Obama Is Tearing His Hair Out After Hearing What Trump ACCOMPLISHED Today!

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Obama was a terrible President. You all know that. Somehow the liberal media is still trying to prop up his record.

Take a look at this. According to CNN Money, Obama created 10.9 million jobs during his 8 years. That sounds like a lot. It’s not when you realize that a new study that came out of Harvard says 94% of those 10.9 million jobs were temporary positions – which you can find on Investing.com.

That means that only 700,000 of the jobs that Obama created were full-time.

That means that Trump isn’t even President and he has created more jobs than Obama!! OMG!



And he isn’t even President YET! That’s because Trump promised that he was running for the American worker. He promised that he would do everything that he could do for the American worker.

If you don’t remember, Trump delivered this historic quote on November 8th in Michigan.

“I am with you. I will fight for you and I will win for you. I promise.”


Trump is keeping his promise. Today Trump has added or saved nearly 1.2 million jobs. You read that right here.

Trump has created or saved 1.2 million jobs. CNN won’t show you this but Trump has already made more full-time jobs than Obama.

Image Source: The Gateway Pundit

… And he isn’t even our President yet! Get this out there right now, patriots! Trump is not even our president and he has created more jobs than Obama.

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Screw the MSM, the Washington Post, the CIA. The people have spoken and we want to make America great again! (h/t The Gateway Pundit)


Paris is the best writer on the Internet and helped get Donald Trump elected President in November 2016. He is now censored on Facebook for it.


  1. The above numbers don't lie…Donald Trump will be a great POTUS – MILES better than Obama could ever had hoped to be!!! 🙂

  2. Well, look at all the cry babies who r unhappy with Trump❗ Maybe we can get some honesty now❗More full time jobs created n he isn't President yet❗ Shame on the behavior of the Congress members who r whiners❗

  3. obama WAS ALL TALK NO ACTION! When he was elected POTUS I didn't show my butt. I gave him a chance. I did NOT vote for him(Thank God). But all the leftists that are fighting the FACT that OUR Country's POTUS IS TRUMP is only because they have had so much handed to them under obama and they are afraid that they will have to work for what has been given to them. AND they are right! If I have to work for what I get……They should too!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Please learn proper English grammar before you place something out there…..you is wrong!!
    (just what I expected from a mook — –)

  5. I've said all along the jobs he CREATED were a result of Obamacare and employers had to cut people's hours because they couldn't afford the insurance benefits for that many full-time employees. So McDonald's now has twice as many employees like Walmart and every other minimum wage paying job! Each employee just works 20 or 30 hours so now instead of just working at Walmart you gotta go to work at McDonald's too to get a full 40 hour work week! Duh! It's not rocket science people! Just look around and see what you're looking at! He CREATED a mess!

  6. I voted for Trump and I'm proud of it as I think anyone should be that is tired of business as usual In DC! The time has come for the working people to take back our country and kick the lazy theives out. I'm talking about the nuts and bolts of this country not the spoiled union zombies!!


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