Oh My GOD! Obama Appointees at the Pentagon Do the UNTHINKABLE to General Mattis! Trump is FURIOUS!!


Politics can get dirty, we all know that, but a line is crossed when politics put the lives of our military at stake.

It was recently discovered that Obama’s appointees in the Pentagon are BLOCKING General Mattis from giving our military men and women the help they desperately need to fight in combat and stay alive.

“Holdovers from the Obama administration in the Pentagon are hampering efforts to fix the military’s major readiness problem, leaving Secretary of Defense James Mattis alone in his efforts to properly equip U.S. forces, according to the chairman of the House Committee on Armed Services.”

Do these people have no shame? Preventing our Secretary of Defense from rebuilding our Military doesn’t just put our troops in danger, it puts ALL American lives in danger!

Military readiness is VITAL because declines in our ability to be on guard for an attack signals to the rest of the world that the United States is not prepared to defend itself. Hostile nations will be more likely to lash out against America, inevitably leading us into war.


Chairman of the House committee of Armed services, Mac Thornberry, said that Mattis can’t do this alone and the U.S. has a moral obligation to support the troops.

“I think it is wrong, immoral to ask men and women to go carry out a military mission for which they are not fully equipped, and fully trained, and fully supported,” said Thornberry.

 And whether that is a counter-terrorism operation or a freedom of navigation operation in the south China sea, or whatever; if you ask somebody to go out there and risk their lives, you darn well better give them the best and fully support them.”

President Trump takes the well-being of our Military service members VERY seriously. Democrats acting childish and blocking all his cabinet picks is one thing, but putting American lives in danger is a whole different story.

These Obama appointees should be thrown in jail for what they are doing. Our Military deserves better than this!

H/T Daily Caller




I am best described as a Constitutional conservative. I strongly believe in constitutionally limited government, individual freedom, and personal responsibility. I can no longer stand on the sidelines and watch my country lose a game that we were built to master. I am speaking up! Please visit my blog and speak up with me!


  1. Everyone knows they should be put in jail so why doesn't t anyone do something about it? All they do is talk, no action! One of these days it will be too late. Someone is not doing their job!!

  2. Sign an executive order. Our troopsneeddefensive gear for today's conflicts. This is not 1945. Democrats still on OBOMA era. Hey wake up if you love America.

  3. If they been appointed there by Obama then appoint someone else! Get them out of the way because their the ones putting not just our soldiers but America in great danger, they need to be removed immediately.

  4. Aren't these TREASONOUS ACTS? I say FIRE ALL OBAMA HOLDOVERS ACROSS THE BOARD – IN EVERY DEPARTMENT. Most importantly I think retired presidents should also loose their security clearance, PERIOD! They are no longer part of the government and have no need for it. This should apply to EVERY former employee also. I think this would also help keep an eye on BO's shadow government. I cannot forget how BO and his bunker remind me of HITLER!

  5. For crying out Loyd, stop whining and complaining and take positive immediate action! The country is well aware Hussein Barack Obama's Whitehouse did everything in their power to chase out and being in Muslim Brotherhood loyal members or sympathizers to the cause. What happened to DRAIN THE SWAMP? We don't want to hear ANY MORE complaints! We demand ACTION!

  6. the democrtic party is a disgrace to the united states of america this is a terrible thing and all the other evil things that they do I WAS A DEM AND TOTALLY CHANGED TO REP. AND i tank god for all the good that rep do

  7. If this is true these pentagon personnel should be all shipped out to Afghanistan immediately and see if their views are changed. If Obama is behind this he should be tried for treason and imprisoned

  8. draining of the filth cannot come soon enough, 6 months and most of these pedophiles will be in jail along with clinton/obama for crimes against humanity or any under 50 either gender, army life on front line with just a stick to wave at enemies.

  9. The Obama appointees should be replaced by Trump appointees as soon as possible. The new appointed personnel should be vetted and a lie detector test given to ensure their loyalty to President Trump. This is a disgrace that Gen Mattis is being undermined by the very same people that should be backing him…

  10. Matis will not tolerate this type behavior. He will clean house just like Sec of State just did. His policy if you impede keeping the spear sharp you will not be there.

  11. These so call people of OUR government should be FIRED for not doing their jobs. They were elected and put into their Very CUSHY , I might ad , they actually work a very small amount of time . THEY ARE NOT HOLDING UP THEIR END OF THE BARGAIN !!!!! If this would be you or I in our jobs we would be fired. Their way of holding everything up is so maddening !!! They are acting like very SMALL babies who don’t have any tact or manners whatsoever !!! I say change their nappies , give them their bottlers and put them to bed !!!! WE THE PEOPLE ARE DONE WITH THEM. NEVER AGAIN WILL THEY GET A VOTE FROM ME OR ANYONE ELSE I MIGHT KNOW. Some are senile, some of them don’t know where they are, some even sleep through all OF THE meetings . As FAR AS I CAN SEE THESE SO CALLED ADULTS DON’T KNOW MUCH AND THEY SHOULD ALL BE REPLACED !!! MOST ARE NOT LUCID ENOUGH TO MAKE DECISIONS FOR OUR COUNTRY IN A SANELY MANNER. ADDLED MIGHT BE THE TERM !!!!

  12. So why is it not okay for the Democrats to act like the Republicans did for the last 8 years? What goes around comes around.

  13. Name these individuals …tell the general public !!! Tell uus , name by name and their positions !!! I am a Retired Army officer and US citizen and husband and father and grandfather and have a right to know who is putting our troops and country in jeopardy !!!

    • I agree we the people the silent majority should have access to the names of these people who are trying to destroy the United States of America and the American People. These people and their leader Obama are committing TREASON AGAINST THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AND THE AMERICAN PEOPLE need to be held accountable by the fullest extent of the law.

  14. Interesting to know how they are doing this. Possibly dawdling in procurement process or intentionally losing paperwork…..?????
    These employees should be disciplined and fired! Civil service rules be dumbed!

  15. There is a group headed by Obama with the backing of george Soros to take down our government and replace it with a new global governement. There needs to be an investigation and this group needs to be charged with treason.

  16. This situation is very simple. I think someone is trying to scare the American people. Wondering why ? Washington D.C. has the power to lock em all up. Interference with National Security. The Obama’s are not in jail, the Clintons are not in jail either. This is all becoming laughable. Lol

  17. Secretary of Defense Matt is will clean house. Not only does he have to work with Obama’s appointees but union personnel that all of Trump’s team have had to work around. This union is very strong and unfortunately is blocking many things. Trump and his team need to do a clean sweep, including search for bugs that have been implanted by Obama and his Unamerican cohorts.

  18. Hatred warps the mind, It has warped the minds of Liberals and Democrats. When you are so dark and full of hatred, you do stupid things, and you say stupid things. Another example is: Recently CBS News used President Trump to make a special report of old news. They showed President about thirty seconds, then used air time for their selves to gripe to the people about something President Trump said about CBS news. How much more stupid can the news get?

  19. Remove all the carry overs of Obamas—have all buildings surveyed for tapes and recorders and put in the trash—OBAMA IS AN INSIDER MUSLIM SORES TRAITER TO OUR COUNTRY they will continue all through President
    Trumps presidency if he is not put in jail/

  20. All Obummer appointed people should be removed from their positions, as they will most likely work towards failure to accomplish good things for the country and the position for which they were hired. Fire or retire them all . The USA does not need workers in any capacity who may be tempted by political ties to do harm to any USA or its personnel. Treason!!! Amen

  21. Mattis can handle. He won’t put up with the BS. They will get in line or be gone. You don’t screw with a guy like him. As soon as he knows who it is they will be gone. End of problem.

  22. This is treason! The Obama appointees should be convicted of TREASON & THROWN IN JAIL awaiting trial! Then hang by the neck until FEAD!

  23. The State Department is cleaning house, they should clean house in all departments. They should especially clean house of Obama people in the IRS, Veterans Administration, Defense to include those Obama brown nosing senior officers in the military.

  24. ALL OBAMA appointees should be fired immediately! You know they will do anything to foul up the works for Trump. WHY ARE THEY STILL THERE????

  25. All I have to say is not only drain the swamp, but once the surface level goes down exposing the swamp creatures, put an alligator noose on a pole around their necks, drag em out full force and throw em into a cage!!! If they leave the country, fine. IIIf not turn into handbags. The Trump Force better get a set quickly, or they’re just another dog and pony show!


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