OPEN SEASON BEGINS! Every Single I.C.E. Agent Is SUITING UP After What Trump Just Announced


Trump has declared that it is open season on illegal immigrants and officially declared that anyone in the US illegally can be deported at this point. ICE will now be targeting immigrants that have not been convicted of a crime.

I repeat:

ICE will now be targeting immigrants that have not been convicted of a crime.

Immigrants are now not protected under US privacy laws and border officers can now detain migrants until deportation is completed. These memos are based on Trump’s executive orders and are now being reviewed.

And Trump promised a new immigration order:


The only thing that is in place still is that DACA is here to stay. This means that children that were brought to the US illegally are still in place. Donald Trump has essentially done what Obama and George W. Bush promised to do but couldn’t.
The memos have been approved by the secretary of homeland security John Kelly. And just like that… open season has begun on illegal immigrants in this country.

If you want to watch what an I.C.E. raid is like, you can watch this video below:

It’s crazy that it is now considered a revolutionary idea to enforce the laws of the land. The fake news media will not report this, though.

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  1. Deport illegal immigrants and build the wall. If we need funds for deportation and the wall use federal funds from sanctuary cities and cut them off!

  2. When people enter the US illegally, they are criminals. It doesn’t matter how long they’ve been here, they are criminals. Round up ALL the criminals and send them back to the country they snuck in from. No exceptions! They are all CRIMINALS!

  3. We thank you for taki g our country back from the crazies. Protecting our freedom and Keeping your promise to the true patriots and real Americans! We love you and V.P. Pence and pray for your families and for protection and Wisdom. You are Do I g a great job. Don’t listen to the ones who are in D.C. that are only there to line their pone pockets and self Interests . Watch the snakes In The den and drain that swamp. All of Obama’s crew!! And have Obutt arrested along with Cli ton for conspiracy against the Gov’t. He is a devil. And make George Soros leave this country. Thank you from Alabama.

  4. I’m so grateful to you that illegal immigrants are being handled. .their free ride is over…that welfare provided aid who for illegal immigrants will free up funds for rebuilding highways and bridges. . We must correct those records and save those funds ASAP. .. Thank you President Trump


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