BREAKING: The Media Doesn’t Want You To See 1 Thing About Judges That Blocked Trump’s Travel Ban!


Two of the three judges hat ruled the ninth circuit court of appeals against Trump were appointed positions by the two most liberal presidents ever.

Judge William Canby was appointed by President Jimmy Carter in April 1980. He has a huge history of fighting for liberal cuases. He helped establish the Peace Corps in Africa.

Judge William Canby, Arizona State University

*** He is super progressive!

Judge Michelle T. Friedland was nominated under Barack Obama to the 9h Circut Court of Appeals. It’s no surprise why he struck down the travel ban.

Judge Michelle T. Friedland – Alliance for Justice

She was a member of the American Constitution Society for Law and Policy. It’s a progressive organization according to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

The last judge is an elitist shill. His name is Judge Richard R. Clifton and was appointed by George W. Bush. This is why Trump’s travel ban was overturned today.

*** Share this everywhere, patriots! The war has just begun. We will not back down.

The Democrats have played their cards too soon. Let’s get this post to 1 million shares and show them. We will not back down. The Democrats won a stacked deck. (h/t Heavy)


Paris is the best writer on the Internet and helped get Donald Trump elected President in November 2016. He is now censored on Facebook for it.


  1. look to me like neither one has half a brain, and being for Obama, show their also not for the good of America, they just do not care, if "We the People" live or die, or if America fall in the hand of isis, to them and the damocrats, so what, let it fall. dose not mean a thing to them. BUT I Thank God that He send us Pres. D. Trump, bad thing will happen, really bad, do to the damocrats, and them judge. God will send us a wake up call, and if we not get behind Pres. Trump, God Man, we will go under. Then we will see just how big you (D) and judges are.

  2. This is continuously going to be against the president on anything and everything as long as Obamas cronies are still in, Trump needs to get rid of all of them, it also is in a very important positions in our government, fire them all

  3. I am supporting President Trump for the Travel Ban he is doing what's right . These Judges that block the travel Ban are so wrong for puthing the American people in danger. And I support our president to take those 3 corrupted Judges to Supreme Courts. Prayers are with you too president Trump.

  4. Doesn't supprise me this party is not for the people I think most are on George Soros payroll they certainly not for making America great again they make no sense letting in a bunch of Terrorist that they have been warned about Trump has a hard battle ahead we must keep supporting him stop listening to fake news

  5. The American people put President Trump in office because we need people in office to protect us not let people in from other Countries that have not been checked out. I cant believe just because your Liberals doesnt mean you dont have kids, moms and dads, Aunts and Uncles that you would not want to see raped, shot or beheaded. Open your eyes and look what is happening in otjet Countries right now and help us protect everyone. Please quit fighting things that our Country needs. You cant agree with OBama helping funding our enemies and turning out all these terrorists. Please see what is happening to our Country and work together to protect us.

  6. Security is our number one priority in the USA right now. The world isn't as kind and gentle as it once was. I was really angry that the judges didn't understand what Trump was doing. And chose to show off rather than listen to President Trump. He wasn't banning all Muslims. He was trying to vet people who come into our nation. I believe it's wise to make sure we won't have another 9-11 or worse.

  7. Need to keep going higher and kick all these liberals out of government for the freedo, of our country IS AT STAKE, we cannot afford NOT TO BACK PRESIDENT TRUMP, he is going to have a rough ride with this corruption in our government?

  8. "The last judge is an elitist shill. His name is Judge Richard R. Clifton and was appointed by George W. Bush."

    First Roberts now Clifton….so much for Republicans appointing conservative judges. Trump is finally different, America first, and THAT is why the establishment hates him.

  9. I am behind Trump. I have been a democrat all my life till Trump cams along. I am sick o these politicians who don't care about the working class and all the other stupid things they do. Are judges are corrupt and need to be stopped


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