BREAKING: New Pick For National Security Adviser Just Gave President Trump DEVASTATING News!


President Trump’s pick to replace General Flynn,retired Vice Adm. Robert Harward, would have made the perfect National Security Adviser.

Harward is currently a defense contractor executive, a retired United States Navy SEAL and a former Deputy Commander of the United States Central Command, under the leadership command of General James Mattis. He is a man you do NOT want to mess with.

Vice Adm. Robert Harward

But it was just reported today that Harward will be turning down the position.


From the Hill:

“Reports emerged Wednesday that Trump had¬†offered the job to Harward, a former Navy SEAL, following Flynn’s resignation on Monday.¬†

According to the Financial Times report, a source familiar with Harward’s decision said he was concerned about whether the top advisers in Trump’s administration would allow him to install his own staff on the National Security Council. Flynn’s deputy, K.T. McFarland, told The Hill on Tuesday that Trump had “asked that I stay on.”



President Trump is known for being loyal to his team, so it isn’t surprising that he wouldn’t want to let some of his best people go. The situation is so complex considering the recent leaks in the White House, but Trump trusts Flynn’s team and does not think they are the source.

President Trump was forced to make a tough decision today, but he stood strong and didn’t compromise. Even though Harwood would have been good for job, he isn’t worth losing the few people Trump can trust.


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