Oh My God! What Meryl Streep Just Called Trump Supporters Should Have Her Arrested For HATE SPEECH!


Liberals love to attack conservatives for being “intolerant”, but then turn around and say the most hateful filth you can imagine. That is exactly when left wing loon Meryl Streep just did in a speech today at a fundraising gala for the Human Rights Campaign, a national LGBT group.

In a disgusting display of intolerance, Meryl Streep just referred to everyone who supports President Trump as NAZIS!

“Yes, I am the most overrated, over-decorated and currently, I am the most over-berated actress … of my generation,” she said to laughs.

 She noted that she wished she could simply stay home “and load the dishwasher” rather than take a podium to speak out — but that “the weight of all these honors” she’s received in her career compelled her to speak out.

 “It’s terrifying to put the target on your forehead,” she said. “And it sets you up for all sorts of attacks and armies of brownshirts and bots and worse, and the only way you can do it is if you feel you have to. You have to! You don’t have an option. You have to.”

The term “brownshirts” was first used to describe an early Nazi militia. So Meryl Streep seems to think that anyone who criticized her unprovoked attacks against our president is comparable to Nazi militia?

The irony to all this is the term “Nazi” refers to someone who was a SOCIALIST in Germany as part of the National Socialist German Worker’s Party. So Meryl Streep is more ideologically aligned with a Nazi than any Trump supporter.


As John Adams said,” Facts are stubborn things.”







I am best described as a Constitutional conservative. I strongly believe in constitutionally limited government, individual freedom, and personal responsibility. I can no longer stand on the sidelines and watch my country lose a game that we were built to master. I am speaking up! Please visit my blog and speak up with me!


  1. Don't you worry Meryl, honey your state is planning to secede, then hopefully all the refugees will become neighbors with all you Hollywood types. With all the love we want you to have the honors of taking care of all their provisions, housing, food and health. You just might need to take on a few more roles, since our President Trump isn't going to pay our hard earned tax dollars for your big cities that shelter the illegals. We have the utmost confidence that you and your governor is capable. You, Rosie, Whoopi, MaDonna, Michael Moore, what a grand group to be a part of!! You must be so proud!! Deplorable here!

  2. Thanks for helping to destroy the Liberals and Democratic party. Who care what any actor says. They know no more about politics than normal Citizens who have to earn a living the hard way. I though they were all going to quite for a while. So why do they not just claim up and stay out of site for all American Citizens good. We do not need them.

  3. Isn't it interesting that the right is doing the same thing they accused the left for. They said the Democrats were Nazis. Trump is passing things on his presidential power which they complained Obama did. And of course the vacations and extra security costs. Trump is so jealous of Hollywood. He thinks they're stupid. They are the brilliant minds. If he thinks it doesn't take briliance then he's the one lacking

    • We all have our own opinions, but what Meryl said is quite another thing. That's not an opinion, that is just slander. She should just stick to what she knows best, acting.

    • Ironic isn't the democratic party the most KKK induced party in the world right now? And no I am not a supporter just the type of guy who seeks the truth, but showing your ignorance to the public is a whole new world of toxic you know.

    • Susan =I feel sorry for you ! I do not think you will be real happy in the near future as ALL of the CRAP you spewed on your rant will come home to roast at your feet. Having spent 13 years working in the movie and T.V. industry I Have yet to find any of these intelligentsia that you speak of. Acting is playing a role and only requires a good memory. I did meet some good people who are good actors but not any A listers


    • You are a troll libtard barry executive orders were unconstitutional nothing president trump has done is unconstitutional our president is #MAGA

    • Uh oh. It looks like Susan had a big bowl of stupid for breakfast if she thinks the Hollyweirdos are some kind of intelligent saviors of the walking dead who want to give America away to mutants, deviants, jihadists and illegals, as long as she doesnt have to pay for it.

  4. I never thought this woman was out of her mind. Ok I was wrong. She a dip stick. I know this will all come back to bite you in the rear. I best not be like you or I would really tell you what I think.

  5. How dare you comparing we deplorables to Hitler's murders. I am totally offended that you would call me a murderer. I lived thru WW2 and I am aware of all the brutality the Nazi party inflicted on our military. You have no idea how cruel they were. All the Jews who were gassed just because they were Jewish, prisoners who were skin and bones when we freed them. I think you owe us an apology and stop your cry baby behavior. President Trump WAS elected because we the deplorables are tired of the crimes, bribery, lies and crimes that the politicians have committed to benefit their pockets. They were elected to work for the betterment of the people and the country not their bank account. President Trump is our choice to "drain the swamp" of your kind. If you don't like this great country, you can leave.

    • Congratulations! Very true and well written statement. The only people these liberal, socialists people are tolerant of are the very people who have put our country in the condition it’s in today. I cannot even watch movies today. Sick of it.


  6. These people make me sick. They think cause their stars that it gives them the right to say stupid crap. Their the ones causing all the trouble and to right out threaten people because of who you vote for. Their crazy and sore losers babies.

  7. Well, as President Trump said, "She's the most OVERRATED". I can't figure out what this ugly old woman thinks she has that would make the President or anyone else would sic an army of brown shirts after her. I think she needs a wrap around vest.

  8. I wish meryl streep would take her vigina l wearing , men hating, lgbt and get the lgbt out of America move to Canada or can we just build a wall around Hollywood to keep the rif raft there that way they can be up everyone's rear and no one will brother the poor hypocrite's. They took our rainbow that God gave us as their sinful Flag we should sue them for degrading the Christian symbolic I mean after all Everytime you turn around their suing someone because they got offended I have cousins who are lesbians and I love them and they don't act like these ignorant people GET A LIFE no one wants to hear about how you got your feelings hurt GIVE IT A REST live your life and quit tring to make it all about you Meryl Streep your not a good actress anyway

    • Yes Tammy they took the rainbow, BUT.. It is an incomplete one. Gd's rainbow has 7 colours, 7 being the number associated with completeness. The gay pride symbol has only 6, the number associated with man. It therefore is man's rainbow, the physical without the spiritual. A little song to remind you of the true rainbow…..
      Red and orange and yellow too, followed by green and then comes blue, indigo..violet…now you know, the 7 colours of Gd's rainbow.

  9. Boycott ANYONE that does not support these UNITED STATES of AMERICA! There will always be persons not liked, not respected, not honored and not wanted. Unfortunately, all of us do not please everyone, but we do not have to act and say disrespectful things that cause distress for others. Protesting and terrorism is a manipulation of man for the betterment of others. If man will turn against man, he can be controlled. Respect and self-esteem are essential for our country to draw our efforts together with giving and compromising for the common cause of unity. Every President before Trump and those coming after will be and have been a friend to some and an enemy to others. We need to learn to be civil and orderly and respectful.

  10. Meryl Streep you have lost your mind. Your opinion means nothing. Your have your complete ignorance with assuming that Trump supporters are Nazi's. First of all you obviously haven't read many history books or you would know there is no comparison.
    But what you will find is a lack support for you in the future and end of your career. I will make sure we never support another movie you are in.

  11. Im confused. Exactly how does being a "overrated highly decorated actress" correlate with being the voice of moral righteousnes concerning the state of our country? Im pretty sure there are hundreds of thousands of underrated yet highly decorated service members and veterans that I would much rather place my faith in their take on the state of our country than the likes of any person in the entertainment industry.

  12. Last time I'll watch any of her movies old or new on TV or theaters she can wither on the vine for all I care. Just another loud mouth intolerant liberal anti American that can imagrate to another country the sooner the better.

  13. Why don't the Hollywood Elites from 20 years ago realize that even 20 years ago they were irrelevant as speakers for what's on the minds of Americans and in this generation three-quarters of the people who see her posts or hear her words don't even know who she was. When you become irrelevant please stay that way.

  14. Seems to me she is ramping herself up for a future part in playing HILLARY Clinton???
    I use to like her and her movies but as for me and many others we can care less about her.She should really do what she does best as acting and accept awards when she is onstage besides opening her mouth on politics.

  15. Well, Meryl, you're not even close to being as targeted as those whom you call "Nazi's". …. and don't tell me you would've rather stayed home, because by your very nature and career choice, you love being in the forefront of any publicity!

  16. Well, she has forgot what it was like to be poor and hungry. If she ever was was, she also for got God! Because once you loose him you become a bigot and think that you are so much better than anyone else. You don't see the pain of others. She sees that pain in her movies, but she forgot what it feels like in real life. So sad!

  17. It is not we the deplorables who border on being Nazi, it is Hollywood people like you who are off the rails crazy and want socialism as our Government,we who are the blue collar,low income are who keep this country running,and we do not want your liberal mentality running our country!!! You have no respect for country ,flay ,our vets,or for unborn babies you are the ones who need to shut up and sit down, and give President Trump a chance like we gave Obama and he is the very reason Trump got elected !!!

  18. Meryl Streep thinks that because she has received so many awards she must speak out. Those awards were for acting and not your political views. You are entitled to your opinions and I am entitled to mine. I have never called you names and I take exception to being called names by anyone who's opinion differs from theirs. If you don't want the backlash then don't show your stupidity by making nasty remarks about the rest of us.

  19. Meryl Streep is a talented actress. She probably has no in depth knowledge of economics, finance or business outside of her field. Generally speaking – and I think it is also true in Ms. Streep's case – when you open your mouth to speak as Streep has, you should have in depth knowledge of your topic and be able to make your spoken thought understood but the audience. Jesus used parables. Just saying…

  20. Who cares, all your just doing is Spreading Hate, protesters creating Violence…Oh Yes Much better. You All Should know Right & set good examples..we know better than that US Deplorables. Change your tactics & find. Better way..with Peace not hatred..I know you have Lost A lot of Credibility. You certainly should know better & Your AGE. Such a Shame …You should be Very Embarrassed

  21. I belive she is a Nazi. She should have been ther in the 2 World War and seen how bad it was and so many people got killed and burned alive than maybe just maybe she wouldn't talk out of her Ass .stuff like that makes me very angry because I was ther and ny Family suffered so much.She needs to read the old History Book.

  22. Meryl, Meryl, Meryl, you poor left winged, baby killer loon…….
    With that nasty mouth of yours, you are sooooooooooooooooo unbecoming!!!
    You sound very bitter & the ugliest thing on earth is an all washed up bitter n old star !!!!
    I think you need to crawl back under that old rock you been living under & start studying the word nazi……..you are closer to that than our Pres. Trump

  23. You don't anything about me. What that means is if you can't say it to my face your words are hopeless. Who can't get up and sound like a reject , a fool, because that's what you are.

  24. Would this woman open her doors to immigrants and let them live with her in her home? Would she feed and clothe them, pay for their medical care and be responsible for them for the next several years? I think not. She pretends for a living for God's sake! That is a "pretend" job. If there were no actors you would still have the people who toiled day in and day out for honest wages-the real backbone of America! So shut up, Meryl Streep and all you other Hollywood liberals. Keep your politics to yourself! NO ONE cares what you think and we are tired of hearing it!

  25. We all know everyone has their own opinions, and that is everyone's right however I'm so over this type of thinking , I have lost all respect for this person as she continues to bad mouth out President!! She continues to cause hate and discontent instead of standing by our president!! Instead of trying to unite people she wants another civil war which is where this is heading if she and people like her don't stop this hatred!!!

  26. Your are belittling the terrible suffering that Jewish People felt when you equate everyone that disagrees with your Socialist, Progressive & Liberal dogma to that of being a Nazi.

  27. I don't agree with this hateful person. She should be arrested for a hate speech. I will never watch another movie she is in.

  28. I don't care what she thinks of me as a Trump supporter. I am a intelligent individual highly educated. President Trump is our president. Let's give him a chance to govern. Her opinion is hers. I really find not merit in her comments.

  29. Meryl Streep needs to shut her big mouth. I Support Trump and I am not a NAZI. How dare you call us NAZI. After all we are the ones who watch her movies so she can make money. I will never watch another one of her movies.

  30. Just goes to show how uneducated she is. Everyone knows that Nazis are socialists and not conservatives. Also she should be aware that ir is the anti-Trump rioters who are acting like the Nazi Brown Shirts" They are the ones trying to prevent free speech and overturn democracy by physically attacking people and destroying property

  31. Really? I don't care what she thinks,Trump is about My Father's business. I guess Christians ,which was the most that voted for him are now the very opposite of being "Christ like",I for one forgive her and all the rest of them with the same mindset. We obviously truly love America ,and yes the American people.We the (Christian) people choose to pray for all lost souls as we are encouraged to do in God's most Holy word. Just remember satan has blinded their eyes!!

  32. I truly was so disappointed with her when she made those statements of attacks, I thought she was smarter than that! She divided our beautiful nation, and lost the admiration of at least half of the nation. Will never look at her in a beautiful light again, as that nasty image will be in my memory forever. She is hateful and caustic to a lot of wonderful people now. Boycott her in all she does, as she supports corruption as in the Clinton's and Obama's.

  33. I don't care what she or any Holkywood type say that What I am. I am very comfortable with who I am. I'm a God loving, God fearing Christian who loves this country our children and the innocent children being slaughtered everyday. I'm not going to,let some Islam ideology cult move into this country without pointing my finger at the Truth that they seek evil against all except themselves. I am going to point out that it doesn't matter how you feel or see yourself your biological make up makes you who you are. I'm going to point out that marriage is between a man and a woman for procreation. If you can procreate then you shouldn't be doing the nasty with other. I know the Truth hurts but it still remains the Truth no matter how you feel about it. It's not our fault because you choose to live your life in sin. If things are not working out for you then I would take it up with God like I did. You don't want to follow the rules then accept the consequences. Nobody did it to you, you did it to yourselves. Have a nice day!

  34. Why does "Hollywood" think we care about their opinions? Why do they insist on trying to suffocate us with their opinions? Most of them are in, or have been in, rehab? Look at Charlee Sheen? OMG, does he really believe that the American people are impressed with his opinion? Look at Alec Baldwin…does he, too, believe we care about what he thinks? Wrong! These so called, "entertainers", are the worst bullies on earth and get paid millions of dollars for their impressions, bullying, and "opinions". Late night hosts are the worst. They think their "comedy" is funny…wrong! No wonder children become bullies because they see these famous people make fun of and humiliating our leaders…and, all for the greed of money! Whoopi & the rest of you please leave America as you promised! We don't want you here!

  35. Another one of the Hillary Nazi Team. These so called movie stars have melt downs when they don't get what they want. They could not survive in the real world. They have no idea what it is like to be a real woman. You want to know why Russia is circling America because all these idiot show no support for their President. The basic animal instinct is if the lead is be cause out the rest of the group is easy prey. So keep up all you childish fits and see how long before the wars and attacks start inside the open borders you want come in and take over.

  36. Well, well, well….how dare she make a reference to being attacked or have a target on her forehead. Now she knows what President Trump has gone through ever since he ran and won the election. Whatever criticism she receives now she has brought on herself. She deserves to be ostracized and boycotted as an actress at the movie theaters. Trump didn’t run for president to give people an opportunity to throw rocks, tomatoes, or rotten eggs at him. Streep wouldn’t last 10 minutes as president of this country. I think it’s time she take her last stage bows , exit the stage, and disappear where no one will listen to her ….like ….Hollywood! Oh, wait! They are the only ones listening to her rhetoric.

  37. Meryl Streep has several multi million dollar homes with walls and gates around them. She should knock down those walls and allow hundreds of illigal immigrants to come and live off her, so they can have a better life. I’m sure they would enjoy her swimming pool and eating out of her very full refrigerator. Why is she taking up so much space in multiple big homes when they need to have a better life? How did she get those big homes? By getting up at 5:30 in the morning going off to work for 40 years like the rest of us. No! She got huge sums of money by occasionally playing pretend. she needs to put her money where her mouth is, now, stop being a hypocrite and open her doors wide to illegal immigrants to come and have a better life living in her house. Every pretender in Hollywood should be sharing their easily gotten wealth. Meanwhile I don’t know how Meryl Streep’s going to earn any money anymore, because, I was at one time, one of her biggest fans. she should know, she can never undo the ugly, hypocrite I seen her as now.

  38. Let me tell you one thing for certain you old dried up hag…NEVER HAS ANYONE IN OUR GREAT USA BEEN A NAZI For you to say such a hateful and mean thing to all of us is despicable and shameful. Pack your worn out bags and haul your azz out of this country…you speak of nazi written on anyone’s forehead yours hould be HITLERS DAUGHTER. I never liked you in anything because I simply don’t like you. Remember it’s the words you speak will come back sand bite you in your saggy wrinkled azz…one can only hope they do full force.

  39. I can’t believe there is sooo much hate in one person. She should get down on her knees and thank God for giving us President Trump instead of attacking him. I just crossed her of my list of actors I will never go to any of her movies. She is not that great anyway.

  40. She must not read anything not unless it written by nazis sympathizer Boy talking about some one being a bigot is she live in a glass house and think the world don’t survive around her boy talking about pretend she is the biggest pretender I have ever seen this is what fantasy will do to you make you crazy in the head.


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