BREAKING: Top Democrat Just Exposed Who is REALLY Behind Trump Leaks!

Source: FOX News Insider

It’s not that often that you get to see a top-tier Democrat coming out to defend President Trump. That is exactly what happened when Congressman Dennis Kucinich went on FOX News today.

Kucinich revealed that the REAL source of all the anti-Trump leaks is the corrupt American intelligence community!

WOW! This is really freaking bad. I mean we all knew the CIA hated Trump, but to SABOTAGE the president is beyond disgusting.

Kucinich told FOX,


“What’s going on in the intelligence community with this president is unprecedented. They’re making every effort to upend him. Who knows what the truth is anymore?”

If Kucinich is correct, and I have every reason to believe that he is, this could be the BIGGEST scandal in American history. This means that unelected agencies are using their position to sabotage a fairly elected President!

The people behind these illegal leaks and wiretaps MUST be held accountable for TREASON and punished to the fullest extent of the law.

The best shot America has of surviving this is for us to STICK WITH PRESIDENT TRUMP!

(H/T – FOX News)



  1. These people have committed Treason for trying to take down our new President. They will sink to any level to bring him down. They should be rooted out and tried in a court of law. This sickens me to the core to think our Government has allowed these people , who should be held to the highest standards are nothing but a bunch of criminals . Time to take out the trash and clean house. This goes deep with corruption at every turn. It is time for the truth and all those involved must be punished to the highest extent of the Law. Thank God there are still decent people who are willing to come forth with whats truly going on. This is about our future and our generations to come futures. These people need to be stopped and this cat and mouse game over for good. Do your job for God and Country.

  2. I am so ashamed of what's going on in our country , our government and White House.Peolple do you honestly see what has been going on since right before Trump took office??? Sabotage , crooked people who took the oath to uphold the laws and regulations to put us at risk.Trump is being blamed for a lot of things and all knowing that there's spies planted within the walls around him …Seems to me Obama's Administration and some of Clinton's henchmen are involved.
    We need to clean house …ASAP…

  3. this is going to be a rough 4 years for the change that is coming,there needs to be a lot of firings to bring the process to a good placed that will work for us all

  4. If these scoundrels can be identified then they can be punished,good luck.Now I understand that the the majority in the Snake Department have Tenure, crap, they probably were put there by obummers' Secretaries.

  5. Absolutely…..but sounds to me like the ONLY person capable of doing this is George Soros….he know Russia wants his arse for War crimes….and that Nazi will do anything to bring Preaident Trump down…even to the point of bringing America into a nuclear war. I also am sure Clinton and Obama are deeply involved in this. They both willingly helped Iran to enrich their nuclear arsenals and are best buds with China too. We American people need to let the Russian people and Putin know that we truly want a peaceful climate between our 2 countries. And not mutual destruction which then makes N.Korea , China and Iran the king of the hill. I support President Trump 1000%. The VILE DISGUSTING underhanded crap going on is sick and unprecedented! WE the People elected him…..and want the best for this patriot!

  6. President Trump, use your ability to find out who and then have them arrested for Treason. The shock and awe of that action alone will start to make the liberals and those that think that they are above the law, THINK! It is beyond me how these people who are annoyed that Trump won, would want Hillary. She has far more criminal actions surrounding her than our President. Talk about ignorance.

  7. The same people who are leaking intel are the same ones that brushed obamas comments to the Russian under live Mike and helped with the flat out lies on the Benghazi scandal and deflected justice when Clinton broke so many laws on her server if prosecuted by an honest administration would never see the light of day!
    This pocket of treason needs to be rooted out and charged with crimes they committed…but on whose authority did they do this? That's the real question!

  8. Well first we need too get rid of most democrats. Then we need too get rid of MCCAIN Lindsey Graham. These two Republicans are out for Trumps blood
    . It was those two that blamed Trump on doing business with Russia. It was these two leaking most of the garbage. Then u have Cummings , Waters that are being investigated with ethics with Rangele
    They want too be n control of the corruption with Polosi n Schummer. This needs too stop. But having Republicans playing these games with their own party is like treason.

  9. Wake up America Obama and Clinton hate trump so much,and people saying but Hillary didn't do anything wrong,really,we are headed for world war,Russia China the Middle East are all sitting back,just waiting because we the United States are being destroyed from within,the demo rates are doing this,these democrats are not the same party they were when your parents were young these people are crooks,lining their pockets with money corruption murder,sexand anything else they can get their hands on,we as Americans better wake up,,we are in harms way so keep fighting each other we aee doomed it's coming

  10. Now ask yourself who is it that is motivating our “unelected” agencies to do this and why.This is way deeper than most can imagine

  11. Soros needs to be arrested and tried and then give him to Putin!!!! Next on the list are Obama and Clinton. They need to be held accountable. Does Obama not realize that he is no longer president and Hillary needs to accept that she LOST fair and square because she was so CORRUPT!!!!


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