President Trump Just Got On TV & Said 2 Words On Russia That Were Heard Round The World!

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President Trump held a press conference today in Washington, D.C. It was great. He slammed the media throughout.


Then President Trump decided to speak to the American people directly. This comes after the #FAKENEWS media continued its war on Trump and trying to tie him to Russia.

Watch this:


Several times during the presser Trump told the media that the story was totally fake news.

“You can talk all you want about Russia. It was a Fake news fabricated deal that was trying to make up for the loss of the Democrats.”

In one day, Trump elevated a conspiracy theory – the idea that the deep state runs our government – and made it true. It is true. The intelligence community and the press are at war with Trump and want to take him down.

They are really taking down OUR country and pushing us to war with Russia instead.

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Their liberal media should not exist in the form that it is now. It is a monopoly and we need to end it. Please help share this and comment ‘TURN OFF THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA!’ below this article, patriots! (h/t The Gateway Pundit)



    • Six months, that’s good! But ever since they started bashing Trump, bashing the people who think “not standing” during our National Anthem is wrong, and bashing anybody who supports Donald Trump! That’s just a few! I only watch if it’s our president speaking world
      I had never watched Fox News and after the way that Kelly person bashed Trump, I took to twitter and other social media! I made sure my negative comments were recorded! There were others on Fox I detested, but I finally had my fill and tuned them out!
      It’s quite easy reading a paper or listen to the radio! I believe in our president and I think he’s doing a fantastic job!

  1. Pass a law that requires all media outlets that provide information to the American Public, be distributed with integrity, respect for all. It is to be fair, unbias, neutral, honest, true provable information with only the hard facts (no twisting the truth, no alterations, no lives ruined on guesses, speculations and misguided opinons with the soul intent to manipulate the American people by providing propaganda) Public information is not to be tempered with, it is knowelge gained giving the public the complete and accurate information to form their own reasonable and intellegent decision. This does not interfering with their first admendment say whatever but Public Information must be acurate backed up with facts.

  2. We can believe nothing that the mainstream media puts out there. They have become a hired propaganda platform for the Demon rat party. They have failed to uphold ANY journalistic standards or ethics in any way.
    There should never be another so-called ‘press conference’ conducted at the White House or in Congress.

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