AMERICA IS SAVED! Look What Hillary Clinton’s Friend Said She Will NEVER Do Again

Source: (Hillary) Gage Skimore - (Neera Tanden) Wikimedia Commons -

If you were looking to start your week out with some good news then LOOK NO FURTHER! Today it was announced by one of Hillary Clinton’s best friends that she will NEVER run for another office again.

When CNN’s Jake Tapper asked Clinton’s buddy Neera Tanden if she was gonna run for Mayor of New York, her response was VERY clear.

I don’t expect her to run for this and I don’t expect her to run for other office. I think her job is to — what she’s thinking about right now is how to help those kids and families as she has her whole life.”

Now tell me that right there does not float your boat and make you feel great. Tanden would probably know pretty well considering she helped run Hillary’s New York senatorial campaign before heading up policy under the Obama administration.


It looks like after DECADES of causing trouble for this country we have finally seen the last of Hillary Clinton. Does this mean she will quit being a thorn in our sides? Probably not. But at least she is DONE with governing. Share the good news with your friends!



  1. Hillary helps kids??? Then why does she go to Orgy ISLAND with her OLD MAN and they rape the children Jeff Epstein has there!! Then she has her Child Sex Ring, with Satanist John Podesta!! We also know she "gave the order" to Butcher Ambassador Chris Stevens.. She was ordered by Saudi's. They gave her 400 million from their GOV. They own her, and think they Own the USA…That is why they keep saying, they will take our homes!!! Make NO mistake…if she had been Elected, we would have been taken Over already! Obama is ready, but thought she would win…then he would have given the order to the UN troops, and ISIS killers they both created!!

  2. Shillary is sick, physically and mentally, so I believe she will not be a candidate for anything. She is a living nightmare and needs to stay home and give everyone a break. Although she could take Schumers place and become a Senator again so she could be part of the Senates Democrat girls club. I would think to hold a high office you would be required to do some amount of work for your constituents. Work takes energy and she would have drink a lot of Red Bull to get thru a work day.
    In spite of her Presidential run that cost 1.2 B she could still get elected, just to cause DJT headaches.

  3. Hillary has never helped anyone but herself! To say she will continue to help children is a joke!The reason she is not going to run anymore is because she knows now she will not win, I believe America has made it quite obvious we have had enough of the Clinton's and the Obama's, they need not bother us in the future! they are all liars and thieves.


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