BOOM! Tomi Lahren Speaks the TRUTH about Racist Chicago Thugs and Says What Many Are Too Afraid to Say!


Four black people were charged Thursday after torturing a disabled white teenager with special needs. These disgusting punks tied this young man up, kicked him, beat him, slashed his head, cut his hair and even forced him to drink toilet water – all of which was streamed live on Facebook.

The attackers can be heard saying “F*ck Donald Trump” and F*ck white people!”

The reaction from the liberal media was disgraceful. CNN’s Don Lemon seemed to actually defend the animals in the video, claiming that they were not evil, just poorly raised.

Sorry Don, but an act as horrific as this isn’t just something you did, it’s who you are. The deep-seated hate in these criminals is ingrained in their character and will never change.


Tomi Lahren had a different reaction than Mr. Lemon. She spoke out on Facebook and called out the hypocrisy of the mainstream media. She points out that if the races were reversed, this story would be posted everywhere. As Tomi says,

“If it bleeds it leads, but only if it’s the right color.”

The truth is, there are many on the left who are quietly celebrating what these thugs did. They are quick to yell “racism” where none exists, but when a white person is beaten because of his skin color, they attempt to justify and shift blame.

The American people need to unite and take a stand.  All of the fake hate crimes being staged by liberals and racist lies being told about Trump are now creating REAL victims.

Enough is enough!


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I am best described as a Constitutional conservative. I strongly believe in constitutionally limited government, individual freedom, and personal responsibility. I can no longer stand on the sidelines and watch my country lose a game that we were built to master. I am speaking up! Please visit my blog and speak up with me!


  1. Toni has stated it clearly. Thanks to Obama these thugs think they can do what do is justified but it is HATE that is within them & for what??? It is despicable!! If the tables were turned it would be completely different in the eyes of liberals & the media. I feel so sad for the young man & his family.


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