Donald Trump Just Sent Mike Pence On a Special Mission that Will Save America!

Source: Golden State Times

Mike Pence is leaving today on a special mission from the President that could help determine the fate of the Union!

Pence is now on his way to Munich where he will deliver a HUGE speech guaranteeing Europe our continued partnership. The speech is not the only mission of Pence this weekend.

In fact, he will spend the next few days meeting with more than a dozen different leaders to reassure the of America’s commitment to our allies.

Pence will emphasize that Russia and Ukraine need to fully implement the Minsk ceasefire agreement, and will stand firm on economic sanctions on Russia related to its aggression in Ukraine, hisĀ adviser told reporters.


He will also be meeting with several Middle Eastern leaders to discuss strategies of counter-terrorism and the fight against ISIS.

This all comes right after Mattis gave a groundbreaking speech at NATO where he both swore his allegiance to them and threatened to change our position if they don’t start flipping their own defense bills.

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(H/T – Daily Mail)



  1. Making America great again is a reality starting in front of our eyes what a great patriotic president we have and a great Christian Vice President God bless America


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