99% of America is PI$$ED at ANTI-TRUMP Thing Katy Perry Wore to Grammys Tonight

Source: CBS

We all expected to see the Grammy’s get unnecessarily political, and who better to deliver an anti-Trump hate message than Hillary Clinton’s own pet, Katy Perry?

Perry came out performing her new song “Chained to the Rythm”, however, it was not the SONG that pissed everyone off, it was the band around her arm!

Katy Perry wore an armband with the message “RESIST” on it.

Yep. So now the “tolerant” left has resorted to wearing armbands and calling themselves “socialists.” It sounds so familiar, but who was it that did that before?…


Oh, that’s right, THE FREAKING NAZIS!!

But hey, what can you expect from people who refuse to acknowledge history?

And it’s really no surprise that Katy Perry of all people would be the one to dawn the “Armband of Resistance.” After all, she did pledge her allegiance to Fuhrer Clinton DOZENS of time during the election.

This all seems VERY suspicious to me. All these pro-Clinton celebs leading the “resist” movement while rumors of Hillary Clinton running again go WILD on the internet. That’s no coincidence.

We need to fight back. Boycott all the HORRIBLE celebs who are busy stabbing America and it’s president in the back.

Also, we gotta support all the ones who are willing to fight with us. So let’s all give a special THANK YOU to Joy Villa for her MAGA dress. YOU ROCK JOY!

Photo Credit: Aaron Fortner




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