BREAKING: Every Single Journalist Is In SHOCK After What The Kremlin Just Leaked on Trump…

Image Source: NBC

If you haven’t heard it already, but two articles released by CNN and Buzzfeed shows a leaked intelligence briefing prepared by U.S. intelligence agencies. The details of the show that the Kremlin has a file on Trump that will be used to blackmail him.

*** These are totally false!!

The memos claim that Trump ordered prostitutes to commit degrading sex acts in a presidential suit in a Moscow hotel. The report originally came from an ex-British spy that had been station in Moscow. The contents cannot be verified, says Buzzfeed.


Russia denies that the “completely fake” allegations and says that it doesn’t have a blackmail file on Donald Trump that contains footage of him watching prostitutes in a Moscow hotel bed.


The claim originally came from an online message board that writes Trump fan fiction.

Dmitry Peskov, the spokesman for Vladimir Putin, says that the reports are totally false. and are a “complete fabrication and utter nonsense.”

Peskov said this morning: ‘This information does not correspond to reality and is no more than fiction.

This means that every single journalist just got an order. They need to watch their asses because they are giving Americans totally fake news.

It is time for new media companies in the United States. It is time to kick out the old guard. Comment ‘SCREW THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA!’ below this post!

Until they can start posting the truth. We should not listen to them! #SHARE IF YOU AGREE!

Thanks for reading, y’all! (h/t Daily Mail)


Paris is the best writer on the Internet and helped get Donald Trump elected President in November 2016. He is now censored on Facebook for it.


  1. This is another Democrat attempt to discredit our President. I think that every mainstream media Company should be destroyed. Charge them with Treason, sue them to the max, take away the license to broadcast, whatever it takes. Destroy them.

  2. Screw the mainstream media! They have become all fake news.I will only watch Fox news. To me they seem to be true full now.There was a time when Megan Kelly was on Fox that I didn't that she's gone I am all for Fox News.Why would the mainstream media not see the light.Donald Trump won fair and square so why not accept what they cannot change . Donald Trump is my president.

  3. The main street media is corrupt! I am sick of the media us the Hollywood turds. I believe we should clean house. A lot of people need jobs. God Bless America and President Trump!

  4. If it was Obama it would have been a hotel filled with little boy prostitutes. Funny how the Demoncrats get away with everything in their pedophile rings.

  5. What else are they going to fabricate against the President elect? This is communist procedure, accuse the target over and over until the lie is believed then it will be easy to destroy the target.

  6. There needs to be repercussions, both legally and financially, for posting any fake news that cannot be legitimately verified. This used to be the case. You couldn't just publish whatever you wanted without risking a.lawsuit. If we are ever going to trust the media again, they also need to start self-policing.

  7. ABC is reporting that the file actually was presented to the FBI and media outlets by a DNC operative who was working for the Clinton Campaign. They infer that it was fabricated by the campaign in order to discredit Trump.

    Based on the Attorney's travel records held by the state department the person identified as the facilitator he had never been to the locations identified.

    Buzz feed and CNN have violated the ethical standards of journalism. I suspect they will be paying out millions in damages for destroying this young mans life (personal and Professional)

  8. This makes me sick what has happened to our beloved country?? We elected a new president why can we not stand up for him? The losers in this country that don't know how to be losers. I hated Obummer and I still do. But I supported him because he won the elections. GROW UP

  9. The Media has become a group of filthy liars who will use any means to discredit someone. They have gotten to much power to use there filthy rags of journalism to destroy those who stand in there way. This must be stopped by all means necessary to deliver the truth instead of a pack of lies. Words are a mighty tool and must be used to deliver the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help them God. We have seen how rotten our Country has become because a weasel who used phony documents to become President and those who sought to take over did for eight years. Now let the truth be heard and the , Honest Man to be found and the Dis- Honest Man or Woman found out. There is no longer a place for those who lie and cheat there way to the top by using the press to help them with there lies and corrupt journalism. Yes , we have free speech but there can no longer be those who distort or use speech to harm or cause violence. These Groups should be abolished as the blood of many has been spilled to further there causes. God help us all to live in harmony with each other, so our land will be fruit full again and bear the good fruit of our labor.

  10. following what the media said before and during the election —they had no clue as to what was happening in the country annd jusrt promoted Hillary for president I would say they deserve no respect and yes cnn was the worst

  11. I have long ago stopped looking to mainstream media for honest nees. Fox 9 mostly gets my attention, but sometimes it is tainted.


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