BREAKING: The FBI Just Made HUGE Announcement About Mike Flynn!

Source: (left) Richard Girard, (right) US gov't

There have been all kinds of rumors going around the General Michael Flynn would be charged for lying to the FBI about the nature of his phone call with Russia that resulted in his resignation. (Yes, just like Hillary Clinton did during the election)

We can now say with confidence that the FBI will NOT be pursuing any criminal charges against Mike Flynn!

According to The Hill,

FBI interviewers don’t believe Flynn intentionally mislead them during an interview last month, despite Flynn not remembering all he talked about in a call with Russian envoy Sergey Kislyak where he discussed sanctions.

It looks like the FBI has some sense after all. The charges that Liberals wanted brought against him were VERY serious and could have ruined his stellar military and public service record.


Trump was especially excited about the news. When a crooked reporter tried to ask him about Flynn’s phone call with Russia at today’s Press conference, the President responded,

“I don’t think he did anything wrong. If anything he did something right.”

FBI officials also declared there was NO evidence of collusion between the President and ANY of his staff with Russia to influence the elections.

Let’s make sure every Trump supporter in America reads this so we can save Flynn’s reputation from the lying mainstream media!!

(H/T – The Hill)





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