All of America is BOYCOTTING NETFLIX After the SICK New Show They Just Added

Source: (Pence) Gage Skidmore , (Corner Picture) Netflix

You know what, I really used to like Netflix. They always had such great shows and movies to watch when I’m bored. Well, sadly I will NOT be watching them any more thanks to a SICK new show they just added.


The RACIST show they added is called “Dear White People.” Pretty much everyone in America is super P*SSED after they saw this new trailer where, well, you will see…

See? Now since when is it appropriate to make “Black Face” a feature of a damn TV show?! Also this trail got 17 TIMES more Dislikes than Likes on Youtube already.


I mean, sure, they may CLAIM it is a social statement or whatever, but the way they do it is not even REMOTELY funny.

Oh, and to make it even worse for Netflix, they just paid for a whole damn season of this show to be made out of their own pockets. BAD JUDGEMENT!!

That is just icing on the BOYCOTT cake considering George Soros himself bought up a HUGE amount of Netflix shares just 2 years ago. So, while I cannotĀ FORCE you to stop watching, I can give you all the info. Now you decide for yourself.

(H/T – Daily Mail)



  1. Well I am an older person and I have a really hard time finding much of interest on Netflix. Realzing of course there are millions of younger people that have differant tastes. In spite of that Netflix is mostly BS.

  2. Really? I have a net flix sub with my wife and three or my kids on it! I'm dropping you net flix! Maybe you should think about shows that bring us people togeather, where all people all our blood Is red WTF.

  3. I only saw that white people going with black faces on Halloween is unacceptable and racist. That's the message they're trying to show. I suppose if you were a black person that went to a Halloween costume with a witch outfit and you got offended because people had black faces. Which means we shouldn't dress up as any nationality. It's offensive to other nationalities. Well you know there are satanists they are rare but they're out there so imagine if you had a sickness coming to your party and they dressed as a white person and you were a witch costume they might be offended. I guess we're not supposed to go around dressing up as witches area boat fits Indian outfits Chinese outfits Black Faces etcetera. What does that leave. Zombies? but that might offend the zombies that are out there protesting right now. Ghosts? That might get ghosts upset. UFO aliens that might get the aliens Among Us upset. Princess? That might get the real princesses upset. Policeman police women. That might get the men and women in blue upset and upset BLM people. I guess we'll just have to ban Halloween. And we'll have to band Hollywood too because all of that stuff on TV is fake and they dress up as police and firemen and pretend to be people there not. That might upset real police and real firemen.

  4. I watch the Star Trek and some little bit of other stuff. I don't like the idea of this new show so I don't watch it. If you don't like watching low IQ shmarmy idiots talking out of their ass because their mouth knows better, then don't watch it.


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