BREAKING: Right After Court SHUT DOWN Travel Ban, Trump Stuck Back with This BRUTAL THREAT!

Source: White House

Just an hour ago the 9th Appeals Court of San Francisco ruled to uphold the suspension of Donald Trump’s travel ban of 7 terror plagued countries.

You can bet the President was NOT happy to hear this. That’s why he immediately shot back with a Tweet and Facebook post that has the liberals scared like little babies…

Trump Tweeted:



He is right. This is not just some stupid game Donald Trump is playing. ISIS is a very serious threat to Western democracy as a whole and they are using the refugee programs from these countries to sneak in and establish terror colonies across Europe!

He doubled down on his threat when he told reporters in the West Wing,

“It’s a very very serious situation so we look forward to seeing them in court.”

They have no idea the can of worms they just opened. Donald Trump LOVES lawsuits. He is the king of them. Now that they are threatening his country and right to lead, there is gonna be Hell to pay.

So let’s make some Trump Train magic happen for Donald and share this with every single Trump supporter you know online!

(H/T – Daily Mail)



  1. I support President Trump….I am sick of the illegal immigrants putting a strain on our country….illegal is illegal. Come into country legal methods….we also need to start limiting the numbers….do away with h1 visa…loophole for big business….

    Go for it president trump there is a Lot of support out here…

  2. I think Mr Trump is right on trying to keep this country safe from those country's that support ISIS & are using any means to get them into this country

  3. He should allow them to land in California and them stay there until they can be vetted by vetters from DC. It might take a long time and California could provide all of their provisions, they are rich and smart.!! Lol

    • lets extend the wall up through california, so they can all the immagrants they want. everyones happy. no federal funds of course.

  4. This is a disgrace. President Trump had every constitional n legal right to do this. It was fine when Obama did same AND for 6 months, President trump only banned for three months !!! Sad when just to oppose ANYTHING President Trump does, they fight against, shows they dont give a crap about America… Hang tough, President Trump..more then half the country are behind you. We just arent in the streets yelling n screaming..and crying n whining..but if we have too..WE THE PEOPLE WILL MARCH, WILL SPEAK UP, WILL PROTEST…WE WONT BE CRYING N MELTDOWNS THOUGH. WE R STRONG AND MANY. GOD BLESS YOU, PRESIDENT TRUMP AND VICE PRESIDENT PENCE AND YOUR FAMILIES. KEEP GOING.

    • I agree!! Only one thing to clarify here…those 3 morons lost their "credibility" a LONG time ago!! It's why many of us refer to it as the Ninth CIRCUS Court of Appeals!! Thank you Rush Limbaugh for that VERY fitting nickname!!

    • I agree 100% with lala!! Only one thing to clarify here…those 3 morons lost their "credibility" a LONG time ago!! It's why many of us refer to it as the Ninth CIRCUS Court of Appeals!! Thank you Rush Limbaugh for that VERY fitting nickname!!

    • I agree 100% with La la!! Only one thing to clarify here…those 3 morons lost their "credibility" a LONG time ago!! It's why many of us refer to it as the Ninth CIRCUS Court of Appeals!! Thank you Rush Limbaugh for that VERY fitting nickname!!

  5. I am so saddened that there is such a resistance about establishing vetting that necessitates banning these countries TEMPORARILY, I might say, so that proper processing for vetting can be fairly established. Charity begins at home. Safeguarding begins at home… there is nothing so wrong with that. If we know already that some of these countries are breeding grounds for the extremists and that by affinity they crossbreed ideology, shouldn't we be more careful in getting them in our Country. I don't really see anything wrong with that! I am a very charitable person, very understanding regarding the plights of others but to me to act with careless consideration and put my loved ones at harm's way, that, my Friends, will call for a more careful consideration. Give that some thought, please. We waste time in getting our Country in order… it is time to think smart!

  6. Donald Trump is right / I want them out of our Country There has Mosque having Gun Automatic / Ammo . There Judges do not no what all Trump has been told . I bet on that . Supreme Court . I do believe America is in very real danger Protest are nothing to what Isis has done / they are hear Obama let them in . The Bad Liberals are creating big trouble too There is religious Liberals who have changed over to Conservetive liking . Because of the Muslim who disgrace our American flag / Constitution .

  7. Don't these fools realize that their own families and friends will be in harms way from the Islamic cult because of their undercut ruling?

  8. Oh my gosh!! What is wrong with people!! Our AMERICA is in danger by allowing immigrants into our country. If Korea or Chinese or any other country wanted to kill Americans would we let them in, this is no different!! Immigrants DO NOT have a right to be here if they aren't documented!!! DUH!!!!!!

  9. I support President Trump's travel ban 100%. We are already seeing towns overtaken in America and no one is stopping it. It Deerborn, Michigan fake news, is Kansas fake? What does it take to wake up the demorats?

  10. The bacon is in the pan and the heat is going to be turned up on this issue of "No travel ban".
    When these jerks make a hit in this nation I just hope it's in these judges back door. Perhaps then and only then will they "Get It".

  11. Love to see him work with Congress to start impeaching some of these judges that are ruling on ideology and not the law. This law is as clear as they come. They can disagree with what Trump did but they cannot legitimately claim he doesn't have the right to do it. I seldom see a law written so clearly and succinctly.

  12. i support the ban,im livid these judges should lose their jobs,the corruption is president Mr Trump has the right to do this ban.These judges do not have the right to block it just because they want to .How do people that are not United States citizens have any protection of our Constitution.I don't understand this someone please tell me how this is constitutional.i dont see it

  13. I am in full agreement with President Trump, the liberals have this false idea that we can take these people that was know nothing about, nd they are coming from countries that want to do our country and our people harm. Look what is happening all over Europe, killings, rape Muslim Terrorists are running a muck. Judges should be neutral politically, the judge's harvest on the 9th Circuit of Appeals certainly are not neutral in any case they rule on.

  14. with a thousand immigrants a year coming in something desperately needs to be done or there will be no future for our children because there will be no jobs.

  15. And when there is another attak on US soil these judges and all democrats need held responsible, and a couple of Republicans too

  16. It was a shorter ban than all the rest of the US Presidents in the past! They think he is stupid! Wrong!! He is the duly elected president!!

  17. I heard a Muslim woman explain tonight that she supports the travel ban. She said the countries effected have less than 10% of the world's Muslims. She mentioned to her surprise that even Afghanistan isn't on the list.

    I feel ANYONE who doesn't see that this is a band aid on the problem of not currently being able to properly investigate the background and motive for travel here from countries who do not maintain records on their people. Others are on the list as countries who will not share what information they have. I have one comment to give those Americans. Start praying that no one comes here from those countries with the intent to harm or kill those who you love.

    There are enough issues to disagree with Trump and the Republicans over, this should not be one of them.

    Those same folks should find the impromptu speech Senator Rubio delivered after Senator Warren was barred from continuing to slander her Senate colleague, Senator Sessions, now Attorney General Sessions.

    There wasn't 5% of this kind of B/S as President Obama started his first term. If this lack of character by staunch democrats doesn't stop, republicans, like elephants never forget, count on that.

    This is why nothing worthwhile gets done in Congress. If you care about your future and that of your loved ones, find a way to deal with your disappointment about the November election and support the current administration. If may not be as bad as you have convinced yourself.

  18. It has been learned that the previous administration of Bush and Obama declared a national emergency; that is why they were able to ignore Judges Rullings. There are several questions from this possibility. 1) Why does Trump have to Declare a national emergency to pass his policies that have said there is a national threat if there is no real threat? If there is a threat, why has Trump not been advised to confirm the Ndaa by his advisers? Why are all Federal appeals courts not in step with presidential decisions lasting 12-15yrs?

  19. I don't believe the ninth district court has the power to shut down the President to protect the Citizens of this Country. And the Constitution is written as such.The court is circumventing the law, and inserting their own understanding of what fits their agenda. Their agenda is to repeal any decisions made by President Trump no matter what they are or about. The liberals will cause a Civil War in this country, and everybody looses.

  20. They need to relieve these judges of their duties. They are breaking the law. If any terrorist Ackerman happen through this then the judges should be held liable. And spend it in prison. How can anyone over ride the president. If Killary Clinton or Obama would said this no liberals or democratic would said nothing. Democrats and liberals are trying to start a revolution.

  21. This is Radical Liberal Terrorism from the BENCH. this court says No to the President (who has this right) Then who is in controll? Liberal Judges? Then our boarders WILL then be put into their hands. Thinking then anybody can sue the Federal Gov on our immigration and boarders???? Our boarders and immigration is one in the same.. This will be the death to the USA
    They also keep saying The Gov can't use relilgous test; WELL PEOPLE that is only for our Federal Gov.!!!!! NOT on Immigrantion !!!!! They are miss quoting that LAW (surprise) United States Constitution is a clause within Article VI, Section 3. By its plain terms, no federal office holder or employee can be required to adhere to or accept any particular religion or doctrine as a prerequisite to holding a federal office or a federal government job. It immediately follows a clause requiring all federal and state officers to take an oath or affirmation to support the Constitution. This clause contains the only explicit reference to religion in the original seven articles of the U.S. Constitution

  22. President Trump, is wanting to secure our country and liberals don't give a rip! Soros, is a communist, and thinks he is a God! Buys everyone off with money, and try's to rule the world! Obama let Muslelims into this country, by the groves, because he is one of them! go president Trump!

  23. Well my thought is put all these refugees on a plane to Washington State and let them deal with them, President Trump was doing what he said he would do. protec the people of the USA, let one of them rape someone in their family and see how fast they change their minds:(

  24. My President is the greatest. He's got guts to speak his mind. I agree with him 100% . The problem is where he's honest and does say what he thinks the majority he has to deal with are cowards. Half don't know what country doing what to who and the other doesn't know which president is in office right now. Trump won by millions of people but the other side wants to remain with the last governments work ethic which is they did nothing. Why doesn't the other side give it up your not going to bring him to his knees or he's not going to do anything for the other side impeached. This is what I'd do if I were the democrats to fix Trump. I would first take a couple of drinks of Jim Beam then sit down and write a note saying. I've made a terrible error this November and before I followed the Democratic party. A party that just wants to destroy the USA that's the Democratic party so ive decided to end it all. I'd pick up the pistol put it to my head then take out my voters card and point the gun at it and pull its trigger. I would then put the card in the fireplace and burn that lousie card. Another drink is what's needed now. I'm sorry to those ive ruin and lied to. I have destroyed the party of cheaters and thieves and I am now a Trumper. I will not vote just because. I will only vote unless the runner is honest and isn't afraid to speak up. I AM NOW A CONDERVATIVE and a follower of PRESIDENT TRUMP.

  25. No this is not a blow to the White House Shepard. How stupid is that statement. This is a blow to the US citizens. What kind of idiots do have as Federal Judges. These guys are complete idiots. All politics. So sad to know so many people care nothing about the Amaican people. Everyone knows there should be a travel ban. When past presidents did it not a word was said. All politics against Trump. I am ashamed of our so called judges. They are idiots.

  26. It time for Americans start taking this country it is obvious that our representatives and our Federal Judges have just sold our asses over to the MUSLIMS. How frigging corrupt are these people ? The only thing left now if we want to keep our freedoms and our way of life is to force all Muslims out of this country as the 1952 laws stated that because of Muslims sick frigging belief in the quran and their prophet muhammad they must be force to leave . the reason they are attempting to overthrow our government. I don't see people like chuck Schumer coming to Americans aid any time soon he was and still is a Obama kiss ass follower. Was selling out this country to the highest bidder. If law enforcement having the laws and power behind them won't do anything to get these sick SOB's out of this country then like Germany and the EU countries are doing forcing the Muslims out of their country we must do the same thing. CONTRARY TO WHAT THE FEDERAL JUDGES HAVE RULED ON THEY KNOW THEY ARE WRONG THEY KNOW THE LAW THAT WAS WRITTEN IN 1952 MADE IT REALLY CLEAR THAT NO MUSLIMS WERE TO LIVE OR RESIDE IN THIS COUNTRY FOR ANY REASON. CHAPTER 2 SECTION 212 AND PUB. LAW 414 THAT EXPLAINS TO CONGRESS WHY IT WAS SO IMPORTANT FOR THOSE LAWS TO BE WRITTEN. AT THAT TIME OUR GOVERNMENT FORESEEN THE PROBLEMS WE ARE HAVING TODAY WITH MUSLIMS AND THEY WANTED TO STOP IT BEFORE IT HAD CHANCE TO START. UNITED WE STAND MUSLIMS WILL NOT HAVE A CHANCE. WE CAN NOT ANY LONGER TRUST OUR OWN REPRESENTATIVES TO PROTECT US THEY HAVE SOLD US OUT.

  27. This Judge apparently cannot read this Law that gives any President authority to decide which immigrants and how many for the safety and security of our country are allowed entry to the US. Perhaps he needs to take Reading 101 again and learn to comprehend what he reads. He should be impeached for trying to do the Commander in Chief's job. This Judge is not The President.

  28. Danny Gold should learn to proofread before he prints an article! And secondly, the President will prevail because he is certainly within his right to ban anyone from America. If you remember 9/11, that should be enough reason, if not you may well have opened Pandora's box to allow all the evils of the world out on America!

  29. I'm behind you, President Trump. Every step of the way. This IS a very serious situation!!!!!! Refugees need to be investigated and cleared for the protection of Our Country!!!

  30. Of course President Trump will be fought tooth and nail on everything he does. But it won't effect him much because he had to fight as businessman. People may not like him or policies and what he does but at least he's doing something! We've had 8 years of a president doing nothing, we don't need anymore of that we've had enough of that.

  31. Reardless of the insensitivity of the court to the safety of this nation, we will prevail. The courts will yield to the EOas they are exposed as the socialist charlatans they are. God bless you President Trump 400 million faithful prayed you into office, and we stand beside you now.

  32. I stand with you president trump all the way you right thank you for standing up for American and the American people and keeping America safe god let you president trump and god bless America!!!

  33. i know for real. President is fighting for american people, not for anybody.if he lost the case, america lost the case. people who lost their loved one's because of terrorism, they know the depth of their loss, i agree with the president,it is always good to take measures ahead to protect innocent americans .President Trump working hard for american people and i am surprised the way things going.

  34. Choo Choo … Keep that train on track…. Stay strong and courageous….We need you, President Trump……We need you… Keep the ban on!!!!

  35. Why is Trump trying to scare you into backing his racist agenda ? Don't you know what extensive process these people go through before they are ever allow into our country? Some wait years of checking and rechecking their backgrounds. There are safeguards in place people. That is what he needs to concentrate on.

  36. He is within his rights to make that decision. The left They should dock their pay for the days that they didn't show for work is just not going to let up on him . It is time for all them cry babies to do their job are get out and let someone in there that will work for the people and not against them. They need to dock their pay for the days they fail to show up for work. That is what their state is paying them to do. I know when the old lady from Missouri is up for election in 2 years I will vote against her.

  37. The travel ban must be there to protect our innocent american people n the beautiful land of u.s.soil.I am with the 45th President of the United States of America MR.PRESIDENT DONALD J.TRUMP 100%..the two twins towers were hit by two planes back in 2001 n three thousand innocent american people die for nothing…To avoid another 911 reoccurring , the travel ban must be there! Think very CAREFULLY PRESIDENT TRUMP DO NOT WANT TO SEE ANOTHER 911 ATTACK TO U.S.SOIL AGAIN..GOD BLESS PRESIDENT TRUMP N U.S.A.

  38. People forget ; This is not just about President Trump, I about the safety and security of the American People. Can you not see what is happening in Europe? Do you really want the same for us here in America? I for one don't think so. We want to live in peace, don't bother me and I won't bother you! Don't thread on Me!.

  39. Our goverment and Judicial's are full of moron's or they are just part of what is trying to destroy America, President Trump is the strong leader we have needed for a long time. The swamp is huge, but end the end Mr. President will when, and all these ass-hole's will disappear. They should be lined up as traitor's and shot or hanged.

  40. I'm starting to think, are the Democrats trying to hurt our country, is this why they are putting road blocks in our presidents path. What will they do when these terrorist come here and start beheading people, So you want this to happen in our country or somewhere else, If this is allowed to happen, as it was in Europe, Then the Democrats and the Judges who are actives are the one's who will be responsible. Stop playing games with our safety, We have lost enough of our family's to a bunch of idiots, who don't have any common sense, and just want to get a name for themselves.

  41. The ignorant Democrats are determined to get ISIS into the U.S.!! They don't care about the consequences as long as they WIN…that's all they care about!!

  42. By the same logic that scotus used to permit abortions, the blocking of unvetted intruders can be made. The 14th amendment was used to deny preborn infants constitutional due process since they were yet native born. The refugees coming in are neither native born or naturalized so they have NO due process either.

  43. Yes, he s.u r.e. does know about lawsuits, HE has been sued enough himself for wrongdoings of his own. And…I might add, has settled multitudes of them including the recent $25million this past Dec 2016 for his fake trump U.

    Good luck with your "magic"…try asking why those countries from where the 911 terrorists ACTUALLY came from (including Osama bin Laden): Saudi Arabia, UAE, Lebanon and Egypt are NOT included in that list? Well, try your man's investments. HE does not want to hurt HIS pocket and will turn a blind eye to our true threats for his own benefit. So really..does he care for your well-being? For the American people's ? Or HIS OWN? T.h.i.n.k. it through, we ALL deserve the truth.

  44. We the people need to do something and not leave it all for president Trump to do and so should the Republic controlled Congress and Senate.

  45. This decision is not right and it is unconstitutional the Democrats are at fault with this George soros and the Hillary Clinton Foundation an Obama Foundation have got people inside the government as we speak that are being paid off and I doing everything they can to grab Donald Trump from making anything right for America 80% of these people need to be arrested and held accountable and that's not only Democrats as a few Republicans as well mr. Trump needs our help I don't know how but I'm open for all suggestions as long as it's legal

  46. Our President knows what he is doing. You in Congress had eight years to protect our Nation anb you sat on your hands. Now get out of the way and let our President Trump clean up your mess!

  47. What is wrong with this Country! We finally have someone in there that truly loves and wants to help us and this Nation of ours and you stupid ass liberals fight him at every turn. We the People voted him in and we want him to help us and do what is right for a change. He is for our Constitution and will Uphold it up to its very last letter. He took that oath and we will back him and will fight right along side him if the need arises.

  48. I can't believe they put the lives of illegals and refugees above their own people's safety. How can we trust the court system if they play these games with our future. I am really really sick of our government who continue to put their heads in the sand to what is really going on in our country. I honestly don't believe they cared about anything but going against President Trump. Shame shame on you judges.

  49. That ruling is RIDICULOUS, It shows what a terrible stronghold is in the higher courts of this country, especially California… The president made a temporary ban… people that are not citizens have no travel rights in America if the President is working out security issues of these countries… their not muslim countries… their ISSIS filled countries… Go President Trump…. use your team and find a way to shut these kinks in your plan down

  50. I wish South Africa had a president that cares about his country like Mr Trump. He is doing everything out of love. They against him but as soon as they read of yet another attack, rape, marriage of young children, bombing, people's heads that gets chopped off, they all want to comment and give hate replies. Make up your minds !

  51. It is not a muslim ban, it just so happens the terroristic tragedys that have been taking place since 9/11 just so happens to be muslims! NOW, if just for example, if Haitians, who largely practice voodoo, would be the ones who are committing the terroristic acts, then all eyes would be on ALL HAITIANS! or it could be any other sect or nationality! All muslims must be examined in order to weed out the dangerous ones! It just so happens that it is muslims who are chanting death to America, cut the head off the infidel, which they claim is America! What is wrong with those who cannot see that? PLAIN OLD FASHION COMMON SENSE!

  52. The demoncraps care nothing about true Americans safety. The only way they will do the right thing is when some muslem slime balls kill one of them or their family. Than you can bet your life, they'll finally do the right thing. They all should be impeached. Every single one if them.

  53. brutalize them w force. Hit them so fn hard that the USA is last place on earth they will want to come. Amnesty for anybody who feels threatened and shoots one. You cannot play fair w these people. They are power junkies, You cannot reason w a lawyer, some modern mind geeked up on legalisms and this monolithic power structure. Should have appointed Lino Gragia, or find a Robert Bork-like clone, end judicial review. It will become evident that the stranglehold is especially based on the grip of the court, and the consyiyution is useless, dead, until that grip is broken. If I was president, I would authorize a fn dronestrike on those judges, take them out. That is how the other side plays, and that is what force they will respect. Somebody needs to be as dead as Antonin Scalia, tomorrow morning.

  54. I hope the SCOTUS reinstates the ban! We need to stop these freaks from coming into our country and wreaking havoc everywhere they go. Most of them are not civilized enough to be here!

  55. Thank-you Mr Trump for staying the course and not giving in, we see that you are going above and beyond to make America great again and we will succeed, thank you Mr President!

  56. Sounds like a judge who may be bought and paid for. What is his motivation? It sure isn't making a just and fair ruling. He stuck his nose where it doesn't belong and you can bet there is a reason. Maybe paid off by….Obama? who is a poor loser? Maybe by Soros? Satan incarnate? Maybe by the liberal donkeys in the Senate?

  57. He should direct the State Department to slow walk all applications for a visa to enter the United States, and implement his 'extreme vetting' process/procedure. Don't issue any visas to people from these 7 countries, until you've put your new procedures in place. Mr. Trump: You DO have some new vetting procedures coming, right?

  58. Let those in the court system, who play with our constitution, be over come with FEAR! These criminal activist judges (and I use the term "judges" lightly in this case) will be removed from their office and if the Lord wills, from this world! It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of an angry God!

  59. Then shut off all federal aid to the states that shut it down let them have all the immigrants and none can leave the state they immigrate into. No aid period.

  60. He would be better to let this go and put money into boosting up homeland security. More officers at the airports, more trained dogs, better screening. No one would have an issue with that. This ban is only for 90 days anyways, this whole issue is silly. This isn't going to keep the American people safer.

  61. Let President Trump do his job. I'm sure if a few high level arrests were made, alot of this would stop.
    George Soros. Inciting riots
    Madonna threatening the President

  62. Our country need to keep changing and prepare as much as possible to keep ahead of the enemy, changing our strategy helps keep the enemy confused, there needs to be a vetting change

  63. Trump needs to get a team of lawyers including Jay Secklow and get a mistrial based on incompetent legal representation. I'm sorry to say this but the lawyers for the President were completely unprepared for this trial and did a horrible job. The Constitution plainly states what Trump did and they seemed to not know what they were doing.

  64. Sense when do judges have the right to over rule a President when our Country is in threat? This proves a point where they don't have the Citizens protection in focus? The corruption is so deep and judges so liberal in their own thinking that they don't have to uphold our Cobstitution. President Trump I stand beside you behind you for wanting America first in all things. Prayers continue for not just you , our Country but fir the safety of all of us. Praying God has our back.

  65. If the liberals are intent to over through the government, by bringing in refugees with out proper screening. This could bring back VILIGANTI justice which would be very bad for the country!

  66. These people are insane..our President is trying to keep us safe.California does not seem to care. They are a bunch if idiots.

  67. There IS OR ISNT a provision that if the President feels that the Security of the nation is at risk, HE HAS THE POWER to issue an Immigration ban, PERIOD!! WHY is it SO HARD to determine THAT? ABSOLUTELY POLITICS INVOLVED HERE!!

  68. Activist judges not obeying the constitution. Can anyone spell impeachment? Process should start now. Impeachment is constitutional.

  69. This is ridiculous. How could a 3 month suspension of immigrants and refugees hurt those states welfare. That is a blatant lie. What about the rest of the country. Is there no concern to the treat they impose on the rest of the country. How can US citizens be so stupid as to not see what is going on with these countries that have been listed. They are trying to take over America from the inside. Do these Liberal idiots want there family's killed, children raped and beheaded. WAKE UP you crazy people. Let the President protect our country, that is his Job!
    I stand 100% behind President Trump!

  70. Obama was allowed to run round around like an Emperor and committing acts of aggression but nothing was said. He was the one who put this ban of 7 Countries in Place and yet President Trump tries to up hold it , he is stopped by three rinky dink Judges , who could care less about our Security. Its all about Politics and the Demo-Rats having there way and dam the people and there right to be safe. Obama did this order once before and it was a no brainer for these idiots. Get off your dead rears and get to work for the people and quit playing these cat and mouse games. If something bad happens like 9/11 or any terrorist act , this will be laid in your laps. We must band together to stop this lunacy.

  71. President Trump should not have to battle for this. He is after all the President of the USA. In which he is making our Country safe from all Terrorist who have entered and who are trying to enter. I think that the 7 Counties that Obama ban for 6 months which President Trump has used for his ban. Should be moved to more other countries and not just to those 7.

  72. I believe there should have ALWAYS been a do we even think to let these people into our country..never banning monsters is why our country is in such a state…Please, never back down..keep those maniacs out of our country

  73. I have more faith in our Country than ever before. U.S.A. residents ONLY!!! WE ALL HAVE RULES TO LIVE BY. MR. PRESIDENT IS JUST STARTING TO IN FORCE THEM. 3 WEEKS AND COUNTING.

  74. Please…STOP USING THE TERM, DEMOCRACY. We are a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC. Democracy denotes mob rule, which is why our Founders ran from it like it was a rat with plague. Which pretty much describes it.

  75. Support our President he knows what he is doing !!! The Trogen horse has entered our country thanks to Obama!!!! The muslims want to kill all Christians & take over America making is an Islam country!!!! Look what is happening in Europe!!!! Wake up people do you want that here in America????

  76. Praise God for media that tell right instead of siding with the liberal view. I once was a democrat but wised up real fast about the liberal agenda. America will fall under Islamic terror if democrats get back into power.

  77. Holding up everything possible… because they can't buy him, they can't control him. There's nothing the crooks and the betrayers hate more, than an honest man.

  78. They need to quit being so ignorant and do what he says he's doing it for the good of our nation. Our nation has not been secured in many years so it's great that Donald Trump our president of the United States is willing to put everything on the line for all Americans!

  79. The so-called do gooders are going to pay, maybe we should just take all the fences down around all our prisons, makes same kind of sense!

  80. Russia didn't win the Election… 'We The People' did! It was our pleas with God in our Prayers that got heard loud and clear, and He answered them because He's a God of love… not a false god (Allah AKA Satan) along with a false prophet (Muhammad) that has never performed any miracles like our Lord Jesus Christ.

  81. USA citeziens are playing with fire. Playing politics with their security, thinking that ISIS are stupid to enter america through legal means. You people better rethink. Trump means well for America.

  82. Yes it is a very serious situation, when some wacko, drills your body with a high velocity bullet or two, your survivors will definitely agree. We have our own crazies that do insane things because their brain is on fire but to import some possible Radical Muslim terrorists is beyond stupid. The left wants our borders open so they can get more votes and kick our butts, I for one have a boney butt that will not tolerate kicking, but this butt has access to a substantial arsenal that can be accessed in an extreme emergency. Hey you moron lefties, the 2nd amendment is a alive and strong, I suggest you calm down and tell George he is at the head of the list if he wants to start something. I stand with about 20 million other patriots that are equally equipped and feel the same way. DJT, all true Americans have your back! Jdamit , I have got to stop watching Alex Jones.

  83. The 9th court just showed they do not care about the safety of American citizens! This court needs to be shut down and do away with if they are not for America. Get rid of those judges. This is not funny and it is no game but these silly judges just treated it as if it was. How cruel and inhuman!!! That stupid twit of Hillary Clinton's was not very mature. See what we would have gotten if she had been elected a childish cry baby. For the protesters they were protesting when President Obama was in office all over the place so it is not President Trump they are protesting against it is some stupid agenda that they don't even know themselves. They have been asked many times and they cannot tell anyone what they are protesting about. How stupid is that?

  84. If any terrorist acts happen in the US while the court has it lifted. Let the accountability fall on the judges, and they get whatever charges the terrorists would recieve. If the terrorist kills ten people. The judge recieves ten cases of capital murder. It's called being held accountable. We don't do it enough.

  85. God Bless President Donald Trump & rebuke all of those who keep fighting him & not respecting him as President of the United States of America! God allowed him to be our President, & anytime God wants, He could strike them all down. In the end, Almighty God will have HIS way, so these air heads had better repent & ask forgiveness, or something tragic may happen to all of them. May God's will be done, In Jesus Holy Name. Amen.

  86. You would think that 9th circuit would be embarrassed by having 85 percent of their cases over turned. and they have the nerve to call themselves Judges?
    They are not Judges, They are political left wing enforcers.
    I think McCain is correct in breaking that court into a smaller district. Let them rule for California, Washington and Oregon only.

  87. game between money and terrorism is not smart game to ply, ban on Muslim countries where terrorism exist I think US president D.T. worry nation, judges upheld president executive order didn't care for USA citizens who fear being butchered by terrorist ISIS, they care for business might hurt US economy.

  88. President Trump is doing a fine job. Especially for all the critic’s he has. God for bit if we hurt or offend someone feelings who don’t even have our “CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS” as Americans. Our “SAFETY” as Americans matters too. It’s time to work together or there will be a Revolution!


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