CNN Asked Trump 1 Question Today That Had Him So FLAMING Mad He Just Blew Up On Them…

Image Source: CNN

President Donald Trump arrived at the podium at 12:55 p.m. ET and just ripped apart the news media. He did it and they immediately started freaking out.

Watch him just absolutely RIP CNN apart.

Jim Acosta just got taken down. He keeps on trying to interrupt Trump, but you can’t interrupt Trump.


Jim Acosta tells Pres. Trump: “First off, I want to tell you we don’t hate you, I don’t hate you.”

TRUMP: ‘Okay, well ask Jeff Zucker how he got his job…we do have a lot of people in here, and your ratings aren’t as good as some of the other people who are waiting here.

Sound the air horn. Trump just whooped the press.

Trump: “I mean, think of it. They gave her (Hillary Clinton) the questions. I don’t know a debate or if it’s a town hall, and I feel that it’s inappropriate. If I was Hillary Clinton, I would say ‘I want to turn in CNN for not doing a good job.’”

Look how mean the press tried to be against Donald Trump.

Then Trump ABSOLUTELY took them down. Our current press is working against our acting President. This is absolutely disgraceful. They are helping Russia by sowing division in this country.

That’s why we need to get this out there!

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Thank you, patriots! The press is so mean to Trump and they do not want these videos of Trump schooling them getting out. Please help us at Liberty Writers get the true news out. God bless. (h/t Ad Week)


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  1. He did not blow up on them.. I was watching, and they did just what he said they would. Twist into something bigger. He was very calm and polite. When you idiots going to quite, I know never..

  2. Congratulations Mr . President you are so sharp I love your truthfulness to us people; you listen to our voice and I'm so thankful for your time you give us .I fell like I live in that great America againe not with a Hitler Dictator like Obama .I'm a naturalize Citizen for many years and I love America with all my Heart .we need President Trump more than ever.Thank you Lord.

  3. FYI…this is Peter Alexander and HE does NOT nor has he ever worked for CNN!! And his question was 100% factual. Trump can't stand when a very credible journalist asks him a question that catches him in yet ANOTHER LIE!!! Trump had one of the lowest electoral college vote counts in a generation! Here are the facts: trump got 56%, Obama got 66 and 68%, Bush got 79%, Clinton got 68 and 70%, Regan got 97.6% and Nixon got 96%!! These are the percentages in case you're source doesn't understand basic math skills! Look it up and get your facts straight! You're site is just another "Fake News" infestation! And just a reminder…since he loves to bring up Hillary Clinton all the time, she WON the popular vote by 3 million votes!! Which makes him historical…bc he's the first president to squeak by with the electoral count and lose in a landslide with the popular vote!!


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