BREAKING: Mark Zuckerberg’s HUGE Plans for America Just LEAKED! Facebook Was Just the Beginning

Source: (Mark Zuckerberg) Brian Solis - (America) Wikimedia Commons -

If you thought all the things Mark Zuckerberg has been doing over the last few years seems a bit more than “just business”, you were right! Now several of Zuckerberg’s close friends have confirmed to Vanity Fair that he has been grooming himself to run for President of the United States.

One of his friends reportedly told the magazine,

“He’s been incredibly careful about cultivating a specific type of persona over the past few years.”

Not only that, though. Apparently, his colleagues constantly like to say “he (Zuckerberg) wants to be emperor.”

Zuckerberg even made his goal of 2017 to “Spend significant time in every US state and get to know the people there.” This is no coincidence after seeing Hillary get CRUSHED because she ignored so many Americans.


This is not a totally far-fetched concept, either. By using Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg has managed to amass more wealth, power, and influence of media and social structures than almost ANY world leader alive today.

So would he be a good leader or bad leader? Well, only time can tell. One thing is for sure, though. Zuckerberg has all the tools and talent at his disposal to rise to power and change the world in ways most of us could not even imagine!



  1. If Mark Zuckerberg wants to learn about people for future leadership, why is he considered part of the Elite, One World Mafia, who's agenda is power, greed,etc. Not a good foundation. Money, only, & computer talents do not necessarily make a good leader.


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