IT’S OVER! Trump In SHOCK At What Syrian President Assad Said To Him Moments Ago…


The lying liberal media has been running Trump’s travel ban in the ground. This is wrong of them. The entire thing is being put in place to help protect every day Americans.

They are wrong, but Syrian President Bashar Assad recently told Yahoo news something that will leave every reporter with their jaw on the floor. Syrian President Bashar Assad told Yahoo News that some refugees from his country are “definitely” terrorists.

He said that there is definitely a risk to letting refugees in because some of them are “aligned with terrorists.”

“You can find it on the Net,” Assad went on: “Those terrorists in Syria, holding the machine gun or killing people, they [appear as] peaceful refugees in Europe or in the West.”


The liberal media will not want to show this! They are wrong about everything. Trump is right.

TRUMP is right about refugees! #SHARE if you agree! We need to protect ourselves as a nation first!

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We need to show our support to Trump. The liberal media is attacking him on all sides. This interview shows that he is 100% right and is protecting us.

Thanks for reading, y’all! (h/t Yahoo News)


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  1. See trumps been right by stoping them from coming in to the country no one knows how many people are coming here to kill every day Americans and when and it will happen the ones I hope gets it are the protesters that thank they know best and that way were not losing good American people if the protesters are the first to go that way we can then stop them from coming back in just saying cry baby's get what they one then find it's not what they was looking for lol

  2. I have said many times ALL people in the Western world MUST acquaint themselves with the CALIPHATE and you will know your fate – unless you back up PRES TRUMP — that includes you liberals in Canada also -never mind trudeau with his fav selfie face

  3. Boycott all news media to include Fox News. When POS (judges, Brian Williams and the others) run the President down they need to be run out of this country. Do the a''holes believe that the Muslims are not going to tortcher them and rape and murder them. They all need to leave this country before this starts happening. President Trump is doing all he can to protect this country. "GO President Trump". Fox News segment "The Five" needs to be shut down. Five POS.

  4. If everyone really wants to know. The children by the muslims start reading the karan at age 4 everyday until its embedded in their brains. They will grow up normal and when they get older they can get sour very quick and become radicalized in moments. They then become sleepers that conduct terrorist acts. Its the facts of muslims

  5. There is a saying that some people can't see the forest for the trees. They snub obvious truth for the sake of trying to make President Trump look bad. It is simply disgusting.

  6. time to sue the 9th circuit as citizens of this country. they are endangering our lives, if the liberals don't care about theirs that is fine, but i care about mine. how do we start a class action suit, anyone know.

  7. Christ Jesus gave HIS life so that we would be able to defeat evil spirits and gave those who call Christ Lord the authority to rebuke and cast out + speak to our mountains and command them to move. Read your BIBLE! 1 John 4:4 + Matt. 17:20. Luke 10:17, Acts 16:18.

  8. Why can’t the other arab speaking and muslim islamic middle eastern countries take these refugees??? I just don’t get it. They have the oil money and lot of land… so why don’t they take them?

    • perhaps Because …they’re either all scared of some of them being terrorists….or…there’s no Chipotle for about 10000 miles I’m not sure…maybe both.

  9. I wonder why Islamic Terrorists haven’t attacked the Mainstream News stations? You would think that the publicity they received from such an event, would bring them hoards of fresh volunteers?

  10. There is only one right thing for Pres, Trump to do. And that is to evacuate all Muslims back to their own country. Then, We need to Nuke those Country’s. A 1,000,000 Million degree sunburn for all of Islam, And every single one of those NASTY, STINKING, DISCUSTING MUSLIMS, NEED TO BE WIPED OFF THE FACE OF THIS EARTH. They are the Disease of the earth. And it is our job, as AMERICANS, to Exterminate and Cleanse the world.

  11. They know better than to take the Muslims in as they are also Muslims and they know what they do and that’s kill them so no way are they going to take them in!!!!


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