THIS IS IT! Regis Philbin Just Made Trump SUPER Happy With This Amazing Gift!

Source: (Regis) TMZ, (Trump) Gage Skidmore

Now we all know that Donald Trump has a TON of celebrity supporters. All the biggest ones LOVE him! However, legendary host Regis Philbin just took the cake by giving Trump the SMILE of his life.

When a TMZ reporter met Regis and asked him how he felt about how President Trump has been doing, Regis happily replied,

“Well, so far, I think he’s done quite well, don’t you? He’s getting things done that were never done before.”

See? Because actual intelligent people LOVE Donald Trump and what he is doing.


Oh, and speaking of intelligent people, Regis is also a big fan of Trump’s Supreme Court pick Neil Gorsuch! He said he is smart and a hard worker and he will do an AMAZING job.

Even Donald Trump himself was excited to have Regis on his team. Just look at his Facebook post:

Source: Donald Trump Facebook

If you are PROUD to have Regis Philbin on board the Train and Donald Trump as president, let the world know by sharing this out everywhere!

(H/T – TMZ, Facebook)



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