Trump’s Biggest Supporter Just Got ULTIMATE REVENGE On Hollywood!

Source: (Peter Theil) Heisenberg Media - (Trump) Gage Skidmore -

Donald Trump just wants to get into office so he can start cleaning up our country and helping EVERYONE! Unfortunately, the Hollywood so-called “stars” have been trying their hardest to mess him up.

NOT ANYMORE! Now his biggest Supporter, tech billionaire Peter Thiel, has started preparing to put all those California liberals in their place by Running for Governor of California in 2018!!

This is literally the best thing that could possibly happen for Trump and California. With an ally like Thiel running America’s most populated state, we can actually get some REAL work done.

In case you do not remember, Thiel founded Pay-Pal before hitting it big by being the first big funder of Facebook. He also became the FIRST Gay Republican to ever be a keynote speaker at Trump’s RNC this year.


Hey, I think this sounds like an amazing idea. Peter Thiel is smart, capable, and has been on the Trump Train since the very beginning. Let’s help his dream become a reality by sharing this all over Facebook!!




  1. California has become a cesspool and needs to be drained like the swamp in Washington. We are sick and tired of crap being stuffed down our throats. Yes, we need fresh ideas and common sense leading California. We are in definite favor of Peter Thiel leading us out of the dark ages and returning us to sanity from those who care little about what happens to the little man , who struggles day to day to put food on there tables and a roof over there heads. Out with the old stagnate cronies who hold on to there power no matter who it hurts. Please run for Governor we implore you as we have had enough of being led by incompetent people. God Bless and stay on the Trump Train as he will need all the help he can get from honest and loyal Americans.

  2. Tired of demos they need to back President Trump and stop having spoiled baby fits. As for Hollywood. You just ant all that and a bag of chips if you know what I mean. Grow up your just paid entertainment


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