See The 12 SEXIEST Female Soldiers On The Planet, #3 Is Armed And Dangerous!

Image Source: Instagram

An amazing social media account collects gorgeous photos of from its 34,500 followers on Instagram and it encourages people to send them beautiful pics of fearless female fighters.

Many of the pics are absolutely stunning and the best part is that they are unafraid to fight for their country. Here is a video of Israeli women soldiers training to fight ISIS.

Although, they deal with heavy weapons and tough training. These women are not afraid to show off a fun side.


So Let’s start the list of the 12 sexiest Israeli women fighters.

1. Israeli female soldiers are simply stunning.

2. Israeli female soldiers are armed.

3. These soldiers won’t back down from a fight!

4. These soldiers won’t back down from a fight!

The girls on the next page will kill you with their looks. You got to see #5 – 12 on the next page.


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  1. These look more like models with some military apparel on… OK, so 1 or 2 are holding weapons. That doesn’t make them soldiers. Maybe office support staff, maybe???

    • I have seen them in person I have volunteered with Israeli defense forces, they are drafted regardless of looks or wealth. They are not all beautiful as these were picked over but on they are allowed to do that I don’t think the US allows is have their uniforms tailored. You don’t have to join or Volunteer with the IDF to see them just walk down the streets of Jerusalem or any City in Israel and you will see the walking down the street with their M4 hanging over their shoulder. Most of them are very fit regardless of looks and I guaranty only about 1% are office staff and that comes with rank. Israel is a beautiful Country, you should visit it sometime.

    • Number 8 is sporting a pair of ‘Red Boots’. Member of an integrated Combat Battalion. Not for the run-way — For kicking butt.

    • And you haven’t seen many of OUR military women. Like the Israelis, we have all tyes in our services and many are REAL BEAUTIES who know how to handle everything from small arms to VERY SERIOUS WEAPONS and lots more fly fighters in the USN, USMC, USA and USAF. And in my eyes, any woman who stands up for our country and puts on the uniform is beautiful.

    • EMSmercenary, you’ve never been to Isael; you’ve never met an Israeli soldier; you’ve never seen them in action; and you couldn’t find Israel on a map of the world. So, of COURSE you squeak right up and make a comment about which you are an ignoramus. You’ve got to be a Democrat and an Obama supporter… right? It’s obvious.

  2. As a retired Army Chaplain, I have come to the conclusion that females should not serve in combat zones, or sleep in the same area as men. They deserve our respect and should not be “hit on.”

    I was touched to see a mother handing her baby to an older lady (probably her mother). She was a reservist on her way to war. This shouldn’t be.

    Israel may have a lack of men to serve in combat arms, I do not know. I am pro Israel and accept the Jewish scriptures as the Word of God, as well as the New Testament.

    VIETNAM 1969

    • The State of Israel is a secular, parliamentary democracy that does not recognize the divine nature of the Torah.

      Every synagogue, yeshiva, and advanced institute of Torah learning in Israel as well as any Jewish chaplaincy and recognition of the Sabbath and holiday in the Israel Defense Forces comes solely because world Jewry has forced the State to do so.

      American Christians are supportive of the State of Israel, which is good and appreciated. But they should know what it is and what it isn’t.

    • In an ideal world I would agree with you, but we are far from that. Beautiful women in uniform should not be diminished in any way, and military training may save their lives as savages roam the land. I love them, and aplaud their contribution to the safety of Israel.

    • In case you don’t know, and by your comment you dont, men and women are both required to spend 2 years in the military. This is so that every citizen has the skills to defend themselves and there country, we should be doing the same in our country and get rid of all these self entitled liberal idiots.

    • I agree. Women should not be recruited to replace a man in any combat specialty since generally there is no measureable value added to the combat effectiveness, the morale suffers with the tension of biological social dynamics, and women are generally inferior in endurance and strength.

      But these soldiers are hotties.

  3. When the young men of military age in Israel see this I think the recruitment offices might get busy. 🙂
    God bless Israel and especially these patriotic young ladies who want to defend their homeland.

  4. They do look like models but a reminder that all Israily citizens are required to spend at least a year in the military. Also not all military are combat, need mechanics, food prep and so on.

  5. Most Israeli army women are not in combat units but like the girls said. Some are !! There is an army unit made up of both men and women. They dont get the toughest jobs but many still have put their lives on the line. As far as beautiful goes that is for sure.
    and wide variety also as the Jewish people have return to the land from all corners of the world.

    • Larry, I agree with you. This country is fractions of an inch away from being taken over by socialist liberals. The conservatives among us need to step up and be the VOCAL majority. We have capitulated to the vocal minority because we allow it per our Constitution – we say that it is their right, but we also have rights that are being trampled on and eroded away. Don’t let us wake up one day and find they are all gone and we are a socialist country. SPEAK OUT, make yourself heard supporting truly conservative values, and supporting the rights that are being eroded.

    • Women may have been the best “snipers” during WWII not the best “snippers” those are for cutting hair!

  6. Good for the moral to have sex among the soldiers. Common you staid Christians get with it. This is not the horse and buggy days. This is the new world, different generation with different values. Those gals better be ready to fight if they are 5 mos along however and better be ready to deliver themselves because everybody will be in the front lines. Hurray mixed sex infantry.

  7. I, sorry to start with I,………………but I love Israel and give my life to that country and the people if I have toooooooooooooo.

  8. These are extremely beautiful women, but they were cherry picked for a purpose. I doubt most of these are professional soldiers. More likely just beautiful girls fulfilling their mandatory military training. We have some beautiful women in our own military; some hot shot military photographer needs to make that a project.

  9. Why is Hillary’s hit list not allowed to be showed. If it was President Trumps hit list it would listed on the first page of the New York Times—maybe because President Trump doesn’thave A hit list.

  10. It’s true that in Israel both men and women have to serve in the military. We need that in this country, maybe we wouldn’t have so many punks and trouble makers on the streets ! ! It’s a good thing Hilary Clinton wasn’t elected President, she was going to extend the Obamacare health plan to it’s fullest extent ! ! ! There was part of the plan that would affect people 70 and older. ! ! ! They were to be given a choice of a pill or an injection to be put to death ! ! ! ! This was to get the elderly off of social security, Medicare and any government programs that would have helped the elderly, so the government could save money ! ! ! ! ! It’s a very good thing that Bernie Sanders wasn’t elected President because he was a socialist ( same thing as a communist ) guess where this “GREAT NATION WOULD HAVE BEEN HEADED ) ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !


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