Right After Mike Flynn Resigned, Hillary Clinton Said SICKEST Thing Ever To Him…

Image Source: NBC, Makers

Hillary Clinton is a nasty woman and Michael Flynn was one of her biggest critics of her private email server. It’s not surprising that crooked Hillary thought that she would get some revenge on Michael Flynn.

Hillary Clinton then went on to tweet out a message referring to what Flynn’s son tweeted about her campaign.

If you remember, this is what Flynn’s son tweeted.


Clinton posted this last night. She is so disgusting.

Here is the tweet that she retweeted.

General Flynn has apologized to Trump for the situation and thanked Trump for his loyalty in the issue. Flynn did not violate the Logan act of 1799 – the one that liberals are freaking out about right now.

According to Liberty Writers News, there was nothing inappropriate about the nominee for National Security Adviser talking with foreign officials during an election.

Here is his full resignation letter below:

*** Share this article if you stand with Trump! This was a political hit – plain and simple.

Isn’t it convenient that she jumped on Michael Flynn’s back the moment that the news com out? Yeah. This whole thing seems fishy. (h/t NBC News)


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