Right After Threatening to BLOW UP TRUMP, Madonna Got the WORST News of Her Life!

Source: Michael Vandon/Youtube

What Madonna said today was not just sick, it was psychopathic. She had the nerve to go to Washington D.C. and admit that she wanted to, and I quote, “Blow up the White House”!

She probably thought “Oh, I’m a celebrity. I’ll get away with it.”…WRONG! Now Donald Trump has sent the most powerful police force in the world after her…THE SECRET SERVICE.

She deserves it too! If I were the Secret Service, I’d lock this nut-job up for the next 20 years. I mean who in their right mind says,

“I’m angry. Yes, I am outraged. Yes, I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House. But I know that this won’t change anything.”

This kind of talk is not normal protest talk. This is talk of rebellion, of mass murder, and of TREASON! I do not care if she is famous or not, NOBODY is above the law.


So let’s all send prayers for President Trump’s Secret Service to act swiftly and justly to neutralize this threat against the very core of America. Share this with all your Pro-Trump Facebook friends!

(H/T – Daily Mail)



  1. You don't get to make threats against this country and its president wear that you like him or not. They need to be taught that they are not above the law. But maybe they think because Hillary Clinton got away with so many crimes including treason leaking classified information maybe they all think they can get away with doing whatever they want and pay no consequences for their actions. We need to set everyone in America straight that you do not get to threaten this country or its leaders Republican or Democrat without facing serious ramifications

    • If you think it was a threat you're stupid as rocks or you're evil; no third option exists. Go look up "metaphor" you ignorant twit. So: not really threatening the white house UNACCEPTABLE. Colluding with USA's greatest foe to win an election AOK!

      • You're the ignorant twit. She made a statement that was threatening to the president of the United States. However, I think she should be arrested for inciting a riot. Not to mention that some insane fan of hers could decide to do this for her. Madonna and the other washed up has-beens with her at the march are an embarrassment to women everywhere. btw, I'm a woman and in no way do I ever want to be linked with any of them. They do not speak for me or reflect my beliefs or way of life.

      • What is the metaphor? A metaphor tries to deserve something by comparing it to something else… What is that something else? You just use words that don't mean anything…

    • Exactly right I agree 100%!Everything needs to start being done by the books if we wanna do things right again in this country!Enough is enough of ridiculousness!

    • Except she didn't make a thread she said she thought about something but knew it would do no good and that she was choosing love over hate. Arresting her would be a big waste of tax payer money because no prosecutor could win that case. But you probably know zero about the law.

      • I agree with you I though the same thing about Obama but than I figure they just rise your taxes and it be like blowing up my own house since that house is own by the pople not who in it. silly me

    • The writer forgets that we have a president who has campaigned with the most foul mouthed and violent campaigns of all time. He is the one who has to set an example for our country. It’s not up to a pop star to be politically correct. You want to jail her but let the Donald get away with suggesting we “blow the … out of them”.????

    • The real people who need help are the people who think this was a threat. Step 1: look up metaphor in the dictionary (i know this'll take a while, you'll have to go borrow one) step 2. read the whole comment. step 3 (only if you still believe it was a threat) shoot yourself in the face.

      • it wasn't a metaphor . why would you tell someone to shoot there self? no wonder madonas son dosent want to live with her/you sound as stupid as she did.

      • YOU'RE Full of bullying. How about if I tell a Muslim they're ugly! How about if I watch them in the store cause they won't speak English? Call me what u want. It only makes u look STUPID. HOW DARE U TELL SOMEONE TO SHOOT THEMSELF. HOPE NOBODY IN YOUR FAMILY DOESN'T OR YOU'LL BE EATING YOUR WORDS FOR BREAKFAST. NAAAA I'LL SAVE MY BULLET FOR SOMEONE THAT DESERVES IT.

  2. Dear Trump family praying over you for extra angels to protect you and keep you from harm. May God go before you and destroy all your enemies in the name of Jesus of Nazareth amen.

    • The real people who need help are the people who think this was a threat. Step 1: look up metaphor in the dictionary (i know this'll take a while, you'll have to go borrow one) step 2. read the whole comment. step 3 (only if you still believe it was a threat) shoot yourself in the face.

      • Michael, you are ignorant. No one is allowed to threaten the President of the United States. That is a law. Go back on the "Free Stuff from the Government Line" and wait until you get to the front of the line, then get your free cheese and diapers.

  3. Trump is the president. Wanting him to crash the country is like wanting a pilot to crash a plane. How about us all getting behind him and hope he does a great job??? I don't think that's too much to ask. And Madonna should be locked up for threatening the president.

    • You misunderstand, we don't want him to crash the country. We want his agenda to fail and AVOID crashing the country. You see, if he does a "great job" by his and your measure, the country will end. Though the United States of the West Coast sounds like a great idea. I hope you enjoy losing half of your daily caloric intake and doubling the cost for it, because the blue sections of America are the ones that drive the economy, and produce.

      • It has already been crashed by Obama and his Muslim minions working with him and Hillary. Gee, you think that is where ISIS got all their information? His goal was to promote Islam and if anyone can’t see that by his actions then they deserve the situation he left us in. Hopefully Trump can change it…unless you want them in your neighborhood.. IT WAS ALL YOUNB MEN COMING IN HERE TO PROMOTE JIHAD AND I DON’T CARE WHAT ANYONE SAYS. it was plain as day to anyone with common sense.

    • we have freedom of speech and what she said was not a direct threat to the president. People can say things that in reality would get them in trouble and do damage yet they never do it. Madonna has money she can win any lawsuit. She didn't do anything wrong other than what she said. With everyones logic here trump should of been arrested and locked up for all these reasons because he has said a ton of stuff and endangered an americans life and don't know how many times that's happened. saying its psychotic and she needs help [directed at others] is stupid too learn pysch illnesses pretty sure most of trumps supporters have no idea what that is

  4. The rule of law in this nation needs to be observed. Nobody is above the law. She needs to be arrested and charged.

    • And you should be arrested for saying you thought about things too. It didn't use to be a crime in the USA to think things. And it still isn't.

    • You need a little visit from an English Teacher (not the one from their youth, they had their chance and failed) because it wasn't a threat, it was a metaphor, the statement ended with "I choose love". A concept you're obviously not familiar with.

  5. Are you serious thinking about doing something it's not a crime. If we were all arrested for our thoughts everybody alive it be in prison thanking something isn't it illegal threatening and or doing it could be a problem.

    • Thinking about doing something it is one thing,
      to say it out loud for everyone to hear is totally different!!!…..

    • Totally serious Rocky, it's a threat to our President and our National security and yes it is against the law to even be thinking about blowing up our Whitehouse and our President. Maybe they need to talk to you as well if you think what she said was ok.
      She sounds wacko to me Rocky, but I have a rational thinking mind. She needs to be put away where she can't harm others for her own good and ours. Might want to rethink who you take up for Rocky, their probably investigating you as well, I know I would if I was secret service.

    • Thank you! Finally a voice of reason. She thought about it, not planning it, not asking others to do it. As you can clearly read in quotes in this article "but I know this won't change anything" as I she has no intentions of doing so.

    • She should know better m8
      Donald trumps your president and this silly woman's is putting ideas into potential nut jobs heads.
      What about islamists who preach the destruction of western nations and values?

  6. She's a nut job! Wonder if she gave all those people blow jobs she promised if they voted for killary! She should be locked up just like anyone else posing this kind of threat.

    • Neither credible nor a threat, read the whole statement and stop being an idiot. It was a metaphor, and your lack of grasp of the language should humiliate you.

  7. Sad when you see the other side judge and condem. We didn't protest and speak of anything the liberal minded socialist who act like spoiled brats .

    They judge us , and any time we spoke against the former president we were called names threaten and everything above.

    People have turned there back on God and people have a sick mind . Patting children on the back while they act like the criminals we lock up. This is one side.

    We that call ourselves American patriots and concervative, Republican are civil minded . We didn't get out and cry, scream, or threaten because we had to endure the race baiting , treasonous acts of the Obama administration.

    We have God back and all those who have turned there back on God and all those who rather be puppets and believe the lies are acting like crazy clowns running the streets, threatening what we have always stood for before the Obama administration had a chance to spread his hatred for America and white Americans .

  8. HAPPY to hear DONALD Trump is taking action with Madonna. She should be arrested and sentenced for threating.
    Make her an example so that others may learn from it.
    With you President Trump all the way!!!

  9. Her behavior and that of all the stars is just awful, disgusting, and being a traitor! They need a lesson and soon ! Boycott all of them !

    • @ Dennis Wall ~~ And there were a LOT of "young'' children in that crowd! The mothers who brought their young children and having them listen to that filth should all be out for Madonna's blood instead of cheering her F words and laughing! Great way to raise a child, huh?

  10. As much as I dislike Madonna, saying you have thought about something, but know it wouldn't do any good, is not actionable as a criminal charge. We don't do "thought police".

  11. She said I have thought about it , she did not say I'm going to blow it up . I am a Trump supporter , however Madonna is legally and morally allowed to have any thoughts she wishes to have .

  12. She only said she has thought about blowing it up , she did not say she would or in any way threaten to do so , having a thought is not against the law and she also said that , the action of doing it , wouldn't change anything . I Have and will continue to support Donald Trump however let her continue to spew her none sense because she has a right to be able to.

  13. WOW – And how funny women from around the world have never marched against the brutal Islamic subjugation of their fellow sisters but they find their voice when it comes to a democratically elected President. I mean REALLY??? I'm a woman, been raped, loaded guns to my head, abandoned many times over, and think this is totally wrong…. Why on earth do you protect refugees coming into our Nation by the millions who want to take over and harm women and children? Yet they do this ?? WOW, how delusional, I'm disgusted, because I know it's about Trump and that the majority of the women marching most likely voted for him !! If it was really about women's rights don't you think it would be a much more diverse crowd….representing Republicans and Democrats……those who voted for Trump and Clinton….. Liberals and conservatives ? REALLY !!!

  14. Oh please — Millions wanted to blow up the WH when Obola was infesting it . Big deal – She didn't toss any incendiary in its direction.

  15. Good!!! If this is true they get her! This was a threat and Trump is going to have LAW AND ORDER!!! Thank the Lord we have a great President that will enforce the law!!

  16. She did say that she had thought about blowing up the white house,but she didn't act upon it. Then she said she thought there were better ways to deal with DT. I don't think she will be indited for that, but it is enough to keep her from buying a gun.

    • Getting shot in the head and being one step away from a drooling, slobbering moron did not stop Gabby Giffords from purchasing more than one AK47! Yes, she and her money grubbing husband are demanding laws that ''everyday'' folks can NOT get one, but, that the RICH like them with their 24/7 armed guards, ''need'' them for ''protection'' which the average citizen like us don't need as we all live with no crime! THEIR words, NOT mine! Anyway, she can and will buy and all the guns she want because she has ''money'' and is famous.

  17. This disgusting whore needs to be IMMEDIATELLY marked as a terrorist, end on NO FLY list, and in the event that she would ever entry this country she needs to be arrested, jailed … and then put away like a rabid dog she is.

  18. Everyone has free speech in America but not to threaten someone, especially our President. The American people have spoken and everyone needs to settle down and give Donald Trump a chance to improve our
    chance to get a job and to cut down people living on welfare.

    I feel that these women who have a house full of kids so they can get more money for the government needs to be dealt with by the government also. Having one child our of wedlock may be a mistake but having many children out of wedlock drains our country of money.

  19. I sure hope the FBI and the CIA and the IRS and the secret service are all watching mr trump very closely! Madonna is an entertainer and poses no threat to our nation. But on the other hand, trump does pose a serious threat to our nation and all Americans! He is a loose cannon and does not know how to act like an adult. We've all heard the almost unbelievable things he says and things he's done to women and to his employees and to his contractors! Please protect our already great nation!

  20. They, the Trump administration, secret service need to make Madonna an example! Especially because she's a celebrity! This is a felony pure and simple!

  21. This is a threat and absolutely should be treated as one! Just because she is a celebrity no one is above the law!!!! I mean people call in bomb threats and serve time. She is anouncing she wants to blow up the White House! Lock her up and throw away the key!! We have to let America know we take this very serious! This is our America! We will not as a unit one nation under God allow this to happen! She must be held accountable!

  22. I personally brought this to the attention of the DOJ, after she said it. I commented that it was a mandate of law that she be immediately investigated by the Secret Service. I also said I would be watching to see if the law was followed in her case. I am pleased to see the quick action taken!

  23. She needs to be locked up or deported, right along with Hillary Clinton! !! We were brought up to never disrespect our President. Time to take out the garbage! !!!

  24. Madonna is not above the law and should be arrested. Besides spewing hateful dangerous thoughts and there by giving others ideas. She is talking of rebellion, of mass murder and of Treason ! This should not go unnoticed just because she is a celebrity. That is the problem now they all think they can do what ever they want and not shoulder any responsibly for it. Send the Secret Service to her door and make an example out of her!!!

  25. I feel that was a threat on our nations white house and president. I was not impressed with one word out of any of their mouths. Not do I agree with any of this… and she should be arrested…

  26. I was wondering why she hadn't been arrested! That is a threat against our PRESIDENT! Hope she served time and some shuts that filthy mouth of hers!!! She is a disgusting person inside and out!!!

  27. Seriously Madonna, you have the brains of a gnat. What I want to know is how you have time to be at the protest after promising to service all the guy's that voted for Hillary.

  28. Really this a fruitcake and a half!. At the very least she is a senseless instigator and should definitely be arrested for threatening our President and if any other person acts on her suggestion she should face severe punishment. I don't care who she thinks she is.

  29. So very true,Madonna just like all the other celebrities think they can say and threaten anyone they want and then call it free speech.I am sick and tired of these people that think they are above the law and nothing happens to them because they have money,she should be charged and jailed.

  30. If she can get by with it then they should never say anything to anyone else for saying stuff like that. I was just starting to get my faith back and here week are with people like her that can say and do anything and just get a little slap on the hand. Probably not even that

  31. Madonna wanted to be relevant since she is a HAS BEEN! She thinks this is going to serve her children thinking and talking this way? I am so disgusted with so many of the celebrities as I will not be patronizing a large list of them from my life! Ha, live with your big mouths and pay the consequences of thinking you people matter to us!

  32. Madonna is old and worn out. She needs to go home and enjoy the rest of her old age. This is comming from a women that has stood for every thing indesent and fowl. Please chick, you need to get your own house in order before you take on the White house.
    She is hanging on fame from 25 years ago. Give it up chick . Respect yourself.

  33. Everyone of the idiots that make threats like this need to be taken care of because there has been a lot of them doing this! Famous or not get all of these nut jobs! #ISupportMyPresidentDonaldTrump

  34. Lock her (madonna) up!!! This is a threat not freedom of speech especially since it's gone through "her mind several times!" Just because she USB a celebrity she cannot be treated differently than a Suvillian!

  35. It's time to take down all the idiots making these threats and no matter if they are popular or not lets get the nut jobs out of here!!#LawAndOrder #DonaldTrumpOurPresident #GodBlessAmerica

  36. She deserved Justice. Far too long these celebrities and people on the left has gotten away with causing harm to others,and I hope Rosie ODonnell and Michael Moore will be next This foolishness has to stop

  37. Lock Madonna crazy ass up and leave her there. I do not care who she is, she is NO better then any one else. Just because she has money, she still needs to pay. She is STUPID as a bed bug.

  38. she has been showing her ass for years , I don't like her an never have she has always been a disgrace to the U.S.A an an influence on the children

  39. When will these celebs see that they cant do anything to stop Mr Trump . Hes the President end of. Are they upset they cant have the run of the White House had killery been elected??? I hope The Secret Service come down on her heavily ,give a message to all these ego inflated luvvies they cant make these kind of threats/remarks and get away with it.Thank goodness America at last have a man that will make America great again ,not killery who panders to soros, wealthy arabs and anyone who will give money to her corrupt foundation for a say in how America is run.I just wish Britain was lucky to have a PM nearly as good. Farage was our best hope. As for Mr Trump not knowing all there is to know on politics ,well thats exactly why he has a cabinet around him. He has his ideas and they do the rest. Isnt that how it goes in all governments around the world??

  40. Madona should spend some jail time. This is going too far!!! Make an example out of her. A threat against the President of the United States is treason. It doesn't matter that she is a Pop Star. She broke the law!!!!

  41. Arrest her! Is this the role model you want for your daughter or granddaughter? I would hope not! The others at the podium were just as bad. These vulgar loudmouths are not the typical woman that you will find in the heartland of America. If you, as a woman, condone what Madonna and her ilk have said, then you are part of the problem and not the solution; and you should be ashamed of yourself!

  42. These so called entertainers will have blood on their hands when someone gets killed ..both sides have thugs..zealots .. anything can happen when these people incite this sort of action as did a media person just before the inaugeration said its not too late if someone assassinates Trump ..these comments are stated to incite while they sit in their bubbles away from the real world keeping their hands clean ..but they are NOT .. continuing the division is irresponsible and dangerous and eventually it will explode .. as i have said these ignorant has beens will have blood on their hands for supporting the division and inciting the hate ..

  43. Madonna needs to be thrown in jail for a "terroristic" threat such as what she said. You don't do that, and that was not what the women's march was about. I really don't know why they were marching at all. We has more rights than any other country in the world. Go to Saudi Arabia and then you can complain

  44. Madonna and all if these nut jobs need to be locked up. Frankly im sick of all of this crap. The media. The celebrities. And these women that think they are so down trodden.. Something needs to be done about all of this . NOW

  45. She ain't no more sick than his oompa loompa looking ass disrespecting women and the disabled. He should issue apologies for how he has talked about the citizens he now represents.

  46. All the Clinton's CRYBABYS, what are they protesting ,they should go to other countries and see how the women get treated. Maybe they should move there.

  47. It's about time Trump to some action regarding these traitors. Go Secret Service make an example out of her, this is what treason looks like. Ya'l have Americas support.

  48. I can't stand Madonna, but to express a thought is completely protected by the First!
    I've said plenty of things that many dislike and probably offended. It's my right to do so. Expressing unpopular thought is exactly why we have the First Amendment.
    I think wanting someone arrested for expressing a thought is a slippery slope and completely un-American.
    Better to meet on the battlefield of ideas and rip her to shreds, not arrest her and throw away the key.
    I've rushed ass cancer on Obama in the past. I've even prayed that Jesus would resurrect Lee Harvy Oswald to assonate him. I'm sure it offended lots of people. It's my right to do this and it is the idiot Madonna's right too. Liberty is absolute. We don't get to pick and choose who gets to speak their mind.
    Now had she said " I am going to blow up the White House or I am going to kill Trump, that constitutes a threat and is a completely different matter. She said "I've thought about it". That is not illegal and she has that right.
    Liberty and Justice for ALL! Even complete morons!

  49. You bet she should be arrested questioned and treated like a domestic terriost. What she said on National tv could and may influence her fans to do just that and then she should still be charged for conspiracy to commit murder.

  50. These so called famous people are out of control. I realize they think they're special. Look at their role model Hillary. Enough said. If John Q Public was on a stage saying they have thoughts of blowing up the White House, they would be caught up in a crap storm! So let the storm begin! She's earned it, so to speak!!

  51. They spoke to Ted Nugent while he made some comments about Obama. Let's see if they do the same to her. We are watching Secret Service.

  52. Make an example that this type of talk against the President and country, is Not accepted!…Free speech yes…Threats hand talk of terroism….No!

  53. Let's look at it this way ,Madonna made a very serious threat that was basically aimed at President Trump. She did this not while people were disrespectful and refering to him as Trump, but she did it AFTER the inauguration he was President Trump. She showed no regard for the office or position which he holds. She definitely has the resources to easily carry out her threat or have it executed by someone else, so therefore yes , that alone is valid reason to prosecute her, she might be a celebrity, or wealthy, or pretty ( in some opinions ) but she is still an American citizen and what she did what a serious threat towards our PRESIDENT.

  54. I agree , she is all but giving out a death sentence to the Trump family , there's some out there that might take her up on doing it just because they want to please her, like when Ronald Regan was shot to make Jody Foster like him

  55. Oh stop citing rhetoric! You sound stupid. Have you seriously forgotten what this pea-size stupid hair derived man have said to everyone, including the sitting president,at the time. Why would they put your garbage in front of me?

  56. I sure hope it's true! People need to be held accountable for their words and actions especially threats against our leadership and we the people. I hope they arrest her and make an example of her.

  57. She has to read what she wrote she cant remember what to say??????? She should be brought on charges she is not above anybody or anything lock her up

  58. Donald Trump probably did not send the secret service out after Madonna. It's their job to investigate all threats against presidents. Check with the head of that agency and I bet you'll find the director gave that order.

  59. This has got to stop, Madonna needs to be arrested and prosecuted by the laws of this country. To show to the world that if a person or a group of people threaten our Persident,1st family or White House YOU WILL BE Punished TO THE FULL Extent OF THE LAW .

  60. Wouldn't it be wonderful if they locked her up? The Left needs to be shown right now that violence will not be tolerated and this nut job is encouraging it.

  61. Madonna is a disgusting pig. But what she said is not a crime. Let's not prove the naysayers right by going after someone who did not break the law.

  62. I truly hope this is true. I hope the Secret Service is indeed after her. Anybody else making a statement like that would get their butt thrown in jail. Which is where she deserves to be for making a terrorist threat.

  63. I don't like trump but she went to far and needs to pay the consequences of her actions and face charges and jail time. She is not above the law.

  64. need to get the rest of the nut jobs out there,so many are still boo-hooing,all the ones that set limo's on fire and caused all the damage need to be arrested and given a nice long sentence,then when others see this,MAYBE a lot of this will stop

  65. What happened?? I thought most of these so called celebrities promised to leave the country if President Trump was elected. It would be a great day for America if they all kept their promise.
    Where were the protesters and the main stream media when President Clinton was having his affairs and showing his disrespect for women while in office?? Double standard???

  66. She definitely does not need to get away with saying this!!!! Needs to get same punishment anybody else would get!!! She is an awful person and certainly no better than anybody else….she is scum!!!!!!

  67. Lock her up and anyone that goes along with this nut! 20 years at least this will stop all the protestors unless they want to follow her into the Big House! This is a good way of getting filth off the streets and law and order back to our country! Use the money to pay off our debt!

  68. EXTREMELY MENTALLY DISTURBED…she feels like she has the freedom of speech but President Trump doesn't…LOL. She made a terroristic threat..and she be arrested.

  69. She will get a talkin too and thats about it.C mon Uncle Ted told Obama to suck his rifle berrel and thats what happened to him ,niether are serious threats so lets move on to real issues already…..

  70. I had a friend arrested at the airport once just for TEASING about a bomb. She should be arrested & jailed… no bond for starters because her cohorts would just spring her. She'll prob go on the run as a fugitive

  71. We need to have Law and Order in his country people like her enjoy sores and some of the democratic party is behind 90% of this problem we're having this rally at sent her ass to jail

  72. This country has some terrible people in it and many are living in Hollywood. They need to get their heads out of there ass. Act like respectable human beings. The man won deal with it in the privacy of your home. You total AHOLES putting this on social media…
    Madonna what ever happens to u you brought on yourself…. I am so sick of these protesters. IT IS NOT GOING TO CHANGE WHO WON THE ELECTION.OR IF YOU OR I LIKE HIM OR NOT.

  73. I thought Madonna lived in Europe? If she has American citizenship it should be revoked and she should be deported back to England put on a no fly list and never be allowed back into this Country. She should be treated like any potential threat to this Country which is exactly what she is.

  74. Arrest her!!! Who does she think she is?? Celebrities are not special, it's a job. This is not how you have a protest!!! Nobody will pay attention to the real reason for the protest when , all they're going to do is pay attention to is the stupid things you say and do!! Like Madonna's stupid remarks!!!! Be thankful for what you do have!!! We lost our daughter this past year so, be thankful for life, family, friends, job to pay bills, etc,,,, People are never happy with what they do have and always want more!!! Everyone creates their own path so, get on with your life and get over it!!!!

  75. He's the President. No media is not treating him fairly. According to our Constitution, EVERY AMERICAN BORN CITIZEN HAS THE RIGHT TO BECOME PRESIDENT! So they need to suck it up and deal with it buttercups. Media is what's bringing this country down. Maybe the government should take control over media?

  76. Madonna is a skank who does not speak for any decent women. She has made a career and millions by repeatedly degrading women. Where is her pride…pride of country and pride of self? That being said
    WE are the UNITED States of America and inciting a riot helps absolutely no-one.
    While I do not agree with every thing that President Trump does or says, he is OUR President and as such should be given the respect his office commands.
    Regarding Madonna's threat the blow up the White House, I cannot fathom why she was not immediately
    removed from the podium and placed in jail. She threatened our national security. If you or I had made that same threat the FBI would have been all over us and we would be sitting in jail today.

  77. Maybe is something is done to her it would make people realize that there are consequences for making threats!! A lot of thugs idolize her and if something is not done they will think it is okay. We need to STOP THE VIOLENCE! She is setting an example to the less educated that it is okay!

  78. Oh..ok..no one is above the law..except the politicians? What she said is that she thought about it…who cares…hateful misogeny is at an end…we will prove it!
    the women of Earth…

  79. Oh..ok..no one is above the law..except the politicians? What she said is that she thought about it…who cares…hateful misogeny is at an end…we will prove it!
    the women of Earth…

  80. Where do you get off thinking this should only be shared by people who are pro Trump. I'm scared to death of this man, but I want no harm to come to him or anyone else for that matter. We as Americans have no choice (in my opinion) but to back him and pray that he does us no harm. He is OUR president, notice the our!

  81. She is old enough to know better! Here is a woman who's own son doesn't want to live with her! Good example for womanhood! Don't want to see her, hear her, or listen to her! She should be investigated for stating she'd like to blow up the White House! That's not a normal statement!


  83. You are no longer a Role Model
    For any Woman, you just want
    To be in the Public eye.
    And are using other Women
    As your Followers to hate something
    That you or Gerorge Soros, or
    Anyone else canot Change.
    You should go back to Hollywood
    And Where you can be Popular

  84. It is about time that this kind of threat was taken seriously!! Madonna should have the book thrown at it. I am really tired of these celebrities threatening America and getting away with it!!!

  85. I certainly hope this is true. No one should be allowed to threaten to blow up the White House. That's a serious offense. Someone ignorant is the only person who would say something like this.

  86. I hope President Trump does just that!! The CIA needs to arrest Madonna. That is a threat against the United States. Period.
    So now, people who was listening to Madonna, understand she just gave them more less idea.
    Does Madonna support Isis? Is she a part of ISIS???

    NOT GOOD!! Guy Richie needs to look into the safety of his son!!

  87. I think that is so sad that Madonna is unhappy that she has found something her money or fame can't buy or change, so just blow it up if you don't get your way. A grown-up brat!!

  88. You would have thought all those women could have done something useful and productive with their time and money other than walk around with signs chanting. They achieved NOTHING and NO individual or otherwise was helped here. Those "ladies" do NOT speak for this woman and President Trump IS MY PRESIDENT!!!

  89. Madonna have no rights to tell all protesters about "Blowing up the White House"….this is called a threat warning and hope the Secret Agents to ARREST Madonna and lock her up

    She is US Citizen that she broke the Constitution Law

  90. Mr Trump Open This Can of Peas,Threats and Tough Rhetoric, and Now his Followers Wants too Close it, my my, How the Shoe Feels on the other Foot!

  91. Great!! It's about time these loud mouthed idiots find out there is a man with gonads sitting in the Oval office now. Don't even think about walking over the line he lays down. Yes you have 1st Amendment rights but there are also laws you must obey regarding threats and treason!!

  92. No one is above the Law no matter who you are. This woman Madonna will find out she not not dealing with the pathetic President we had , who sat on his throne while our Country was going down the drain. Our new President Trump will not allow anyone to spout off in this manner , as Madonna did. Especially now when some people are out destroying property and acting like animals. It is one thing to express your views and another to promote violence and mayhem. This could have caused some mentally deranged person to act on this. Choose your words carefully from now on as there will be no more riots in our streets, as I am sure our President will lower the hammer on this. No more signs of hate and filthy language , would I allow. Respect for one others views, that is acceptable as we all have the right to use our own judgments. Just remember we must be open to others opinions without calling them names or putting them down.. This is the time to Unite and pull together for all those who come after us. There are consequences to your actions, as Madonna will no doubt find out.

  93. Madonna should not be allowed to make comments that put our Country in danger. She is not above the law and should be treated like every one else. The pathetic President who sat in the White House is gone and a man of courage has taken his place. We will see a great change in the way things are done. There will be no more riots allowed only peaceful Marches. There will be no promoting violence and destruction of property. Theres a new sheriff in town, as they have said, and there will be no more deciding of issues until all is investigated and Lady Justice is served. This is a new beginning for us all and a time to pull together as one.

  94. Yeah, like that should scare Madonna… How about the first ammendment? Not to mention her bottomless pit of money to defend agsinst such alienation of an arrest.

  95. A celebrity making a comment like that should be severely punished . Celebrities have a moral responsibility to the public not to incite violence.

  96. Like this ho should even talk she ain't no role model especially when her videos couldn't be played during the day because they were so close to being a porn

  97. My bob . Its a throw away remark . . She is hardly serious or likely to attempt it. Sending the secret police after her smacks of stalinism . . And i dont even like the biatch

  98. I think that holding her in detention, based on the current laws signed by none other than her hero, Barack Obama might do her some good by expanding her understanding and perspective as to how the real world works. Maybe she will shift her attention to the unjust laws that threaten her liberty, and sharpen her understanding as to what kind of speech is allowed, and what kind is treasonous !!! Inciting rebellion and rioting is probably illegal. Obama said so.

  99. She never said she was going to. She said she thought about it. From watching the news these past couple days it seems like trump blames anyone and everyone he can instead of just dealing with what is. Right now he is blaming the news for doctoring pictures instead of just dealing with the fact not many ppl were at his inauguration. So yes ppl need to watch what and how they say stuff but ya know what?? So does Donald Trump

  100. Yes, She should be charged with Terroristic threat and jailed. My President, President Trump should be protected. Same with these people who break windows of the business, car fires, Pulling people from their cars and beating them forming lines in the roads and highways is also terroristic threats. Not only threats but the action's of terrorist.

  101. The propaganda pushed by the Hillary for President people is not nearly as bad as the things Hillary's husband did before he was in office, in office, and after, the dirt they had to dig for against Trump. It is so sad that the actions of Bill Clinton and the Donald Trump that had a potty mouth and a normal man's ego years ago even needed to be sorted out in public. People need to grow up. We elected Donald Trump to be President of the United States of America because we are tired of the denial and lies that came out of the Obama Administration on so many issues. We are tired of the rhetoric of the political climate in Washington. We the people are tired of the Democrats and the Republicans that are self-serving. President Donald Trump (doesn't that sound hopeful!) is promising to serve the American people, bring jobs, industry, and hope while building a solid infrastructure. He knows that we, the voters will hold him accountable. The rest of our elected government officials are on notice that they will be held accountable as well.

  102. When a celebrity says something like that she encourages every nutball listening to her to actually do it. They need to make an example out of her so the rest of the celebrities realize it is in no way acceptable to say things like she did.

  103. OMG Really, you are wanting to lock up someone for speaking her mind! She also acknowledged how wrong that would be and how falling into despair is not an option. It just goes to show you how angry True America is about how our judicial system has failed us once more. She also quoted once more how to love one another is the only one choice we as True Americans have to make sure that no one rips our country apart! You really wanna talk threat get Trump out of the Presidency and get a True, Honorable Patriot who believes in Righteousness, Liberty and Equality for all!

  104. This is extremely irresponsible journalism! What threat? Where's the threat? She expressed past thoughts & feelings & also how she thought better of it. You twisted her words. You blew it out of proportion. This is the sort of thing that creates & perpetuates the divide in this country. How about being part of the solution instead of part of the problem.

  105. Needs to be put where she can have plenty of time to think about what comes out of that mouth of hers.. PRISON…. Uncalled for.. President Trump, is going to change the United States for us
    One that we can be proud of again.

  106. If the secret service can arrest Madonna, for threatening the president, why can't they arrest Obama and Hillary Clinton for treason? I don't think there is a statute of limitations on treason.

  107. She should be locked up, just like any other crazy wild person that threatens the President! She shouldn't be treated like a " Hollywood Special. Person" !

  108. "Yes, I have THOUGHT about blowing up the White House." Since when does saying that you "thought" about something constitute a crime? There was no threat in that statement, nor an implied threat! If people can be arrested for thinking something, this country is in big trouble!

  109. I hope Madonna Gets the the death penalty for these threats of terrorism and truvision Like President Trump said no one and I mean no one is above the law no matter if your famous or not. Secret Service I hope you hang Madonna.

  110. If she gets by with this it will prove that if you're a celebrity you can say or do anything and get by with it, we have to hold them accountable!

  111. She's no less than a traitor and should be treated as one. She and any other person who threatens the president needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

  112. Don't they arrest people who threaten the president? Of course that won't happen to her. She and all those who despise Trump are cut out of the same cloth. They haven't even given him a chance. If he works for the people as promised, he will do more for this country than the last several presidents. I hope that all who back Trump will boycott the celebrities who took part in this protest.

  113. Madonna yor a brain damaged unstable. U shud b locked in jail cuz u want to cause a big harm. Yor old n yor mind is too much contaminated. Bye bye to yor career?

  114. Celebrities think they can say and do anything in the lo law leaves them alone. It's about time that their actions and what they say does affect others who hears them say these things and when they threaten the White House and the president of the United States that is against the federal law has been for a long time it is not new it's been that way ever since I can remember it and I'm 73 years old. Arrest these celebrities because they are no more important than I am or anyone else. If they break the law they need to go by their actions and be arrested

  115. Everyone should be accountable for their actions!! Hollywood thinks they're above the law so I hope she is charged and is made very public.

  116. I hope she does get arrest but I don't think it will happen tho she be in jail by now if i see it on CBS ABC fox NBC (MEDIA) but then again they won't ^

    Go Trump!

  117. People need to Respect the president those in Authority our Leaders president elect whether you like them or not.Respect that should have been taught to you at home Respect. Respect everyone…..

  118. She said she thought of it but knows it won't change anything. Another case of the media making it sound worse than it is, and I'm a Trump supporter.

  119. Even if she didn't mean it, how many "crazy" people heard it and believe it's what they should do for her? That was a very strong message. Too strong.

  120. Look who's calling the Kettle black. MAD-onna has been one of the most disgusting celebrities of her time. From her nakedness in her performances and singing horribly filthy lyrics. And writing children's books? Are you kidding me…. What kind of a role model is this from someone who leads her audience into debauchery.
    I pray for our secret service people as they keep their eye on you and your unlawful attacks against the USA.

  121. Did you even get the context of her speech? Eventually she rejects hate (destruction is not a solution) and chooses love, repeating it with the crowd few times. Was it really so difficult to understand???

  122. lock her up , she was out of line & her actions was major uncalled for , she is evil & caused her fans to follow her poor judgment & example & a lot famous people think they are above the law & deserve the same punishment as anyone else . Please protect our new President, I'am a woman & I voted for Trump & was for him 100 percent all the way from day one ever since he said he was running, Thank God Everyone that voted for him felt the same as me , Cause God help us all in our choice to make America great again . It's not a good time at all to make a woman president yet , especially a crazy woman like Hillary, she never needs to be President she is full of evil just like Madonna. I would rather our first woman President be Sarha P, she seems to have way more good sense. But I would like Trump to be there for as as he can to help fix our country , hope he gets 2 terms as President. It will take that much time to fix what Obama help destroyed, things was bad when he got in there but he more then tripled what was already wrong. Obama had his chance to fix everything twice but only made everything worse. Good luck President Trump you have a long way to go my prayers are with you & our Vice President & many others are praying as well , you can count on everyone who voted for you to be praying . That's a whole bunch cause you won, Please do all you said you would do including Hillary for jail . & them walls . America first .

  123. I'm about to start saving a whole lot of money now that Trump is our President. I used to buy a lot of dvds and watch a lot of movies. Now… I am reading the dvds and movie posters like I'm looking at ingredients on food. "Oh, I remember what you said about my President", put it down and walk away. Not supporting those whiners any longer.

  124. Give the man a chance,these people who are prejudice (pre Judging),are
    ridiculous.He has to be very brave to survive these mentally disturbing
    attacks, at least he knows what it is like to deal with red tape,and now he's
    on the other side,he may be able to do something about it.Did he attack
    Madonna when she was expanding her carreer? GIVE HIM A CHANCE,
    HE HAS some VERY good idea's .There is too much garbage been thrown at him………I admire any person who wants to try to improve.

  125. Donald Trump has said some not so nice things in the past but think about this. Madonna, Cher, Miley and Beyoncé have all got on stage and showed the world all their body parts on live tv. Now which is the ugliest???? All of these plus many more are being rediculous.

  126. Good send her to prison, I don't care who you are you should never ever cause trouble, hate, or murder or want to hurt anyone who did nothing to you or your family! This man who we call our President now has a wife, kids, grand kids, friends, and a big family just like us all and you Madonna! How would you like it if someone did and say something like that to you! I really do think she needs to learn to keep her big mouth shut just like the rest of these low life Actors and Actress! Like one ROBERT DE NIRO and also Nasty CHER!

  127. Something good has got to come from all this crazy celebrity b.s. and I hope it starts with seeing Madonna being held responsible for her actions along with the rioters going to prison for the harm they caused.

  128. Dear Trump Family…sticks and stones baby. Madonna is never set a good example for women or her children. Especially young teenagers. She made a threat against the White House you should arrest her like you would any one else. You guys should be on her like flies on Kaka . President job I respect you as my president I will stand behind you protect you and do what it says in the Bible respect our president follow your lead . All I ask is if you do it with cooth, respect for one another, remember… two wrongs don't make a right !!
    One more thing president job, always be nice to everyone because you never ever know when you're talking to an angel
    Thanks for listening
    A true supporter, Terri

  129. I am at a loss trying to figure out how to insult this shameless person. Apparently trash votes for trash, I guess I'm not politically correct but I do have 1st amendment rights but not to incite violence or property destruction.

  130. Hollywood has shown that they can say anything about any topic and not face any scrutiny or consequence for their actions even TV personally have open their mouths to degrade a person or topic and get away with it, we live in a society where we are now have to sugarcoat the truth because it my offend someone or some group,we the people must all be responsible for your actions at all cost. So yes if she said it then have the authority's hand cuff her and brought to question her mind set, in front of the public to show that we are serious about taking action when you say or do something wrong. This will stop all the celebrities from saying garbage to the people to get attention.

  131. All the women, including Madonna, were there demanding "equality'' with the men ~ So, either Madonna gets PRISON time for this or, EVERY male who threatened our President or the White House and got prison time, needs to be released the same day as they let Madonna walk! It is MADONNA who is screaming to be EQUAL with the men, so, SHOW HER SHE IS and put her in prison like you would a man!!!

  132. She is no better than those prosecuted when they jad to turn a flight around because of a threat and bad behavior…Im disgusted with people supporting this and those who took part on this for allowing a constitutional right to free speach be ruined by the ignorance and filth that came out of maddonas mouth..I mean really ..there are lots of respectful woman out there that could do a better job…oh and by the way…the fact that there kids on this protest….to CNN…I pray you loose ratings for been so diseving news reporting ..maddona out of contest…you cant take the F### you mentioned twice out of contest as well as what she said about our white house…..you should be ashame of your selfs as news reporting.

  133. Look we are in war with these Muslim that Obama administration trunedinto our country. Knowing full well they are our enemies. That's treason by the Rules of War. No one cared he let these killers into our country.Why?Because he is Black 15 million Muslim killers at last count. No one in Washington is holding him accountable and we all know jow many lone wolf killings jas been in America. What she said is stupid and wrong but don't start a witch hunt on her when Washington has refused to try Obama for war Crimes. Start with him . Oh I forgot he is above the law . So is Hillary but go after Madonna. REALLY.Show what u do to the true criminals Obama and Hillary before u go after her.

  134. I think Madonna and all the others not wanting to support Mr. Trump should be escorted out of our country and never being allowed to enter our country again. What a bunch of scum bags. I will never support their music.

  135. Those psychos at the women's March, famous or not, only succeeded in doing one thing, embarrassing and humiliating themselves, and proving once and for all, for all the world to see, why women have not achieved respect and equality all these years after the women's movement of the 60's. And unless women can ever figure out how to organize and present an intelligent, coherent message about real Women's issues all over the world, the rape, torture and enslavement of the most vulnerable women in 3rd world nations, they will continue to be dismissed as shrill, unhinged, emotionally unstable and unintelligent. You can scream and whine about wanting respect and equal pay all you want but respect and equality has to be earned through ones actions it cannot be mandated by law or demanded. And I cannot think of a women in the 20th century who has done more to undermine the women's movement than Madonna. Appearing half naked on stage humping objects while wearing a cone shaped bra for decades, long after her expiration date, has done little more than represent an image of women as classless, attention seeking trashy pigs. She and Ashley Judd, Scarlett Johansson and the rest couldn't care less about women's issues they do not represent any women that I know. They make me embarrassed to be a member of the female population. And Madonna should most definitely be charged with criminal attempt to incite violence. She absolutely knows that there are multitudes of psychopaths in this country who will be influenced to carry out her terrorist rantings. She should be stripped of her citizenship her and deported.

  136. If you think Madonna's comment was a metaphor then your brain is a chunk of crap…by the way, THAT is a metaphor. YOU look it up.

  137. I guess he should send the secret service to my house as well because I have also thought about blowing up the White house! Yea I said it, and I have thought it too! Does that mean I'm actually going to act on it? No! but hey I get it, really the secret service has nothing better to do and clearly Trump has nothing more serious to worry about. What else can you expect when a TV celebrity becomes President. It's all about them ratings and you poor people actually think he cares.

  138. It went from "I thought about it" (action) to speaking it out loud (action) no longer metaphor went in to a credible threat (class e felony)……if she would have never spoken her thought and made it a known threat she could not be charged but stating said threat in public forum makes it just that a spoken credible threat!! Look it up, under new homeland security laws any spoken threat can be held credible and any person can be held for domestic terrorism for any reason…

  139. Why IS Madonna back in the U.S.?
    Where did her pretentious accent go?
    She should at least be fined for talking about blowing up the White House!
    MADONNA: STOP trying to stay relevant and put this country before yourself!!!!!!!


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