for office, therefore someone else has to take his place. Like it or not, Trump is who the majority of Americans has chosen. If you call yourself an American, you will stand behind your President, regardless of who it is, and take a PROACTIVE stance. Support the things he does that you do like, and get involved in a positive way to help change the things that you don't like. Name-calling and blatant hate do nothing but tear our country down as a whole. As one American to another, I love you and wish nothing but the best for you and our country. God bless!

    • As I remember Obama is the one who promised that after being elected in 2012 he would have more wiggle room…..and oh ya Hillary is the one who gave Russia access to 25% of our uranium! Open your eyes, if they're not swollen shut from crying the last 2 months, and let's see what is accomplished in his first 100 days!! Who knows you may like it!!! Hahahaha

    • GO suck an egg you sorry Muslim lover Get over it you lost and after eight years of the most contemptable P.O.S. WE finally have a patriot as president. If you hate it here so much leave we wont miss you.

    • You are really a dumb ass. Those rodeo clowns that just left have done more damage than anyone in history. Their legacy is incompetence. They don't even believe the crap they spew forth. Grow up or shut up.

    • What proof can you show that Putin had anything to do with the election? Oh ya that's right none..Why hasn't the CIA or FBI shown the people the proof Russia had their hand involved ? Oh ya that's right because it does not exist.The founder of McFee antivirus ,with almost 30 years exp in the industry even said he doubts Russia had anything to do with it.Even he said if Russia had hacked the servers then their smart enough to cover their tracks..Duhhh..Wikileaks claimed Russia had nothing to do with it. A source that has a truth rateing of 99-100% I believe it is. LoL..You dont say nothing about the corruption and theiveing ,treason the Dems were proven to be doing from those leaked files tho..Why not ? So you wana talk about loving money,power,and themselves..I think it's pretty clear isint it? also odd how the clinton foundation ceased to exist right after she lost the election..What now is in store for your lovely Hillary now that her political career is over and her play for pay special favour are dried up..Suck it up buttercup and watch how Americans get their country back. No more free health for illeagals no more welfare for illegals no more welfare for addicts,that taxpayers foot the bill for. No more open borders ,hahaha..It's a new era and future and old politicians better well take note,the people have spoken the gravy train is ending.ALL HAIL COMMANDER AND CHIEF PRESDIENT TRUMP

    • You need to stop lying to yourself and realize if Trump had not been elected this country would be transformed beyond recognition to just another starving socialist republic in a very short time. Politicians need to be reigned in and the normal candidates were part of the problem. Stop whining and repeating the talking points of all good liberals and start thinking for yourself. Judge on results and not on rumors. Trump was lied about, cheated on, lied to, and defamed more than any candidate in the history of the Presidency and still won. Judge on what he does and not what he was rumored to do. Open your eyes and see how close we came to a point of no return for the people of this country. Not everyone wants a handout. What they want is a hand up. God Bless

    • Go live in some other country then that is a socialist nation!!! I bet you are just like all the other people that came out and said they would move if he were to become president!!! I haven't seen one of them leave the United States yet. Would love to though!!! Do you need a safe place to go?

    • Susan HOW can you say that About Obama ffs ? He agreed to finance ISIS ….he has allowed muslims in he has introduced hatred .. he has bought refugees in that have had bad resumes ..he has been used as a puppet by the elite …the illumanati…if bit you knew it..

    • Thank you for setting her straight. I lost a job and home because of Obama, and couldn't get assistance from the government. Yet I was told that you had to be homeless and maybe get home assistance within two years of being homeless. I have been homeless and got back on my feet to support my family. I wasn't going to sit and wait for a welfare check while other taxpayers were paying for. Call me proud, or not, I didn't want to be a burden to society. That is what a lot of people been doing for years. Abusing the system and making it hard for people who really deserves help. F–k Obama!

    • Really Snowflake? Gotta throw the rasist card cuz it's the only excuse you can comprehend? I Wanted Obama in the beginning! Can't wave goodbye hard enough now! May be the same way in 4-8 years for Trump… I don't know. But I am at Least going to give the man a Chance like I did to Obummer!

    • U only have to glance at the headlines and watch a little news to know better than that. Watch "2016: Obama's America"….on YouTube and Hulu….I have a list of more than 100 actions of Obama's that are actually treasonous. I can send it to you if you like…..he's been voted by America as the worst President in HISTORY….he hates America, and attempted to destroy us. A lot of religious, reputable preachers say that God helped us out Trump in charge of America….to restore America to its greatness….and he has a proven track record to prove he CAN DO IT.

    • Susan give me a break are you gonna whine for the next 8 years good lord woman if thats what your gonna do your voice is gonna get much like your face, horse. DEMACRAT.

    • Honey I believe you have it wrong Obama kept up the race card & encouraged a LOT of violence here and everywhere. THANK GOD PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP HAS BEEN PLACED BY GOD'S PROVIDENCE!!!!!

    • OK….. so if I don't like a political policy….. I'm racist?
      If I disagree with a response to violence and rioting….. I'm racist?
      Tell me again how in the wild world of fruitloops that makes me racist?

      Does it mean YOU are racist if you don't think Bush was the best president ever?

      Do you even know what "racist" means?

    • Wow! You are very delusional or have been in a coma the whole time Obama was in office! Judging someone based off of what the media reports is ignorant! Why don't we just wait and see what Trump does in office instead of being a sheep and following what everyone else thinks, says, and does! That is what's truly wrong with the world today! He may not be everyone's idea of "President material" but at least he is not scared to be different, make mistakes, and live publicly with his consequences! Also, he isn't scared to stand up for what he believes in!

    • And your a dumbass! Obama was the worst president of all. He is the only president to put men in the lady's restroom. And drove the cost of Heath care so high no one can afford it.

    • Why do you think he is racist ? because the news media tell you and edits what he says ? Explain to me why county's who voted for Obama twice switch to Trump? So everyone who did not vote Mrs.Clinton is racist ?

    • Obama is a traitor. Funny you should pull the race card out because that is the only thing you liberal jerks can use. Obama has sold America out, and is a joke on the national scene. Debt, anti-constitutional, abuse of executive power. These are facts, not some "racist" fantasy. Too bad you are not intelligent enough to realize it.

    • I was wondering who would be the first to disparage this beautiful song, moment and history. I am sorry, will pray for your peace and the peace of others. Listen to his sperch and the prayers of all the different representativestyles of faith. Listen quietly and hear the voice of God and and the Voice of ALL American's, President Trump''s promise to America and take peace. We have a common ground. Give Him, President Trump and the American people a chance. Let's none of us create one more minute of decisiveness. Join me, a simple single mom, hard worker, grateful, 65 still working and believing in a better future for our Children.

    • Susan – President Trump HAS money you idiot! He's not even taking the salary for being President. He doesn't NEED anymore money… get it?! Mainstream America elected him because of people like you, and the others out there rioting, trashing, defacing, burning, smashing cars, etc. If you think that behavior will help your cause, think again. That is exactly why Trump got elected. So pat yourselves on the back! Obama did more to divide our nation, particularly in racial issues than any President in past history. What did Obama actually do for you? Really? He took more vacations and had more parties than any other President; entered the office of President with a little over a million dollars and walked out 8 years later with over 12 million. So who wanted the money???? Idiots

    • Susan, you are an absolute MORON! America REJECTED Obama's policies when they elected Donald Trump. All you bleeding-heart liberals who say it's such a cardinal sin to judge people based on the color of their skin seem to be the first to call our new President "orange." Obama has been a DISASTER! I am ashamed every time I read one of your comments. You are pathetic hypocrites and pathetic sore losers. Keep it up and you will have NO seats in the Congress or anywhere else in 2018 (which would be fine with me). Mark my words, Donald J. Trump will be the most beloved President in the history of our country, and you are all doing your part to make sure he gets re-elected in 2020!

    • Well Susan, Can you name just 1 thing that Oboma has done for the people. It amazes me that people want the same crap to go on. Why is that Susan??…Please help me to understand that. Best president ever??? WOW you really have been living under s rock for 8 years

    • Oh… Susan, you are so stupid blind and def. You'll will love to 'move' to an islamic country until Mr. Donald Trump, his staff, his agencies and US, "fix' this so screwed country. Then, you'll love so much their culture and permanently become another muslim like obama and his family. Get a LIFE…!
      Sorry; This President is and 'Act of God', period. That was needed to deal with obama's will on destroying this nation.

    • And it was great advice that he appears to have followed. I was at a total of 6 of his rallies in 2016. At each one of them, they played that song as he made his entrance. Of course, you could barely hear it over the crowds cheering and applauding, but it was there, every time!

    • I'm so glad the others that were invited (or, at least, wanted to believe they were invited) refused to perform. Lee Greenwood was fantastic. Gold bless him and God bless our country. We, at last, have hope! I'm watching the lefties riot. I realize that's what they do best, but sure wish the police could put a stop to it. Go riot somewhere else idiots. 2 policemen in the hospitals. It is such a digusting thing to think that the law cannot stop them from trying to ruin this wonderful day.

    • American women, I also cried as soon as he started to sang, because we the people do have a real president in office now that is going to save America and our freedom.

      • TRUMP IS A JOKE, PEOPLE. He doesn't know the first thing about running a country, Do any of you have more than an 8th grade education? maybe if you had gone to college you wouldn't be so bad off. you make bad choices and then ask the government to make things better for you? "he's gonna save america y'all!" you are all idiots, i feel sorry that you actually think trump is going to save any of you. trump can't even save himself.

  6. This time was magical. I looked over my husband was crying, I was crying. At last we have America back again. We will not let the bafoons pull us down. God Bless
    The USA

  7. that wasn't the only moment today at Arlington after he hung the wreath the drummer started running and then the other soldiers started playing Taps and you could tell that President Trump was feeling very emotional and was very caught up in the moment. It feels so good to have a president that actually loves America and loves her people!

  8. Absolutely so moving and inspirational that only our GOD Amighty could have allowed such an awesome moment in time!!!Thank all who arranged this momentous moment!!!!

  9. Words can't express how proud that song made me feel. I already feel America is becoming Great Again seeing how proud our President Elect is of our country

  10. i would like to watch the full video but at the end it has ad over the most of the screen. come on at least wait till the end so we can see the video before you try and make a dollar

  11. I'm overcome.
    56 year-old grumpy white guy, bawlin' like a baby.
    Anybody see ONE hater in that crowd?
    (No, that's right- the haters stayed away in protest.)
    SO encouraged, for our future.

    • There's a saying in show business these people seem to have forgotten: Never send a substitute. Many a star has been born when the actor who was supposed to perform didn't. It happens in movies, on the opera stage, and on Broadway. These supposedly top-notch performers are so wrapped up in their airtight cocoons that they've lost sight of the real world around them. The truth is they exist for us only as long as we allow them to…when we change the channel, they're gone.

    • One might thank the more than 1000 veteran bikers for their front line stand ensuring protestors stayed a distance and did not disrupt the ceremonies.

  12. Make's me so proud to call myself an American…..and feel confident President Trump will lead us in the right direction…the bible says ' If my people will humble themselves and pray, I Will Heal Their Lands. Just keep on praying folks…

  13. Ohhh pretty pro Trump propaganda go go pretty fake News! I'll see you write your articles about this monster 6 months into his presidency

  14. It was so touchy, beautiful, inspiring. GOD BLESS THE USA!!!!! GOD is in this inauguration it will be a blessed time for America. It is so huge and I am thrilled with what is happening in your country. It will have a ripple effect on the world, because it is God's plan for America and for the world. Thank you Lord God Almighty.

  15. So, he skips the "god" part of the song and he looks drunk as hell. Must make Christians proud.

    Three types of people voted for him: the fearful, the idiots, and the bigots. I only give you a pass if you are part of the first on that list.

    • Oh, Hogwash! Get over yourself and snap into reality. This nation is finally going to heal, now that it's rid of the poison it's been enduring the last 8 years.

    • You have been blinded by false news and your own negative thinking. Why not let the man take office and do his job then rate his performance. If he does not keep his promises he will not earn a 2nd term.

    • I see the "I hate Donald Trump" comments sprinkled throughout this post it saddens me. Even during an unquestionably patriotic moment that makes a God-loving American citizen's heart soar there are people so filled with hate and vitriol that they can't help but spew it like vomit.

      Donald Trump doesn't drink. That's how he became as successful as he is.

      Fearful? Hardly. The Wicked Witch of the East was vanquished when Donald Trump dropped his house on her. Idiots? Who voted for the winner?

      We don't need a pass from you Mr. Lazenby. It's your turn to sit in the back of the bus while we steer this nation out of the ditch and back onto the freeway.
      Bigots? You never tire of using that same old worn-out insult even though it doesn't work anymore because Americans have awakened to who the true bigots are in this nation, leftists who want to keep blacks right where they are, under the government's heel.

      And I am much prouder of a president who sings along with God Bless The USA than one who travels the world apologizing for our nation, degrading Christianity and doing everything in his power to strengthen the religion that wants to bring death to everyone who doesn't worship Allah 5 times a day.

    • The people that voted for Obama are the idiots,bigots and fearful, Our new President loves his country, Obama is a traitor and hates America because he was not born here and is a muslin; he leaves the country with trillions of dollars in debt, his vacations with his family and friends costed us millions of dollars and passed 8 years playing golf. he is the worst president ever of USA.

    • Agreed. Anyone who can string the words "Trump" and "God" in the same sentence are seriously delusional. Liberals are taking our flag back. Conservatives think their a true patriot but patriots and heros don't come from a place of fear. God help is that this moron doesn't transform one of his childish twitter tirades into a real war.

    • Those who are Dems and only watch the real fake news must not have heard that Donald doesn't drink any alcohol and neither do his children. Yes, I'm fearful of the road that our previous president was taking on. Name calling doesn't become anyone.

    • You're a judgmental, delusional moron. It's your heart that's full of hate. Our Constitution assures you the right to speak, even if it's drivel. I forgive you and your hateful stupidity. God Bless this Republic!!

    • Go right to the name-calling, Bill Lazenby. I'm not afraid. I'm not an idiot. I'm not a bigot. I am
      a very happy deplorable!!!!

    • Why so much hate for people who did vote for Trump? I don't understand it! I don't think any less of anyone who voted for Hillary. I mean you don't know me, but based on the presidential candidate I voted for, you hate me along with every other American who voted for him. People shouldn't be shamed and abused and bullied for exercising their right to vote for whomever they chose. How can you honestly justify bullying people who don't agree with you? Isn't it our right to vote however we want, express our views and opinions? I mean our country is falling apart! And it's not because of our new President, our former President, or any other President. It's because we the people of America are so full of hate and animosity towards anyone who dares to think, talk, or act differently than the next person. America is supposed to be the land of the free but it's not anymore! America has become the land of hate and cruelty! It's become the land of "I'm going to abuse and bully you because you dare to have a different opinion." It's become the land of " I have the right to say whatever I want but you don't have any rights because you think differently than I do."

    • Well Bill Lazenby, I don't think anyone needs your "pass". Most of us could care less what you think. Like it or not…. Trump is your president now.

    • Like an unchecked cancer, hate corrodes the personality and eats away its vital unity. Hate destroys a man's sense of values and his objectivity. It causes him to describe the beautiful as ugly and the ugly as beautiful, and to confuse the true with the false and the false with the true.
      Martin Luther King Jr.

    • You also must believe in riots, destruction of others properties and others way of making a living and not supporting each other as people.

    • Sorry, but I'm none of the above. I said give Obama a chance and look where that got us. Instead of us all being divided, lets try to get behind him and be together.

    • I'm a proud Christian not scared I could be an idiot but I think I am pretty smart and the only bigots I see are the ones still whining about losing an election. Maybe when they all grow up they will realize what really happened this election

    • Where is your data behind that comment? I am an education woman- I am not fearful nor am I a bigot. You must be a crying liberal! You all need to pull it together and stop your whining!

    • Bill, I am no longer fearful, since Killery didn't steal her way into the White House, Nor am I an idiot or a bigot.. Your pass means nothing to me. Your name calling and elitist way of thinking is a large part of the reason I, and millions of other Americans voted for Trump. I'm proud to be one of those adorable deplorables.

    • Bill your an IDIOT. If you knew anything about politics and America you would know that to win the Presidency in such a diverse nation as ours you need to capture SOME of the Hispanic and African American vote….you must be in that "Fearful" category, fear of what Pres Trump will do to take back our Country from anti-American citizens such as yourself…..I bet you cried and called in sick to work when Hillary lost the election didn't you…LOL.

    • @ Bill Lazenby: Mr Trump doesn't drink. I've seen him interviewed. He lost a brother to alcoholism and he never touches the stuff. I believe he said he has never had a "drink" but I don't want to misquote. Just an FYI.

    • Bill, I watched the video and listened and he didn't skip God and he doesn't look drunk at all. What are you talking about? Remove the Hate from your eyes and mind and you can see clearer.

    • Did I miss it?? What did he do that was unthinkable? I'm so lost right now. Thanking the band?? I thought that was just regular manners. Can someone clarify the mind blowing thing he did after the performance? I noticed he left out God in God bless the USA. That was insensitive but not mind blowing.

    • WRONG — I am well EDUCATED, and my FEAR is GONE –NOW that we have a man who LOVES our country and will PROTECT our country and did not NEED to do this in the latter years of his life…. The only people to fear are the likes of the haters of American, and what we USED to stand for, and the past trashing of our Constitution… ****but thankfully that man is OUT of office as of yesterday!!! …. and all you minions — well — shake it off… you lost… GOD — G_D — JESUS — CHRIST — Savior — -Redeemer —- Lord of Lord — King of Kings – dig??? (in case Lee missed God..)

    • WRONG — I am well EDUCATED, and my FEAR is GONE –NOW that we have a man who LOVES our country and will PROTECT our country and did not NEED to do this in the latter years of his life…. The only people to fear are the haters and destroyers of American. Trump will, hopefully, restore what America USED to stand for. The recent trashing of our Constitution and jeopardizing our country's security is over..!! **** (thankfully, the perpetrator of that is OUT of office as of yesterday!!! )…. and to all you minions — well — shake it off… you lost… GOD — G_D — JESUS — CHRIST — Savior — -Redeemer —- Lord of Lord — King of Kings – dig??? (in case Lee Greenwood 'missed' God..) We Christians know it was divine intervention that Donald Trump is our President. yep!

  16. I am watching from our Territory in the South Pacific with tears of joy Mr. PRESIDENT..AND YOUR FAMILY..VP PENCE AND YOUR FAMILY..we thank God for You and will continue to pray akways for you and for America. Psalm 33: 12-22. in my krayer today He gave me that word. Be blessed.Just thought I share this. When I was in Jerusalem I saw a T/shirt with these words and it touched me as we prayed with about 155 other nations for America..specifically lifting you up..the words were " Dont worry America, we (israel) got your back"

  17. Brings PRIDE back to our wonderful country. Thank you so much for bringing that feeling of pride and greatness back! God bless!
    My heart just flipped when they showed this wonderful veteran singing!

  18. Really what did he do for the people. Obama Care is going to put everyone in medical crisis. We need a true plan that takes care of the poor and the elderly but not at the expense of the hard working middle class. Get the money from the gambling, Vegas, Boomtown, and all the other Casino like 10 precent is all that is needed from the money they make and that would provide enought money to pay for the medical care of the poor and the old and the 21-26 year old groups. Obama is not and never was the president of my choice but I showed him the respect he deserved why can't you do the same.

  19. I worked a 18 hour day today got home and saw this video. And for just a moment, realized why I do it all. I'm proud to be an American where at least I know I'm free.

  20. Whether you voted for Trump or not, if this didn't give you chills, sorry but you aren't a Patriot. Anyone who has served in this Country's Armed Forces, thank you for standing up to keep her free. As a Vietnam Vet, my oath has no expiration date. No better Country in the world. You don't think so? Well why would you stay here. Go to the Country that you think is better, go ahead.

  21. Yes, that was, IMHO, THE magical moment of the night especially when Trump walked out of his bunker to shake their hands and hug a few. Awesome. Human. Patriotic.
    I'm CANADIAN and I am SO proud of my neighbors for FINALLY coming to their senses and voting for this guy despite ALL the hogwash the lamestream media threw at him and told you who you HAD TO vote for!!
    Remember PIZZAGATE!!!

  22. This is MY COUNTRY, land of my birth; This is MY COUNTRY, grandest on earth; I pledge thee my allegiance, AMERICA THE BOLD; for this is MY COUNTRY TO HAVE AND TO HOLD…!!!

  23. I feel like an American again! Today God smiled down on America once again! Today is a God thing for America and it's people! I'm proud to be an American where at least I know I'm free! I thank all the men and women who fought for our country! Thank you Lord for this day, a new day is dawning!

  24. Hey Bill I am none of the people that you mentioned but I did vote for Mr. Trump am a very proud that I did !!

  25. I am not American , but am so proud of president trump for being a passionate and loyal American willing to stand up for what his country so desperately needs , such a great role model for all future presidents , god bless you and all that participated in your inauguration

  26. America loves you Trump. The spirit in we Americans have been revived with hope because of the values you stand for and the principals we can't go without any longer… God blessed the U.S.A once again.

  27. As a veteran of the USAF I am so thrilled to see our President stand up for all Americans. God bless president Trump and each member of his family and God bless American and I just pray but those that do not see that God's hand is in this will open their hearts and realize this man is exactly where he is supposed to be according to God's plan for his life and for the lives of all

  28. This will go down in history of how much we fought to have Mr. wonderful Donald Trump as our President of the United States of America and we are proud we love you President Donald Trump.
    God Bless You.

  29. This was the beginning of a new era. We have patriotism, love for our USA. He has promised to re-build America. We have to be supportive and collaboration from all of us will be necessary.

    Today, while the pomp and circumstance took place. My heart was jumping and tears were rolling down my eyes full of joy! What a moment!

  30. That was awesome! I watched with tears streaming down my face! The same as I did when they played this the day I graduated boot camp to fight in Desert Storm!!!

  31. I never thought I would luv an older white American man president (media hates them) like I did Ronald Reagan but I fell for Donald J Trump (lol!) seriously i've become a basket case when I see our PE wave, or tweet, or say something on camera because I know God gave him to us for such a time as this as He had given Ronnie for that time. I was young than now I'm older and have lived through such horrors like Clinton and Obama. Thank you Lord God YHWH for hearing our cries, groans, our prayers and Abba protect Trump, Pence and their families, give them supernatural wisdom, discernment, knowledge and courage to lead this our nation/country to peace, prosperity, unity, and charity in Yeshua's name, Amen!

  32. Maybe America will regain the PRIDE it had when Lee Greenwood first sang that song! BEAUTIFUL!!


  33. The Good Lord has reached out an blessed us once again. God has touched President Trump an answered America's prayers. I can once again say that I am proud to be an American.

  34. I am a proud American and want to thank this video. I love it. We all need to send it to the Officials who refused to accept the people choice. Shame on them. Time to vote them out.

  35. Trump doesn't drink bill Lazenby you are a self righteous bigot and an assswipe look in the mirror you will see an idiot and an unamerican liberaLs like you and Obummer are what is ruining this country

  36. This guy is the worst… I'm embarrassed for our country and yes I'm a republican so I don't want to hear how I'm whining because my candidate didn't win. I may not have agreed with every decision Obama made but atleast he represented the country with grace.

  37. Thank you, President Trump for being who you are. Thank you for the blessings this country will have now. God forgives stupid people and we need to too. They will just have to see what you can do,. I have all the faith in the world for you. Let get going on making America great again.

  38. I was so proud and when Trump stepped out and shook their hands showed his love for America I was almost in tears. America is on her way back and we have a leadeer now that loves her as much as we do and will stand tall and strong for America just as we will stand tall and strong for him and America. God Bless America and Gove Bless President Donald J. Trump.

  39. I'm 54 and I got choked up and misty eyed for the moment, love and respect for this country. If you don't your probably not an American!!

  40. You know I am a Christian Bill Lazenby. I have never been so ashamed of some people I thought were Christians. They constantly belittle, make judgements about a man they don't personally know, and define not what he will do, but what they think he will do. How do they know these things. They are certainly not in Jesus's teachings. Even if I do not believe in everything every politician says I try to watch what they do. My grandpa said, if you don't know a person, just watch what they do for a while. We haven't watched what he can do, because he's not President until today. He doesn't truly have power until then. QUIT judging and watch.

  41. If America blesses God again, God will bless America no matter who is president. For the first time in eight years, I am looking forward to what is in store for our country. God will make America great again through the help of Trump, but we have to put God first. In God we Trust.

  42. My son has joined the army..I am leaving him in your hands Mr. President…your decisions will affect his life…make them count!! #GODBLESSAMERICA#Greatjobleegreenwood

  43. If he really loved America he'd step down and let someone with knowledge of how to lead a nation AND act like an adult step up to take over

  44. God bless Donald trump and his family. He is giving hope to the people. I have been praying everyday and will continue to pray for him and his cabinet to help our country and the world dd

  45. Whether you voted for Trump or not, he is our president now. We have a duty as Americans to support him and respect the office. I am all for accountability for public officials, but name calling and slanderous remarks avail nothing. The entire eight years Obama was in office, I did the same for him, only objecting to his policies rather than judging him personally.

    Let us ALL make America great again by coming together as one nation.

  46. Thank you Paris for noticing that! ….. this is a man who loves the United States and knows what communism is doing to it, even though most of those who are angry don't know they have been converted to communism.

    God bless the USA!!!!

  47. Somehow we missed Lee Greenwood. So glad this was posted. It is a tear jerker for sure. Except for one thing. THANK YOU STUPID ASS YOUTUBE FOR SPLATTING INAPPROPRIATE PHOTOS ON TOP OF THE SCREEN SO I COULDN'T SEE WHEN TRUMP CAME OUT TO THANK MR. GREENWOOD. Guess that shows you which side of the aisle YouTube is on.

  48. I believe God so loves the USA that I believe that he chose an in-perfect and simple man this time to be his voice and give us, his people strength to help us get back to having faith in him and our country. I hope that all of the Trump haters that are God fearing people read this and think about this real good. Our Lord has the power and will do anything, and I mean anything, so to cast a shadow of doubt on anything that takes place in our world, how can you really be sure he does not have his hand on Donald's head? It seams so many people have and will take the risk…

  49. Not since Reagan (who I served for in the military) have I been so Proud to be an American, Donald J. Trump has awakened that sleeping GIANT that is the American PRIDE that has been missing for years. God Bless You Mr. President Donald J. Trump and God Bless America.

  50. I'm all for President Trump. I hope he does a fantastic job. But what about anything that he did in this video, was "unthinkable". He shook the artists hand that was paid to perform for him? Is that considered unthinkable these days? What word are you going to use when someone ACTUALLY does something unthinkable. Sensationalism at its peak.

  51. I'm proud to call myself an American. I was ashamed of the way the last president treated some of the representative from other countries, that have been our allies for decades, with disregard and disrespectful manners, all the while bowling and rubbing elbows with our enemy's, the very people who wish the American People dead! Well, God Bless President Trump and God Bless America!!!

  52. So proud of President Trump for his love of American and how he is not afraid to show it. It was also a wonderful moment for all of us who also love this country too. GO TRUMP TEAM!

  53. Not one person of color there. Disgusting. We are so screwed. If you voted for him, I hope you come down with a "pre existing condition" and see how much you like your guy then. Oh, and the jobs you think he will materialize with? Those jobs are gone. You've been punked. Fools

  54. Those of you who don't agree that we once again have a President that BELIEVES IN GOD AND THE PEOPLE of this GREAT COUNTRY need to spend at least 5 years in a third world country! THEN, IF you are still alive after 5 years we MIGHT let you back into the mighty USA.

  55. True American????? Get over it, DJT has already brought back thousands of jobs before taking office. You will be happy as time passes and realize just how lucky we all are to have a President that is working for us. Now, working with Rand Paul they will create a health system that has no lies. I will give some credit to Obama for trying to do this, but with Pelosi and Reid working on it you got garbage. Health care costs big bucks but if a plan is possible they will get it done because they have brains. I'm being nice to you because I have friends and relatives that are Democrats and treat I treat with respect and tolerance.

  56. I am a Christian and I knew America needed to change the direction it was going. I prayed daily to God for discernment. God laid Trump's name in my spirit. I started praying that God's will be done and that is where I am leaving all my concerns …in God. I pray for divine protection for our leaders and God's Will on their lives. I believe in God, I believe in God's will, I believe in God's perfect timing, and I believe in the greatness of America.

  57. I saw some of the comments on here " we are free now" haven't we always been free? He sang along with the song, why is that unthinkable? Isn’t that normal?

  58. THIS election was an act of GOD! You don't think so? well, how about rigged voting machines, George Soros, 90% of the media against Trump, Illegal voters by the millions, FAKE threats by women who wanted to bring him down, A video 30 YEARS ago! Protesters who burnt neighborhoods, attacked people and who blocked highways! And don't forget the Communist snowFLAKES! ALL of this, and He over came ALL odds against Him and STILL WON! Thank God and the patriots who voted for Him!

  59. He lip synced the last line of the song. If that was supposed to give me chills and make me excited that he's going to be president, it was an epic failure.

  60. While I didn't vote for Mr. Trump I am still proud to be American. We live in a great country where we have a democracy and while voting may not always go our way we still have the right to voice our opinions. We have amazing men and woman who have sacrificed in many ways to protect us and our rights. At the end of the day, regardless of political affiliation we help each other out and come together as a great country. I hope it doesn't take a catastrophe for us to come back together.

  61. Thank God
    A president that speaks from the heart, he listens to people, if President Trump does for America what he has done in his personal life, America will be Great Again very soon! Ty Trump / Pence

  62. It was nice to see TRUMP knows the words of the song ,without a TelePrompTer. I do karaoke and write poetry, so I have to use one so I DONT CHANGE LYRICs when singing impromptu in public.

  63. Lee Greenwood, you did a fabulous job of getting out the feelings of everyone who voted for Trump. It was a beautiful and emotional time for many of us that have been waiting for a president who obviously felt the patriotism and prid in this country. About time! Thank you President Trump for bringing this to the front of today!

  64. It's finally the 20th and we get a new president, one who is going to take good care of the United States of America with our help. We must stand behind him and be strong it will take a lot of work to pull us out of what Obama did to us and the United States of America. Just don't know how he's going to pull us out of the doubling of the national debt that happened on Obama's watch. I just know that he's going to do it and we're going to be on his side all the way, as well as all the other things that need to be done.
    I'm looking forward to the rest of the day and all the things that are going to be happening it's going to be a wonderful beautiful day. I think God for everything that he's given us God bless the USA

  65. It is ashame you have such a distorted view of life. You must live a very sad depressing existence, I will pray for you to have dreams invading your sleep to change your heart. Amen

  66. Exactly what I was wondering. Did it come from Facebook? I believe our country is full of traitors and they are in some very high positions of authority. Although, hopefully, Donald Trump will take office shortly that does not mean our country is out of the woods as far as chaos, rioting, sabotage and terrorist attacks. I pray God will protect Mr. Trump and those who honestly have our country's best interest at heart.

  67. Bill Lazenby,
    It shows me the kind of person you are when you, resort to name calling of people,who feel different and voted for Trump.
    Could you not express your opinion, with more intelligence than that. Sad you can not accept defeat with more dignity.

  68. Love God Bless the USA & Lee Greenwood, don't get what was so "magical" or special about Trump thanking him & his band for a great performance. Why do you say it shows up Obama? Seriously don't understand the "article", other then it trying to sensationalize nothing

  69. I'm sorry. I must've missed what Trump did thst was "unthinkable" and SO amazing.
    WTF was it?
    He thanked thr band…? What?
    Delusional freaks.

  70. I thought the video was cool, and yes, it is great to see the President singing along to a patriotic song. However… he just sang along to a song… I think this article was a little over the top. I cannot stand Justin Bieber, but at work they play his music and there are times I may mouth along to a part of the song. Is that a reason to say, "OMG! Such a Bieber fan! So amazing! You love him so much! So great!! WOW!!! All Justin Bieber fans should see this!! Stupendous!!" I am in no way questioning his patriotism. I like that he sang along and got into it. And believe it or not, I did not vote for President Trump, but I respect him, will trust him, and pray for him as he is now our President and deserves his chance just as ever other President has. Wanting him to do bad is like wanting your airplane captain to crash. Maybe he'll be the freshness America needs, maybe he'll get us blown up; I have no clue. I do know that he IS ALL OF AMERICA'S President and should be respected. If he does terrible, just don't re-elect him… problem solved!! But why wish him harm? Childish. But I do feel this article made it sound like the sun shines out his ass just because he sang along to a song… be proud, but tone it down a notch… thus is setting up for waaaay to many memes.

  71. Thank you Mr. President! From day one you are, and you have, and deserve the control of our country, the U.S.A! You my friend were born to be THE LEADER! God is already having your spot prepared for EXCELLENCE!! Thank you for bringing our God BACK to our Country and for defending The People and Our Right's! Job Well Done!!

  72. GOD put on people's heart to VoTE for Donald Trump… It was God that choose Trump to be our President. giving us all a second change in life, not to mess up again!

  73. First I want to thank you, PRESIDENT TRUMP
    for never giving up when so many made such
    cruel and unfair remarks about you. I was
    born in Canada in 1951 and was sworn in
    as an American citizen…a very proud moment for me in 1956. And today listening
    to Lee Greenwood and seeing you singing
    absolutely brought tears, many tears.
    You are a wonderful father, a wonderful person and I know you will be the GREATEST PRESIDENT EVER, IN THE HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.❤
    God bless you and your awesome family

  74. What an encouragement to all the true American patriots who had nearly lost hope under the last years of religious oppression. We are out from under the "politically correct" violations of our first amendment rights. This is the America I grew up in! Freedom of speech, and dialogue. We are guaranteed freedom of thought and opinion, and freedom to practice our faith openly without fear of

  75. I met with a group of Pastor's for the past year praying that God's will would prevail.
    Must be God's will that he has been voted in.
    Perhaps our country will be faith-filled hopeful & loving once more. Keep praying that Donald & his team of leaders make sound & wholesome decisions for all Americans. Lord, keep him safe & protected from the nastiness spewed in some of these comments. Amen!

  76. Pardon – Bless the USA – just who did you think would do that? Turn on the radio when a song plays you like – you sing 100%? ALL depends when the song OR when the "word" or words grab you – you are out there – for sure.
    God BLESS America – God bless our new POTUS and his family – find something positive to do or say – this is America – United we stand – divided we ALL fall ❤️

  77. So, not surprisingly the UNTHINKABLE act is just saying Thank you (oh, you are right, that is unthinkable for him, sorry, because that means that he acknowledges other people are in the world! For a Narcissict that IS unthinkable.). Nuclear arms, cutting the arts, putting guns in school, trying to take away our first amendment rights by making protests illegal, cutting health care to millions while the house, senate and congress get 100% life time health care. This is NOT someone who loves AMERICANS. I agree with Bill Lazenby. This article promotes the divisivism and hate that Ompa-lumpa ran on. "The Liberal media will have…". All that the dude was doing was singing and saying thank you. If you think that is UNBELIEVABLE, then your Barr is set REALLY LOW!

  78. We have a responsibility.

    We have to rise to the ocassion, do out part.

    It is about deducation, support and The Presidents' most overlooked characteristic – his honesty.

    We see his outrage on poorly delivered promises – we do not understand why he is so upstairs on failed promised.

    It is because he has always attempted to deliver…..On Time & Under Budget.

    Let's do our jobs as efficiently.

    That's all he asks of those gainfully employed.

  79. Hundreds of thousands of patriots, the most by thousands that we have ever seen at an Inauguration. America is now back on the map, this time, to stay!

  80. If you don't like PRESIDENT TRUMP….. please make everyone happy.
    1. You can renounce your citizenship.
    2. Leave the country
    3. Don't come back when you don't have
    the same rights in your new country.

  81. I'm a Retired SGT US Army, two tour Vietnam Veteran (Navy) when President Trump was sworn in I got chills and in by bedroom wept with joy. The Lord YHWH heard our cries and responded to our lamentations. We the people have an opportunity to overcome the vile remarks, ridiculous accusations and become one nation again. My prayers are with this new administration to succeed and flourish and to put aside our differences and work as a united front against those that wish us to fail. ~Chaplain, VFW Post 239, Bremerton WA.~

  82. Thank you Lee Greenwood ….this song has touched our hearts……May Almighty God Bless President Trump and our nation…..we are called to be prayer warriors for one and all! AMEN!!!

  83. thank you lee greenwood for give us a true meaning of today give thanks tobgod for all we have an for a president who wants to give smerica back to us an jobs back. god bless america an god bless president trump i am proud to say i beleive in you And know things will change as a singel mom of a learning disablty daughter its been hard but things looking up.

  84. The working class now have hope where there was none before. We were betrayed by Obama completely, not to say prior presidents were that great. Remember trickle down, that great sucking
    sound, NAFTA, and don't forget "world order" preserved for the 1 percent. And remember this, it is not
    the man, he is only the messenger. We still have a long way to go, and don't forget to drain the swamp.

  85. Wow people are crazy!! Look I'm a Bernie bro, but voted for Hillary.. I honestly think President Trump is a jackass! I scratch my head at the brutality in which he attacks anyone that opposes anything he says, has done, or does… do we really feel this way? With that being said I hope he's a good president and does right by US bc we all win! My fear is the President lacks the morality and integrity to do so.. I hope I'm wrong!

  86. Praise God! TOUCHED ME DEEPLY!!!!
    Words can express how proud I am to be an American today…Gods bless the USA° GOOD BLESS THIS LAND!

  87. I was watching the inauguration, I don't know who makes up all the crap that comes up but I did not see President Trump make that face. Didn't happen! So happy that he is our new President.

  88. Yeah right Trump put Obama to shame oh my god how stupid can you people be. Obama is leaving the White House with 60% plus approval rating Trump is going into the White House with the worse approval rating in history at 40%. Oh and to top it off only 250,000 attended the inauguration one of the lowest recorded Obama's first inauguration had over 1.8 million in attendance. Only thing Trump is going to do is embarrass our great Nation and we will be the laughing stock of the world. Well done you simple minded people.

  89. i love this! i am SO proud of Trump&proud to be an American! God bless all his supporters&hope the non-supporters finally give him a chance,Gd bless Trumps&vice President Pence&familys&all that will be working for^protecting them.

  90. I was somewhat taken aback by this video. The audience is almost 100% Caucasian. I saw no African Americans in the audience whatsoever. Wow. That says something….

  91. That was awesome. i am so glad we have someone who loves and wants to build our country, bigger, better with integrity. Prayers will be with him everyday ti do the best he can.

  92. Bravo President Donald John Trump you've made me so proud today!!!! Mr. Obama would have never even thought of this song and I doubt if he could understand the pride we feel now for YOU!!!
    Let's make America great again. I have hope. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
    Regards Terri Geis

  93. I cried watching this knowing that our country is now in the hands of Someone with no experience in politics. I mean look at the great people is has working in office for him. Guns are needed in school because of grizzly bears. Are you serious. That's right God bless the USA because we need it now more then ever.

  94. I once had a foreigner I worked for that use to be in defense. He kindly told me that if you live in America you should be rich. Then proceeded to tell me how he got a scholarship to come to America, then brang his neices and nephews here after he helped them get scholarships and grants. My husband and I have worked since we were both 13. He's a coal miner. I voted for Trump because he is gonna take care of us first! If we quit letting everyone in this country maybe the ones who are from here won't have to scrape to feed our family and pay our bills !!! Need help on the wall I have over 100 cement blocks I was saving to start a house but will gladly give them up to help start that wall!

  95. We are on our way out of the grave the last administration dug for us. We now have a leader who is not one of the political two faced kind we have had as the chief for so many years. I'm excited to see what a new way of doing business in Washington is going to look like. It's got to be a vast improvement.

  96. I'm so glad I voted for him he got me out to vote I hadn't in many years last time I voted he won now this time I voted trump won and I'm extremely happy what a beautiful family we haven't seen since the kennedys!

  97. Mr Lazenby have you ever sabg a song but didnt know the words to the song verbatim word for word, umm must not have but then again I forgot you're probably a bitter democrat. Aren't you?

  98. My prayer without sounding critical is that this country doesn't revisit a race war, no matter WHO is in office. They have to be able to lead without breeding hate and aggression. If Trump is the man, so be it. I have no issue. But I am worried he's a loose cannon with an ego.

  99. There is no words for Bill Lazenby, other than we Adorable deplorables will pray for you. Sorry you have been so brain washed by the politicians & the news media, you can't tell when a real American has become president of the USA. Of course if you are here illegally, you have reason to be concerned.

  100. BAWACKO took his last luxury ride today in the helicopter,from now on it's ride the Chicago transit line with the rest of the home boys,happy to see them go.

  101. Donald Trump is the best president that the U.S. Has ever had. He definitely got my vote. Anyone who thinks that Obama was a good president. Has a serious problem. What we need to start working on. Is when his 8 years is up. We need to get a petition signed. By everyone to keep President Trump in office. As long as he will agree to stay.

  102. And I guess Mr. Lazenby your in a category all your own super dumbass category. He's gonna be the best President since JFK. but your up on your high horse and can't see that as of yet, but you will. Your just a hater!

  103. Absolutely loved this! From the song, to the crowd, the precious veteran and how emotional Trump was. I pray that Trump sticks to his speech and doesn't just talk the talk but actually puts action behind his words!!!

  104. At the beginning of this song, when Lee walked out on stage, Donald Trump stood and clapped,. It was his way of showing Lee Greenwood respect and his willingness to put someone ahead of himself.

  105. One think is to love a country and other is to love the people of the country. For the people was that JESUS died. JESUS commanded to love one another. HE didn't says to worship man. All men fail, the ONLYONE who does not fails is JESUS. If we really wants to see this country bless and great, we need to LOVE JESUS, keep HIS commands and love one another. NO MAN can make this country great. ONLY JESUS CAN. I see a lot of hate here in these comments. People have taken their eyes away from The ONLY GOD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST and worship money, human been and the thing of this world. Everyone who put their trust in man will be very disappointed.

  106. Great except at the end of the video when Trump stood up to talk to Greenwood (I think) some stupid pop-up for other videos for CNN & some topless woman blocked the screen & I couldn't see the end. How stupid & infuriating.

  107. You know I feel if you can't say something positive then you need to not say anything at all. That was my daddy's philosophy when I was growing up and if some of you still had any sense about you, you would follow this rule. We have tolerated a man we did not vote for for the last 8 years without rioting and slanderous remarks. Raise your standard and do the same for our new president. God bless the USA

  108. From the Lakes of Minnesota….. So sorry there was no response for you. It's not very often that I am ashamed to be from here, but that moment made me feel ashamed. There is (in this order) the Star Spangled Banner, God Bless America and then there is Lee Greenwood…God Bless The USA. Good call Trump.

  109. I am not fearful, an idiot, nor am I a bigot and I voted for Trump. As I and all the rest of America can see from all the news coverage, those that voted for anyone else other than him are hateful, destructive, and non-patriotic flag burners. And btw, God is love so what would you know about Him?

  110. As I missed 95 percent of the inauguration cause I was in surgery and sicker than a dog afterwards, watching our President loving America has been the best medicine and given me a temporary break frim feeling so yucky! I am proud to have my oldest son serve in the United States Airforce with you President Trump as his Commander in Chief. God Bless you Mr. President!

  111. God bless you all for saving our country and I know that once we are great again we will help other countries to also be great too ! With peace and love and kindness our world will blum and flower and grow and seed the world with love !

  112. He was a most personality filled Prsodent we have had in my life !

    I love that he joined in with the people !

    I have total faith in you for the Lord guided me to you ! Mr. President, YOU the best of the best. ❤️✨ All these items they wore go straight to a museum! Rightly so ! ❤️✝️ 2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣7️⃣#MAGA

  113. Overwhelmed….President Trump and The band with Lee Greenwood was just what we needed to close this wonderful day. God bless the USA. Thank you for letting us see these moments in time.
    I'm happy again….what a day to remember. ❤️❤️❤️❤️God bless the us all.
    Karen from Linwood ,Michigan

  114. Coming from the communistic "paradise" – 1968 I took my oath and become American Citizen – that day I was so proud to be one of the good American people – That beautiful feeling came back yesterday after OUR President Trump took his oath – thank you God !!!!!!

  115. It feels good to have pride in America again, it's been sorely missed these last eight years. I thank God for the change, and I pray for his favor on our future.

  116. So so very proud of our country and our new President and First Lady along with our new Vice President and Second Lady. So so very proud of Lee Greenwood for performing at Trumps inaugeration. Thank you Lee Greenwood you are a true gem.

  117. Meanwhile, in other parts of Washington. Other's are burning cars, smashing Windows, ripping up the town, and throwing rocks at cops. All because their proud to be an American?? For shame..

  118. Dont start spewing religion my friend, when you clearly have labeled everyone…you people (haters) are the epitomy of what you say you dislike about Trump a d his supporters. Hippocrate. And i will not group you, i will say it to you one by one. Even the Obamas themselves did not acknowledge the Clintons and they were right behing them. And i have to give them points for attending..if Hillary can be civil why cant you. Oh ya then youd have nobody to be angry at but yourself.

  119. I don't know how people could talk President Trump down after that song and the way people were so touched. We need to find a way to unite and get the people that hate this country out or something. To read the comments the people were making and one ass can change the feeling. I wish I knew which comments to skip.

  120. Why do some people have to change the feeling with there negative comments? Free speech, I just wish I knew the comments to skip. The feeling that song gives is so powerful for the people that believe the words should not be altered with negativity. God bless the USA and thank you Lee and President Trump for making that feeling possible.

  121. The song was owsome!! But still wondering what did Trump do that was sooooo amazing!? Singing along!? Hugging the singer!? Give me a break

  122. "After Lee Greenwood Finished Singing God Bless the USA, Trump Did The UNTHINKABLE!"

    Did he release his tax returns and divest himself of his businesses that create conflicts of interest?

  123. It's funny how the people who preach "tolerance" and "respect" show zero tolerance, and are downright rude and evil when they don't get their way. I respected Barack Obama while he was in office, not because I agreed with his neoliberal policies; but because a sitting president is deserving of some respect. I'm happy that Trump is now our president and I'm happy that He is trying to reinstitute patriotism, meritocracy, and values back into the American psyche. For your information, I'm African-American and there are many like me from diverse backgrounds who love America and voted for Trump. We are your worst nightmare because the racist/bigot card doesn't work on us!!

  124. This video brings goose bumps, tears and total joy, knowing we the people have the chance of seeing America be GREAT again. As a former Marine, this has been long past due. God bless you President Trump and the USA.

  125. When Obama was elected they told us to rally around our president like him or not. I guess that only goes one way , you people who didn't vote for Trump I guess you didn't understand our disappointment in the last election
    but we went on in hopes that it would be over soon"not soon enough"but finally it is, so it's your turn to buck up
    and take it butter cup, stop whining and do something to help your self and the country be whole again.
    Only in this free country our we able to speak our thought and still be free.

    Love America and God Bless us all.

  126. I thought it ironic that on the last day of his presidency, as he was waiting to board the plane, I actually SAW Barack Obama SING the national anthem. Actually SING it! I about fainted. I've never seen him do that in 8 years of t.v. coverage!! Guess he did learn something!!

  127. I am soooo proud of our country and our new President Donald Trump. Thank God he was elected over Hilliary. He will save our country. I got chills listening to this song and watching the President responding to it. He is just what we needed at this time in history and God provided.
    Thank you.

  128. Obama has accomplished a lot considering that he had the most hostile Congress and Senate in the history of this country. The Obamas never had a single controversy in their many years at the White House. But some Trump supporters don't realize these things. Now I see why Trump loves the poorly educated. They're so gullible and easy to fool.

  129. I think it is about time the entire country quit this bickering. It is what it is, and no one can change it! It's done, it's over; Donald Trump is our President now! Deal with it! The ignorant protesting can not change anything! Git your head out your ass and contribute to society! My only question for President Trump is "What took you so long to get here!"

  130. Love this song. Trump was so moved . Let him make America great again. All the protesters need to give Trump a chance. They are the people hurting this Nation. Love one another as God says. Hate gets you no where. God Bless Lee Greenwood for singing this beautiful song. Tears in my eyes also,

  131. I wish I was an AMercian with a great leader like you have in Trump….long live Trump. We in Canada are stuck with a foolish Kid for a PM. A total useless brainless idiot named Justin Trudeau.

  132. Bill Lazenby!1. You need glasses…He did not look drunk the hours he had put in was showing, also his Love for this country is showing. 2. Don't think you have any idea what Christians would be thinking of or proud of. Last but not least look at the three adjectives you used to describe those who voted for Trump. We have been accused of fearful, try a new word in its place fearless (as we have been threatened if we vote for him.) Really not idiots we can see and understand who the idiots are as their speech betrays them for what they are (don't have to call them names although I can think of some very ugly ones my mother of years ago would have brought out the soap and used it to clean out my mouth). I was brought up in Texas and Louisiana I am now 78 years old) I have many Mexican and people of color for friends. Guess what as far as I am concerned take your list and stuff it until you grow up and not shoot your mouth off and not pass judgement on others. Just a suggestion. God with God (if you believe in Him).I have probably forgot more than you will ever know!

  133. I'm so PROUD to have Donald J. Trump our New President!!! I slept really GOOD Friday Night knowing that we have our New President and that he really cares about America and about the Americans… I voted for Trump and I'm very PROUD of my vote… I feel like we have a chance to be free and stay free…

  134. I am proud to call Mr. Trump my President! I praise the Lord for enabling him to win the presidency and now as our President! We will be proud Americans once again. Praying for you President Trump!

  135. I can't believe there are so many people that are sore looser or haters of Ametica. If you can say anything nice, then keep your thoughts to yourself & pack your bags. Go to another country you know is better. If you can fine one.

  136. SO let me get this right .. Trump mouthed the words "God bless the USA" and that makes him so much better than Obama (one of the greatest Presidents this country will have or has had. WOW .. Mark this day down in history .. oh wait .. it will be as the worst inauguration in the HISTORY of this country. Since being elected all Trump has done is to continue to campaign and not do a SINGLE thing presidential. Watch what happens in the next 4 years. America will REALLY need to be made great again after Trumps presidency!

  137. That song has always made me teary up, today more than ever, especially coming off of President. that wouldn't even properly pledge the flag. And the elderly VET…. OMG!

  138. The heart fills with relief and hope. The Jewish people await the imminent redemption and the culmination of the goal of creation. We strengthen the hands of the new leader of the free world and ask almty Gd to guide him successfully to cleanse the land of murder and injustice and to find the divinely inspired strategy to bring the world to a new height of truth and light.

  139. As a retired Army veteran I must say, this is the first time I have felt good about America in a long time. God Bless America


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