After Refusing Trump’s Order, Starbucks Just Got TERRIBLE News That’ll Ruin Them…

Image Source: CNN

Democrats shed huge crocodile tears after 109 of the 32,000 foreign passengers were detained at U.S. airports this weekend. The fake news media isn’t covering the fact that Obama banned Iraqi refugees for six months in 2011 and Democrats didn’t say a damn thing.

Starbucks Corp CEO Howard Schultz said that the company plans to hire 10,000 refugees over the next five years.

According to Bloomberg, Starbuck’s CEO Howard Schulz said that the company will hire 10,000 refugees over the next five years in response to Trump ordering a suspension of refugees into the U.S.


Starbucks is in direct conflict with the immigration ban and will do “everything possible to support and help them to navigate through this confusing period,” said Schultz. If Starbucks decides to hire employees based on nationality that is against the law.

That violates U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission rules, according to The Gateway Pundit.

Image Source: EEOC

According to the EEOC: “Under the laws enforced by EEOC, it is illegal to discriminate against someone (applicant or employee) because of that person’s race, color, religion, sex (including gender identity, sexual orientation, and pregnancy), national origin, age (40 or older), disability or genetic information. It is also illegal to retaliate against a person because he or she complained about discrimination, filed a charge of discrimination, or participated in an employment discrimination investigation or lawsuit.”

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        • I sure wouldn't don't taste that good i rather have Folgers or Maxwell Buck's is to high for coffee anyway so that door can close down

      • I hear you and if we could really hurt the man at the top I would agree; however, we would hurt the young people I see in my local Starbucks. They are just ordinary folks and may not have had time to read about the CEO. I recommend we push to make sure he does not do it based on the laws on the books. It will also hurt the franchisee, who has invested in your local store – that person is not rich, usually barely making a living by the time he/she pays franchise fee, rent, labor and all other associated costs. You have to use the current labor laws and if he tries I believe those who should will stop him. Tell your senators and representatives if they want your vote, no illegal hiring!! It has to be done at the top. Boycotting always hurts the regular folks!! I replied to one of my senators yesterday, when I received an e-mail stating he was going to vote against the President's pick for education. I told him not only did I not vote for him last time, I will be working against him in 2018 every chance I can. Our votes can do wonders and starts with a few willing to step forward!!

        • Refugees have special standing when it comes to being employed by US companies. The government gives the free food, free housing, free medical care, job preference (the government actually pays companies to hire them, and they pay no taxes. He is talking about hiring "refugees" because he can make a killing on 10,000 "refugees." His choice of words are music to the ears of the government. He is not talking about illegal aliens, or immigrants that came here legally.

        • And I agree with you on the point that in order to get to the guy at the top you may have to trample on some of those at the bottom! Normal folks as you called them. But here is what is very wrong about what you said.

          He (Schultz) can find a myriad of reasons not to hire someone and still manage to only hire mostly refugees, circumventing the EEOC laws. Many states are right to work states and those laws are barely enforceable. Also I don't know who told you that the franchise fees are so astronomical the franchisee barely ekes out a living. That is simply not true. Usually franchise fees are 6% and then 4% for advertising fees. We looked into several franchises a couple of years ago. Nearly all franchises are at the 10% range. Now have you seen the baristas lately? Most of them are tie-dyed heavily pierced and tattoed twinkie alt left progressives, the ones that protest against intolerance, yet practice hateful intolerance on a regular basis. Maybe they could use a healthy dose of their own medicine. Maybe some truth and enlightenment is just what they need. Lastly, we currently have active resistant TB outbreaks in multiple cities along with rare leprosy and bubonic plague. Hiring refugees and/or immigrants in food service would be detrimental to the public at large. So we need to boycott in order to insure that does not happen.

          • Good points. I see you have done your homework and you are absolutely right. Really wish we had a Black Rifle Coffee Company around here. Rather be around a more intelligent type of people anyway.

        • Boycott!!! If people don’t take a stand, the evil continues! The employees can get another job at a respectible place of business! If the owners practice this discrimmination, then they deserve to lose their business! By not putting money in the pockets of those that discrimminate, they will listen because just speaking out against them or protesting will only give them free advertising! The only thing that will really affect them and stop this practice is to take away the money! The owners that continue this practise should be put out of business!

      • Where did he say he would be Not hiring Americans?? This is the nonsensical bs that keep you GOPers looking like straight up haters, uninformed voters, and petty little people. Stop with this. This fools meme is a flat out lie. I mean you did read it, right??? But if you supporting the Liar In Cheif, I'm guessing you don't care that silly Paris (racist, Islamophobe) is a liar as well.

          • Name calling nice! You must be another ignorant loser dickocrat! Don’t like being called names? Then knock off your crap and grow up! I hope one day that you or someone close to you loss out to an illegal, then maybe, just maybe, you will wake up! I doubt it!
            Btw, I have many Immigrant friends that have come here legally and are wonderful people. People that work hard and don’t want the illegals here either! Would and have hired many that have come here legally! In fact I promote one such lovely hard working woman who lives in Laughlin and I do not charge her because she is a hard working woman who deserves to have a better life! I want her to realize her dream and she has come here legally with her husband and famiy!

    • While I never go there in the first place, think about it… when Starbucks HAS the chance to hire those 10,000 refugees, they will be fully vetted, and actually have a job! They will be able to learn English at a faster pace, and will not be entirely living on our tax dollar. I will be happy to occasionally stop in there and ask for a glass of water!

    • Let's do this and not just talk about it. If we are going to take a stand against all of this craziness, we have got to prove it. This guy is an idiot. Boycott Starbucks, Movie stars. any sport that uses anyone in the halftime shows that berates or threatens Trump. If we want our country back, we have to do our part. Thanks

      • First is unlikely StarBucks corp is going to hire illegal citizens. But then lying on your application is quite common. No they cannot discriminate, and nobody else can either. Saying starbucks is not going to hire illegal immigrants. A refugee with a legal Visa or whatever, is not illegal. So much misinformation. Our country is open to all. So how do you screen terrorisim? Other than the FBI doing constant checks, there is no way we can determine what people do. You can be a terrorist and still pass all the legal checks, and have a clean record. But this does not mean we should go around judging everyone who looks suspicious…

    • considering muslim don’t use toilet paper i would guess they don’t wash hands either n death to the west they say so i now have 10,001 reasons not to go to Starbuck’s

    • Uh, no. These refugees that make it in the U.S. have had to go through 18 months-plus of vetting, including DNA tests. When they finally arrive here with a visa, they are not illegal aliens. They are refugees/immigrants. You or some of your ancestors immigrated here unless you are full native Indian decent.

    • Yes, they would be unless they can substantiate/document their reason for fleeing their country of origin (seeking asylum). Aliens are subject to host country laws pertaining to non-citizens. Legal Non-resident aliens require Visas or Work Permits. Resident Aliens require documentation. Aliens without documentation are in the host country illegally. Not all refugees are illegal aliens, but illegal aliens are illegal no matter how you look at it.

    • Not necessarily. If the government gives them work visa "green cards" and social security numbers, they can work legally in the U.S.

    • I have been boycotting Starbucks ever since their CEO, somebody Shultz said "..if you believe in traditional marriage, we don't want your business"
      I prefer the taste of Seattles Best …

  1. I am a Starbucks patron. Every morning before work. I have been doi g this for 2 years now. Well to.orrow will be the last time and I will let the manager know how upseting this is to me. Boycott Starbucks now.

    • Leesa, Dunkin Donuts coffee is excellent. Hope you are near one. Starbucks is very bigoted. They hate Christians and conservatives and have made public comments that they're not welcome there. I used to be a regular but then switched to DD and Paneras.

    • Don't let people's stuff mess with your way of life. They said they'd hire 10000 refugees in 70 countries over 5 years. This will only mean that 29 or so will be hired in USA. In 3 years they've hired over 8,000 vets and donated over5,000,000 to our soldiers overseas for stuff so they're only using their American rights to disagree with Trump leaving refugees out in the streets of the God awful places they're running from.

  2. "Starbucks is in direct conflict with the immigration ban and will do “everything possible to support and help them to navigate through this confusing period,” said Schultz."

    The above sentence is very weird, as if Paris Swade wrote it backwards.
    Additionally, this article lacks a conclusion. The author never mentioned the "terrible news" in the headline. Swade merely alluded to a law that Starbucks was breaking, but wrote nothing about any action Trump would take against Starbucks.

    • The bad news they are recieving is not of action from President Trump. The bad news is that the CEO of Starbucks just put Starbucks on the Labor Commissions radar as a labor law violator. Not only hiring illegal aliens but also possibly for discrimination as well. BOYCOTT STARBUCKS IMMEDIATELY, NOT TOMORROW OR THE NEXT DAY, NOW!!!!!!

    • Trump would let the AG decide something like this. If you knowingly break laws that is not just the act, but the intent…. and to say so publicly… how stupid can a CEO be?

    • If you would have kept up, then you would have known immediately following Starbucks stocks plummeted. Don't blame Trump, Starbucks did it to themselves.

    • Trump shouldn't have to do any thing. We the People should be able to take care of this one. Just don't buy from them. Don't buy anything that will pay anything back to Starbucks. Put them totally out of business. Real simple.

    • Starbucks is only breaking the law if they are hiring in the US, which is not the case. They are a global company with employees on every continent.

      Additionally, in the US choosing an employee over another based on status is illegal, but marketing jos to a segment of the population is not to encourage applicants from a population is not.

  3. "Starbucks is in direct conflict with the immigration ban and will do “everything possible to support and help them to navigate through this confusing period,” said Schultz.

    Paris Swade, did you write the above sentence backwards?

    • Yes boycott starbucks and going to the movie and buying music…..celebrities think they walk on water. and they have there walls around there homes and body guards (really) Just a bunch of S

    • They're discriminating against American workers by hiring illegal refugees – like any of them want to work. They just want all the free stuff that the taxpayers have to pay for. Boycott starbucks.

      • It's only discrimination if they refuse to hire American workers. Their plan is to hire 10,000 refugees in 75 countries. That obviously doesn't mean they're going to hire 10,000 refugees in the US and not hire Americans, so tell me again how this is discrimination. You boycott Starbucks people need to do a little research before going all crazy. Maybe start by getting your information from sources that aren't biased – so, probably not Liberty Writers News, Sean Hannity, the Federalist Papers, etc. There are neutral sources that might be a little more credible.

      • No they're not! It's no different then McDonald's hiring people with disabilities. BTW they can not hire illegal refugees because you have to be legally documented to hold job with them. So try again.

    • Basically what Mr Schultz is saying is "I have 10,000 jobs available in AMERICA BUT, unless you are a "refugee" you need not bother to apply." That is discrimination against any and all AMERICANS who are seeking emloyment.

    • It is discriminatory and against the law to favour "refugees" or illegal aliens over the legal local workforce available for hire. Millions of Americans have a right to work and are looking for work. I am surprised you don't know that "non-resident aliens" need a work permit. Just as you would need a work permit from a host country if you decided to work anywhere else in the world.

    • It is discrimination against other applicants because if two people apply for the same job and one is a refugee with no experience and the other is not refugee with experience, the implication is that they would hire the refugee just for that reason alone.

    • Hiring refugees over veterans or average Americans is at best anti-American and at worst treasonous and if you support that then so are you!

    • Because employers can not hire based on race or ethnicity and they point blank stated they are looking to hire a specific group of people for their business.

    • Discrimination in hiring is preferentially avoiding to hire (or preferentially selecting to hire) based on any protected status, including national origin.

  4. Boycott Starbucks. Don't buy their coffee in stores or their branded products anywhere they are available. I'm sure the lawbreaking liberals and Democrats will take up the slack that the rest of us leave behind.
    On second thought, this is foolish! Seeing as bias towards hiring an employee is reverse discrimination and is against the law, let the legal system take care of the bias of Starbucks. A proposed boycott of Starbucks, or any other company, would only work if everyone in the country was behind it, which obviously they are not. ALSO THIS IS JUST THE ATTITUDE THAT ALL OF THE IDIOTS PROTESTING TRUMP ARE DISPLAYING AND I DON'T BELIEVE ANYONE WANTS TO BE LIKE ANY OF THE IDIOT PROTESTERS.

    • But the majority is us and when you hit their wallet they rethink things. Just like when the troops sent a letter asking them to send some coffee and they replied we don't support the war I we won't send coffee. Haven't bought anything from them in years you may not like the war but those boys and girls are fighting for our country and you support hem

    • A boycott would still hit them in the pocketbook Christopher even if liberals didn't participate . They say they are in business to inspire and nurture……..bull, they are in business to make lots and lots of money. Why would they charge soooooo much for their products if that were not the case.

    • I dont like stsrbucks coffee this is an easy boycott. The ceo is a panzy snowflake that takes advantage of customers paying way to much for a cup of coffee. Hes greedy a communist.

  5. What? Are you kidding me? Starbucks to employ refugees instead of US citizens who need jobs? This is treason to discriminate against US citizens in the land of the USA. Shut it down! Boycott the idiots until the CEO is thrown out and a sensible person is put in charge of the company. If that does not happen, there are plenty of competition, US companies who will make good coffee, and employ local people, make no mistake.

  6. Boycott Starbucks!! I never thought they were all that and they are wayyyy overpriced! I'll get a $1 McCafe before I give them another dime!!

  7. I've never purchased a single thing at Starbucks because they don't support our troops. Now, with this moronic statement, we should all boycott this idiot who won't send coffee to our troops, supports the LGBT community and has stated he doesn't want your business if you support traditional marriage. His brain has to be twisted if he thinks America wants to be served his over priced products by Muslim refugees. WTF!

  8. I already boycotted Starbucks at election time because they weren't backing Trump, I think their overpriced anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. The refugees have to get a social security and working papers before they can be hired by anyone so who's going to risk his business to hire them if they don't have any legitimate documents Starbucks can hire or fire anyone as long with in the law but I'm surprise to hear these unnecessary comments from the CEO we have a new president and he's trying to give our children grandchildren our brave troops students and our Americans who's struggling day in and day out their unity and dignity back let's give him a chance and see where he'll take us you have to start thinking about our kids future show them how to be respected

  10. I boycotted them years ago when they refused to send coffee to our troops. Their coffee sucks any way. They use to many chemicals instead of real ingredients. Lets shut them down forever for discriminating against Americans. Idiots like this need to realize that President Trump is nust trying to protect our children from the radicals.

    • Except, well, they didn’t. It was a misunderstanding and even the General that put it out there admitted he was wrong.

      Trump is an idiot who wouldn’t know a radical if one jumped out in front of him. Where’s the protection against people who’ve actually harmed us? Shot up our schools? Pulled up vans full of explosives in front of federal buildings? I’ll wait.

  11. Don't just talk about it, and make posts on FB about it………..DO IT. BOYCOTT STARBUCKS! Encourage your family and friends to do as well!! This is how "we the people" can make a statement that the liberals CANNOT ignore. Hit them in the pocketbook, they will understand.

  12. Boycott Starbucks after I use up my gift cards I will not step a foot in Starbucks and I'm a daily visitor . Boycott starbucks …

  13. Boycott Starbucks!!

    So what was the terrible news Starbucks got that will ruin them?

    I boycotted them years ago when they refused to send coffee to our troops overseas! This is just wrong on so many levels!!

  14. I have spent thousands in Starbucks and have an unused prepaid Starbucks gift card left over from Christmas. Since I can't get a refund I think I'll donate it to the first homeless/ jobless veteran I see that should be getting those jobs. BOYCOTT! NEVER AGAIN

  15. When Starbucks becomes a Muslim hangout Obama and Soros can have coffee to further their plans to destroy America. Obama started this migration with one purpose in mind his precious home country to rule here in America. This post is in memory of the 911 victims.

  16. I use to take my daughter to Starbucks everyday I would spend 14 dollars I will never spend another dollar at Starbucks again ever there Not American!!!!!

  17. BOYCOTT STARBUCKS!!! I haven't bought starbusks since they first said they would not send coffee to our soldiers overseas. Didn't like them after that and I hate them now. BOYCOTT

  18. I am not a US citizen but I do support Trump so Im not sure how I can boycott Starbucks but inasmuch as I can I will I think your libs have gone outrageously mad

  19. BOYCOTT Haven't bought their very strong crappy over priced coffee since they refused to serve a marine in uniform many years ago. Only tried them once when they first opened.

  20. I cut my starbucks card and deleted the App. Will not be visiting starbucks or any other venue that serves starbucks products

  21. Boycott Starbucks!!!!! All for the Boycott coffee is gross and overpriced anyway. I also am Boycotting Saturday Night Live just not funny anymore and MTV all haters stop being part of the problem and get behind your Country and your President. People want to say the American way is a sinking ship so instead of abandoning ship and leaving or helping to fix the leak they would rather add more holes to help it sink faster. Wake up People Trump is trying to Fix American your the ones trying to destroy it.

  22. Boycott Starbucks any CEO who does something like this need separated. He is in the position for the stock holders and shame on them if they tolerate this kind of action.

  23. I agree, it's not right what they are doing. They should be more worried about our homeless veterans, living on the streets, that's fought for them, not people from another country. Our people should come first, then everyone else! Boycott Starbucks!!!!

  24. Boycott Starbucks! Let's make them lose money just like Macy's did after they banned Trump's clothing line in their stores. Their sales took a dive during the holidays thus losing a lot of profits. BOYCOTT STARBUCKS!!

  25. Starbucks stock holders should demand a change of management as this repeated bad behavior does not equate to more dollars in their portfolios. Most out of work folks may applaude this boorish attitude but don't spend their money for coffee when getting their oxy already cost more than they got!

  26. Starbucks plans to hire 10,000 refugees over the next 5 years in the 75 countries where they have franchises. America is only one of those countries and it's laws do not apply in the other 74. I don't even like their coffee but their pastries are good. They are also focusing on hiring the refugees who worked with our troops overseas who have been abandoned by us through this travel ban.

  27. Read the whole statement. Starbucks is hiring 10,000 refugees over the next 5 years in the 75 countries where it has franchises. America is only one of the countries and our laws do not apply to the other 74. They are focusing on hiring the refugees who worked with our troops overseas who we have abandoned. I don't like their coffee but the pastries are great.

  28. You people are slow. We started with a boycott of Starbucks when their idiot CEO told stockholders who didn't like his pro-homosexual agenda to get out of his company. He missed the point that he is hired by and represents the actual owners of the company – stockholders. This guy is an America hating businessman who has no idea how his company grew because of free enterprise and our American system.

  29. BOYCOTTING STARBUCKS ! I have their coffee every morning, NOT ANYMORE, Duncan Doughnuts will get my business from now on. What are americans not good enough for you to hire, we are at 15 % unemployment and veterans need jobs too, so u turn your back on us and hire people that are breaking the laws. Illegal…..means Illegal no matter how u spell it, and you are promoting for people to break our laws and will receive preferred treatment and hiring from you, Shameful aren't you. Are you a Muslim Or a Communist Company??? You are going to be blackballed by many, hope it was worth it ….as your profits fall and your stocks tank . LOL

  30. I have boycotted Starbucks for many years and will continue to do so they are ANTI-AMERICAN and I hope they suffer immensely they should be put out of business permanently

  31. I'm so disappointed what Starbucks is going to be doing. There's alot of our own AMERICAN PEOPLE who want to work, and they now want to hire illegal refugees! What the hell is wrong with this country. I starting Hating Starbucks because they didn't want to send our troops coffee over seas, and now this bull chap. I say boycott Starbucks

  32. I quit them when the the CEO said out second amendment needs to be Eliminated. I realized then that Starbucks has NO INTENTION of Americanizing itself and this lost my business. So I took back two bags of coffee to SAMS and let them know why. I hat all those who hate us. We. We'd to stand inprinciple together against bad people. Also chipotle burittos CEO said the same thing also. I don't eat their anymore.
    With Facebook mark zuckerman saying the things he is im considering deleting my account with them and removing Facebook from my family all together. Bw.

  33. I never like Starbucks, it is over price. I rather go to Wawa gas station to buy coffee or cappuccino. Shame on Starbucks.

  34. When finish the pound of coffee I have will not buy anymore, live on Social Security can't afford to throw away. I don't have to buy anymore. They are only hurting American, pitiful when a company cares more for terriotist than for the American people. Maybe Starbucks need to move to their country and live with them.

  35. I have never liked Starbucks anyway! Coffee is the worst I've ever drank and I certainly want pay their high prices to get it on a normal day. So I know I never will now and I will certainly spread this word when I verify that it's true for sure.

  36. You people do realize that Starbucks is a international company and hire all over the world? I dont think he said "In the United States"

  37. I'm still puzzled how can Americans drink that nasty coffee, I drink my coffee black so I can actually taste the coffee, with milk and sugar you don't taste the quality of the coffee and i can tell you as a coffee addict from Europe the Starbucks Coffee is nothing else but poison, try to order once a black coffee and have a sip, gross!!! Many reasons to boycott them!

  38. Funny all these people who never use Starbucks Boycotting them. How effective do you think that will be? The company is Based in Seattle a major Sanctuary City. This stance may well add to their business popularity in many of the places they have stores.

  39. I love me some Starbucks. Drinking a cup of French Roast right now. Wasn't going to buy a cup today, but decided to after I heard the news. Will do the same tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day (take the following day off to avoid excess caffeine intake), and then the next day.

  40. I would take the money you would normally spend on Starbucks and put it in savings to donate to the veterans who really need the help……say to DAV, PURPLE HEART, AMERICAN LEGIONS. …etc.

  41. Won't buy from them ever,they will lose customers fast. Do they realize how many American people support Trump. There stupid. There going to find out really quick.

  42. Ever since Starbucks announced a policy that prohibited open carry in Virginia, I've boycotted them.
    I have the proper documentation to conceal carry in the U.S. of A, but they don't want legally carried guns
    in the stores, then they don't get my money. Will happily spend it someplace else.

  43. It is a discrimination against Americans that you won't hire legal people of the US. There are thousands looking for work here in the US yet you discriminate against us the American people? Wow if that is not calling the kettle black

  44. Well I've had my last $5.00 cup of coffee, lol. I make coffee at home that is much better anyways. Hopefully people will take a stand against places like Starbucks and Panera Bread that don't support Americans, whether they are regular citizens, military or law enforcement. American's need to unite together and let the extreme leftists in charge of these companies know that we are sick and tired of the bs propaganda they are pushing.

  45. I also boycotted them years ago when they refused to send coffee to our troops overseas! Their CEO is a typical liberal thumbsuck. I have no use for them and neither should any other red blooded American! Starbuck's is not PRO AMERICA! Therefore, I am NOT pro Starbucks!

  46. This out fit refused to send our TROOPS coffee , or show respect or support when they were deployed a few years ago. The Troops asked for Star Bucks Coffee , CEO said no way, So yeah, I'll bad mouth and boycott Star Bucks for ever.

  47. The writer failed to mention that the hirings would take place in 75 countries world wide. But I still hate Starbucks coffee. I've never had one single cup that tastes as good as I make at home. I'm not saying my stuff is that great. But Starbucks sucks. Boycott! Everyone should watch the movie Ethos, they basically state that if we the consumer, vote with our dollars, by not buying product from companies when they do something we don't like, they will quit doing it. So boycott it is.

  48. Hiring 10,000 refugees???…
    When there are probably thousands of vets, unemployed,
    Disabled, homeless, that are needing work and should be taken care of first. Your move Starbucks………

  49. I'll boycott Starbucks, I never really liked them anyways. Books A Million and Barnes'N Noble coffee is way better, heck most gas stations have better coffer.

  50. Do the math. 10,000 divided by five years is 2000/year. 2000 divided by 75 countries they sell their overpriced products in is just over 26 employees per country per year. Sensationalism to pull in even more liberals?

  51. Boycott Starbucks.
    Before I retired from the Navy a few years back, Starbucks refused to send coffee to our troops. I haven't drank their coffee since.
    Boycott, Boycott!!!

  52. I'm all for the boycott..I have never liked that coffee anyway and thier prices are outrageous!! Bring in a demolition crew and tear all Starbucks down!

  53. All of u are stupid. This doesn't mean we will exclusively hiring refugees it means we will do our best to provide a job for legal refugees. Second these idiots that say we should hire 10000 vets….guess what, that will happen at the end of 2017. We have pledged this 4 years ago and hired 8,000 vets. U have to be a complete moron if u think that Trump is right for this country. It's not that I am pro hillary, but I am anti racism, fascism, and sexism and u r all pigs for supporting this fascist agenda

  54. I am against starbucks ,but they are not in violation of the of the EEOC ,Starbucks says it will hire the refugees ,and didnt say they wouldnt hire others also .

  55. Boycott Starbucks. If they can give jobs to illegals and not people like our Veterians then we the people should make them close.

  56. Typical liberal Jew he doesn't support isreal but he is going to pass right over Americans to hire refugees?? This is why these people are so popular all,over the world,not!!!

  57. All US corporationa who hire refugees get KICKBACKS from our federal government… who takes it from our pockets. If the refugee is on any type of public assistance… most are… the the feds help their employers pay the salary. WalMart, Starbucks, Chobani Yogurt and many more. They hire them at lower wages and get subsidized. That's quite the racket these people have set up for themselves.

  58. I'm a good card holder and I am not very happy with what your CEO had said. He needs to apologize!!! I will no longer be getting my coffee at Starbucks and might just call for a refund of my remaining balance.

  59. This is only one of countless reasons I do not spend my hard earned money at Starbucks. I have been boycotting them for about 3-4 years now. They should be hiring 10,000 veterans.

  60. The next AG will decide this issue if it becomes a Federal case. One has to wonder why a CEO would openly proclaim breaking a law, this is not just breaking a law, but knowingly doing so. Intent and forethought in doing so, and if followed through on should be a slam dunk for any prosecutor. Go for it.

  61. All the stink about hiring U.S.A CITIZENS. THEN DO THIS FIRST, STARBUCKS QUIT HIRING CHEAP LABOR !!!! It's a hidden "excuse " to be able to use their excuse for hiring from elsewhere instead of from within our country!!! Why go there and pay high prices for any coffee when u can go to the GOLDEN ARCHES FOR THE SAME THING AND GO HOME WITH PLENTY OF CHANGE.

  62. A few important details were left out of the article. Starbucks is hiring 10000 refugees worldwide over 5 years. In the US they will start by hiring refugees that aided the war effort like translators. You should also make note that Starbucks has a veterans program and makes an extra effort to hire them plus offers college assistance. Don't be so quick to judge and hate

  63. Wtf is going on in our nation? We have to protect our soil and it's people…yes even the snowflakes..Boycott is definitely in order though I do not get close to that place.Their coffee sucks and is overpriced anyway.

  64. It is so sad a company cannot voice an opinion etc unless one class of folks or the other gets pissed off….I am so sick of this kind of stuff…just so you know I am not a Drumpf supporter and never will accept him as president….

  65. BOYCOTT STARBUCKS!!!! How dare they refuse,to follow the orders of the President of the United States. I wonder what they would do if A democrap gave those orders?

  66. They put Refugees over Veterans and all Americans so as a Veteran I will never patronize a Starbucks again and as well as the affiliates they own :(Teavana, La Boulange, Evolution Fresh, Seattle's Best and Tazo Tea)… America First ……..!!!!!!!!

  67. BOYCOTT STARBUCKS! I have never cared for it myself but would buy gift cards for my children. Not anymore. Sorry I will have to find other gift cards.

  68. Sorry if you work for Starbucks because you're probably be getting laid off because they're probably going out of business thanks your CEO maybe if they would fire him it might just save your job Starbucks worker

  69. After many years of buying my coffee there, I will definitely be BOYCOTTING Starbucks. Doing away with their K-cups also. Dunkin Donuts is where I will be purchasing my coffee.

  70. Really Starbucks? You you will do this for the refugees. Why? When we have so many unemployed and homeless Americans, many of which are our veterans. Those are the people you should be giving 10,000 jobs to. You will never get my business. BOYCOTT STARBUCKS.

  71. Turn your back on Americans, we will turn ours on you…Good by Starbucks, go to another Country and start one there!✌✋✋✋

  72. I haven't bought a cup of coffee at Stasbucks in six or seven years, because of two issues; (1) the coffee is too expensive, and (2) it doesn't even taste good…way too strong for me. So, boycotting Starbucks is not a problem for me. This whole issue of them committing to hiring 10,000 refugees over the next 5 years makes me sick.

  73. Boycott Starbucks! Their coffee tastes like a song, bitter cup of oil! I have only had Starbucks once and that was enough for me. It was awful! Our military isn't missing out on anything but it is just the principle of supporting our troops. I refuse to buy anything from a business that is so anti everything military, religion, charity and decency and most of all Anti American!

  74. Boycott Starbucks!! I applied for a job with them a few months back, but they didn't hire me! If they have 10,000 positions to offer, I should have had the job!!

  75. They were in bad w/ America's anywayh for not sending g coffee to the troops overseas; what is their problem?? They clearly are not for Americans why do people go there and over pay anyway!!!???

  76. I'm not a big fan of Starbucks. But I am a big fan of real (as opposed to FAKE) news. I don't see anywhere in this post where it is mentioned, they were going to hire them worldwide.  I did read that somewhere.  If that is true, then this is fake news or at least misleading news and should be ignored or at least called out.  I believe, if they are in other countries, they are not obligated to hire Americans.

  77. I don't go to Starbucks all the time but do enjoy from time to time. Sad but I stand with the USA and putting Americans to work #BOYCOTT STARBUCKS
    Ps.. good luck getting these protesters to buy your coffee and not destroy your stores!

  78. So Starbucks decided to hire 10,000 refugees in next 5 years and you say they are discriminating. Did they say they are hiring only refugees and no other people? I understand that would be discrimination. So what happens if in next 5 years they also hire 20,000 veterans and 100,000 American citizens? Does that still mean they are discriminating?

  79. Starbucks is a wold wide company. They could hire enough refugees in other countries and never hire one in the US. They are a reputable company that pays their employees well and provide benefits that exceed those provided by many large companies. Perhaps you should listen to the entire message before jumping to conclusions.

  80. Boycott starbucks. Easy for me because they cost to much for most Americans and becsuse I lost respect for them when they are willing to hire these immigrantswhen there are many Americans without jobs.

  81. Starbucks is way overpriced and I hardly go there anyway, but refugees go through a thorough vetting process, and are here completely legally.

  82. I have never been in a Starbucks or had one of their coffees because I think they are way overpriced and overrated. Now I would never consider having something from Starbucks. If these left loonies think all the things they are doing because their crooked candidate lost the election is going to make a difference to the rest of us they really need to examine their lives and see what they are getting out of all the crazy things they are saying and doing.

  83. I love Starbucks coffee and will continue to go there. It's not overpriced and is by far the best coffee there is. My experience will be much better without all you knuckle heads being there. You people should read the full details of this story before having an opinion about it. You won't appear so dumb.

  84. The sad truth is that if they specialize in illegals, they will sink their own ship. Its a complicated business to hire uneducated people to serve the richest of the rich. I think Starbucks overestimates their coffee their clientele and their future employees. People are still going to want the best coffee with the best communication, the least hassle and the fewest Health Department infractions.


  86. My problem is that why would they give work to people coming when there are so many that are already citizens and can use a job? It's like feeding another family while your family is starving!

  87. Boycott Starbucks is easy. I hate their products anyway. While we are at it, let's Boycott every new release in the theaters. Let the box offices fail. If the actors don't get paid because the movie flops maybe they will shut up too.

  88. Boycotting works, people.
    Remember Target and the he/she bathroom??
    They lost $21,000,000 million in the four quarter last year.
    Pass it on.
    Boycott movies, too.
    Just wait til they come on Netflix.

  89. Starbucks must not realize they are not coming over here for jobs. They want to live off our money because they feel it is owed to them. Boycott Starbucks !!

  90. Grow up people! There are more important problems in this country than wether you will go to Starbucks! Give that money to someone who needs it!

  91. Lots of local coffee shops around. Support them. We need to keep the grass roots foundation of this movement solid. Support your city or town, support neighbors.


    In 2013, Starbucks took on the commitment to hire at least 10,000 veterans and military spouses by the end of 2018. It has now hired more than 8,000 since making that commitment. The company has also shipped 60 pallets of whole bean coffee and more than 175,000 sticks of VIA instant coffee to troops serving overseas.

    Additionally, the Schultz Family Foundation has committed $30 million to help veterans with the challenges associated with transitioning successfully into the civilian workforce.

  93. Sooooo, he's saying that he is going to take thousands of jobs from Americans to give to immigrants (who will not have the documents required by any of us wanting to be hired in the US)? I don't buy Starbucks anyway.

  94. This is not discrimination because if you read Howard's original letter, which is publicly available, the initiative is for the recruitment process, not the hiring/interview process. The same initiative is already in place for veterans/veterans' families and for inner-city youth. This initiative is also taking place in all countries where Starbucks stores are located, not just America. Besides this, Starbucks is continuously donating coffee and holding clothing/canned food drives for natural disaster affected areas (West Virginia; Louisiana; Flint, Michigan to name a few I've participated in) and sends coffee and supplies to military bases around the world each Memorial Day and Veterans Day. I encourage you to truly research a company before hastily boycotting based on company values, but more importantly, I encourage you to read original sources before making judgements, no matter the subject matter.

  95. I did years ago they would not support our service guys and gals so they can go screw them selves and drown in that nasty tasting Over priced stuff they call coffee


  97. To all the above airhead who seem to have no ability to read and understand news; Starbucks has aways had a policy of hiring Vets. and will continue to. They will hire refugees, OUTSIDE the USA territory. They are world wide. I doubt that they care if you boycott them, anymore than thy did the Psudo Christians who boycotted there christmas cups.

  98. This is kinda like Hire for Kill; don't cha think? All these refugees want to do is kill us and what a perfect way by putting these terrorist in charge of the American people's drinks. OH wait!!!! Poisoning the drinks is too easy……they get their joy by cutting off heads!! I hope Starbucks have to shut their doors.

  99. They are so over priced so it won't be a problem to boycott them. McDonald's has very good coffee & doesn't over charge for it. Another thing we can do is if a lot of people (American's) apply for jobs with them & don't get hired, we could report them to the EEOC Commission for discrimination. They would get fined by the EEOC. If they did hire you, you wouldn't have to take the job unless you needed the work. Turn this BS right back around & make it fall right back into his lap. Screw him.


  101. Of course he is going to employ refugees over Americans. Yes boycott Starbucks, I do feel sorry for the people that are employed now, I am sure they didn't realize what a nut they have heading up this company. !! Another Liberal bleeding heart that is always on the wrong side of right !!!!!

  102. I'll continue to Boycott them. Started boycotting when their CEO told the public if we didn't support their views go somewhere else–well, OK! BOYCOTT STARBUCKS!!!!!

  103. I will Boycott Starbucks, For not sending coffee to our troops and for the crap of hiring illegal immigrants personally they are over priced and the coffee sucks…I'll stay loyal to my own coffee at home I make better coffee or I'll go to Dunkin Donuts… United we Stand Boycott Starbucks

  104. Screw Starbucks they had a pay it forward program going on and the only one it benefited was other people that could afford Starbucks

  105. They would rather hire someone who is not a citizen and give our kids a chance to earn money? That's disgusting And on top of that break the EEOC,s law that has been put in place to protect against discrimination? Now that criminal and can and should be prosecuted to the utmost possible extent of the law. I encourage everyone to boycott Starbucks…………….NOW!

  106. The CEO said a few years ago that Christians can take their money elsewhere if we didn't agree with them, so I did. This just verifies my decision.

  107. A lot of Americans are out of work, especially our heros who fought for this country. I suppose these freeloading immagrants takes presence over our heros. Starbucks, you are an American company. Should have taken care of our own.
    I don't have to boycott Starbucks, I don't go there, if I am going to pay 3.50 for a cup of coffee, I'd better be getting something else with the coffee. I am a WaWa coffee guy.
    For the person complaining about the writer for this article. First off he is writing for the net, not a reputable news organization. Secondly he claims to be the best writer, NOT. A legend in his own mind. If he is going to tease people with a hard lead or title, back it up and do not ignore it.

  108. Are you serious?!
    The statement was 10000 worldwide, not in the United States.
    You all are pretty ignorant if you read one half written article and make a decision based on that.
    This is only one major issue with our country, ignorance.

    Us "liberals" have a much more solid understanding of the law, where you sheeple just want to find reasons to hate.

    Cheer up and stop being angry. If Starbucks wishes to hire refugees around the world, who are we to make assumptions and "boycott" them?

    Fact check yourself before you wreck yourself!

  109. You people are idiots. Apparently you are clueless to the fact that Starbucks is a global enterprise and Schultz's statement is regarding hiring refugees WORLDWIDE, not just in the US. But, of course, we're only concerned with US Citizens. Yeah, boycott Starbucks because they are discriminating against us in Italy and Japan! Idiots..

  110. I don't use Starbucks Coffee anyway but now I have even more of a reason not to beside their horrible tasting coffee. I am a Folgers girl for life! BOYCOTT STARBUCKS! NO PROBLEM!

  111. A couple of times a week a coworker buys sbux for us in the office, I will now say no to free sbux. It was also our go to weekend coffee, regularly buying a bag of their french roast at Costco and enjoying a relaxing freshly ground cup Saturday morning, no more sbux. It's time for their management to feel the sting of lost revenue and falling share prices. Time for them to learn that their anti Christian, anti Conservative rhetoric is anti American and anti Canadian. Time for them to realize that you can't keep shoving their liberal doctrine down our throats without repercussions. I have drank my last sbux. Say it with your dollars, take them elsewhere.

  112. BOYCOTT. STARBUCKS!! Not only is the Service is not good,the coffee is terrible n they are over priced.I will not support someone who is breaking the laws.My friends have stopped going there n they have chose Dutch Bros.

  113. Chili's tried a similar shenanigan by stating they would found Planned Parenthood with a portion of each meal purchased. Well, that went over like a lead balloon! They had to back down due to the backlash. Let's lash out against an overrated coffee chain. Starbucks Sucks!

  114. Use your brains and boycott all you want, but this article is ridiculous. Starbucks is a global company. US employment laws are only valid in the US. The refugee hires will be in Europe, Asia, Africa, Canada, South America and other parts of the world where it is legal.

  115. Did you know that Starbucks is a major employer for veterans??? Boycott away and let the 230,000 US citizens who currently work there that you don't think they need work. Im mean the refugees they hire over the next 10 year would equate to leas than 5% of their workforce. But yes by all means boycott.

  116. No more starbucks…. I don't trust people who hate america so much to serve me drinks…..sorry, not in the mood for poisoning.

  117. I'd love to boycott them,it's just hard to when you don't drink there overpriced crap anyway.They will never see me buying any of there products.

  118. Obviously reading is not a strong suit for the majority of the commenters. Planning to hire 10,000 refugees over 5 years is not discrimation of Americans. Now if someone can point out that he said he would "only hire refugees" then there would be a valid argument. Otherwise his statement still leaves it open for American to apply as well. Also refugees can apply for work Visa's making legal as well. I'm guessing ignorance is bliss.

  119. This guy is an idiot!! Do you know how many Americans need and want work? Hire American citizens first, you asshat! How are you helping the problem. You are creatinine a bigger one. Go get a fluffy pillow and call your mother, you big baby!

  120. Boycott STARBUCKS!!!!! There are unemployed Americans citizens that need those jobs. This is exactly why we have got to get this immigration crisis under control. Go Trump! Protect our boarders, keep our citizens safe, and provide more jobs for the American people!!! America first!!!

  121. Quit buying years ago…last time I was there, those people were hard to understand and the coffee was awful, will never go back…so over priced….

  122. It says it is illegal to DISCRIMINATE. Starbucks is not discriminating against anyone. They are offering help to someone in need.

  123. I would like to point out that the action states that you can not DISCRIMINATE based on nationality. What kind of dimwit thinks hiring someone in honor is their nationality is discrimination…?

  124. Boycott Starbucks! Still….their CEO is a piece of work that needs a bunch of work! One sad icon of Seattle
    Deplorables Power!

  125. No more starbucks or anything manufactured or grown in Mexico. Next step, not going to business' owned by George soros

  126. Support Black Rifle Coffee Company. Veteran Owned and a portion of proceeds go to benifit Veterans Organizations and Law Enforcement.
    Besides, they have GREAT coffee.

  127. Liberals look on the outside, look at your ethnicity..what you wear, what color you are. That's what they call racial tolerance..they look on the outside and say..oh, he's a white guy, or he's a black guy. Its all externalized. They dont judge you by character, and that's the problem. Inevitably Starbucks will hire someone who hates Americans, but pretended he loved us. One day, in a bad mood, it will be ."Take your coffee, infidel!! I'm not going to remake it. Too bad!!" Unvetted refugees will slide into Starbucks like Trojan horses and disrupt the culture "I'm not waiting on her..She's a woman. Or she cant give me orders, She's a woman." "I wont serve that ham (or bacon or sausage sandwich)! It is unclean!" (Sadly, they''l take away our bacon.)

  128. The EEOC is intended for legal citizens not illegal aliens . Twist it anyway you want it still comes out the same . Only powerless if you sit by let it happen .

  129. Boycott Starbucks! This is what happens when big corporations think they will "show them" and go against what WE THE PEOPLE want!

  130. He would rather give jobs to refugees than AMERICANS that sounds like an ANTI AMERICAN sentiment, I hope his business goes bankrupt in AMERICA, leave and go somewhere else WE THE PEOPLE do not need your coffee or ANTI AMERICAN attitude in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, put some of your money into helping AMERICANS you scumbag!!!!

  131. hey Conner dumb ass for sure this company does have the right to hire vets too, huh, as well as disabled poeple too, huh, oh yea but they don't why is that : answer Starbucks gets money for hiring refugees well Trump will deal with that too soon to come

  132. It IS, however, legal to discriminate against people for whom employment in the USA is illegal. IE: Illegal Aliens are, by law, not allowed to work in the USA. Therefore employing them is also illegal.

  133. Boycott Starbucks! I'm not a fan in the first place. Any coffee you have to disguise with a lot of sugar, flavored syrup, and whipped cream is just not good coffee. Coffee brewed at home is just fine for our family, thank you very much.

  134. Oh heck no, my husband buys starbucks every day, since he's not suppose to be drinking coffee anyway this is an excellent excuse to stop, BOYCOTT starbucks LET THEM FEEL IT NOW, NOT WAIT TILL THE DAMAGE IS DONE. AND TAKE MISS LIBERTY OFF OF YOUR CUP YOU TRAITORS.

  135. Boycott Starbucks , as I have forever. I have never went in one. I always had a funny feeling about the liberal anuses.

  136. Holy doodoo, starbucks is is in trouble, it took me a day to get to,the end of the comments. I have always boycotted Starbucks, now I hope they file for Chapter 11.

  137. I always said ," It will be a cold day in hell when I buy coffe at Starbucks". Jdamit, F bomem. There, how's that for creativity?

  138. I'm confused, where in the pledge to hire 10,000 refugees does it say Starbucks will start NOT hiring non-refugees? They also pledged to hire 10,000 veterans, should we have read into that as no more jobs for non-vets?


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