BREAKING: President Trump Is Banning ALL Immigrants from These 7 Countries!

Source: FOX 10/ Wikimedia Commons

This is what we have all been waiting for. Donald Trump has finally taken the most important step to fighting ISIS by issuing a blanket ban on ALL Immigrants and refugees from these dangerous Middle Eastern Countries:

  1. SYRIA

  2. Iraq

  3. Iran

  4. Libya

  5. Somalia

  6. Sudan

  7. Yemen

His ban on Syria will ban ALL US states from taking in Syrian Refugees for the foreseeable future. It will also make taking in refugees much harder until we have more intensive vetting processes.

According to Daily Mail,


To block entry from the designated countries, Trump is likely to instruct the US State Department to stop issuing visas to people from those nations, according to sources familiar with the visa process. 

He could also instruct US Customs and Border Protection to stop any current visa holders from those countries from entering the United States. 

Sounds like a pretty solid plan. We cannot continue to let these 2 decades of terror attacks by Islamic nations continue and Trump is aware. This is not about freedom, it’s about survival.

So, with these new 2 Executive Orders being signed in tomorrow morning and a bunch of Marines heading our military and intelligence, Trump has finally set us up to defend ourselves for real!

(H/T – Daily Mail)



  1. This has been going on for a long time and it needs to end. It's like a cancer and when it starts flowing threw the USA, It will destroy America.Many have cane on Obama's watch. Hopefully it's not to late.

  2. Thank You Mr. Trump– as I grew up this was a Christian Nation somewhere is seems politicians have done a lot to try and change that. You have my support and I pray God is with you me this counrty

  3. Now Mr. Trump, don't cut the buget for our missiles, and our fighting equipment for our guys to be able to fight the war on terror. We need all of it and more so we are prepared and are able to win this war. The more you cut, the less we will have. We have been 8 years + without building for defense and we need to get it up and going again! We need to get the country under our control again and it will take everything we have. I praying that our might God is listening to our prayers to talk to your heart and do the right thing. Bless you and your White House!

  4. Excellent idea except for one important fact: It is the Muslim males that are the dangerously deranged mysogynist psycho criminal types that endanger civilizations, not the apostates, Bahais, Christians, Hindus, Jews, Kurds, Yazidis, women, or Zoroastrians that are fleeing from them. Better to take those who will gladly reject Islam or were never a part of it and block only Muslim males without exception. Just saying…. Islam's victims, including escaping slaves, need refuge from them.

    • President Trump listens to our strategic military men, So of course this Ban is for protecting us first. We cannot accept new 'refugees' from these 7 places because they vow to get here to kill us from within. They believe in lying to twist their 'peaceful religion' to sneak in as a 'refugee'. Our POTUS knows best to follow other countries to ban these 'refugees' until we stop the ongoing war abroad. Our $19 T debt is a weakness. They need to seek refuge in an island that is rich in resources to support these fragile families, Have you seen What's happening in Germany? They are now weak with Gullibles accepting Sharia Law: rape, genital mutilation, behead Christians, no-go zones, 9yr old brides.

    • Your comment has interested me.. would kindly mention what Muslim training camps you are talking about? Who is training them, and why?

      • This is fact. Search YouTube. There are many in the US, nearest to me is about 3 hours away, on the western shore of MD. There is much video and information available. It's been known for quite some time. Just search Muslim (or Isis) Training Camps in the US online.

    • My God do you have blinders? What has he ever done for this country over the 70 years that he lived on this planet that would make you believe such nonsense. He is a narcissistic psychopath incapable of feeling anything including the loving of his own children. Please enlighten us!

  5. Thank you President Trump. "America First" is sending this message World wide. Another great order. With you as our President, we couldn't be in safer hands. God Bless America becoming great again.

  6. You go Mr trump we stand behind you be side you all the ay thank you for all you are doing to make our country a safer place to live please stop them from crossing from the South too we don't need to support any more

    • You do realize that there are many Muslims living in the United States who've actually had to work hard in order to get their permanent resident status and green cards, right? Are you basing your comment on Muslims you know? Because I know a lot of Muslims who have worked really hard to get into this country. I also know a lot of NON-muslims who are incredibly lazy and just like to live on social assistance and smoke weed all day. I don't know any Muslims who do that actually! So why are you so quick to judge them? What an ignorant comment you've just made.

    • You do realize that there are many Muslims living in the United States who've actually had to work hard in order to get their permanent resident status and green cards, right? Are you basing your comment on Muslims you know? Because I know a lot of Muslims who have worked really hard to get into this country. I also know a lot of NON-muslims who are incredibly lazy and just like to live on social assistance and smoke weed all day. I don't know any Muslims who do that actually! So why are you so quick to judge them? That's a bit ignorant don't you think?

    • You do realize that there are many Muslims living in the United States who've actually had to work hard in order to get their permanent resident status and green cards, right? Are you basing your comment on Muslims you know? Because I know a lot of Muslims who have worked really hard to get into this country. I also know a lot of NON-muslims who are incredibly lazy and just like to live on social assistance and smoke weed all day. I don't know any Muslims who do that actually! So why are you so quick to judge them? That's a bit ignorant don't you think?

  7. Great. But what about the ones that are already here? Some scoring Sharia law in some cities. An old woman citizen was evicted in Oregon and froze to death, but government is paying 3500 a month plus some kind of per diem and all medical for migrants. They don't work and they complain about everything. I'm so sick of hearing them demand Sharia law I could puke.

  8. What about those OVER TWENTY Islamic terrorist training camps INSIDE THE U.S. BORDERS? What's going to be done about them? DHS is aware of them and are doing NOTHING.

  9. He has left out Pakistan, mother of all global terrorism..And safe haven & breeding ground for global Islamic jehadi terrorism.

  10. They can still get in through the long border with Canada, which is unguarded. Trump must convince Canadian Prime Minister to respect his ban and do likewise.

  11. Thank God, President Trump has rational perception of the danger we are exposed to when we accept entry from Countries that are known hotbeds of terrorist activity and countries that cannot provide trustworthy vetting information.

  12. There is no such thing as Islamophobia. This is a group of religious nuts, who have been at war with every single country and people, since their inception. This is a religious group that believes that they can, and must cut off the heads any one and every one who will not bow before islam. And they have in fact cut off the heads of hundreds of thousands of people, and continue to do so into the present. This is a religious group who has raped and murdered tens of thousands of men, women and children, and continue to do so daily. This is not a phobia…this is a historical fact.

  13. Thank God for Trump! He should have added Saudi to the list as they teach their children that all Christians should be killed!!!

  14. The barbarians must surely regrets their barbarism.
    They destroy people without remorse, slaughter people like animals without reason and yet their own life is precious and worth living.
    God bless America.

  15. It is about time, I'm sorry for any good person from there countries but the truth is that their beliefs is radical and dangerous for any country that doesn't have the same belief and they train from very young to hate and kill who ever is not Muslim. Therefore, they should stay out of our countries for our and any one's protection.

    • Hi Mercy. I escaped from Iran and love America. But I don't remember ever being "trained to hate and kill who ever is not Muslim" as you say. I understand that Americans need to protect this country from terrorists, but we should stick to the facts. Iranian culture, upbringing, and version of Islam don't encourage violence or hatred of Christians or Jews. There is a lot of negative propaganda against Bahais, and that is sad, but not others. These are the facts as I see them, knowing what's going on there directly.

  16. Praise the almighty Father God for this brace man. If only our Isis loving prime minister wiener Trudeau would donlike wise. My prayer is that some how President Trump will involve himself politically with that lump Trudeau and help us here in Canada. Mind you we have the same pathetic absurd vagina wearing moronic women protesting that their legs are open for Syrian rapests to arrive, so I don't know aside from God really breaking into our nation what the answer is as our election is still more than 2 1/2 years away.

  17. By this decision,Trump proved that he's the dumbest politician in the American history! Simply because most of the members and followers of those terrorist groups are Saudis and Kuwaitis!!
    While this idiot called Trump knows very well that Israel and his country stand behind the creation of those groups to serve the Israeli interests.
    The question is:Who benefits from the criminal acts of those groups??
    Israel is the only beneficiary and the Arabs and Muslims are the only losers

  18. He needs to stop reacting and defending every thing the media says and reports about him, they are making him look like a ass. Silence is golden. They know he doesn't like to be criticized , and instead of ignoring the remarks he try's to correct it, adult bullies.

  19. It's great for him to be following thru with his promises! Now if he would do away with the IRS and establish a national sales tax and do away with income tax it would be incredible. That way, everyone pays their fair share of taxes.

  20. 9/11 done by Saudhi Arabia. Iran is a Asian Country.There Islam is Against Suicidal Terrorism. Tamil Sicidal Terrorist must include .

  21. In the past when we took in refugees they had to go to a camp of sorts to be evaluated and checked out on who they was. A quarantine and we now know this should have been done, they have brought back into this country some horrid sickness's that we need to stop before it spreads like fire. Polio, TB, Aids (which is scary since they love to rape women and pass it on.). I think that the ones already here need this as well, we need to know who is here and what can be done. However, there is muslims that have been peaceful, productive and such in this country for longer then this whole mess has been going on and I do think they deserve to stay as long as their peaceful and understand, we dont give a rats ass about allah and their religion nor will we wear head coverings no will we not own dogs and we love our pork.

  22. Good for yu Pres Trump. I m so excited about your progress. Please tell the people that the reason your numbers were less at the inaguration, the supportor for you have a job to work at. Obama's people on welfare and did not work. was able to attend his.

  23. Once word gets out Canada is accepting immigrants regardless of origin no documentation passport required they'll be heading here with a Closet Muslim as our Prime Minister who's bringing in Syrians by the thousands since 2016.

  24. This is sad because we have had some wonderful Christian families from these countries come to Canada
    who are making such a wonderful contribution to our country. I think that the screening process just needs to be more thorough!

  25. If this is true (and I said IF)it's the first step to stop terrorist organizations from entering our country,but what about the ones that are already here,the terrorists camp's that are operating in 7 or more state's we must move forward to dismantle and eliminate any and all Muslims who are aiding and harboring these terrorists camp's they know who they are if Muslims want to live in the United States of America they must start protecting the country they live in!

  26. Oh, oh! My former coworkers from Yemen are not going to be pleased! Will they have to give up their jobs at the "Best Workplace in the Americas"? Will the able bodied young men go back home to fight for their own war torn country and help to relieve their oppressed kinsmen? Or, is their mission really here? Stay tuned for further developments!

  27. All he'd have to do is sign an EO activating the law that President Carter signed into law banning anyone born within certain countries that he lists from this date to this date which is after until the restriction is lifted and the hostilities are over. It's not based on any religion period.

  28. Great beginning President Trump. Thank you for being true to the campaign promises you made. Please pray before you make any decision.

  29. It is a good beginning – and as the saying goes – is half done. President Trump will undoubtedly breast the tape before the 100 days in office. I just miss Pakistan and Saudi Arabia on the list, the true incubators of terrorism.

  30. wish we had you president sorting the UK out too. our government thinks nothing of the poor or old and even the working class. we are so over taxed that even working families have the need to use food banks
    our sick made to look for work and the number of deaths to our people over their cruelty measures are criminal. our disabled are suffering no end.

  31. This money, and it will be a sustantial savings, will be better utilized on our Veterans. President Trump is trying something Obama never thought about, he's putting our citizens first over illegals and refugees. What a novel idea!

  32. Aye Aye Sir, I Salute You!!!
    May God bless you and all your loved ones , keep you and protect you from all harms and dangers. Amen

  33. This is what a true American President dose he protects America and it's people. Thank God a True President to America and the people.So very proud he is our President.

  34. What about Saudia Arabia, Turkey, and Egypt, also muslim countries? Oh wait, that's right, Trump does business with those countries! Okay, those muslims can come on over!!

  35. The perpetrators of attacks during 9/11 were from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UAE, and Lebanon. Osaba Bin Laden was a member of the Saudi Arabia royalty. Why are these countries not banned too?

  36. Trump is not doing the right thing. He is spreading fear and hatred, which will just create more fear and hatred. Muslims are not LAZY. MANY Muslims who have become citizens of the USA or have their green cards or residence permits, have had to work hard to get them. Perhaps there are some who take advantage of the system, but I know a lot of people who are NON-muslim who are lazy, smoke weed all day and live off of taxpayers' money (aka social assistance). There are also many Non-muslims in USA and Canada – just take a look at who bombed the Mosque in Quebec.. a white, non-muslim male. Do you think what he did is right? Guess what.. THAT is terrorism!

  37. The left MUST SHUT THEIR MOUTHS AND OPEN THEIR EARS to hear what is EXACTLY BEING SAID and not what the media twists it to sound like. If anyone is killed by a terrorist from the banned countries the 9th circuit court will have Blood on their hands!! They should be tried and punished for those murders as if they actually did it!!!!!!!! Because they did!! By their actions!!

  38. You guys realize not a single American has been killed on US soil by an immigrant from these 7 countries since 1975? Time to study some statistics and make educated decisions people. Banning people fleeing war zones for safety is not Christian-like and is only going to feed into ISIS recruiting, brewing more terrorists. We clearly have an astounding vetting process if ZERO US deaths have came from these countries in the past 40 years. I beg you people who think this is great to check out some statistics and use your minds. Also, show some compassion. We have all come from immigrants, fleeing other countries to have these blessed opportunities we have. The world needs more love, not all this hate and separation. Just some stats: 69 Americans per year die of lawnmower accidents, 737 Americans die a year from falling out of bed, over 11,000 from being shot by another American citizen. Again, ZERO from these 7 countries within the past 4 decades. It makes zero sense. Love people… Love. God bless us all.


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