NEED PRAYERS NOW! Trump Asked All Americans to Pray for Arnold Schwarzenegger After Something Terrible Happened

Source: (LEFT) USA Today , (RIGHT) Neon Tommy -

Donald Trump may be scary to liberals, but that does not mean he is such a bad guy. Today he went to lead the National Prayer Breakfast and even asked for a special prayer for Reality TV star Arnold Schwarzenegger.

He said Schwarzenegger needs your prayers to save The Apprentice!

He told the crowd of government and religious leaders,

“The ratings went right down the tubes. It has been a disaster. I want to just pray for Arnold, if we can, for those ratings.”
Hahaha. Too Funny!

See what I mean? Trump knows how to keep the humor light-hearted while still getting his point across.


Of course, it did not take long for former Gov. Schwartzenegger to respond with his own video hit at Trump.

WHOA! Calm down there, Arnold. I love the movie Predator as much as anyone else but we do NOT want an AUSTRIAN of all people taking over as president. Germany tried that and it DIDN’T end too well for them…

Still, I gotta admit this is kinda fun to watch. Plus I think the REAL reason Trump keeps going after the Apprentice is to help it’s ratings since he is still an executive producer and cares about it.

So send your prayers to Arnold Schwartzenegger for him to FINALLY quit running The Apprentice into the ground. Trump would fix it himself, but he has to Make America Great Again first!

(H/T – Daily Mail)



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