MASSIVE MEDIA COVERUP! Obama did Something SICK to Stab Congress in Back Right Before Leaving

Source: (Left) White House / (Right) Gage Skidmore

This is a very bad thing, especially for Israel. It turns out that hours before Trump was sworn in, Obama sent a HUGE amount of money to the Palestinian Authority even though Congress said he couldn’t!

This is terrible. The Palestinian Authority funds the HELL out of Hamas, a terrorist organization bent on destroying Israel and killing all the Jews there.

Obama has been throwing a tantrum recently. via Snopes

In addition to the millions he sent to Palestine, Obama also spent:

  • $4 million for climate change programs

  • $1.25 million for U.N. organizations

This is clearly a full assault on all of Trump’s promises. Donald Trump promised to support Israel and defund the UN and look what Obama did with OUR money!


All that money had a Congressional hold placed on it after Palestine began pushing for statehood again. MOST Presidents respect Congress, just not ex-President Obama.

Sadly, that money is gone now. At least Trump is finally in office. It’s time to use our money on America and put America First!

(H/T – Daily Mail)



  1. Well it would be nice if this now gave us enough (or should I say MORE than enough) to indict him.
    I mean it is far from the fact that his hands are clean…….
    we all know about the drug=dealer that he let out, who went straight for and killed his ex-girlfriend and her two kids, plus the fetus that she was carrying……
    So Mr. president could you please just lock him up, he is an evil guy………

    • Yes, there are many above the law…That is the issue, we have no voice at those levels to convict these people because they have leverage and support in the courts we are unaware of…That is why FBI did not indict HRC. It is a system for the elites including Hollywood and the massive drug use they have grown accustomed to…Remember Robert Downey Jr incident

  2. Congress needs to use the proof that obama's birth certificate is false and get back/disavow his presidency and his pension, They should have impeached him LONG ago! Why don't they do this???!!!

  3. He had an agenda to take America down and he nearly did. Too bad the Democrats were so blind that his corisma blinded them and others were "haters" like him. How sad for all the men who fought the enemy overseas and the biggest enemy was in the Whitehouse.

  4. Supposedly that 221 million was earmarked for humanitarian aid with the hope of stabilizing the Palestinian authority government. But, I do suspect that money will be diverted to Hamas via money laundering and food for arms exchanges with Syria

  5. Newt Gingrich made a very profound statement on Washington DC….Essentially, to prevent wars and major discontent, we in the west created lobbyists who have access to government for the purpose of deal making…These deals are to satisfy the movers who could be disruptive to our normally stable life. He contrasted our stability to other regimes who are in constant civil war or unrest. I would suggest and speculate, Trump just turned the apple cart over and many deals just went south(for both institutional Dems and GOP…LoL)…There will be constant protests and media attacks for the next 4 years and beyond….They will fight for their return to the table…It's an epic financial war we are witnessing. If Wall Street really gets behind Trump and the momentum pushes 20%-30% this game will be over…ie Dow at 26,000…The opposition controlled media rantings will either stop, signally defeat or the Street will re-position and assert itself for the next phase…I think that's why Obama is hanging around…He has good local and international contacts, He is still useful until that economic death nail drives out his usefulness…

  6. Do you guys understand that the president of the United States doesn't have the ability to unilaterally send money anywhere? It's not like he carries the checkbook, folks. Funding comes through Congress – the same congress that has been sitting fat and getting personally paid huge fees by special interest lobbyists to obstruct and sit on legislation for the last 8 years. Alligators, most of them, and contrary to the campaign rhetoric of the now sitting president, they are all busy making the swamp very cozy for themselves for the next 4 years. The nice change, what I look forward to most of all, is that now they all are going to have to actually do things – and those things will have consequences that bite all of their constituencies in the butt with nobody else to blame for the results. Then maybe we can all sit down and try having a discussion with real facts, not made up demonizing fictions to rile people up and keep them from knowing what is real and what isn't when they pledge their hearts and their patriotism.

  7. Can they(congress)
    Remove All benefits from the ex president no sec ser. , pension ,all care both dental / medical.
    Put the whole family on regular stats live like the rest of us are trying make do.
    This really smacks of revenge against all America not just the Repubs. Send him a bill for all the
    Perks he has gotten to take care of the protection of his"wall" etc around the ny resid. And all that was done to Hawaii abodes
    Between him and spouse they appear to be worth over 20 million according to the loving media that support him!!


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