Donald Trump Just Did Something to the RNC that Republicans Have NEVER Done in History!

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Donald Trump has finally done it! After months of hard work and dedication, Donald Trump just managed to get the Ohio RNC to appoint Jane Timken, their FIRST woman ever, to be the new head of the Ohio party. Also, she is not a fan of John Kasich. Suck on that, Liberals!

This feat comes after Donald Trump appointed Ronna Romney McDaniel as the first ever woman to head the ENTIRE Republican party.

(Left) Ronna Romney McDaniel, (Right) Jane Timken

Yes, by the way, Trump was very active in making sure both women won their respective elections by making calls and pulling strings in the party. He even took to Twitter this morning to congratulate Timken personally.


See, this right here is the kinda guy Donald Trump is. He is absolutely NOT a sexist. He believes strong women, like strong men, have every right to lead. All the other stuff you hear is crap.

Jane Timken still managed to win fair-and-square, with a little help from Trump. She ran an impressive grassroots campaign and the only person standing against her was John Kasich, who supported her opponent.

So thank you, once again, Donald Trump for bringing needed diversity into the Republican party without succumbing to dumb racial and sexual quotas like the liberals do. The Grand Old Party just got a bit grander!

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  1. That's what I like on you Mr Trump America It will be great again with I wish to take Action with what's going in Sudan and the genocide for what's Omer doing killing our familysite

  2. I liked Meryl Streep until her pathetic speech on the Golden Globes. We all know she was a strong Hillary supporter. But, I didn't like what she said about Trump. Obviously, she no longer needs her fans which many supported Trump for president anymore. She may have to wait to see the reprecussions from her speech at the box office. I know I won't be watching anymore of her movies.

  3. Is it possible that all the rhetoric about DJT being sexist is BS. You can bet he is still campaigning with his eye on 2020. I do not see any Democrat around that would want to run against him.


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