Right After Becoming Vice President, Republicans Just Stabbed Mike Pence in the Back!

Source: Gage Skidmore

Mike Pence has always been a very kind and respectful man. Unfortunately, the REST of the Indiana Republican party is not as righteous.

Pence has just barely won Vice President and now the Republicans in Indiana are working overtime to overturn a ton of his work while he was Governor!

To make it even worse, the effort is being led by Eric Holcomb, the man Governor Pence HAND PICKED to be his successor.

Indiana Gov Holcomb – Source: Wikipedia
  • First, he threw out a $50 Million bicentennial construction project Pence had been working on.

  • Next, Holcomb went and pardoned a man named Keith Cooper who Pence had denied out of principle.

He is also working to overturn at least 2 of Vice President Pence’s vetoes as governor and even declared a State-of-Emergency in East Chicago for lead contamination despite Pence declining the Emergency request since the feds were already involved.


Holcomb will also start funding a needle-exchange program for hardcore drug users. He even supports a tax increase to pay for new construction projects. Mike Pence was NOT a fan of either of those.

Like I said, it is a sad day indeed when Pence’s own Indiana Republicans are willing to roll back all the work he did. Share this if you think Mike Pence deserves more respect!

(H/T – IndyStar)




  1. Is Rheinhold Richard Pribus an inside mole….According to Ben Still info was leaked about the Yemen raid. Pribus has been anti Trump for a long time. Trump has to extremely careful about a Judas in the WH. It's worth investigation

  2. One of these days all these idiots are going to be very sorry for what they are doing cannot believe how hateful people can be. There cutting off their nose to spite there face


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