BOYCOTT GENERAL MOTORS! They Just Released a Plan for Mexico that Made Trump FURIOUS

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Donald Trump has done a HELL of a job bringing back jobs to the United States since he won. We have already seen Ford and Toyota and Carrier and a bunch of other BIG companies end their plans to move to Mexico and even make NEW jobs here. General Motors, however, is still leaving!

Y’all may remember how Trump came out against them on Twitter for their initial decision,

While most companies agreed to stay, GM just gave Trump a big old middle finger when CEO Mary Barra announced they would be moving there ANYWAYS!


If y’all don’t remember, back in 2008 President Bush gave GM $17.4 Billion in taxpayer money to bail their dumb asses out after they ruined their own company. Now, as a thank you to America, they are moving jobs to Mexico? That’s just sickening.

Apparently, General Motors is not afraid of Trump’s proposed tariff on crap shipped in from Mexico. So let’s give them something to be afraid of. Every single American who wants to see jobs back in this country needs to immediately boycott and sell off ALL GM car brands including:

  • Chevrolet

  • Buick

  • GMC

  • Cadillac

Real Americans buy cars made in the Untied States of America! Share this everywhere to make the Boycott go Viral!

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  1. Instead of being a dumbass and boycotting the whole company, just don't buy the models that are made in Mexico. By boycotting the whole company you're just hurting the GM jobs that are still here and encouraging GM to find ways to save money, like shutting down plants and putting more Americans out of work. THINK, you mindless sheep.

    • Not a bad point. But keep in mind it's not gonna affect the jobs as much as GM as a corporation. They're leaving the US because of extremely strong regulatory issues on auto manufacturers. Just as many other corporations and Trump himself when he would have products made in China. Taxes are way too high on corporations rules and regulations are out of control forcing any corporation and Business minded people to go outside of the US for manufacturing so they can continue to operate. Drop the taxes get rid of useless regulatory laws and keep these corporations in the US equals jobs! I say tax products coming back over from Mexico or other countries. These countries tax us? Keep our corporations operating in being financially stable and they will continue to flourish and create jobs for Americans. I believe the majority of corporations are seeing the bright light and will participate. I also believe very few will leave anyway and suffer the consequences. Probably due to hating Trump for reasons of their own.

    • I too have 2 Chevys & & have bought GM products since 1965 , but no more they took money from the government because they didn't do business correctly. I'll buy Ford next time.

  2. Well there goes GM's market share gain in 2016. And I sell GM Trucks. I am ashamed to here this. GM! You better wake up or you are going to lose you asses again. And that will affect hundreds of thousands of jobs. Your liberal greed will be your down fall and every American who works for you will suffer for it. Shame on you!!!

  3. I already boycotted GM ever since they took bail out money.
    What do you expect GM is being run by an Obama appointed zar.

  4. If we charge GM $500 for every Chevy that comes back across the border, they might reconsider. If not, then oh well. We are not buying Mexican crap GM.

  5. If you don't buy those models from Mexico it won't matter what wages they save, they won't make any profit. Lets stick together people. Buy either a different model or completely different brand. I like the GM vehicles but I won't buy one if they can't make it in the USA period.

  6. I'd never own a trashy GM product. … they make nothing but garbage and now there moving some products to Mexico I think there even more of a joke than before. .. I can't stomach this worthless company.

  7. My last GM car was a 78 Olds. That was the year that CEO Roger Smith told the press that GM had decided to compromise quality to make more profit. I see that this corporate culture is just as corrupt today and then. Personally, I have determined that Buick is the best division of GM.

  8. It's not only that with GM ask the company based in Flint MI. How they complained about the parts getting tarnished by the Flint water. So they got hooked back up to there original water supply. While thousands of people in the city of Flint still have contaminated lead water..
    Way to go GM

  9. I will never buy again a GMC I buy ford , it's like we folks of the USA don't need job, I will tell and explain why not buy General Motors

  10. I have canceled my plans to buy a Chevrolet product and will not knowingly buy any other manufacturers product that has moved out of the USA for the sake of a little more profit.

  11. Given that America just elected Donald Trump, I ahve no plans to buy an American car until he is out of office at the very least.

    This includes GM and Ford in their entirety.


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