ATTENTION!! Trump Just Found A BRILLIANT Way to Prove He’s Right About Fake News, But He Needs YOUR Help!!


How do you expose the liars in the liberal media when the liberal media is how most Americans get their news? Well, President Trump just found a way. Trump is bypassing the fake news outlets and asking the American people for help.

Trump sent out a survey for all Americans to fill out to help expose who the liars are in the liberal media!

The survey titled, “the mainstream media accountability survey”, asks the American people who they trust with questions like…

“Do you trust CNN to report fairly on Trump’s presidency?” 

 “Which online source do you use the most?”


There are also multiple choice questions like the one seen below.

After Trump’s press conference yesterday, the media blasted him and called him “unhinged”. They don’t think that he is “in touch with reality”, so now is our chance to show them that THEY are the ones who aren’t getting it!!

There is a reason why only 6% of Americans trust the media, we aren’t stupid. President Trump needs our help NOW! No president has ever reached out to the American people like this one and we need to be there for him.

You don’t have to donate or even put your real name, Trump just wants real answers and real proof.

To take the survey CLICK HERE

Please share with other Trump supporters!!

I am best described as a Constitutional conservative. I strongly believe in constitutionally limited government, individual freedom, and personal responsibility. I can no longer stand on the sidelines and watch my country lose a game that we were built to master. I am speaking up! Please visit my blog and speak up with me!


    • I totally agree with you and I do the same as you but I hope that the twitter
      issue doesn’t get too out of hand to give bullets to the opposition.

  1. It says which issues does the mainstream media do the worst job of representing Republicans (select as many as you like) Well, well well, it does NOT let you select even one.

  2. Stopped watching all but Fox News years because they were
    Changing news that I had heard live into news that suited their viewpoint.
    I don’t accept lying in any form, changing wording or with
    Holding part of the facts. Why wast you time listening if you can’t depend
    On the truth. News is news not entertainment.

    I believe this is Sedition in its rawest form. The laws of Sedition need to be polished off and enforced.

    God less America

    Helen Widener


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